Neca toys has announced the release of true music icon Sgt. D! The mascot of 80’s super- group thrash band S.O.D or Storm Troopers of Death will be making to the homes of once headbangers everywhere.

Break out the cassette tapes, and dust off the jean jacket with the sleeves cut off and covered in metal band patches cause 1985 is back ! S.O.D consisted of Scott Ian / guitar and Charlie BenanteĀ  / drums (both from Anthrax, Dan Lilker/bass( Nuclear Assault) and front man Billy Milano (Method of Destruction) . The thrash band was known for their lyrics dealing with racism , stupid people… and drinking milk.

The band best known for the riff ripping song “The March of S.O.D” and “Speak English or Die” the band created a mascot and Sgt.D was born. So here we are 34 years later and Sgt. D is coming back to life.

Neca Toys will be manufacturing the 8 inch action figure that will have a removable helmet and comes equipted with machine gun…..very suiting.


Having grown up with 80’s metal, S.O.D was on my turn table as well as on cassette in my Chevette and Sgt. D was as iconic as Eddie from Iron Maiden. As a matter of fact, by boy Sam-skull gave me a Sgt.D patch a fews years ago…yes i still have it Sammy!

Neca Toys has created some incredible figures , many that i own…but I’m really excited about!

So if Sgt.D doesn’t make to my stocking this xmas…Santa’s ass will get a major beat down!

Sgt.D is currently available for pre-order for $32.99

Keep it evil!



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