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When someone asks you, "Who is the best horror band?", who do you automatically think of (or, even better, who SHOULD you always automatically think of)? To me, that's an easy question to answer: hands down it is The Misfits - the original in your face horror punk band that started the wave of horror music as we know it today.
Originally fronted by legendary vocalist Glenn Danzig, who, after leaving The Misfits, went on to form the highly acclaimed Samhain. While lyrically was similar to The Misfits, was a darker and much gloomier sound. He later went solo and started Danzig. While all three acts were very similar, they were all also worlds apart yet all had huge followings and were very influential in the music world. After The Misfits original members split up, there've been a lot of harsh words towards each other and hard feelings over the years amongst the members - including court cases over copyright issues.

The Misfits originally formed in 1977, and 39 years later The Misfits are still kicking ass and it seems like a dream will come true. They said it would never happen but, the almighty The Misfits will be making a return the end of 2016 at Riot Fest headlining the show with all original members - or so it was claimed. The original members have rumored that they will be using renowned drummer and former member of legendary heavy metal thrash gods Slayer the one and only Dave Lombardo. Now Dave has been rumored to be the skin smasher filling in on drums during these live performances that are being held in September.


As of now Dave's name has not officially been announced. As a matter of fact, it's actually just hearsay and speculation because band members of The Misfits have been hinting around that he is who the drummer will be. So by the process of elimination by hints given by Danzig and Jerry Only, Dave's name has surfaced and is now in the limelight.

I have been a fan of both Slayer and The Misfits since I was a young teen and continue to be one to this day. Hell, I even sported the black wrist bands like Glenn for a while. So combining the two bands for me personally would be like a demonic musical orgasm! Although the styles of both bands are very different, putting the two together will be incredible, especially in a live performance.

Could this possibly be the new line up for The Misfits? Could there be a new studio album in the future with the return of the original members plus Lombardo? One can only dream.

It's doubtful that I will be lucky enough to attend Riot Fest and get to witness the reunion of The Misfits , but if any of you readers out there are able to and if you think I'm a halfway decent guy, then help me out and get me a fucking t-shirt!

I don't have a clue on the future of The Misfits or the possibly joining of Dave Lombardo on drums to the band, but I do promise that I will keep you guys updated as the events unfold !

Keep It Evil.

Posted by John Roisland

Horror fan bringing my love for the genre to world in as many forms I can- website, podcast, vlogs, and coming soon, producer! Through this, I am living my nightmarish dreams. Join me.... if you can handle it!


Great article John, if I was going, I swear I would grab you a T-shirt.

John Roisland

Casper , thank you! And if you were going i would get my own shirt, because id be going with you!!

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