Monthly Monster: Dybbuk

Monthly Monster: Dybbuk

By Margeaux DeMott 



The dybbuk is a spirit that comes from Jewish folklore. The term cannot be found in either Talmudic literature or the Kabbalah. Instead of the using the term we know it as today the phenomenon is referenced as an evil spirit or sometimes unclean spirit. Dybbuk as a term was born in the 17th century and was created by German and Polish Jews.


A dybbuk is a malevolent disembodied spirit that can possess a person or other living things. This spirit can attach itself to a person for many different reasons and causes chaos in that unfortunate person’s life. Possession can happen to any one, but some people may be more easily possessed than others. If you have committed a secret sin, if you are a women living in homes with a neglected mezuzot, or even if you have a connection with the person who became a dybbuk. The reason why a soul finds itself in this unfortunate form can vary in many different ways. Most often it is because the soul is suffering from being cut off from God because of a sin they had committed and not repented for. One can also become a dybbuk simply because there was unfinished business that needed to be attended to. As soon as a person has been possessed they will begin to change. Simply possessing someone is not the end game for this malevolent spirit. They have a goal that they need to accomplish and they will use the possessed to obtain that goal. Some people believe that when the dybbuk has accomplished what it wants it then will leave the possessed person.


It is recommended to have an exorcism done as soon as possible. The excorcist in this case should be a great Rabbi or a Kabbalist. During the exorcism the exorcist will ask the dybbuk for its name and find out the reason behind the possession to better understand how to force it out. Often times the exorcist will deal with the sin that turned the spirit and caused it to become cut off from God. Dealing with this form of possession was first discovered among the Kabbalists of Safed.

Posted by Alan Smithee

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