[Review] The Obsessed, a film inspired by true events of Bjork’s stalker

When it comes to love, we fall hard, we fall quickly, and in some cases, we become attached rapidly. These feelings can be mutual, and sometimes they won’t be shared. It’s hard for celebrities in general due to the public eye and often having to carry an image that means they’re available for anyone, which can sometimes be unhealthy. Which is the topic of our review.

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The movie starts with a beautiful song sung by Susan Dibona, who does the singing voice for Grace (Elisa Carrera Fumagalli), the affection of love in question. The film isn’t so much a slow burn, but it’s just a dissection of the human spirit and mind. We watch him go through a metamorphosis of a drug addict fan to his last stage of a mad man on the brink of false affection which leads him to at this point there’s really no need for spoilers since you’re aware of what happened to Bjork’s stalker. If not here’s the link. The movie is a horror movie no argument there. In reference to the concept and the fx involved. A body horror of which the like of puppetry and amazing prosthetic. Yes, I said puppetry but don’t expect a cute song and number. Think of more along the lines of Frank Henenlotter (Basket case, Brain Damage) including a scene in The Obsessed where a penis monster instructs him to kill. No kidding.

We watch him suffer in pain from drug abuse. Jacopo doesn’t do drugs to ease the pain from reality; he takes the drugs to put him into the world he wishes to see. Where he’s beautiful, where he’s somebody of course at times, the drugs have horrifying repercussions such as “mutations” or even hallucinations. We can’t help but feel disgusted with him but also sympathy? He carries a torch for his love only to find no replies of any sort. Which in reality she just doesn’t know he exists. He grows tired and desperate as the drugs continue to get harder as well as his alcoholism.

There’s no sign of improvement, no sign of him realizing the error of his ways, just merely him wallowing in his “Grave” if you will. The grave being his home. The times he does go out, it’s just to pick through the trash. Not using it for anything but just collecting whatever he feels fit.

As stated, yes, this is a body horror movie. No over the top fx that would take away the element of the film. The film is a gritty character development that some may grow bored of, or some would be hypnotized into watching, taking it all in, watching the character grow. We don’t hate him; we don’t love him; we sympathize with those who have been through addiction and are getting help. The film latches onto us as we see him talking a pile of ooze, which was played by Jacopo or even his “mutations” into a cat and a demon. This is what I enjoyed the most watching the fx come into play because the editing is done so well it’s hard to pinpoint how it was done precisely. Of course, the movie will be released by Tetro Video. So I’m sure there will be extras for the fans.

One scene, in particular, I enjoyed where he talks to his “Father,” Jacopo decides to do some drugs and just turns into the demon he sees in the mirror. We hear his father’s voice, but only to find his face has been skinned off and Jacopo applies it back on only to hear “I forgive you” I saw this as the main actor just telling himself he forgives himself so that he can feel validated for his wrongdoings. At this point, we realize there’s no hope for him.

We see scenes of mutilation and even a view of him dressed in makeup, where he delivers a beautiful speech. Which yes can be seen as creepy, but if the feelings were mutual, I’m sure it would be different. Of course, I appreciate Domiziano shooting the scene very professional and very respectful. A movie like this is very delicate and very sensitive for some. Domiziano went out to make a movie inspired by the events of Bjork’s real stalker. He didn’t make a movie with no plot, nudity, and gore just for the sake of blood to make a quick buck. He made a movie that showcases so much more which as a fan of film you can enjoy. The film was shot on location and, at times, has beautiful backdrops and even lighting for certain scenes. Not so much depending on psychedelic colors, but just to match the mood of the character.

The film won the “Best MIDNIGHT feature” at The Nightmares film festival 2019 and also Best actor nomination for Jacopo Tomassini. Truth be told This would be a cult classic, a midnight night movie for sure. The kind of movie you watch late at night or a club while you drink saying to the bartender, How can I get this movie or can I buy off of you because nobody is going to believe me when I tell them. Watch this movie with friends, a loved one, or just show it to your fx class so they can see a work of art unfold.

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