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Mothers of Monsters, M.O.M. is a terrifying look into the eyes of a psycho

Mothers of Monsters, M.O.M. is a terrifying look into the eyes of a psycho

There was a time where the rave was found footage films. There have been many trends that followed the pattern. Some die down; some continue going strong. Found footage films have always been a genre that I could never get into or enjoy. For the most part, it’s a shaky camera or not a big pay off. However, one film coming out tomorrow service learning essay click here good morning viagra commercial lyrics hiv essay goodnight mr tom essay help academic writing help scam go to link professional software resume samples comparative essay tests here how to write an effective conclusion for a persuasive essay viagra warning 4 hours canadian no prescription viagra enter site what is the normal dose of viagra do my research for me u 3312 viagra cialis click here russian history term paper topics sustainable development paper viagra generic soft tabs 100mg best reflective essay on founding fathers enter follow Mothers of Monsters, aka M.O.M. A “, found footage” psychological thriller with a limited theatrical premiere in March 2020 and nationwide digital H.D. rollout to follow! A distraught mother suspects her teenage son is a psychopath who may shoot up his high school, but when he outsmarts the system, she is forced to take matters into her own hands…We’re introduced to a young Jacob Bell played by Bailey Edwards (Bright, My dead boyfriend) being happy, smiling, and slowly acting out.

Given which child doesn’t, but Jacob is showing signs that he’s not caring towards others or even small animals. There are no scenes of graphic violence or the aftermath of such. We slowly begin to see the development between mother and son unfold. Abbey Bell, played by Melinda Hamilton (God Bless America, True Detective, Izombie) Abbey, is fearing that her son may be plotting a grand act of violence towards his school or other horrific acts.

The film does a great job showcasing an exciting drama that feels too real to be a film. Bailey gives a wonderful performance of a young man going through the trials of tribulations of adulthood. Melinda doesn’t smother or even make his life a living hell; It’s just her trying to connect to her son and try to bring the innocent young child she once had, but can’t.

The film grows darker and scarier with a cat and mouse game with his mom. Abbey plant cameras throughout the house, which is a tremendous POV instead of using the basic found footage approach. We see the real emotions from the actors where it’s too real. At times I had to hit pause to remind myself this is just a movie, not a documentary. For myself and maybe others, I saw myself as Bailey growing up given I wasn’t a bad kid, but it was hard growing up back then, and it’s harder today. As an adult, we see ourselves as Melinda wanting the best, hoping to find what we want.

The third act is perhaps the most terrifying because we see the full circle of Jacob. Abby is reaching her breaking point pleading to the universe for her son to come back to reality. Even in the end, where it has, it’s a terrifying climax, we see the true nature of Jacob and understand his character. My jaw dropped, paralyzed in fear for the last 30 minutes of the film to the end of the credits. Tucia Lyman wrote and directed a great movie that plays as a terrifying tale of how real trauma, mental abuse, and how the youth of today, along with even adults go can carry a heavy burden without the use of help or even prescription medications. The film is worth watching for entertainment and for those to see the reality of our choices. The film will be available to rent or own on various digital formats along with a physical release. For more information please visit Mothers of Monsters


M.O.M. (MOTHERS OF MONSTERS) Unveils True to Life Nightmare March 13th

M.O.M. (MOTHERS OF MONSTERS) Unveils True to Life Nightmare March 13th

M.O.M. (Mothers of Monsters) takes an unflinching look at the making of murderers in the mesmerizing found footage thriller starring Melinda Page Hamilton and Bailey Edwards.

Indie Rights has announced the theatrical world premiere and Digital HD rollout of Tucia Lyman’s hard-hitting M.O.M. (Mothers of Monsters).
Melinda Page Hamilton (Netflix’s “Messiah“, “How to Get Away with Murder“) headlines as a troubled single mother who fears that her teenage son, played by Bailey Edwards in a star-making debut, is a duplicitous psychopath.  Desperate to know if her son is capable of murder, she begins recording him at home on a network of spy cameras.
A distraught mother (Hamilton) suspects her teenage son (Edwards) is plotting a school shooting, but when he slips through the cracks of the system, she is forced to take matters into her own hands. After installing an elaborate spy camera system in their home, Abbey captures a series of disturbing videos that confirm her worst fears.
Torn between a mother’s unconditional love and a mother’s acute intuition, Abbey caters her videos to all the other “mothers of monsters” online. Abbey’s plan backfires when Jacob uses a dark family secret against her, launching both mother and son on a terrifying, and ultimately deadly, game of cat and mouse.
Of the film’s genesis and release, Lyman said, “I’ve always been intrigued by real-life horror films that use the dysfunctions of society as a vessel to explore the truth. M.O.M. is a work of narrative fiction, but much of the behavior, scenarios, and dialogue were borrowed from the journals and publications of real-life school shooters and their parents. It is a very confronting film, much like the subject matter itself, and I hope it will contribute to the national debate surrounding mental health stigma and gun violence in America.”
M.O.M. (Mothers of Monsters) will open in Los Angeles for a weeklong run at the Arena Cinelounge on Friday the 13th of March, before the film premieres on Cable and Digital VOD.

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