Morbid Stories (2019) [Review]


Morbid Stories, this horror anthology brought to you by Phil Herman’s Avail Entertainment starts with the wraparound segment where a woman who’s preparing to start her day hears a radio broadcast warning that full blown chaos has erupted everywhere! Each segment that follows includes the horrific events leading up to this day.


The segments include a group of vampires that trick their way into a house and realize they might’ve underestimated who they’re up against, a young girl that’s dead serious about her ouija board and the hell it brings, an author that moves into a secluded house who might’ve unleashed his demons LITERALLY, and a female vampire going through blood withdrawal that gets bitten by a zombie right before her unknowing boyfriend shows up for their date!


Morbid Stories might not be an all out gorefest, but it does seem to get bloodier and more violent as it goes! It also has a nice and creepy atmosphere throughout with above average performances from the actors! Morbid Stories is definitely a bloody and creepy above average horror anthology that is definitely worth watching! Available to watch on Amazon Prime and for free on the streaming channel, Avail TV!

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