MOVIE REVIEW: Unfriended (2015)

By John Roisland


Universal Pictures brings us a tale of cyber haunting in Unfriended. While on a group Skype, six high school students are haunted and terrorized by the ghost of a fellow student who has killed herself.

The group is first annoyed by this mysterious guest who has popped into the group chat. Things quickly escalate as this guest, who has now assumed the identity of a deceased friend and proceeds to share very personal and sometimes intimate secrets amongst the group, is turning them against each other and has also taken over complete control of the computers, rendering them helpless.

They now are all in fear for their lives as they realize the guest is indeed the ghost of their passed away friend. The techno spirit is back for revenge and blames the group for her suicide. Using cyber possession and physical haunting, she brings her victims to there demise one by one.

Upon its theatrical release, I was interested in seeing the film. It's not..bad. The movie itself had kinda a MTV feel to it. It isn't one that I'd be looking to for winning any awards, but at the same time, I've seen a lot worse!

The acting over all, really surprised me. Having to portray a overly dramatic teen...they nailed it. What honestly impressed me though, was that none of the actors had any scenes together I said, it was a group chat. So all the acting they did, was in scenes by themselves.

The entire film you are looking either at a computer screen full of typing and multiple screens or at a video window, that holds another character in it. At first, I will admit I almost felt slightly claustrophobic staring at a laptop screen, I kept waiting for a scene to open up, and it never did. But once the story line really kicked in, I was more enthralled in it other than background.

Unfriended was directed by Levan Gabriadze and was written by Nelson Greaves . It stars a young cast comprised of Heather Sossaman, Mathew Bohrer, Courtney Halverson, Shelley Henning, Moses Storm, Will Peltz , Renee Olstead and Jacob Wysocki. The film was released in theaters on April 17, 2015.

I know not everyone is going to like this film,..AT ALL! But if you have NOTHING else to do, I think its worth a watch.

Posted by John Roisland

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