Red Cape Publishing to release horror novella ‘Dirges in the Dark’ from author Ann Fox on 4th February

Red Cape Publishing to release horror novella ‘Dirges in the Dark’ from author Ann Fox on 4th February

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When actress Cassidy May lands the lead in the story of Hellen Grimaldi’s life, she believes it could be the boost her career needs. However, the more she looks into the past of Hellen and the shocking events which led to her death, the more fearful Cassidy becomes about taking the role. Did Hellen truly summon demons during that fateful performance? Was Cassidy about to unleash the same hell that Hellen had? What dark forces were really at play behind the curtain?

Writer Ann Fox had the following to say about the book

Dirges was first written in 1999, the first book I wrote. With time I grew it up and it became Dirges in the Dark that you see today. I was an opera singer and was taught at the Brooklyn Academy of music but my crippling shyness made me write about an opera singer instead of actually being one as I had hoped. I used to compete and perform till the anxieties kicked in as a teen. I suppose I’d never be a writer if that hadn’t happened. Silver linings. I’m better now and very open about it. I think for most people suffering THE SHOW MUST GO ON and just sometimes the performance and “pretending” is hell on earth.

Dirges in the Dark will be released by Red Cape Publishing on 4th February as a Kindle Edition ebook and is available to pre-order on Amazon here:

You can find out more about Red Cape Publishing on the website and follow on social media:

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After watching The Boys. Karl Urban needs to star in a horror movie

After watching The Boys. Karl Urban needs to star in a horror movie

Growing up, I read a few issues of The Boys, which was an insane comic that was somewhat of an underground hit that later on grew with fans. For it’s over the top violence, sexual activity, even poking fun at beloved comic characters we all know and love.

This was a time where comic movies and TV shows were far to none. A few gems came here and there, especially if we got a rated R comic movie Christmas for everyone. With comic books now being more mainstream among media outlets.

It’s become apparent that studios are willing to give shots to not household names such as Batman, Wonderwoman, Superman, Green Lantern, etc.

The Boys finally arrived at Amazon studios giving us gratuitous sex, violence, and language from author Garth Ennis who’s famous for his run on The Punisher. I finally got a chance to sit down and watch the series. I was deeply impressed and just wanting more, but it was over done to the point it felt with some episodes as fillers. The Boys, “A group of vigilantes, set out to take down corrupt superheroes who abuse their superpowers.” 

The show gives us a gritty look at superheroes that are terrible people, and the bad guys are good. It’s a slippery slope where we see Butcher (Karl Urban)balance between right and wrong for the greater good but also fueling his vendetta towards “Homelander.” The series “Superman.”

Without spoiling it, it’s excellent that’s full of humor, gore, violence some cool cameos that never really feeling bored or drawn out. We get some questions answers and answers with more questions, but this is a TV series so be prepared for a character development along the way. The season ended with this perfect mix of a “Fuck you” to Butcher who next to Homelander is a terrifying character.

You see Homelander is scary because he has superpowers of that like Superman. He doesn’t have any weaknesses, but mentally it’s a match of head games throughout the series whether it’s the Vought corporation or later on with Butcher.

Now Karl Urban in the show is scary because he’s walking that line of a good guy and a bad guy. His judgment clouded at times so yes he’s fighting for the greater good, but it’s also become a vendetta against the “supes” as he calls them. This is just like Sheriff Wydell from The Devils rejects and just like in this show Butcher shows no remorse towards supes, which would make great for a horror movie. Even in Dredd, which is a criminally underrated movie, he was a badass that showed no remorse. In one episode particular there’s a scene where (Butcher) slowly stalks a superhero, confronts him and proceeds to bash his head in like nothing. Imagine the scene from Halloween (2018) but with way more blood and face-smashing. Even in one scene, he shoots a superhero with a high power weapon in broad daylight without flinching.

As the show ended, all I know is that I wanted to see more of The Boys and or at least see Karl Urban play a slasher in a horror movie. The Boys is playing on amazon right now.

WiHM: Pat Marin – The RIP Files

WiHM: Pat Marin – The RIP Files

Hello, Everyone, this is Brenda, better-known as The Ghost Huntress, of HoTS. I am very lucky to be able to write about my 2 loves, Horror and the Paranormal. Some would say, what is the difference? That is a subject that I would love to save for another time. Because right now I want to introduce to you an amazing woman, who has lived with paranormal activity all of her life. So, what do you do when you live with those things that go bump in the night (and day)?? Well please keep reading and you will find out.
I had the honor of meeting Patricia “Pat” Marin, back in 2015, when I was asked if I would appear on The R.I.P. Files as interviewee for an investigation at a location in Maryland that I had investigated many times and of course I said, YES!!
have to say, when I arrived at the location and was told by my friend, The R.I.P. Files castmate and Paranormal Investigator, Amelia Cotter to go see Pat, I had no idea who she was. I just assumed that she was in charge of doing the interview. Little did I know that Pat was in charge of everything.
We hit it off right away, and I thanked Pat for allowing me to ask her questions as I was nervous — not about being in the house that I had captured some incredible evidence, but that I was going to be interviewed for a paranormal program that had gained much attention and has earned much respect in the paranormal community. But then again, Pat is a Marylander, which made it so easy to talk to her. Who would have known that three years later I would get the chance to interview Pat? I have to say, it is much easier to be the one asking the questions.
You’re now probably wondering who is Patricia Marin and what is The R.I.P. Files? You are about to find out. So, go grab a snack, get comfy, and you may want to turn on the lights, as you get to know my Dear friend, who to me, is a real life super woman and a role model to all women young and old.
Pat Marin

Pat Marin, Vice President, The Marin Group, Inc.; Executive Producer, The R.I.P. Files

Patricia grew up in a haunted house in Baltimore, Maryland, and is descended from a family of Irish psychics on her mother’s side. At the age of 12, she began her lifelong study of metaphysics, eventually becoming a third-degree initiate of a Western Mystery School. Pat is also a Reiki Master and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. She studied journalism at the University of Maryland and has worked as a lobbyist on Capitol Hill and as a public relations specialist in Washington, DC. Pat was a proposal manager with MCI/Verizon and with General Dynamics prior to starting The Marin Group, Inc., a consulting company focused on business development and proposal support for government contractors, both large and small. She founded Research and Investigation of the Paranormal (R.I.P.) in 2008. Pat created The R.I.P. Files because she wanted to bring the public an honest paranormal series. She continues to serve as executive producer and writer for the series, as well as the narrator on each episode. The R.I.P. Files features a female-led team, unusual experiments, and amazing EVPs. Pat also served as the “Ghost Hunting Examiner” for for more than five years and gained an international readership for her in-depth articles that covered all aspects of the paranormal.
Female Paranormal Investigators of

Female Paranormal Investigators of The R.I.P. Files

House of Tortured Souls: Pat, I didn’t realize that you come from a psychic family. Please tell me about that.
Interviewee Name: My mother’s family is Scotch/Irish and the women in that line tend to have “the sight”. For example, my mother would always see the banshee prior to a death in the family. I do not – at least, not yet – but I’ve always been able to sense spirits, and sometimes I can even see and/or hear them. I don’t describe myself as psychic, but I am highly intuitive. I actually don’t like the term “psychic”, and I believe it’s very much overused. Most of us have those same abilities, we just don’t recognize that we have them, and we don’t develop them. For example, the paranormal has always been my passion and I’ve been reading, studying, and working on my own abilities since I was 12. I’ve read just about all the books, gone to most of the classes, learned and practiced the rituals, and explored many strange highways and byways during this lifelong journey of mine. As far as “real” psychics — that is, individuals with an extraordinary level of ability to connect with those in spirit — I’ve only met two people that I consider truly gifted. Those people are John Cappello and MarVeena Meek, both of whom I studied with in Dallas. In my opinion, they are the best. But even they are only about 70 to 80 percent accurate. And I’ve had readings with lots of the big names out there, including a $1,000 private phone reading with George Anderson who, by the way, was 100 percent wrong about everything he said! People need to be cautious about their infatuation with anyone who comes along and announces that they’re yet another “psychic medium”. There are a lot of delusional people and con artists out there, and you don’t want to base your life decisions on what they tell you. If you go to them just for fun, that’s fine, but remember that YOU are always your best guide and you have all the knowledge you need within. You simply need to learn how to access it and trust it.
HoTS: What are some of your most outstanding personal paranormal experiences?
PM: There are so many. The most outstanding, though, is when my body was physically asleep in my bed at around 4:10 am when my mother was in the ICU of Plano Hospital. Suddenly, I was there in the hospital, also, and my mom and I were walking down the corridor together. I was aware of a bright, pulsating light at the end of the hall and we were walking slowly towards it. One of the most interesting aspects of this experience is that my mom and I were talking very casually and laughing. It was definitely not a somber atmosphere. Even though we were invisible to the doctors and nurses moving past, it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. As we approached the light, I said to my mother, “I don’t think I can go any further.” And she replied, “I know. But it’s okay. Your father’s waiting for me there.” FYI, my father died when I was 12. Then she walked down the rest of the hallway by herself and disappeared into the light. About halfway there, she stopped, turned, looked back at me one last time, and smiled. I have NEVER seen anyone on this earth look so happy! She was absolutely radiant. That’s one reason why I never really grieved for her after her physical death. How could I? I knew she was happier than she had ever been and in a wonderful place.
Anyway, after she disappeared into the light, I immediately found myself back in my body. I laid awake staring at the ceiling, waiting for the phone to ring, which it did about 10 minutes later. It was the surgeon, calling to tell us that my mother had passed away. But I already knew that. I was there.
PM: I’ve had many, many other experiences as well. Another example is that my husband and I live with a ghost cat and have for many years, through 3 different cities and 3 different houses. We see, hear, and sense our little ghost cat at least once a week or so. We think she is “Fluffy,” a cat that Jim had as a child that his parents made him get rid of. Carol Gurney, the well-known animal communicator, confirmed that information for us in a private reading and also told us that Fluffy had never fully crossed over. Instead, she had decided to stay with Jim throughout his life as a guide and companion. That was a really emotional reading, as you can imagine! By the way, Carol Gurney is a legitimate and very talented animal communicator and I highly recommend her. Anyway, we also captured our ghost cat on a security monitor one snowy morning during the blizzard of 2010. She can be seen very clearly on the back of the sofa and you see her eyes first before the rest of her body materializes clearly for several seconds. She looks into the security camera – as if she knew we could see her there – directly into our eyes, blinks twice, and then disappear. It’s amazing footage and I wish I could use it in one of our episodes – but it’s a security camera so it’s grainy to begin with and the swirling snow outside makes it worse. The compression rate required to insert it into video destroys the resolution. It’s actually very clear when you see it on the computer but unfortunately does not translate well to another medium.
HoTS: When and why did you decide to create a paranormal TV show?
PM: We started in 2012 and we filmed 10 half-hour episodes, originally for Ghost Channel TV on the Internet and then we moved to Mingle Media TV, another Internet channel. Gaiam TV – also Internet – later bought the digital rights in the US/Canada for Season 1 only and we’re still available on their website and through Amazon, iTunes, and a number of other venues.
I wanted to do a series because we were excited about the research we were conducting and wanted to share it with the world. We were doing some interesting experiments, such as thought transference as a cause of EVPs, working with ESP cards, and using hypnosis – things that other shows weren’t doing at the time.
PM: I wanted to do a series because we were excited about the research we were conducting and wanted to share it with the world. We were doing some interesting experiments, such as thought transference as a cause of EVPs, working with ESP cards, and using hypnosis – things that other shows weren’t doing at the time.
HoTS: Are you on YouTube?
PM: No, we’re not. We’re prohibited from showing The R.I.P. Files on YouTube due to our various contracts. Seasons 2 and 3 (16 hour-long episodes) will be aired in the US, starting in January of 2018. We have to keep this VERY confidential for now, as TV networks are extremely sensitive about leaks. So, that’s all I can say for at the moment.
PM: But I CAN say that all three seasons continue to air on SyFy Asia, where we are the #3 show on that network, something we’re very proud of. We’re also the lead-in to Ghost Adventures on Really TV in the UK, so that’s another significant achievement.
We’re very excited about finally coming to US TV and we’re hoping for great success. Our fans have been very loyal and I’m sure that will continue.
HoTS: with so many Paranormal shows that on the air now, why do you think people like The R.I.P. Files?
PM: I think it’s because we’re not actors/actresses and slick Hollywood producers – instead, we started out in the paranormal and that’s still what we do – although I have to say that we have acquired a lot of knowledge about the entertainment business after doing it for more than five years. I had absolutely no background in television when I started, and I basically learned by doing. There were a lot of costly mistakes in the first couple of years and those certainly paid for what I call my “film school tuition.” One thing I did already know how to do as a professional writer and editor was tell a story and that has proven to be an invaluable skill.
HoTS: What’s it like working with your husband?
PM: We clash on a regular basis. He has his vision and I have mine. However, after we sit down and talk about it, we usually find that those visions are closer than we thought initially, and we can usually work out any differences of opinion to everyone’s satisfaction. Sometimes, I have to overrule him, though. But Jim does have a lot of great ideas and I enjoy the creative “give and take” that goes into doing the show together.
HoTS: What’s the difference between, say, a YouTube paranormal show and a paranormal show on cable or network TV?
PM: Brenda, the difference is huge!! For example, there is one phrase that strikes dread into my heart: E&O insurance. That’s “producer’s errors and omissions insurance” and it’s required by just about every TV network around the world. It means writing a check for about $10,000 up front for every new sale on every new network. Believe me, that’s painful! That’s not required for SVOD (streaming video on demand) or for YouTube and other internet sites. Plus, the technical specs (video quality, aspect ratio, audio leveling, frames per second) are so much more stringent for network TV! It’s all about the storytelling and the production values. You have to really know what you’re doing. I didn’t, but I was fortunate to find a couple good editors – especially our current editor, Bill Gaunce. He really took me under his wing and taught me so much about the technical aspects of editing a professional TV show. Also, Kristi Pelzel – our very talented Audio Technician – is always eager to share her knowledge and has been a tremendous help along the way.
HoTS: Being a woman, did you find it harder to get networks and decision-makers to take you seriously?
PM: No, not at all. There are a LOT of very powerful women in the entertainment industry. There’s also a very real “good ol’ boys and good ol’ girls” network and, if you’re an outsider, it’s very hard to break in, regardless of gender. That’s why you need a representative who is a Hollywood insider and, fortunately, we have someone who is plugged into that scene and has been for many years. He is constantly pitching us and meeting with potential buyers. He also attends all the entertainment markets throughout the year, which is where the most deals get done. Those are MIPCOM in Cannes, France, every fall, MIPTV in Cannes France every spring, Real Screen in Washington, DC, in January, NATPE in Miami in late January, Real Screen West in Santa Monica, CA, every June, and a host of smaller events. Our representative knows most of the movers and shakers at the TV networks and has them on speed dial. We’re also becoming more well known in our own right as the show has garnered some good ratings and good publicity in the international markets, so some network execs at least know our name.
HoTS: As a fellow Paranormal Investigator, there are certain questions that you know you are going to get asked, so here it is. What’s the scariest place you’ve ever investigated?
PM: that would be, St. Albans in Radford, Virginia. It’s the real deal and we captured a couple of our best EVPs there. That place is wicked! Other favorites are Pennhurst and Ramblewood, plus many lesser-known places such as Weems-Botts House, Oakland Mansion, Swannanoa Palace, Boydville, Adam-Stephen House, and a ton of others. Moundsville was also super scary.
HoTS: How do you get so much activity in a 10-hour period?
PM: We’re all “sensitives” and what I like to call “ghost magnets”. Except for my husband, Jim (the director), who is a “ghost repellant”. We can’t have him on set while we’re filming because all activity stops “dead” – so to speak – when Jim shows up. Ghosts fear him. He’s a very successful businessman and he does have a somewhat intimidating personality (although he would do anything for people and animals that need help), so maybe the ghosts are picking up on that outward persona.
HoTS: Do you believe EVPs are really the voices of the dead? What about photos and videos?
PM: In some cases – not in all. And, of course, EVPs can be faked easily – just like photos and videos. We look for “corroborating” evidence as “proof.” For example, perhaps an investigator gets goosebumps and then they think they glimpse a little girl out of the corner of their eye and then we get an anomalous sound that could be a child giggling. Even better, we later discover that a little girl died in this house. Now, that’s very convincing evidence! Is it proof positive? No, but it’s getting closer.
I am VERY wary about photos and videos. And I’ve noticed a disturbing trend of “orbs” showing up again and even one group attempting to match up the “little faces in the orbs” with old photographs of deceased residents. They have the whole town bamboozled with this garbage, even though I tried to explain to them that no reputable paranormal investigator would accept orbs from a digital camera as proof of the paranormal. Troy Taylor, one of the pioneers in this field, once wrote a great article debunking orbs and described them perfectly as “the lazy investigator’s evidence”. Now, there ARE such things as “spirit lights” that are seen with the naked eye and those may be more worthy of research, although Jim thinks it’s mostly ball lightning. But orbs in photos are extremely doubtful as anything other than dust, bugs, reflections, etc. Even when I’ve seen a few interesting ones show up in photos, I think it’s best to discount them simply because there are so many non-paranormal explanations for them. Let’s put it this way: orbs will NEVER help paranormal research be taken seriously by science, that’s for certain! In fact, all that happens when you run into the “orb fans,” like the group I mentioned earlier, is it makes all of us look ridiculous and takes away from the legitimate research so many groups are doing.
I’m also amazed that some people don’t seem to know what “pareidolia” is – you know, the tendency to see faces and familiar shapes in random images. Several so-called investigators on my news feed are constantly sending me blurry pictures of images circled in red with comments like, “There’s a Civil War soldier looking right at the camera.” No, there isn’t!! At least, not in most cases. A few, well, they’re interesting, but the vast majority of photos and videos on Facebook and the internet these days are nothing but fakes and wishful thinking. They’re setting the field of paranormal research back decades and it really bothers me.
And don’t even get me started on ghost apps! They’re the bane of our existence. But it’s easy to tell when it’s an app – it’s WAY too clear. I can’t tell you how many of those we get all the time from people who swear on their children’s heads that these photos are “real.” Yeah, right. They also tend to get very hostile when you explain that their photos are not in the least paranormal. But that’s okay. I’m not going to lie to protect someone’s ego. If you ask for my opinion, you’re going to get it so don’t ask if you don’t want to hear the truth.
Meanwhile, we’ll keep on keeping it as real as we can, while still editing the show to be as spooky, scary, and suspenseful as possible.
HoTS: Do you think that other paranormal TV shows are faking it?
PM: Yes. I know that for a fact. But that’s all I’m going to say about it. I don’t want to be sued.
HoTS: How should we view paranormal shows?
PM: As entertainment only, with a few shows that do some real research occasionally, including ours, of course. But most have to be taken with a VERY large pitcher of salt.
HoTS: I think that I know the answer to this, but what do you think of those “investigators” who learn all they know from TV?
PM: They’re not investigators, they’re pretenders. If you want to learn to be a serious paranormal investigator, my advice to you is to read all the books you can about metaphysics, spirituality, and the history of the paranormal and then and only then venture out into the field – for example, if you don’t know who Harry Price was or who Troy Taylor is or how digital cameras work or what the ideomotor effect is, you’re not a legitimate paranormal investigator. Read the books, search out the serious Internet sites like the Society for Psychical Research, join the discussion groups, and participate in forums such as There’s a (ghost) app for that, and always, always, always be willing to further your education, experiment, and learn new things. Never be afraid to fail!
HoTS: What do you think is the biggest mistake some paranormal investigators make?
PM: Not taking the paranormal seriously and failing to use psychic protection, smudging, clearing, and grounding. Several people on my team have been attacked by negative entities when they let down their guard. I was attacked by a very negative entity at Boydville last year and had some horrific nightmares for about a week before I got it under control via the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and other techniques. Sherry, one of my investigators, suffered with an attachment from Boydville for about six months before a shaman was able to help her. It’s not something to take lightly. Even for those who like to think they’re investigating “scientifically”, they need to be aware of the potential dangers of this work and take steps to protect themselves and their loved ones. By the way, there’s absolutely no scientifically valid link between electromagnetic fields (EMF, which most ghost hunting equipment is designed to detect) and the presence of ghosts or other unseen entities. Plus, investigating “scientifically” requires much more than waving around a bunch of EMF meters. There’s a whole complex methodology, including developing hypotheses and theories and then experiments based on them, and very few paranormal investigators understand or follow these protocols. We used to do more of it but have more or less decided to rely on the spiritual/metaphysical approach to investigating. We get better results that way. But, no worries, Jim keeps us straight if we start to get too far out there in “woo woo” land. He truly is a scientist and would prefer to do more structured experiments, which we may go back to at some point. I’ll be honest with you, though: if you’re doing a paranormal TV show, science definitely does NOT sell.
HoTS: What do you think causes paranormal activity?
PM: There are lots of theories: human spirits, demons, elementals, thoughtforms, spirit guides, angels – all of the above. I think each case is different although the places where trauma and deaths have occurred on a large scale are certainly the most likely places. Much of it could also be caused by expectation – we want to see ghosts, we expect to see ghosts, and so we see them. The human mind is very powerful, much more so than we realize. That concentrated group energy can do some amazing things!! Although I’m not saying that’s necessarily the explanation, it’s certainly something that has to be considered. Especially since, as a student of metaphysical teachers such as “Seth” and “Abraham”, I thoroughly believe that we create our own reality through our thoughts and emotions. Maybe we also create our own “ghosts”, at least in some instances. That was demonstrated through the famous “Phillip” experiment back in the 70s, when a group of people made up a person named Phillip, gave him likes/dislikes and a past, and attempted to contact him through psychic means – with amazing success. Phillip answered as expected at first, but then seemed to learn and grow and take on an independent personality, much to the astonishment of the researchers. Thoughtform? Walk-in? Someone from spirit having a laugh? No one really knows.
HoTS: Are you planning to do any other paranormal shows?
PM: We have a couple in development right now. I would definitely like to do another few seasons of The R.I.P. Files – but we’ll see how the ratings are. We live or die by the ratings, as I’m sure you know.
HoTS: Pat, with all of the old and new technology and equipment being used, what do you think is the most important piece of equipment you can use as a paranormal investigator?
PM: Our own senses. We’ve found that the more we investigate, the more highly sensitive we become. We believe that, at this point, we’re all just as good as any so-called “psychic,” which is one reason we don’t usually bring in any outsiders. We have confidence in our own individual and team impressions, backed up by corroborating evidence such as personal experiences, audio, historical research, and even a few interesting photos. Our intuition has proven to be reliable over and over again in almost 10 years of investigating.
HoTS: Do you think “mass hysteria” may play a role in so-called “haunted” houses and other locations?
PM: Absolutely! We, as a species, seem to have a primal need to be scared. Let’s face it, we enjoy it. Wandering around a spooky old graveyard at night is a favorite activity for many of us. It’s easy to get scared in the dark with unfamiliar sounds and shapes, and it’s easy to let your imagination get the better of you. That’s why I’m totally opposed to anyone under 18 investigating. These types of experiences can traumatize susceptible children and adolescents — even adults — to the point that it can adversely affect their entire lives. It’s not worth taking that chance.
HoTS: By the way, why does everyone investigate in the dark?
PM: There’s a very simple explanation for that and we presented it in “Spirits of the Palace”, which was shot at Swannanoa in the mountains of central Virginia. Melatonin production increases between 10 pm and 3 am. Melatonin stimulates the pineal gland, whose function is mostly unknown to modern science but has traditionally been considered the “third eye” or the seat of our psychic senses. We believe that our senses do actually increase during these times and we may be able to see/hear/sense things that would normally be filtered out by our conscious mind during the day. Of course, there are plenty of ghost sightings reported in the daylight, but I still think nighttime is the best for picking up maximum activity.
Paranormal Investigators, Mark C. Higgins & Sherry

Paranormal Investigators, Mark C. Higgins & Sherry

HoTS: I want to thank you for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to spend some time with us at House of Tortured Souls. As a fellow Paranormal Investigator and friend of yours, it was an honor and a real pleasure to be the one who interviewed you. I just have one last question for you: any last words for aspiring investigators?
PM: Thank you, Brenda, I really enjoyed our time as well, and Yes, I do have some last words for aspiring investigators: Always be willing to explore the darkness…and never stop learning!
Please Note: At the time of this article, due to things still being negotiated, we are still waiting to find out which major US network will be airing The R.I.P. Files. But to help curb your ghostly curiosity, please check out this teaser:
I hope that you liked my very first interview for House of Tortured Souls because I really enjoyed writing it.
Until next time, keep your feet on the ground and your eyes open!!
Happy Hauntings!!
Brenda – The Ghost Huntress

Pat Marin

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Dixielord’s Amazon Prime Horror Picks – June/July 2017

Dixielord’s Amazon Prime Horror Picks – June/July 2017

Quite often I am asked about movie selections, especially selections of streaming movies. It's not always easy. Everyone has a different opinion of what makes a movie good, or even watchable. Complicating matters, the films available for streaming change on a monthly - and sometimes a weekly - basis, and the number of services for movie streaming are continuously growing. So, basically, the list will change fairly regularly. Sounds like a great idea for a recurring column, doesn't it kiddos?!
So let’s start this with Amazon Prime Picks, since I noticed several great new additions to the service recently. So here we go, with Dixie's Amazon Prime picks for June and July 2017.
1. Day of the Animals: We all know Leslie Nielsen was one of the great comedic actors of the last several decades. From the classic Airplane of the 70s, to reinvigorating himself in the Naked Gun movie series, he has been making people laugh. However, not as many people know he had a career as a serious actor. He even played the heavy at times, like in this 1977, nature gone wild horror movie. In it. There are several reasons to recommend Day of the Animals to horror fans such as the reuniting of stars from the cult film Grizzly, appearance of Susan Backlinie, the famous first victim in Jaws, or just as a look back at 70s eco-horror, but the main reason is Nielsen. His character goes from grating asshole, to full on whack a doodle, bear fighting insanity, and it's a joy to watch.
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2. Shock Waves: Young horror fans may think Nazi Zombies are a new concept, but in actually the sub genre existed long before Dead Snow made it popular again. Nazi undead have plagued the cinema for decades from Jess Franco's Oasis of the Zombie, Jean Rollin's Zombie Lake, all the way back to The Frozen Dead, starring Dana Andrews (who most of us only know from the opening song of Rocky Horror). None of these are better, in my opinion, than Shock Waves. Shock Waves, which stars horror legend Peter Cushing, and a heart stopping Brooke Adams, is one of the most original zombie films ever made. Some might argue the monsters in the film aren't zombies. I disagree, and have reasons to support my belief, but horror fans are always arguing about what is and isn’t a zombie. Frankly I'm tired of the argument, and this is my list, so fuck you guys, they're zombies. So why should you watch it? Seriously? Peter Cushing isn't enough? Well how about a red hot Brooke Adams who spends most of the film in a bikini? How about genre legend John Carradine (who thankfully isn't in a bikini)? Well if you need more, as I said it's one of the more original zombie films ever made. I go more into detail on my website, but besides all that, whats more American than killin' Nazis? Killing Nazi zombies, that's what!?
3. The Tombs of the Blind Dead: Zombies are way beyond the saturation point now. The Walking Dead is still riding high on television, but with zombies appearing in commercials for everything from banks to brake shops, they are more pop culture than horror. Very few new zombie films are horrifying or even interesting. So let's take a trip back to 1972 and Amando de Ossorio's Spanish Horror, Tombs of the Blind Dead. This tale of reanimated Templar Knights has so much that is lacking from modern horror. It's dark, gory at times and has a bleak, almost claustrophobic atmosphere. There are scenes where the tension is so high that it is almost physically painful to watch. The reanimated knights have had their eyes pecked out by birds of prey after their execution and are forced to hunt their prey by sound. Take note Don't Breathe, this is how to do that gimmick right.

Great Horror in Amazon Prime Picks

4. The Witch Who Came In From The Sea: Don't let the artwork and title fool you. This isn't a supernatural horror. It is one of the infamous video nasties of the 80s, and it's gory enough to deserve that title. The cover art is reminiscent of the gothic horror of Bava, but this is actually a slasher that's as much drama as horror in all honesty. It deals with a mentally disturbed woman who makes short and bloody work of her lovers. It has all the shortcomings of a typical video nasty, low budget, iffy acting and bad effects. It also has a compelling story and enough blood to satisfy the gorehound. It deserves a spot with the revenge slashers of the 70s and 80s and you should watch it while it's easily available.
The Witch Who Came From the Sea poster art
The Witch Who Came From the Sea poster art
5. The Final Terror: The Final Terror is a little seen, almost lost slasher from the 80s. It's a film I have wanted to see since I was a kid. I was drawn in by lurid posters and promo but unfortunately I never got a chance to see it, till it was on streaming media. It's a fairly decent slasher, about kids lost in the woods, hunted by as masked maniac. But why am I recommending it to you? The cast, that's what makes it a must see. It includes a young and gorgeous Daryl Hannah, Rachel Ward, Adrian Zmed, a young Joe Pantoliano and Neidemeyer himself, Mark Metcalf.
So that's it, five selections streaming on Amazon Prime right now. Don't wait too long because you never know when a film will be pulled. Check back here for MORE selections from the House of Tortured Souls staff.
GAME REVIEW: Zombieopoly (2013)

GAME REVIEW: Zombieopoly (2013)

Zombieopoly, is a horror-based board game that is a blast to play! Most of us grew up playing the the great board game Monopoly. Through the years, though, specialty versions with their own twists on the timeless classic have emerged. Monopoly variations are everywhere and are inspired by everything. One version is based on legendary rock band band KISS, another on fast food giant McDonald’s, and another on the great city of Chicago. You can even play Monopoly slots in casinos.
Well, the folks over at Late for The Sky have put their horror minded twist on it. In 2013, they released their adaptation for coffee tables and families everywhere ― ZOMBIEOPOLY! And it is a lot of fun!
The overall structure and layout of the game is the same as the original: pick your piece, buy properties, get rich, and rule the game! It’s the small details that make Zombieopoly so amusing to play.
For example, Chance and Community Chest cards have been replaced by Stagger and Crawl cards. Be careful while pulling a card. Most are harmless but some are interactive. My son, for example, had to crawl on the floor doing his best zombie impression and yelling for BRAAAAAAAAINS!
Zombieopoly at John Roisland's house.
Zombieopoly at John Roisland's house.
Properties are all there as well as the utilities but with a few small changes. All properties are now zombie-related and tailored to the type of zombie. I played this about three weeks ago with my kids, and we all had a lot of fun.
Zombieopoly board / Fair use doctrine.
All spaces now contain beautiful, detailed art work.
The object of Zombieopoly, just as the original, is to own as much property as possible and have the most money for the win. Now, as most of you know, you’ve never heard anyone say, “Let’s play a quick game” because there is no such thing! I know first hand that playing can go on in to the wee hours of the night and competition can bring out the worse in some players ― especially when playing with zombies, and Zombieopoly is no different! So, if you’re going to sit down and play with friends or even the kids, you’d better get comfy.
John Roisland and family enjoy a game of Zombieopoly..
John Roisland and family enjoy a game of Zombieopoly.
I’m thrilled to see more horror-related games available that don’t require an Internet connection and a remote. Zombieopoly is available at most retail stores and online, including Walmart, Amazon, and TOYS-R-US, and ranges in price from $19.99 ─ $38.99.
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Keep It Evil...
MOVIE REVIEW: Jebediah (2011)

MOVIE REVIEW: Jebediah (2011)

By Nicole Robinson

They are a few things in life that are better than a satisfying horror movie. Finding one has become much more difficult since the era of the comic book splashed onto the big screen. In times such as these, some horror fans choose to kick rocks and whine rather than turn to the straight to streaming gems that can be found. This is a mistake and if you need proof, go to Amazon. There you will find Jebediah, a story of a menacing, sickle wielding Amish man with a creative and expressive love of killing from director Joe Ripple and starring Brian Greenwell.

In the role of Jebediah, Greenwell portrays a silent and creepy Amish man with a presence that creates an intimidating persona instilling fear into the victims and the viewers. Greenwell manages to capture a spark of madness as a silent killer. This is no easy task. While a silent killer like Michael Myers can be seriously terrifying, it can also be comical if not portrayed properly. Greenwell almost makes it look easy, leaving the viewer wondering what dark place this actor had to go to in order to embody the role of this madman in the title role of Jebediah.

The main point that can be said about this flick is the violence leaves the viewer wanting nothing in the end. No one is safe and by the end, the carnage leaves no one unscathed. What starts out as a seemingly innocent camping trip among a small group of girlfriends, ends in a blood bath while leaving the audience trying to figure out who among them is going to make it out alive. Lacking predictability is an important feature for any horror movie, and Jebediah manages to make it look easy. Don't bother trying. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. And don't worry, the annoying blond one who is wearing the wedges while walking in the woods does die in the most glorious of ways. Writer Robert Ziegler held nothing back when he penned the deaths of Jebediah's victims. Spoilers withheld, this is not a film for the faint of heart.

From the moment Jebediah curb stomped an infant strapped to a car seat, the audience knows they are in for a treat. Jebediah is not just creepy, but disturbingly violent, providing a level of satisfaction for the viewers that has been seemingly lacking in recent years from the blockbuster films on the big screen. By the end of this slasher film, an uncomfortable, yet satisfying feeling of dread is left with the viewer, probably hoping there is a sequel (there is not sadly). One thing is for certain, this is a fine piece of horror.

Starring: Danielle Lozeau, Jessy Danner, Lauren Lakis, Jemma McDime, Sabrina Taylor-Smith, and Brian Greenwell

To find out more or get your own copy, CLICK HERE 

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