Michelle MIDI Sayles, Administrator & Writer

Staff - Michelle MIDI Sayles

Hailing from a small town near Sydney in Australia, Michelle MIDI Sayles began her love of horror in England as a toddler watching reruns of Dr. Phibes in her parents’ bed in the early 80s.

Relocated to Australia shortly before her 8th birthday, Michelle found a best friend who shared a dark love for old horror and by 1990 the duo had discovered every slasher popular for their generation. At age 10, she began reading Stephen King (following a viewing of Pet Semetary) and from then on began to indulge in books about the creepy, bizarre, and awesomely spooky.

Michelle was given the nickname MIDI in high school due to her being 5ft tall and began writing poetry and short stories.

In 2011, she began blogging and reviewing horror films, shorts and Indie productions on a Facebook page she started called Midi’s Horror Reviews.

Since then Midi was one of the official reviewers invited to the Australian Indie-released film Red Billabong at their world premiere in 2016 and has been the finger on the pulse of a lot of Australia’s upcoming Indie projects for many abroad.

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