Monster Villains: Sally Day – Demons 2 1986

In this month’s profile of Monster Villains, we’re taking a look at one of the worst and most evil villains of all time. While this character is technically an unwilling participant in the involvement of their dark ways, they’re still one of the most formidable opponents in the genre and a totally unstoppable killing machine. We’re talking about the character of Sally Day from the 1986 Lamberto Bava classic, Demons 2.

Sally Day (Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni) is excited to celebrate her 16th birthday, only this is a party she and everyone else in her high rise apartment building won’t soon forget. What’s supposed to be a milestone in her life, marking her ascent into womanhood, quickly spirals into a savage nightmare of murder and bloodshed. Will anyone survive Sally’s night of slaughter?

In the killer follow up to the original cult classic, we come to find out that Sally is essentially responsible for the outbreak in her building. She’s a nervous wreck and does her best to entertain the guests at her birthday party. However, after she hears someone inviting a guy over that she doesn’t like, she freaks and yells for everyone to leave and get out. 

Sally’s pouting in her bedroom when a documentary show catches her attention and she’s instantly transfixed to the screen. The next thing she knows, one of the demons comes straight through her television set and into the room, attacking her. Sally then mutates into one of the infected, aiming her murderous sights on the rest of the partygoers. From there, all hell breaks loose as the high rise building is transformed into a gruesome tower of blood and bodies.

While the birthday girl didn’t necessarily have a choice in becoming a demon, she inadvertently released the curse, creating her very own demonic army. Commanding leadership of such evil, without a doubt, lands her amongst the top villains of all time. Being possessed and having no self-control over her murderous impulses makes her a loaded and lethal weapon.

Not only is Sally one of the nastiest and most vicious villains ever, but she also manages to have one of the highest kill counts, as a female. Plus, how many other characters do you know that turn into a demon on their sweet sixteen and kill a building full of people? It’s one bloody birthday you don’t want to miss.

Teen angst also plays a huge role in Sally’s ascension of evil, as nothing seems to satisfy her need to be popular and perfect. She constantly complains and throws tantrums when things aren’t going her way. She’s your typical teenage killing machine, with a need to impress. A sixteen-year-old hormonal demon girl is truly something scary.

If you don’t know about Sally Day and her infamous birthday bash by now, do yourself a favor and check it out. It’s brutal, cruel and one party you absolutely don’t want to miss. There’s nothing like some demonic killing to brighten your day, and Sally’s here to offer a helping hand.

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