MOVIE REVIEW (SHORT): Shriekfest: Remnants (2016)

Remnants (2016)

Venue: Shriekfest

Director: David Ugarte; Writers: Eric Joel La Fuente, Corey Schubert; Stars: Hugh McCrae Jr, Terrance Roundtree, Reavis Dorsey, Corey Schubert; Rating: UNK; Run Time: 16 min; Genre: Short, Horror; Country: USA; Language: English; Year: 2016

Hugh McCrae Jr. in Remnants (2016)

Gorehound Mike here bringing you yet another short film entry from last month’s Shriekfest and this time around we have a short from a talented newcomer David Ugarte. His fourth and latest film, entitled Remnants, tackles the tried and true subject of demon possession. Two cops are called to a scene of a grisly double murder but things start to get strange as they begin to investigate further. Seems that a priest was performing a ritual upstairs and the cops may not be alone. At first I was not sure about Remnants as it seemed to fall back on some horror clichés and a little bit too familiar demon possession tropes; however, it actually seems to rise above it. It’s clear that Ugarte really knows his craft and employs some great expressive camera work, slick editing, and visual style to help both build a nice amount of eerie vibes as well as move the story forward. However, for me, what really saves this short from becoming too standard is the incredibly creepy makeup work that is nothing short of awe-inspiring considering its low budget. The gore effects were also nicely done, and Candy Domme really has a future in the business. Sure, I would have liked a nice clever twist or two, but I gotta say Remnants was a great little horror ride that totally did the trick. I can honestly say I am very excited to see what these guys have in store in the future.

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