Monster Villains: Pride Month – Marie – Haute Tension (High Tension) 2003

For this month’s Monster Villains, we’re going to be checking out one truly evil and heinous individual. As we celebrate Pride Month, it’s only right we spotlight the most infamous LGBT villain to exist in the genre. She is wildly unpredictable and without a doubt one of the scariest figures in all of horror.

I’m talking of course about the character of Marie from Alexandre Aja’s 2003 masterpiece, High Tension. The role is played by the wonderfully talented actress, Cécile de France. When it comes to matters of the heart, the saying is true – “Love kills.”

What separates Marie from the other villains, is the fact that she possesses absolutely no self-control whatsoever. Her unpredictability, brutally and complete loss of all coherent function at a moments notice puts her at the top of the class. Also, being the first true LGBT villain/slasher makes her even more frightening and a real force of evil to be reckoned with.


Love is the most coveted feeling in our universe. In the end, every living being just wants to be accepted for who or what they are, humans especially. We’re always looking for the “one” or our “better half”. However, that feeling can quickly change at the drop of a hat and become someone’s worst nightmare if they’re not careful. As they say, “Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned”.

Rejection is one of mankind’s biggest fears. Being told you’re not good enough or worthy of attention, can drive people absolutely mad. In fact, it’s actually causing people to commit extreme acts of murder and violence in some cases. Love has one of the highest death tolls of all time, and still remains one of the longest active serial killers today. What it boils down to, is a simple notion that everyone just wants to be coveted and loved.


It’s not so much that Marie is evil but more that she’s under love’s crippling and blinding spell. The longing for that fleeting and elusive feeling is potentially hazardous and one of the most dangerous emotions a person could experience. It grips and smothers like a straight jacket, refusing to let its captor go. It causes people to lose their minds and every now and then, their lives.

Those who are unsuspecting of their dark nature, are the ones you really need to worry about. Their impulsive mentally and sudden urge to lash out uncontrollably at any given moment is terrifying. It’s impossible to feel safe around someone who has the tendency to flip the switch without warning and purposefully create havoc.

No matter the case, love comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms. Whether you’re lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender or straight, it’s the hardest yet most fulfilling feeling you can ever experience. It’s trying, constricting, but still the happiest ride you’ll ever take. 

So, when it comes to the scariest villains of all time, Marie is definitely a contender. Her unpredictable nature and undying love make her a savage threat, unlike the others. If you don’t know who she is by now, it’s time to acquaint yourself with the beautifully deranged and delectable French slasherette. 

Posted by Donovan Smith

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