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HALLOWEEN HORRORS: Trick Or Treat (1986)

HALLOWEEN HORRORS: Trick Or Treat (1986)

Sometimes Heavy Metal Really Is The Work Of The Devil

By Amy Mead

Trick Or Treat poster


Director: Charles Martin Smith

Starring: Marc Price, Tony Fields, Lisa Orgolini, Gene Simmons, and Ozzy Osbourne


Eddie is an outcast in his high school who is often bullied by jocks and is a total loner. He doesn't have many friends but the one thing he does have that gets him through it all is heavy metal.

He is a huge of fan of controversial (and rumored Satanist) musician, Sammi Curr who just happens to be from Eddie's own hometown and is coming home to play the High School's annual Halloween Dance. One night after writing Sammi a letter, he learns that his idol has been banned from performing at the dance. Before he even has time to react, He hears another report about how Sammi Curr has died in a mysterious and fatal fire and this news of course, tears Eddie apart.

He visits his friend, local DJ, "Nuke" to commiserate on the loss of Sammi and knowing what a massive fan Eddie was, Nuke gives him Sammi's final album "Songs In The Keys of Death". It is the only one in existence and it has never been released. Nuke explains the he has recorded it and plans to play it in tribute to Sammi at Midnight on Halloween, stating that's what Sammi's original intentions for it were anyway.

Eddie soon figures out there are hidden messages in the album and long story short, Eddie seeks some retribution on those who have bullied him and Sammi is able to come back and brings down Mayhem and chaos on his hometown.

Will Eddie be able to figure out a way to stop him before he wipes out the whole town?

Only one way to find out...

I was a mere fourteen years old when a rather loud group of friends I ran with and myself were allowed to attend this film at the theater. Alone. No parental guidance to be had. We almost got kicked out because we were reacting like jackasses to all the kills and shouting at the screen as they happened. Ah, to be young again.

Not only did I think the story was completely badass but I was also into heavy metal at that age and I fell instantly in love with Mr. Sammi Curr, the Satanic Rock God. Talk about swoon! Bestill my young, beating teenage heart! I still to this day think he's one of the sexiest dudes to ever grace the screen in a horror film. Go ahead and laugh but all you ladies of the eighties out there know I'm right.

Here's a fun fact for you: WASP frontman, Blackie Lawless was to originally play the part of Sammi Curr. Can you imagine?! No way would it have been the same movie or had the same effect on me!

For a horror film, Trick or Treat is admittedly low on scares and not very heavy on the gore but it is so much fun to watch. Seeing Eddie give those that have bullied him their just desserts was a nice sight (66 crush!!) and even though you know it isn't right, you can't help but applaud his actions.

And not only that but can we talk about how freaking awesome the soundtrack is? Holy shit Fastway killed it!! It is one of the best soundtracks in horror and I love it. It is still in constant rotation in my disc changer and now my fifteen year old son loves it also.

And here's another fun fact: Former Fastway front man is the lead singer of Flogging Molly.

Trick or Treat is one of my favorite horror films hands down, and I will watch it ANYTIME of the year but in my opinion, it definitely warrants a must watch during the Halloween season, and for me personally, it's always on Halloween night. Because of his love for the soundtrack, I plan to one day I plan to show my son this classic cinematic horror gem. Who knows, maybe it'll be THIS Halloween!

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Synapse Films Restores Dario Argento’s Tenebre

Synapse Films Restores Dario Argento’s Tenebre

By Amy Mead

Steven J. Bejma's Tenebre Poster

Recently, on October 22nd, I was privileged enough to take part in a one night only screening of the most recent remaster effort by the geniuses over at Synapse Films, Dario Argento's Tenebre. The bonus features are still being worked on and the finished product is expected to be released on Blu-ray in the early part of 2016.

Every time I watch a new Synapse remaster, I am blown away and it was no different with Tenebre. It was truly stunning. I was seriously taken aback by how good it looked and I am chomping at the bit to see what the bonus features might have in store for us.

I was so taken with the quality and clarity of Tenebre that when I got home from the screening that night, I had to throw in my old copy to see the difference and I was absolutely floored. I don't know how these guys do it. Talk about talent and skill!! I have seen several of of the Synapse Film remaster efforts and I love them all. But this one? It is simply breathtaking. You really have to see it to believe it.

Synapse Films also has plans to restore two other Dario Argento films, Phenomena (aka Creepers) and Suspiria and I am beside myself with anticipation after seeing what they've done with Tenebre. I am now extremely eager to see what they do with these films. We will of course keep you up to date with the progress on those films and will share any updates as soon as we are made aware of them.

In addition to the screening there was an announcement made by The Flint Horror Collective's Chris Ringler about the fate of the Flint Horror Con. Sadly, it is no more. HOWEVER, there will be new event taking place in 2016 called The Monster Marketplace and it will be a great place for Michigan area horror fans to find all sorts of one of a kind horror creations from many local, independent artists and vendors. Rumor has it there may even be a celebrity or two, so stay tuned for info on that.

Many thanks to Synapse Films, The Flint Horror Collective, Mott Community College, and Black and Gold Film Productions for making this one night only event a reality for us. I am thrilled to have been able to show my support and participate in an event such as this and honestly cannot thank them all enough for this experience. It's not too often cool stuff happens on the horror front in Michigan. It was truly an honor and a privilege. Anyone who did not attend this event and had the means should be kicking themselves right now. Hard.

I give this remaster a 10/10 Psychotic American authors.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Tales of Halloween (2015)

MOVIE REVIEW: Tales of Halloween (2015)

By Amy Mead

Tales of Halloween Poster


One night. One town. Ten chilling stories.

Tales of Halloween is a anthology film in which a series of shorts are brought to us by ten directors well known horror directors. The ten stories are interwoven in that they all take place on Halloween night in a what is normally a quiet suburb but on this particular Halloween night, all hell has broken loose and the unsuspecting citizens are tormented by ghouls, monsters, and killers of all types.

The cops in this town have much more than they can handle this Halloween and there is a pretty good chance that there just may not be enough EMT's and coroners left to process the bodies by the time this night is over.

Sweet Tooth

Written and directed by David Parker

Starring Caroline Williams, Greg Grunberg, Cameron Easton and Hunter Smit

After teen babysitter and her boyfriend tell a scary story about a local urban legend to her charge, Timmy. they break the cardinal rule and eat all of Timmy's candy. Now they are fair game for "Sweet Tooth"...

The Night Billy Raised Hell

Written by Clint Sears

Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman

Starring Barry Bostick, Marcus Eckert, Sage Stewart and

After being goaded into playing a prank by his sister and her boyfriend, young Billy tries to play a trick on the devil himself and pays the ultimate price.


Written by Greg Commons

Directed by Adam Geirasch

Starring Tiffany Shepis and John F. Beach with a cameo by Rebekah McKendry

Two couples are watching a movie and passing out candy to the trick or treaters until things take a very violent turn. People are not always as they appear.

This one is the darkest of the tales and also my favorite .

The Weak and The Wicked

Written by Molly Millions

Directed by Paul Solet

Starring Keir Gilchrist, Grace Phipps, BooBoo Stewart and Noah Segan

A young man summons a demon to dispatch the three bullies who forever changed his life

Grim Grinning Ghost

Written and directed by Axelle Carolyn

Starring Lin Shaye, Alex Essoe, Barbara Crampton featuring an appearance by Stuart Gordon

A scary story told at a Halloween party soon becomes a frightening reality for one of the party-goers.

Ding Dong

Written and directed by Lucky McKee

Starring Pollyanna McIntosh and Marc Senter

And Hansel and Gretel thought they had it bad...

This Means War

Written and directed by Andrew Kasch and John Skipp

Starring James Duvall, Elissa Dowling and an appearance by Sean Clarke

What should be a friendly competition between two neighbors about who has the best Halloween decorations gets a little out of hand.

Friday the 31st

Written by Mike Mendez and Dave Parker

Directed by Mike Mendez

Starring Nick Principe

A deformed killer living in the woods meets his match when a tiny visitor becomes upset when his cries of "Trick or Treat" repeatedly go unanswered.

The Ransom of Rusty Rex

Written and directed by Ryan Schifrin

Starring Sam Whitwer and Ben Woolfe

and featuring an appearance by John Landis

Two kidnappers robbers are in for a surprise when their grand plan to abduct a rich man's kid and get the ransom goes horribly awry.

The Bad Seed

Written and directed by Neil Marshall

Starring Cerina Vincent, Pat Healy and Kristina Klebe

A hardened police woman tries to save the town from an overgrown man eating pumpkin bent on ravaging the entire town.

I am a big fan of anthology films and I was not disappointed with Tales of Halloween at all. There are so many things for the audience to love about this film. There are revered horror icons aplenty and the stories, although rather short, are a pleasant mix that range from funny and entertaining to creepy and gory, and all of them are a lot of fun to watch. I do however wish some of the stories were just a little bit darker.

The talent bank with the writers and directors alone is phenomenal but then you add in all the insane acting talent and you've struck gold.

In addition to Tales of Halloweens enormous star studded cast, with many cameos by many revered horror figures, (Joe Dante, John Landis, Barry Bostwick, John Savage, and many others) Tales of Halloween boasts quite a few homages to some of the old horror favorites, ranging from Adrienne Barbeau as the DJ helping listeners to usher in the witching hour, to a candy bar labeled "Carpenter's" rather than Hershey's, as well as many other nods to the genre we all know and love. If you are a fan of anthologies you are bound to enjoy Tales of Halloween. I know I sure did. It has definitely made its way onto my Halloween season must watch list, and I strongly recommend you see it for yourself as soon as possible. If you haven't yet, you are truly missing out on a fun watch.

I give Tales of Halloween 8/10 organic man eating pumpkins

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MOVIE REVIEW: Poltergeist (2015)

MOVIE REVIEW: Poltergeist (2015)

They're Here...

And if you're a fan of the original, it's going to piss you off

By Amy Mead

Poltergeist poster

Directed by Gil Kenan

Starring Sam Rockwell, Rosemarie Dewitt, Kennedi Clemens, Jared Harris, Jane Adams and Saxon Sharbino

The Bowens are a family of five, consisting of Mom (Amy), Dad (Eric), and three kids (Kendra, Griffin, and Madison). They move into a new suburban home due to some financial woes and the children do not seem pleased about it. Meanwhile, Eric and Amy appear as though they are under a great deal of stress.

Almost immediately strange things begin happening within their new home. Strange noises in the walls, the electricity keeps flickering, cell phones are burning out, and there are "people" appearing in the TV talking to the youngest member of the family, little Madison. The whole family wakes up and Madison announces that "They" are here and the family soon discovers that the cemetery was "moved" when their subdivision was built, which of course, it wasn't. Their house does indeed rest upon the unmoved bodies, but they don't know that. Yet.

Shortly after moving into their new home, Eric and Amy attend a dinner party one night, leaving the three children at home, and in short order, Madison is lured to her bedroom closet and taken by unseen entities, clown dolls are coming to life, and trees are attacking poor Griffin, while a viscous goo seeps out of the floor, sprouting hands and attacking Kendra. It seems as though the attacks were a diversion by the spirits so that they would be able to get to Madison alone and lead her into the spirit world with them. Eric and Amy return home to find Madison missing and, after hearing her voice emanating from within the television, the family are forced to seek help from paranormal experts to find out if there is a way to get Madison back to her family where she belongs.

If you've seen the original, you pretty much know the rest, and how it all shakes out for the most part...

Poltergeist 2015 is an extremely watered down version of the beloved Tobe Hooper classic from 1982, that had almost no scares, thrill, or apprehension to it whatsoever. The scares are weak and seriously lacking in tension. It's almost as if the producers were holding so fast to that precious PG-13 rating that they forgot there was supposed to be a certain element of fear involved, making for a far less dramatic impact. I felt like there was no art behind it, they were just here for the cash cow that remakes invariably seem to be.

The acting is pretty much the only thing that wasn't a complete let down in Poltergeist 2015. There were some damn good performances, particularly from the younger cast members, ALMOST making it worth a one time watch. ALMOST.

I am not usually a remake snob and am generally willing to give almost anything a chance...This is one where I wished I hadn't watched it at all, let alone for $7.99 on VOD. But watch it I did, and I fucking HATED it. I should have known better, but for whatever reason (I think it must have been due to Sam Raimi's involvement), I had to see how big of a trainwreck it was. And holy shit, was it ever. I still want my time and money back and it's been a week.

There was nothing about this film that resonated with me in any way, shape, or form. Even going in expecting next to nothing, I was still a bit disappointed. One of the reasons I don't bitch too much about the endless stream of remakes is because I believe that they have the potential to gain the original films new followers. This version was so extremely unentertaining that I just don't see that happening.

Give me the brilliant Tobe Hooper version over this pointless, steaming pile of crap any day of the week. It's the only one worth watching.

I give this one 3/10 and that's only because I crush on Sam Rockwell and I am in a good mood.

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HALLOWEEN HORRORS: Suspiria (1977)

HALLOWEEN HORRORS: Suspiria (1977)


The Blue Iris Will Be The Death Of You

By Amy Mead

Suzy's arrival at the academy

Directed by Dario Argento
Written by Dario Argento and Daria Nicolodi
Starring: Jessica Harper, Stefania Casini, Joan Bennet, Barbara Magnolfi, Alida Valli and Udo Kier
and featuring a soundtrack by Goblin

If you call yourself a horror fan and have not seen the classic horror film Suspiria, I'd like to ask you what rock you've been living under and revoke your card immediately.

Suspiria is the first of the "Three Mothers" trilogy and while it is certainly not everyone's cup of tea, it is a film that I consider a requisite one to watch if you are indeed a true fan of horror. I myself am a HUGE fan of this film (and Dario Argento's work in general) but even if weren't, the cinematography and the soundtrack alone make the film worth watching. Suspiria truly is a technicolor dream come true.

There's a reason this film was, and still is considered some of Argento's best work. Though the trailer does not do the true vibrancy of the colors in the film any justice, it truly is a breathtaking sight that lends itself to the overall sense of creepiness and fear that is Suspiria. It is a nightmare brought to terrifying life. And the soundtrack? It's fucking unbelievable. The collaboration between Argento and Goblin in its creation is goddamn mind blowing and is synonymous with terror for many fans around the world.

Here's a brief rundown of the film: New student to prestigious Ballet school in Germany, Suzy Bannion, is an innocent and fresh faced young girl from America. She arrives at the school in the middle of a storm and right from the jump, things seem questionable. As she approaches the academy, she sees another girl fleeing the school, shouting over the wind and looking terrified. Suzy cannot gain access to the academy and is forced to spend the night in town.

Suzy's arrival at the academy

Soon after her arrival the next day, one strange thing after another begins to happen. At her first lesson, Suzy becomes ill and nearly faints after a weird run in with the cook. She is then "prescribed" a glass of wine with dinner every night (and let me tell you, this wine is some the nastiest wine I've ever fucking seen).

Shortly thereafter while preparing for dinner, the ceiling rains maggots upon all the girls, which is quickly explained away by rotten crates of food that were stored in the attic but it seems like something far more ominous (and disgusting) to Suzy and her friends. They are forced to sleep in the practice hall while the maggots are cleaned up and one of the girls hears and sees something she shouldn't have and soon after disappears.

Amidst a series of violent deaths and what appear to be sudden vanishings within the academy, Suzy soon become suspicious that there is something sinister behind it all. After her friend mysteriously "leaves" without warning, she begins to do some sleuthing on her own and she discovers that the academy was started by a suspected witch while talking to an acquaintance.

Suzy's discovery

She then has a series of flashbacks about the things the first victim was shouting over the wind and rain on the night she arrived. She recalls the girl shouting something about a secret and turning the blue Iris and she goes investigating, looking for it. She finds the Iris, turns it and a secret door opens, revealing the coven's secret lair. It damn near costs her her life. She hears the coven plotting her demise as she moves to another room. Here she discovers the coven's queen and is forced to kill her. Suzy narrowly escapes with her life as the academy begins to crumble from within and is seen bursting into flames...

As I stated earlier, Suspiria is not for everyone but it is definitely for me. There are many different reason I love this film. The first being that like many others, I consider it to be a freaking visual masterpiece and it still creeps me out to this day. Dark arts, witches and curses are kinda a phobia of sorts for me (be careful who you piss off!!).

The other is purely sentimental in that it gives me very fond memories of my younger brother, Clayton, who passed away eight years ago. I was the one that showed him his first Argento film and Suspiria scared the living shit out of that kid when he was just ten years old. That showing grew into a massive, mutual love of Argento and his body of work for both of us, but especially for my him. He was an even bigger fan than I am. Clayton's birthday was on Halloween, so watching it is a great way for me to remember and honor him now that he is gone.

If you have not yet seen, Suspiria (is this even possible?) I urge you to do so and see this technicolor masterpiece for yourself. Like right now. It is a must see and there's no better time for witches than the Halloween season and if you love it like I do, I recommend follow it up with Inferno and The Mother of Tears and complete the "The Three Mothers" trilogy!

I rate Suspiria 3/3 Mothers

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ONE NIGHT ONLY: Dario Argento’s Tenebre Restored

ONE NIGHT ONLY: Dario Argento’s Tenebre Restored

The Flint Horror Collective Presents: Synapse Films' Restored Dario Argento Masterpiece Tenebre

By Amy Mead

Michigan fans of Dario Argento's Tenebre will be thrilled to know that on Thursday, October 22, 2016, at Flint area's Mott Community College, there will be a one night only FREE screening of the remaster Synapse Films is currently working on, presented by The Flint Horror Collective (aka Flint Horror Con).

Synapse Films Black Logo

Though the film is still a couple of months away from its official release, (the film restoration has been completed but the bonus features and final presentation of the disc are still a work in progress) Synapse Films was gracious enough to entrust their project with the Flint Horror Collective and let them show the fans what they have done with the film in this exclusive one time event.

Tenebre is considered one of Argento's top films, and has long been thought of as a prime examples of the classic Italian giallo. Tenebre is a tense mystery that plenty of gore and a killer soundtrack by the one and only Goblin. Tenebre is one of the favorites among many giallo fans and this is a one night only opportunity that really should not be missed.

Flint Horror Con logo

When speaking with Chris Ringler with The Flint Horror Collective about this amazing free event, he had this to say:

"The film will be played from a Blu-ray, which will show how much work Synapse has done on the film. The film is still a few months from release so this is a huge honor for us to have Synapse trust us with the film and to allow us to show it before anyone else sees it.

The Flint Horror Collective will also be making a big announcement before the screening. We have been able to do the show thanks to Mott Community College and the support of the Black and Gold Film Club, who will be accepting donations for their programs. The Flint Horror Collective will also accept donations if anyone wants to help us keep creating fun and low cost events in the future.

We will also have a limited number of prints of Steven J Bejma's awesome TENEBRE poster for sale at the event for $5.

Steven J. Bejma's Tenebre Poster

Any money we can raise from this Free event will go back into our ghoulish coffers so we can continue to do more shows in the future.

Prints are 11"x17" on thick cardstock."

If you are an Argento fan and live anywhere near the area, there is absolutely no reason to miss this event. Not only is the screening a huge opportunity, it is absolutely free. So is parking, but for an awesome Halloween gift such as this, be sure to make a donation to let The Flint Horror Collective just how appreciative you are.

I, myself, plan on being in attendance and personally cannot freaking wait to see what Synapse has done with one of my favorite Argento films. Talk about a great way to celebrate the Halloween season. There's no way I would miss this. I have been eager to see this since Synapse first announced their plans to take on several of Argen,to's films and I have been looking forward to this event for weeks!

Let's show Synapse and Flint Horror Collective what we're made of and show some support for this event so that they can keep having them! Hope to see you there!

For everything you need to know on this exclusive, one time event, click here.

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MOVIE REVIEW: The Sacrament (2013)

MOVIE REVIEW: The Sacrament (2013)

By Amy Lynes


Director: Ti West

Starring: Kentucker Audley, Gene Jones, Joe Swanberg, A.J. Bowen and Amy Siemetz

Having enjoyed a few of Ti West’s other films and also being a huge A.J. Bowen fan, I was very eager to see The Sacrament. I have always been a bit fascinated by Jonestown Massacre of 1978 and I had heard that this film was very similar to what happened there, so I was more than ready to take this in.

The Sacrament starts off with freelance photographer Patrick discovering that his sister Caroline has joined some sort of religious cult in a remote country. With the help of fellow journalist Sam and camera man Jake (who just happens to work for a news show), he goes to Eden Parish under the guise of shooting a documentary about the self sustained community. In actuality, though, the three plan to locate Patrick's sister and persuade her to return home.

Soon after their arrival and a tour of this so-called utopia, they begin interviewing some of its inhabitants before meeting the leader, a man everyone refers to as Father. Father is a cross between a warm, polite southerner and a charismatic, smooth talking politician. Soon after meeting him and hearing his speech, they begin to sense that things aren't as bright and cheery as Father would have them all believe and they soon come to realize there is something much darker and maybe a little more sinister at work here. Father is up to something and it soon becomes evident that what started as just another documentary shoot has become a fight to escape with their lives.

Having become accustomed to the slow burn Ti West is known for with some of his other films, I was surprised at the (somewhat) faster pace of this film and the overall different feel that it had, particularly with the found footage approach.

Not long into it, however, I became profoundly disturbed, knowing what fate awaited the denizens of this society, and I found it increasingly harder to watch as it went on. I could almost FEEL the dread, panic and fear coming. It made me really uncomfortable, and by the time they start making the rounds with the cyanide-laced Kool-Aid in syringes and emptying them into the mouths of children, infants and the infirm, I damn near cried. I then wanted to cry again when Caroline injects her own brother with a cyanide filled syringe without so much as batting an eye. I was truly horrified, but I was unable to stop watching.

The scenes all hit their mark and the images are hard to shake. The film really stuck with me but then again, the story of what happened in Guyana always has. Maybe it is so disturbing to me because it so closely mirrored the events of 1978, or maybe it's the way all these people just so freely and willingly gave themselves (along with all their worldly belongings and assets) so completely to this man, without hesitation or question. Most of the residents of Eden Parish follow his words without even the slightest reservation, never thinking twice about his decisions, even when he tells them that the only way to hang on to their dignity is to die. That seems downright insane to me, and the fact that someone could have that kind of power over so many people honestly scares the shit out of me.

That being said, I am wondering why exactly The Sacrament has been labeled as horror, or if Ti West really thinks that is what he has given us with this film. I felt like I could have been watching a movie of the week or maybe a dramatization of real life events. The only thing that makes this a horror film, in my opinion, is the association to the events that happened in Jonestown in '78. Although, with his portrayal of Father, Gene Jones truly is this films saving grace. He was absolutely brilliant in this role, and the speech he gives right before he blows his own brains out really set me on edge. He might be full of charisma, but this is one seriously creepy dude.

This film definitely does what it sets out to do. It made me extremely uncomfortable and very emotional. It was grim and dark and hard to watch. It is not something I would care to add to my personal collection or ever choose to watch again. I just couldn't get past the fact that most of what is happening on screen really DID happen to people. Fictionalizing it just seems wrong to me somehow.

Rating: 6/10

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MUSIC REVIEW: The Body and Blood of Ghost

MUSIC REVIEW: The Body and Blood of Ghost

By Amy Mead

When Swedish metal band Ghost first hit the scene, I was a bit behind the times and it took me a while to jump on the Ghost train. But when I finally did, I was legitimately blown away, making me wonder what the hell had taken me so damn long. And why had no one told me how fucking awesome they are?!

Almost immediately, I was hooked. Within a few days of my introduction to their music, I had the EP If You Have Ghost and both albums, Opus Eponymous and Infestissumam, in my ready and eager hands. I have never regretted the purchases, and I am anxiously and impatiently awaiting their latest offering Meliora, which is being released on August 21st.

ghost-bc-dave-grohlThere are very few bands that evoke such a wide range of emotions in me when I listen to them. Ghost is one of those bands. There are two songs in particular on the album Infestissumam, "Monstrance Clock" and "Year Zero", that literally give me goosebumps and the melodies often ring in my head for days after each listen. I listened to these CDs so much that even my family got in on the action, and we are now ALL Ghost fans. Even my ten year old!


Ghost has a variety of different sounds, which is one of the things I love about their music. Even with the heavy Satanic overtones and mockery of the Roman Catholic Church and The Holy Trinity being a constant theme in their music, every song is different from the last. The albums all sound quite different from each other. Their EP If You have Ghost has an amazing cover of Abba's "I'm a Marrionette" that I just love. Yes, I said it. There is no point where it gets repetitive or boring and I can listen to each one without skipping a single track. Often. There aren't many albums I can do that with. Listening to the them from start to finish has never been a problem for me at all. The same cannot be said even for some of my favorite bands.

Opus EponymousThough their music may not be considered very technically challenging by some, there is something about their sound that just does it for me. Sometimes melancholic yet somehow upbeat, the tempos and the pace are always changing. Each of their albums evokes a different response from me at different times. Each listen is a new experience for me and for me, personally, that is the true test of music. If it makes me feel something, I am all about it.

I'm not sure that I could choose a favorite from their body of work because there is plenty to love from each offering. However, I am strangely fond of the EP, which consists of mostly cover songs. I mean, who knew Abba could sound like that? That being said, Infestissumam is the one found in the CD player most often, but they are all equally badass and even the artwork for each album is fantastic! You can tell that Ghost consists of horror fans, which makes me like them even more.


I listen to Ghost, any of it, and I begin to feel cleansed, purified, relaxed and often renewed in the process, which is kind of a nice change of pace for a metal girl such as myself. As someone who often uses squealing guitars, blast beats, and death metal vocals to calm down, it is somewhat refreshing to say the least. Sometimes a girl just needs to relax in a calm sort of manner and not be screamed at while she does it, ya know? Not that there's anything wrong with that, but sometimes a change up can be a good thing.

If you've not given Ghost a chance yet, I urge you to do so immediately. I can't promise you that you'll like them as much as I do, but I would feel somehow remiss if I didn't share the listening pleasure that is Ghost with all of you. I have found their entire body of work thus far incredible and I wish someone had turned me onto them sooner.

Overall I give Ghost a 9/10.

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