[Review] Ready or not is a bloody affair you need to RSVP

When I first heard of the film Ready or not. I was excited, intrigued, but more so excited for a new horror movie. I finally saw it last night, and I can tell you this: see this movie! However, it’s my job to talk about the film because there’s a lot to cover, but I’ll do my best not to post spoilers because there’s a reason why.

The movie has a simple plot: “A bride’s wedding night takes a sinister turn when her eccentric new in-laws force her to take part in a terrifying game.” No sign of the film being slow or even dragging. It starts straight off into the wedding and goes right into the chaos.

Ready or not does a great job giving us what we want a horror movie with dark humor. The humor isn’t over the type or even silly it fits perfectly with the characters. It’s dark; you don’t feel evil laughing because, for the most part, the characters deserve it.

The film has some great talent primarily from the lead actress Samara Weaving (Ash vs Evil Dead, The Babysitter) who plays Grace. Who resembles Margot Robbie, but I assure you it’s not Margot. However, Samara does a great job as Grace. In the beginning, we see her in love and happy. She’s not after the money just happy for finding true love whereas the rest of the family well they’re only there for power and wealth.

At first, Grace thinks the family is eccentric until she finds out their sinister plan where she’s required to play a game of chance where a box unveils what they’ll be playing. I was expecting that each game will be a sinister twist, but we find out it’s just the real deadly game is Hide and Seek. Andi Mcdowell (Groundhog day) does a great job as the mother you sympathize with her, but you hate her?

That’s what I loved about this movie the characters are dark in their humorous way, but overall you don’t hate them or love them, you love the movie. The film gives gore hounds their money worth with great kills and death, including a very bloody ending. Even fans will recognize Adam Brody  (Yoga hosers, Jennifer’s body)as the voice of reason in the movie where he’s a bad guy but not really. He’s just a sarcastic person with a heart. The directors Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin who you might remember from V/H/S and Southbound

There are no unnecessary scenes of backstories or dragging along where we’re reminded every three seconds of who are characters are. I also enjoyed that the family goes with tradition using old weapons instead of hi-tech gadgets for kills. Overall the film is 90 minutes that doesn’t leave you wanting more but doesn’t leave you unsatisfied and don’t hear any spoilers the ending is so worth it. The film is worth owning and seeing in the theater.


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