Secret Santa: A HoTS Review

The holidays may be over, but great horror is timeless.  Earlier this month, Adam Marcus released his latest film Secret Santa.  The movie has received rave reviews and has been featured at conventions for the fans to get a sneak peek. Co-written by Debra Sullivan, who also stars in the film, Secret Santa tells the story of a family getting together for Christmas.  Most of us know that getting several family members together for any holiday can be stressful.  Secret Santa makes us all live vicariously through members of this family.  I won’t be delivering spoilers with this, rather give you enough incentive to see this film for yourself.

Quick plot with no spoilers.  April and her boyfriend Ty list April’s mother Shari (played in a memorable performance by Debra Sullivan).  Shari, a very organized woman wants things done a certain way and does not tolerate anything less.  April’s sister Penny fills the role of outcast of the family.  This is key later.

Secret Santa by Adam MarcusDuring dinner, the family plays a game of Secret Santa.  A gift is given to a family member and they must all figure out who bought the gift. April and Penny’s father attends the dinner however, to the disappoint of Shari.  During the game an argument ensues, April has a dark secret about Penny and dear old dad attacks Uncle Carter.  From here, a good old fashioned slasher rears its head.  Who takes responsibility gets revealed in a very interesting string of events that makes this film work and work well.

Secret Santa by Adam MarcusThere is the plot.  Time for my thoughts.  This movie is a 5 star holiday instant classic.  There are original kills, laughs throughout the whole movie and the right amount of blood horror fans crave.  I laughed through the entire film.  The dialogue, creative.  Each character represents someone we all know.  Secret Santa delivers  great surprises and even when you believe you figure things out, a curveball comes at you.

Adam Marcus gives a tremendous gift to the fans with Secret Santa.  His writing and directing leave you wanting more and the movie flies by with little to no lull.  This movie is the best holiday horror film since 1984.  I absolutely loved it from start to finish.  I guess if I had one critique, it would be maybe a backstory or two on a couple of the characters.  Let me qualify that by saying that I am really reaching to find a critique.  Secret Santa is fun and will be the standard for what horror fans will watch during the holidays moving forward.  Everyone involved with this movie deserves a round of applause.

Overall Grade: A+

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