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Extremity is the haunted attraction movie we need

Extremity is the haunted attraction movie we need

I recently did a trailer review for the movie Extremity. My anticipation and excitement grew for the film however there was that small bit of worry looming in the background thinking please don’t suck and please don’t end up being a run of the mill horror movie that fails on delivery. How wrong I was. Let’s breakdown how Extremity might be the horror movie you weren’t expecting with a subject that has been told before.

Extremity follows Dana Christina as she is still grieving over the tragic suicide of her sister. After countless sessions of therapy she still hasn’t gotten over anything and is still back to square one. With the newest haunt extreme attraction known as Perdition she ultimately signs over any freedom she has over to this attraction. The film takes place out in the middle of nowhere during winter and is being recorded by a Japanese film crew The people who go by Skulls, work for the attraction free range to do whatever, the movie relies on the participants fear what scares them including a list of things they don’t like or want to see which pretty much gives them an open door to do just that.

The film goes back and forth from present day to the past of Alison as each room unlocks a further piece of her troubled life whether it’s visits to her Therapist, arguments with her girlfriend to even going as far back as dealing with issues of her physical/sexual abusive Father. What I like about this film is that is not only uncovers the layers of the main character’s personal hell we also see the folds unwrap for the characters all around her. Such as the owner played by Chad E. Rook who’s dealing with financial burden and the custody of his child to even the Japanese reporter who is covering the whole show where she is only being used for her body by the camera  guy. It gives you a sense on just exactly what troubles not only the main character has but everyone else around thus creating tension for everyone which makes dispensing fear tactics a lot of more useful since they’re releasing their anger out on the participants. As stated what I love about this film is that it does a great job with character development where we actually worry for the character since there’s no time limit and there’s no safe words to stop the event. We begin to wonder what will happen to her at the end? Don’t expect to see a Saw or Rob Zombie kind of movie there isn’t a whole lot of gore or even that much torture porn, this film relies on psychological factors, but there some a few scenes that entice the audience for fans of Anthony Diblasi’s previous work such as Dread and Last Shift.  The film even had a satisfying ending that wrapped up everything for the character along with the characters in the film where we get what we want: Closure. I won’t spoil it for you but the ending song “Stripped” by Depeche Mode works perfectly. Over all this is the kind of horror film we want where underneath the mask we reveal our true selves and this is what this movie did for us. Revealed it’s true form: a horror film that isn’t afraid to go to the extreme and be different.

Trailer for Extremity (2018) Delivers Extreme Potential

Trailer for Extremity (2018) Delivers Extreme Potential

Extremity (2018) / Image: Dark Elegy FilmsI saw the trailer for Extremity (2018) on my phone while I was out shopping for Halloween stuff. I thought, ‘Oh wow, this is cool, and I’m digging it’. This isn’t so much me saying this just because it’s a horror movie about haunted attractions, either. The trailer really struck a chord with me, so there had to be a way to see this on a bigger screen. Heading home, I rushed to my television and go on YouTube to find the trailer. I lucked out as it was online and ready to be viewed. I sat down with the lights off and saw the trailer in beautiful 1080 HD. The way it was meant to be. The film is called Extremity and was directed by Anthony Diblasi who has done some great horror films such as The Last Shift (2014), Most Likely to Die (2015), and Dread (2009). Extremity is about a young woman who puts herself through an extreme haunt attraction to face her fears and conquer a tragic past that has consumed her.

So, let’s break this down.

Extremity (2018) / Image: Dark Elegy FilmsThe movie looks extremely promising, not hokey or cheesy, but actually a really great horror film with amazing scenery, cinematography, and great acting. In the trailer below, you’ll see some familiar faces, such as Felissa Rose of Sleepaway Camp (1983) and Tiffany Shepis of Tales of Halloween (2015) and Victory Crowley (2017). Extremity shows a lot of promise in that it will rely on great fx and an engaging story without the use of clichés or over the top sets that detract from the gore and terror. What’s especially great is that the “victims” in this movie aren’t trapped or kidnapped; they wholeheartedly sign waivers saying they’re doing this of their own free will and allow the haunters to do whatever they want. Something like this is ten times better because they’re not trying to escape or fight for their lives. They knew the risk and they accepted this place, appropriately named “Perdition”.

It’s interesting to see how long in the film this event will take place or how extreme it will be. From the trailer looks like we’ll see simple acts of drowning, bugs, and body limbs being cut apart along with a difficult task of a “victim” actually killing someone. I say “Victim” because will they survive and if they do how will their mindset be afterward?

Extremity (2018) / Image: Dark Elegy Films

Extremity will be released on VOD services 28 September 2018, followed by a Blu-ray release on 2 October 2018. Watch The Last Shift and Dread to get ready for this release. This will be a movie that House of Tortured Souls will for sure be reviewing.

BLU-RAY REVIEW: Last Shift (2014)

BLU-RAY REVIEW: Last Shift (2014)

By Dixielord

Last Shift hanging scene

Last Shift

On a recommendation from a friend I took a chance on the Blu Ray of Last Shift the latest movie from director Anthony DiBlasi. The film is set on the last night of a police station before it is shut down. A lone officer, a rookie on her first night on the job, is assigned to babysit the empty station till morning. Everything is going okay until the station comes under attack from what may be supernatural forces.

You can probably already see the similarity to John Carpenter's Assault on Precinct 13. It also bears a surface resemblance to Let Us Pray, with both involving solitary police officers in a dilapidated station. Overall it's closer to Assault than Pray. But The Last Shift is it's own animal.

Juliana Harkavy plays officer Jessica Loren, the lone policeman left in charge of the closing station. She is the central character in the film and the only one with any real screen time. The director really plays up the seclusion and sense of isolation until it becomes almost claustrophobic. Watching this film, I felt like I was trapped there with Officer Loren. It makes every jump, every dark hallway just a bit more frightening. You get a real sense of dread and impending doom, knowing there is no help coming for her.

And Last Shift is a frightening movie. Throughout the film we are confronted with situation that blur the line between real and Loren's imagination. Was everything in Loren's mind, or did some, or all of it really happen? Was it a trick from a modern Manson family, or was she facing the King of Hell? We never really know, till the very end what's real and what isn't. Maybe not even then.

There's a bit of gore in Last Shift, and it's done well, but maybe not enough to satisfy the most rabid gore hound. But then it's not to much to turn off most casual horror fans. The scenes with the demons, are visually disturbing, and while they don’t have a huge screen time, they use what they have well. Visually the demons were some of the most effective and fucked up I have seen since the original Cenobites. Kudos to the makeup and effects department on the Paymon family.

Juliana Harkavy in Last Shift

The Walking Dead's Juliana Harkavy in Last Shift

The Walking Dead fanatics might recognize Harkavy from a four episode stint on the AMC hit series as Alisha. Along with Harkavy genre veteran J. Larose (Saw, Insidious) gets a large and well deserved amount of screen time as a homeless person. Joshua Mikel (Terminator: Genysis) stars as John Michael Paymon, leader of a Manson like cult, who might be the devil himself (or worse). All of the actors do a great job, but it's up to Harkavy to carry the movie, and carry it she did.

If you are looking for a really creepy film for this Halloween, or even after, give Last Shift a try. It's a great film to watch with the lights off. If you dare. Just make sure you lock your doors before you do.

Solid 7 out of 10 stars

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