[Review] Scary stories to tell in the dark. Worth the wait or not?

Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to watch horror movies. One being I was way too young, and my parents didn’t want me to have nightmares of a catastrophic level. However, I can read anything I wanted to with books my folks didn’t have to worry about images scaring the hell out of me. They didn’t read “Scary Stories to tell in the dark” Which after years we finally get as a movie. Was it worth it? Was it worth the wait? This could go either way but let’s breakdown the cinema.

Scary Stories to tell in the dark is a childhood favorite, so the fact we’re in a lifetime where we have this and Goosebumps is fantastic. I couldn’t believe they were making a movie based on my favorite books. The film jumps right into things which aren’t a bad thing, but the overall it felt rushed we don’t get a connection with the characters to even feel anything for them. They’re just there.

The story isn’t too bad itself where it’s instead of it being an anthology or like Goosebumps where the ghosts or monsters appear for the sake of it. The ghosts in this movie play a crucial part where Sarah Bellows wrote these stories in a way to cope with her issues that we find out later in the film are actually from a sinister background.

As stated, the ghosts were my favorite part of the movie where they did creep me out, including The Jangly man who was never in the books. This movie showcases some of the ghosts in the best of scary stories. There’s no blood, the violence is there not enough to horrify children, but enough for adults to enjoy.

Overall the movie is good just not perfect, which is a shame because Guillermo Del Toro was a producer on it. With him being a massive fan of literature and horror movies. With this film, you would think perhaps a little more heart and soul would be placed into it. As we finally get to the ending and the reason behind it all we leave with an “ok…I guess” feel as if the film just ran into a wall or the studio wants a franchise.

The movie left me feeling neutral, but overall it is an excellent gateway for a younger audience who may not be familiar with the books or have a vast knowledge of horror where it can lead them to more, just like the original books did for me and others. Overall yes watch the movie and oddly enough it is a family movie. Of course, we may be critical, but it will bring the younger fans to read the books and build from there.

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