Mother’s Day (1980) [Review] Mothers Of Horror

First off, since I’m writing this review on Mother’s Day, I’d like to wish all the moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day! Especially my mother who’s had to put up with a lot from me when I was younger and didn’t disown me for it! I love you Mom!

This movie is one fine example of grimy horror/exploitation! An old woman who seems so sweet and loving when she’s out and about has a severe dark side to her and has total control over her 2 very psychotic sons. 3 college girls go hiking in the woods and are unfortunate enough to stumble across the secluded house of these three maniacs who kidnap them, tie them up and subject them to extremely degrading sexual torment! While all this is going on, the loving mother is not only egging her sons on, but also is giving the orders on how the torture will be carried out! The girls are not only raped and beaten, but are also subjected to very humiliating role-playing games for the enjoyment of Mom and her sons.

Mother’s Day is not made to serious, but is also not comedy either. It actually has quite a sadistic mean streak to it! I really enjoyed this movie and it’s a classic example of early Troma-distributed goodness! Most of the Troma movies I’ve seen are cool, but I especially enjoy the late 70s/early 80s output because of just how incredibly grimy, horrific, controversial, sleazy, and incredibly gory they are! This movie delivers in all of those areas and any politically correct people will definitely hate this! This movie is also very high up on Roger Ebert’s most ALL TIME HATED MOVIES! In the mid 90s, a really sleazy goregrind band called GUT used sound clips from one movie for intros for about two thirds of the songs on their whole first album and all the clips were messed up! I found out years later that those clips came from THIS movie! There’s also some great gore scenes! Nice and slow decapitation right in the beginning plus graphic shootings, crotch stabbing, strangulations, beatings, and more!

Mother’s Day was written and directed by Charles Kaufman who even wrote the screenplay for the remake that was released in 2010! I think the remake is really good with some nice gore, but this grimier, sleazier version is where it’s at for me! This movie will definitely be a Mother’s Day watching tradition for me from now on! Very down and grimy look and atmosphere throughout. It gets a little slow here and there, but not enough to kill any enjoyment. The 2 brothers are pretty goofy characters, but also maniacal animalistic sleazebags when they need to be! The mother character is great in how she shifts from this outwardly sweet and innocent old lady into pure evil that has complete control over her already deranged sons and even forces them to go further through barking orders and guilt trips! Great piece of gory, sleazy, and depraved exploitation/horror! Happy Mother’s Day!

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