GENRE REVIEW: Naughty Horror

Horror Porn Parodies of Your Favorite Horror Films!

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Feeling a little...naughty this Halloween season? Wanting something different to watch other than the usual slasher movies? Looking for something ... different in your trick or treat bag this year? Well with thanks to such wholesome production companies as Loaded Digital Releases, Burning Angel, Smash Pictures, Caballero and probably hundreds more, you can now have the best of both worlds in, naughty horror - HORROR-PORN PARODIES!

This great little entertainment invention is fun for the entire family (18 and older)! In the mid to late 80s, horror movies made a huge impact on the entertainment world. On Friday and Saturday nights , young couples flooded the theaters to be scared and entertained for a few bucks on their weekly dates. The adult industry took notice and wanted to cash in on the new found horror goers... as well as give these couples a new "happy ending" to their movies!

Many of the films simply put their actors in a known horror movie mask that resembles the main character of the film they are trying to (or supposedly trying to) portray. They wave a knife in the face of a half naked woman, she screams, then they go at it. Then there are directors like Rob Rotten, who has brought to life such titles as Porn of the Dead and The Texas Dildo Massacre, to the viewing public. Rob actually brought audiences a movie. A true horror-porn movie. His films actually use real sets, actors, props, and make up/special FX that are better than some I've seen in some actual horror films. For example, in one film a zombie woman goes down on a man and at one point eats his junk - IT DID NOT LOOK FAKE!

Then there are movies that have a more comedic horror bent, such as Edward Penishands and Re-Penetrator, which give their audiences a less serious approach to the combination horror/porn than Rob Rotten gave his. These horror-comedy-porn movies were also on what seems to be smaller budgets and are seemingly more seductive through the comedic aspect.

evilhead1images (6)Love it or hate it, the adult film industry has been one of the largest money making venture in world for many years now! And joining the bandwagon of another huge money maker was just more dollar signs!

The number of this horror parody porn movies to me is unknown; I'm guessing in the thousands. Regardless, they are what they are, porn with a horror theme. Keeping up with the times, these little private time beauties have evolved with the times, from VHS to DVD and, yes, even Blu-ray. Now , I'm pretty sure that all you techie pervs can most likely find all these available for personal viewing pleasures on all your hand held (no pun intended) electronic devices. Don't expect to pay the cheap prices you might find in the Walmart $5 bin. I've seen some titles, especially the vintage films, being sold in the hundred dollar range.

But if you have a few extra dollars to spend on entertainment for you and your lover (or just on yourself), there are many great titles for you to choose from, including Friday the 69th , A Nightmare on Dyke Street, I Know Who You Did Last Summer, Evil Head, A Wet Dream on Elm Street, and The Human Sexipede...just to name a few.

No matter what you watch, no matter what the rating is, from PG to R , enjoy your movie, and if it's XXX,... then enjoy little sinner!

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Posted by John Roisland

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