[Review] House of Flesh Mannequins is finally being released uncut

For the longest time I would hear, “Oh if you want to see a great horror movie watch House of Flesh Mannequins” the name alone convinced me enough to watch it. The name gave an idea of what the movie is or was. A torture film maybe? A murder family film? A over the top horror movie that would make best report ghostwriters sites for college viagra stay hard after climax https://www.go-gba.org/6398-rules-for-writing-research-papers/ source https://lajudicialcollege.org/forall/best-buy-scholarship-essay/16/ http://www.safeembrace.org/mdrx/is-viagra-good-for-a-20-year-old/68/ the financial plan section of the business plan about https://pittsburghgreenstory.com/newyork/thesis-statement-examples-for-water-quality-water-pollution/15/ buy viagra karachi go to site viagra permanent cure go here viagra in the usa 2 day shipping go to site essay on wastage of water in hindi language generic viagra healthy blog child obesity research paper completed homework thesis statement definition webster sat practice essay questions essay questions for the crucible go here enter site cialis rite aid theophylline go cialis uk approved genuine viagra low prices get link online viagra no generic watch https://rainierfruit.com/herbal-viagra-dangerous-side-effects/ Eli Roth beg he was behind the camera on this.

However, though, the version everyone saw was just a censored version. Never seeing the true vision on what Domiziano Cristpharo wanted to show. Thus began the journey for me to find the movie but the version we are meant to see. House of Flesh mannequins tells the story of a loner artist with a history of abuse meets a beautiful woman who takes an interest in his life and work; leading to a chilling path of tragedy. This is the debut film where we get a glimpse of the future of one Domiziano Cristpharo. Being uncut there’s really no reason it had to censor. However, the rating systems vary from countries so perhaps we couldn’t see eye to eye. The censorship is unnecessary.  They limit violence. Strong scenes of violence of sexuality and violence are available, but with his debut film along with other films Domiziano tells us the story with deep character development, a beautiful soundtrack that’s laced as the ribbon for this gift of a movie. The rapport between Domiziano Arcangeli and Irena Violette is picture perfect. The two find each other and we see them naked. They confess their life, they open up. We feel for them not in a quirky romantic comedy, but just maybe Domiziano’s character can find solace and peace, but does he get it? The movie gets dark whereas stated yes there’re scenes of graphic violence and sex, but it’s the dramatic scenes of Domiziano’s character Sebastian displaying the raw talent of director working with an actor. The ending is poetic and symbolic, giving the audience mixed emotions on what to think. Overall we should watch the movie uncut not just for the violence but for the sake of the story. Domiziano Cristopharo went to explain his thoughts on the uncut version being released.

“I investigated a bit… and thank’s to suggestions and good advice of friends and fans, I’ve found out there is only one version still available online (amazon etc) and especially a Blu-Ray: the one released from Edel Germany that also have the english audio. So it’s easy to believe this became the most popular version available… and the one pirated online in thousand of unofficial streaming sites that collected in those years thousand of visualization. I MUST say that already the ELITE version (a Director’s cut from the available footage) It’s a censored version, done with the editing of the cut version plus some new additional filling footage. But this one, is cutted more of 21 minutes. So, for make it simple: doesn’t exist the real cut of the movie ’cause we had many legal problems and censorship. So existed a cutted movie with 30% of footage re-shooted for cover the lenght and re-create the story links… from this censored version germany released the only copy for now available and is cutted 21 minutes more!!! This means most of the gore and the cult scenes (like the murder of Poison Rouge or the INFAMOUS drill scene) aren’t there. All the sexual contents too aren’t there. This movie use sex and gore as part of the story, so this means that 20 minutes of sentences, twist and important characters aren’t in the film! Some characters just appears like for “no reason” and dishappear “for no reason”. So now I start to understand why after a great debut, the film is getting all those bad reviews… ’cause it looks now like a film very difficult to follow, understand and that also look very artsy and ambitious.”-Domiziano Cristopharo 

For more information on when and where to buy the film. Please visit Tetro Video and Unearthed Films.

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