Slasher (Series Review)— House Of Tortured Souls

With the third season titled Solstice having made its way to Netflix last week (May 23rd), they truly outdid it this time around and it left me guessing on who was the killer the entire time until the 8th episode. 

Let’s rewind to the beginning. Slasher is a Canadian horror anthology that was created by Aaron Martin. It made its debut on Chiller back in March 2016. 

Each season has 8 episodes. The first season is called The Executioner. It focuses on Sarah Bennett and her husband who move back into her childhood home where her parents were murdered. Sarah’s mother was pregnant with her at the time of the murders and that is when police discovered that the killer was holding Sarah after the killings. 

Sarah starts meeting with Tom Winston in prison, the man who killed her parents. It was in their conversations that you pick up that the “theme” of the murders is no other than the seven deadly sins. Each victim had a sin. He has been giving his opinions as to what each victim could have done to deserve the punishment that they received.

Through all the twists and gore in this season, it was revealed that deputy Cam was The Executioner the whole time, to which Sarah has put it all to an end. 

Season two entitled Guilty Party focuses on a horrifying secret that summer camp counselors thought they buried long ago. They all return in the middle of winter to get the body that was murdered while they were counselors, only to get a shock of their life—-they can’t find the body. 

Like every typical horror movie setting especially at a camp, each counselor gets picked off one by one. The killer does get revealed at the end with a twist. 

Lastly the third season Solstice, which is actually my favorite out of this anthology, focuses on a killer who is targeting everyone in an apartment complex where a woman committed suicide a year before, but it’s also connected with each tenant not helping a man who was being murdered. 

Normally I am good at predicting who the murderer is, but with this season anyone seems capable at that point. 

The trailer for season 3 is listed below. If you are looking for something to binge watch over the weekend, I highly recommend this series. It has a perfect amount of gore and it’s not too predictable. It’s a pretty fun watch depending how you view it. 


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