[Review] House of Blue Shadows FINALLY being released by TetroVideo

When you hear the word “Giallo,” you think of Dario Argento, Mario Bava, Lucio Fulci, Umberto Lenzi, Sergio Martino. We know these directors and can assume that with them, we’re going to see what we’re used to seeing. Which is a normal response? The elements for a Giallo movie are there; however, how it’s presented can be done in various ways. Which is the movie I got to watch House of Blue Shadows, aka La casa del Buon ritorno starring Stefano Gabrini, Amanda Sandrelli, Fiammetta Carena

A young man, who unintentionally killed a little girl as a child, returns to the house where he was born, the place where the accident happened.

When watching the movie, I had to admit I was expecting a typical slasher movie. I was wrong, but in reality, I wasn’t disappointed. The film plays out like a telenovela not in a cheesy way where it’s over the top but an actual gripping story of madness, love, along with the guilt of an accidental death. We do see a masked stalker throughout the film, but it’s very much later in the movie, along with a few deaths For the most part the main character gives us a disturbing display of physical attraction to mannequin. Nothing gory, but the story makes up, so the ends still hold an impact on us, including the reveal of the killer. The film does have an excellent soundtrack that works with the scenes, especially with most of the scenes taking place during the day or some scenes indoors. The ending does satisfy the viewer, knowing there is closure for what we watched from the beginning to the end. The movie comes full circle.  Which again, don’t expect scenes of gore or torture. There are some decent scenes of choking and some stabbing. However though you have to remember the director didn’t go out to make a slasher movie, he went out to tell a story that captures the audience’s captivation.

I may not have seen every Giallo film, and there are even some horror films that I haven’t had the chance to watch. I’m grateful that Tetro Video is releasing a film that hasn’t been released in the US EVER. The film has won Best First work at the Fantafestival which truly deserves the award. When it comes to horror, it’s great to know that there are different takes on the genre that showcase the various aspects of what honestly scares us. For Beppe Cino, he went on to write and direct a movie where even the place we called home where we can be safe can be hell for us. You can’t outrun your past, and when it comes back to you, the debt you owe will be paid in full. 

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