[Review] “Art Of The Dead” paints a nightmarish and gory picture of the deadly sins

Art of the Dead took me by surprise when I first heard of the title. Oh, another zombie movie. Why not? However the film itself has shown, don’t assume so quickly. The tackles a well known subject: The seven deadly sins. 

The film was written and directed by Rolfe Kanefsky (Nightmare Man) based on a story by Michael Mahal (Party bus from Hell, Attack of the unknown). The film gives us a look on how we as humans fall prey to the deadly sins for example with the opening sequence  Richard Grieco (21 Jump street, Killer Selfie) coming home to showcase his new art collection called “Sinsations” as he boasts about the fantastic work his family seems oblivious to it. We find out later they were brutally murdered by Grieco. Which at first the aftermath, but we see the full murders.

Throughout time there have been numerous movies about the seven deadly sins, all of which have been interesting. So, for a film like this, it’s a bit refreshing where it’s a little different, especially how their hunger for sin continues to grow and grow. The film follows the Wilson family as they are the new owners/victims of the art pieces where they learn their fate quickly.

That’s what I enjoyed about this film. It doesn’t waste time giving the audience what we want. It could work with little to no blood, but you have to understand when dealing with a subject like this, going this route was the best decision that pays off. The character’s dilemmas play out almost as an anthology of terror like that of Tales from the dark side, but still keeping the story going where we invest in the characters but don’t lose focus with so many storylines. The movie makes us greedy? No pun intended.

However, I have to admit there are scenes with monsters involved. Some people might think it’s silly which is an excellent argument for some people who may not enjoy horror or watch horror, but in all reality, this is a natural reaction where we end up enjoying it. I wish I knew about previously. There was even a Kickstarter for it which not only did they raise their goal, but had terrific rewards including you getting your reality show! How many campaigns can give you that?

The movie’s ending is bloody which honestly makes our journey so worth it where we see some of the paintings come to life in an odd horrific way that the viewer can feel pleased knowing we get what we want. This movie will be part of your Halloween viewing and what better what to start the spooky season than with sin.

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