Suspiria (2018)

Suspiria (2018) A Remake I Can Get Behind

Hey, horror fans! We all love Suspiria and the works of all of the Argento’s and I know I am normally the one who boo hoo’s all remakes but this has so many great people attached and they all love and appreciate the project that I am actually encouraged! Actress Mia Goth I saw reported says that it is not a remake but an homage to the original film. Some of the characters do seem different but the premise seems the same so we shall see, but in the meantime lets just go with the original. Hopefully, you all know the original premise but if you do not, let me share. Plot summarist for IMDB Polly_Kat gives us this:

Susie Bannion, a young American woman who travels to the prestigious Markos Tanz Company in Berlin in 1977, arriving just as one of its members, Patricia, has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. As Susie makes extraordinary progress under the guidance of Madame Blanc, the Company’s revolutionary artistic director, she befriends another dancer, Sara, who shares her suspicions that the Matrons, and the Company itself, may be harboring a dark and menacing secret.

Known for its amazing writing, directing, acting, and lush colors, Suspiria was always considered an art house film, to me it is a horror fans’ horror film. And when I look at horror remakes I look for writers involved. In this case, they are Dario Argento who wrote the original characters. He is the firstborn son of famed producer Salvatore Argento. Daria Nicolodi is the mother of Asia Argento and wrote the original screenplay and also starred in Phenomena and Deep Red written and directed by Dario Argento. The screenplay was written by David Kajganich writer for the upcoming Ridley Scott production The Terror TV series, Blood Creek, and The Invasion. So many amazing people that will hold true to the filmmaking of the original Suspiria from 1977. The wonderful director is Luca Guadagnino, known for Call Me by Your Name (2017), I Am Love (2009) and A Bigger Splash (2015).

To add more fuel to the fire is the amazing cast. Chloe Grace Moretz (Let Me In, Carrie, Kick-Ass) as Patricia, Dakota Johnson (The Social Network, The 50 Shades Trilogy) as Suzie Bannion, the incomparable Tilda Swinton (Doctor Strange, Constantine, and was reported to be one of the choices for Pennywise in the new IT movie) as Madame Blanc, Jessica Harper (Suspiria original as Suzie Bannion, Minority Report) as Anke, Mia Goth (the new amazing film A Cure For Wellness, Everest) as Sara, and Angela Winkler ( Tin Drum, Clouds of Sils Maria) as Miss Tanner.

Another thing I was so excited to find out is that the film score is being done by Thom Yorke the singer for Radiohead who has done The Prestige, Vanilla Sky, and Children of Men. He knows exactly how to set the mood for this new foray into Suspiria 2018.

The film is in post-production and I can honestly say that I am very excited for this film. One last comment from the director that he gave to Criterion,

I have three months until I finish it. It’s a very special film, and I’m proud of it,” he told Criterion. “I wonder all the time how people will react to it, being that it is based on a masterpiece. I often find myself in the position of saying ‘Oh, it’s ridiculous!’ when I hear stories that they want to remake a movie like 8½, so I don’t know if I’m going to be served the same dish. But I can say that my Suspiria is a very personal film; it’s like oxygen to me. When I saw the original movie thirty-two years ago, the emotion I felt was so strong, so mind-blowing, and so important to my upbringing. I wanted to investigate the experience I had watching that film.

We here at House of Tortured Souls will keep you updated on its progress because we know that The Truth Hides Behind These Walls!

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