[SAHFF 2019 SHORT FILM REVIEW] The Doll wins best short film

I recently got a chance to watch the movie “THE DOLL” by Jason Vandygriff, who was a one-person operation putting together a 5-minute film. The film has no dialogue, but easy to follow. After finding an old doll in the attic of his new home, James is slowly stalked by this malevolent being.

The movie caught my interest with just the pure professionalism and showcasing as long as you have an idea and a smartphone with a video recorder you’re pretty much ready to go. Jason didn’t make an over the top horror movie with a vast budget or well-known cast.

He made the movie in his backyard (sort to speak), and truth be told the editing, the sound, the look, the message gets across to the audience. There’s no CGI or stop the motion of the doll in action, but it is creepy to watch and the doll doesn’t over do it with goofy one liners. I’m happy to see Jason win BEST DIRECTOR at the San Antonio Horrific Film Festival because, with this simple idea, he’s on his way to bigger things.

Posted by Jai Alexis

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