MOVIE REVIEW: Death-Scort Service (2015)

Death-Scort Service

By Travis Love


Directed by: Sean Donohue

Released in 2015 through The Sleaze Box/Gatorblade Films Death-Scort Service finds a rag tag band of escorts at the mercy of a faceless murderer, who's only interested in penetrating them repeatedly with sharp objects...without a condom. (You don't have to pay for sex if you slayed that ass for real.) Within the first few minutes of the film beginning you are greeted with a warm feeling of familiarity, not in a redundant kind of way, but like someone put on an old late 70s early 80s slasher film that you've enjoyed countless times.

Everything from the soundtrack to the cinematography has a thick sense of nostalgia to it, harkening back to a time before polished production cleaning away any imperfections and convoluted plot lines that go out of their way to confuse the viewer; sometimes simplicity is a wonderful thing. With so many films trying to capture the feel of classic slashers and only making a by-the-books rendition of Friday the 13th for the now, it's a truly amazing feat when a new film not only manages to place you in the same feeling that Maniac gave you upon your first viewing, but makes the appeal of it new and relevant as well.

The story itself is pretty sparse starting out, not needing to weigh you down with back story as to why these hos are being brutally murdered (it's none of your business. The killer paid to murder these hookers fair and square and that's all that you need to know. It's the killer's dime, the killer's pay for your own murder victim!). With kills ranging from the iconic knife through the back of the head and exiting out of the mouth, to a barbed wire baseball bat being forcefully inserted inside a escort's money making tuna taco, (in other words her vagina...keep up with me, please) this movie makes you want not for gore at all.

In conclusion, what should someone expect when watching Death-Scort Service? If you're looking for a film that delivers massive amounts of old school bloodshed with the warm nostalgic comfortability of your timeless classic era slasher films, then Death-Scort Service might just be your new best friend...your whore murdering, psychotic, knife wielding best friend.

Rating: 7/10

Posted by Alan Smithee

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