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Staff - Richard Francis
Greetings to all!! My name is Richard Francis. I do maintenance work for an apartment complex in northern Michigan, and I’m a part time contributor and the full time voice of reason at a humor site called PsychoticHumor. I’m a father, and I’m engaged to a wonderful woman who puts up with my crap better than anyone I’ve ever met.

I also view everything with a cynical and bizarre sense of humor which is lost on most people, but makes dealing with me either tedious or hilarious, depending on whether or not we’re friends.

Many two and three word sentences could be used to describe me: Fine rum drinker. Unicycle owner. Amateur cupcake froster. Mask hoarder. Shitposting troll. Coffee enthusiast. Punisher T-shirt collector. Creepy neighbor. Netflix binge viewer. Cat caretaker. Meme thief. Jacket crafter. Awkward situation creator. Below average juggler. Terrible gift buyer. All of these would be true, and more.

I’ve been a fan of all things horror for as long as I can remember. The dark and macabre has always fascinated me and it has bled through into every aspect of my life that my fiancee will allow. I particularly enjoy looking for the obscure and lesser-known horror films. Those hidden gems that are not well know, but worth seeing. I feel that Hollywood has dropped the ball on big budget horror and we as fans need to stand up and demand better.

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