New Year, New You Review-House Of Tortured Souls

With saying goodbye to 2018 and restarting fresh in 2019 with a brand new attitude and the cliched “New Year, New Me” comes i told my boyfriend to write me an essay first person essay example writing a paper abstract types of persuasive essays cheap essay papers thesis for crucible essay case studies examples for group discussion writing a concept paper for dissertation writing essay practice online viagra shipped from canada tadalafil beats viagra prose analysis essay otc pills to stop drinking watermelon viagra recipe how to write incident report buy papers online for college famous literary essays creative writing lesson year 10 non hodgkin lymphoma and benzene exposure a systematic literature review viagra cream for men viagra dosage guide cialis melissa how to delete email settings on iphone need help with research paper coursework example argumentative essay on homeschooling New Year, New You the latest installment to the Into the Dark series on Hulu. Into the Dark is a horror anthology series produced by Jason Blum in  which each episode focuses about a holiday and is released each month. 

The fourth episode in this installment, New Year, New You was directed by Sophia Takal. It focuses on four girls that were friends in high school who reunite in an extravagant home on New Years that result in confessions and reliving trauma. The collective cast stars Suki Waterhouse (The Divergent Series:Insurgent, The Bad Batch), Carly Chaikin (The Last Song, Mr. Robot), Kirby HowellBaptiste (Killing Eve, A Dog’s Purpose), Melissa Bergland (Winners & Losers), and Isabella Acres (Better Off Ted).

The film starts off showing flashbacks to someone falling out of a window in Alexis’ (Suki Waterhouse) home. It then pans to Alexis who now has a very noticeable scar on her face and windows that are more secure. You think you may have made a connection on what could have happened, but you will be surprised my horror friends. 

Now we skip to Kayla ( Kirby HowellBaptiste) and Chloë (Melissa Bergland) who are driving in Kayla’s unreliable car through a downpour on their way to join Alexis. We have seen it all in many horror flicks and you are probably guessing that the car breaks down and they have to walk to the house in the downpour, you are correct. Alexis greets the girls at the door where they set up balloons and talk about their normal boring lives while anticipating in Danielle’s (Carly Chaikin) arrival. The girls had doubt at first, Danielle is very popular and has quite the viewers on her channel about self-improvement and even has the fake cutesy attitude. 

With how famous Danielle is, she arrives pretty late to the party. Upon her arriving you can already sense the tension between her and Alexis. Chloë and Kayla seem to be in awe of Danielle and they all have different personalities which seemed to play off each other in a realistic way when just like how you have a friendship with a good friend. With not reuniting in a while, it seems like their friendship picked up right where in ended. 

The party gets going as the girls settle down and start to play the game ‘Never Have I Ever.’ During that time is when Alexis loses it to which the girls end up targeting Danielle and tying her to a chair. There is clearly unfinished business between Alexis and Danielle. To which Waterhouse and Chaikin steal the rest of the movie. Their chemistry is very believable and you can see the passion that they have to make a ‘mean girls’ vibe. 

The rest of the movie focuses on all sorts of betrayal and heated secrets from the past. It’s a thriller to where you think it’s predictable on how far each girl will go to dismiss the happenings of their pass including blame games to what happened to a girl they knew named Kelsey. It had the perfect amount of betrayal and suspense that will leading you guessing who fell out of the window as you see it happening in the beginning of the film.

Check out the trailer below and if you are into psychological thrillers then check this out on Hulu, you won’t regret it. ⬇️⬇️

Overall Grade: B+


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