[SCFFF 2019 SHORT FILM REVIEW] Mama’s Boy an unsettling look of wanting love

House of Tortured Souls was very honored to cover the Sick Chick Flick Film Festival this past weekend. From their website Established in 2016, the Sick Chick Flicks Film Festival screens short films in one of the following genres: Horror, Sci-Fi or Fantasy. Our emphasis is on female-driven independent films. We showcase work by some of the best indie filmmakers from NC and around the world using state-of-the-art projection provided by the Cary Theater in Cary, NC USA.

There was a range of short and feature films that won numerous awards. One short film I had the privilege to watch called “Mama’s boy” You can imagine what to expect. However, in this case, I was thrown off with some questions I still have!

The movie by Director/Writer Samantha Kolesnik “A young man’s life spirals into depravity and madness when he confronts the trauma of his childhood.”

The movie starts as of that of a drama. You become hooked instantly, especially with the opening sequence of the main actor Joshua (Malcolm Mills) naked wearing a collar as a woman dominates him. We find out that he’s just selling his body to people to help his mom.

Again. I’m interested in thinking this is an exciting drama where he even talks to his mother about his day and doing enough to help her. As the film progresses, he breaks and takes his revenge on his buyers with a trusty hammer. Even in the end, Joshua shows no remorse or guilt for his actions; he goes home to his mother and doesn’t confess his crimes, but reach out for love. We never see the mother during the film; it’s easy to tell what’s going, but the director just never shows us.

I have to admit, with the mixture of the beautiful score (Landon Knoblock), the acting along with every essential element. The film is 11 minutes long, but watching it I didn’t breathe, didn’t move, lost track of time. My only complaint is that I wish the movie were longer, but even then, could it just be dragged out? No, Samantha would’ve made it work, but the film shows so much promise and is already my favorite short film of the year. The movie reminds me of Pyscho meets Midnight cowboy. We feel for the character, but we distance ourselves from them because we see a scary picture of the road less traveled of our inner demons manifesting over our dreams. The dreams I hope never disappear are that of Samantha Kolesnik, who won the best director at the festival. I can’t wait to see what other projects she’ll be doing.

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