Life of Agony 9/30/18 Baltimore Soundstage

Life of Agony 9/30/18 Baltimore Soundstage

For Nearly 30 fuckin years……damn, I have been a fan of Brooklyn based hardcore band how to write undergraduate thesis psychology source link pfizer viagra singapore writing services reviews enter site thesis template texmaker writing cv service source avodart for hair loss reviews making a resume help what is an outline paper see watch click asphalt project manager resume examples esl application letter ghostwriter site uk graphene thesis o hipertenso pode tomar viagra pgcc creative writing buy paper a3 help write essay for me quantitative thesis definition we write your essay for you italicize essay titles go to link Life of Agony. When I heard they were coming to my town, and then found out it was on a Friday night…OH WE ARE GOIN!I spent many of my younger years, listening to , and going to as many shows that i could when ever the band came around, well its a few years later and I sure as hell didn’t want to miss it!

The show originally was slated for Friday September 13th, the same night we were supposed to get hit with a hurricane. Just my damn luck! Luckily the tour rescheduled for the 30th…a Sunday….SUNDAY, REALLY?!?! Fuck it, I’m still there!Baltimore Soundstage here we come!

The night started off being fortunate enough to have been able to schedule a video inter with bands bass player, Alan Robert, who talked with us about being on the road, meanings behind many of the lyrics, his artwork and him doing laundry! We spoke and hung out for close to 30 minutes. My wife Steff and I had such a great time talking with him, very hospitable, genuine good person! I must also admit, having been such a huge fan of the band, i was actually a bit shaky when he first entered the room with us.

As the show got under way, local Baltimore Hardcore band End It All kicked things with a short, but very powerful set! These guys are doing a few shows in the west coast soon so show support and get your ass to see them, they are so worth it!

Next on stage, and pretty much arriving and jumping on stage due to car issues, Silvertomb. Many of you were or like me still are fans of the once great goth rock band Type O Negative. Silvertomb is comprised of guitarist from Type O Negative Kenny Hickey and drummer Johnny Kelly as well as Joseph James from Agnostic Front. I knew of the band, but sadly hadn’t actually heard their work yet. I’m here to tell ya, after the somewhat short set, I am a fan! Kenny fronts Silvertomb so perfectly, and the band is just tight as hell!! Great emotionally strong sound and lyrics with a very strong stage presence made for a very memorable show. It was also great to see the guys playing again since TYPE O Negative was such a huge part of my life.

Then the time came for the moment we were all waiting for. Now mind you, this is now on a Sunday, the crowd about 1/3 its capacity , so that was kind of upsetting, but they were true fans and were just glad to see the band! The band came on stage and everyone went nuts, even the band. The band kick it right in to high gear from the get go. Playing such a perfect mix of old school, and all thru the years. We were up front for a while then slowly made our way back so we could just relax and take in the show it self.

The energy pouring out on stage is incredible! Many bands after this many years of playing just start slowing down. Not the case with Life of Agony! They were all over the stage, and totally giving love to the fans, and further most, to each other. You can easily see that after so many years together they are so much more than just a band, they are family and that made the show even that much more enjoyable! But still, when they played River Runs Red, the place still goes nuts!!


This was the last show of this leg of the tour, everyone was going home, then they were off to conquer Europe . So that made it kind of a special show. What really made it though, was when Silvertomb came out on stage while during ‘s. Life of Agony set with a birthday cake with lit candles and all to sing Happy Birthday to Alan. The entire crowd  joined in as we all wished Alan a Happy Birthday!



All and all do i wish there had been a larger crowd, only for the band’s sake. As far as I was concerned it was perfect, a more intimate show if you will, and the guys are just as good now if not even better live than they once were! They killed it!!!

Be sure to take a minute, actually 15, and check out the great video interview that Alan Robert did with us prior to the show! Thanks again Alan!!!


John and Steff w/ Alan Robert of Life Of Agony


Keep It Evil


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INTERVIEW: Jeff Golden

INTERVIEW: Jeff Golden

By John Roisland


Jeff Golden is a bass player who got the opportunity to play bass for doom metal band CROWBAR and then had it stripped away by a text message. In this exclusive one-on-one with Jeff, he gives us the low-down on what really happened.


House of Tortured Souls:We are talking to Jeff Golden, bass player extraordinaire and dear friend of mine who has some big news that he has offered to open up with to us here at House of Tortured in an exclusive interview. Jeff, we are honored to have you, and we appreciate your time!

Jeff Golden: Awesome, thanks!


HoTS: Jeff, you have been all around the world, you have traveled , you have gone from wanting to play, to being on stage, on some of the biggest venues I've ever seen. I've tried keeping up and following some of your posts and pix online. Tried keeping up on your touring. And my friend, I've got to tell you, since this is the first time we have actually spoken one on one, for some time now,...that I'm proud as hell of you! With all that's happened in this last week with you and CROWBAR, we really appreciate you taking the the time to talk with us! So how the hell are you man?

JG: First, I'm really good! And I'd like to say “hi”. It has been a while since we've talked, and I'm sorry about that! And I want to say “thank you for all your support over the years”. I'm actually doing really good!


HoTS: Jeff, you really made it. You had a goal to play with one of your all time favorite bands CROWBAR and made that happen.

JG: Yep.


HoTS: When we first met it was, I think, five years ago...give or take?

JG: Ahhhh, yeah, actually 2010. LOL


HoTS: We actually ran into each other in the mall of all places. I was in search of CLUTCH stickers. We started talking about music and soon found out that your favorite bands were CLUTCH, TYPE O >NEGATIVE, and, of course, CROWBAR.

JG: Right!


HoTS: Lo and behold, as time went on, CROWBAR needed a new bass player and, as luck would have it, you auditioned. You packed up your car and went from southwest Florida up to New Orleans, I believe it was twice, if I'm correct, to try out.

JG: Yeah, i went once for the try out and i just ended up staying there for about a month. Then I came home and eventually headed back to Nola, to start practicing with my new band CROWBAR.


HoTS: So, long story short, you made the cut. (LAUGHING) It was amazing, honestly.

JG: Thanks!


HoTS: Knowing you personally, it was an overwhelming event to grasp. Thinking to myself, 'My god, I know him, personally!' was not only really cool, but also was an amazing feeling. It was kind of hard to wrap my fingers around it when you told me that you got the gig because at first I was like, “Yeah, sure, whatever you say, Jeff!”

Now you've toured everywhere - American tours, European tours - and it seemed non-stop for the better part of about what, two years?

JG: Yep, it was about 2 1/2 years, a total of 14 tours.


HoTS: Now, in that time, you, obviously, were the new guy in the band. I'm sure things were kind of hard getting acquainted with new people, your band - your new family. You were living with these people now on a daily basis and especially when you were on tour.

JG: Yeah, we hit it off pretty good in the beginning and, we just stayed on the road for three to four weeks at a time and then, eh, came our current situation. As of tomorrow or this weekend,I'll be making an announcement about the new band I'll be joining up with. Not going to say who other than they are an awesome band and guys whom I've become good friends with over the last few years.


HoTS: That's awesome. There was never any doubt in my mind that you would bounce back.

JG: Yeah, and only took an hour from the text messages saying that I had been fired!! HAHA!


HoTS: Yeah, well, you know, that's the thing. When you told me that you were fired via TEXT MESSAGE, I lost complete respect for CROWBAR, I'm sorry. Metal fans out there, I don't care whether you love CROWBAR or hate CROWBAR, that's bullshit!

JG: Well, yeah, that's the thing. Some fans were messaging me that they were torn and didn't know what to do, and I was telling them just keep listening to the band. Some are friends with CROWBAR, and that's cool. Everything worked out for a reason that it was supposed to. I don't want anyone choosing sides because things didn't work out the way we planned, and I'm okay with not being in that band.



HoTS: I've got to ask, was there any point on the road, or even at home, that maybe you started feeling like something or some things just aren't right? I guess what I'm getting at is did this come as a complete surprise?

JG: Yeah, for sure. It wasn't a surprise at all! I actually knew it was going to happen, and I actually knew that's what that phone call was about. There was a phone call first, then we said it was all going to be worked out, and then I get a text message five minutes later saying I was fired. So, no, it wasn't a surprise at all. I heard rumors about three months ago that the original guy was back, and when I brought it up they (CROWBAR) said it was just a rumor and it wouldn't happen and they definitely wouldn't do that to me. But, yeah, I could tell something was up, and it was said in one of the comments that it was told to me, but it was never told to me. I found out through Facebook.


HoTS: you mind me picking at the wound? Do you mind me asking what their given reason was?

JG: Ah, they gave me a few reasons, none that really were enough to - that I would think - to be let go, and I'll just leave it at that. I was told a few reasons. I'm still friends with one of the guys in the band. He and I always got along and will keep that friendship going. You know, it's like Kirk (Windstein) said on his post, “A band is like being in a relationship. Sometimes it doesn't workout. It's like sometimes business is business, and friendship is friendship”. I just think the way it was handled was poor. I mean only one of the guys and I remain friends, and that's just the way it is for now. Maybe later everything will be cool, but for now it's... I'm just going to focus on my new music thing. And they've got Todd, so it's going to workout for everyone in the long run.


HoTS: Obviously, in a business aspect, you have to let go of things, and you have to have replacements to keep moving forward yourself.

JG: Right!


HoTS: Now, with that being said, were you a little bit surprised or shocked that what seems to be minutes after you receive that text there is already somebody who's taking promotional pictures with them. Your replacement in the band already?

JG: No, i wasn't shocked at all about it. I knew exactly how it was going to go down, and I knew exactly who it was going to get the spot.


HoTS: Jeff, you're a stronger man and a better man than I could probably ever be. I'm sure you probably wanted to swing a baseball bat at a couple windows or doors and, for all I know, maybe you did. I know that I would have wanted to.

JG: Nah, there was actually... I was okay with it because its going to put me and my family in a better spot once I get this going and get us back and settled in Florida. It just pissed me off the way it was handled with the situation about being let go. Because I was expecting it, but if it had been handled a bit better, then I wouldn't have been pissed off at all.


HoTS: Okay, I can see that point. I'm totally cool with that. You're definitely showing the upper hand in the sense of maturity because you're accepting and handling this a lot better and more maturely than how they dealt it to you.

JG: Yeah, even though it was their call to let me go, it was time for us to both go different ways. I'm not saying that because I'm not going to say “I quit” or “you can't fire me because i quit”. (LAUGHING) It was just they came right out and said I was fired.


HoTS: So, moving forward, you're obviously moving forward musically and, as you very well know, it's a small world out there and you will most likely run into these guys somewhere on the road.

JG: Yeah, I'm sure I will. Festivals, shows, who knows? We could even end up on the same tour!


HoTS: Exactly, and with that being said, any hard feelings? Would you be able to shake hands, have a beer with them, or would it be bad?

JG: Nah, I'd be up to say “hi” to everybody. Before I head to Florida, I'm going to be meeting up with the guitar player. He and I were roommates, and I lived on his couch for about five months when we decided to get a bigger place. So he and I split a two bedroom place until my wife moved over here. I just moved out from there this past November. You can't just really throw away friendship because of other people's decisions.


HoTS: Thrilled to hear you say that! Now, speaking of your lovely bride... Congratulations! To those readers who didn't know, Jeff is not only now a husband but also a stepfather to a beautiful little girl. On behalf of myself personally and speaking for House of Tortured, we want to congratulate you guys!

JG: Well thank you, all!


HoTS: We wish you all the best in all of your future ventures, and I've got to say this... Dammit, why couldn't this have happened like three months from now - AFTER I get to CROWBAR play here in Baltimore this August?!

JG: (LAUGHING) Yeah, I've had a few people tell me that! I will definitely be coming through with the new band because there's already two tours that have both been confirmed. They will be announced when management gives the go ahead, I guess, which should be very soon!


HoTS: Jeff, anytime you want to make any new or future announcements, or even just talk about HORROR, you know the right place to come to.



HoTS: Jeff, I'm thrilled to hear you're doing well. You sound great, and I guess one way to look at this when all is said and done is that you actually got to live YOUR dream of being bass player for CROWBAR!

JG: Oh, most definitely! Being with CROWBAR and Kirk was a great opportunity. I played in front of 85,000 people for a show. It was cool, but it's time to move on and focus on the new band. A lot of people are messaging me saying they're sorry, and I just tell them, “Don't be sorry because there're bigger things ahead, and they're going to happen soon!


HoTS: Jeff, again, we thank you for your time and wish you and you and your family all the best in your new future!

JG: Thank you, I appreciate it. I would like to thank you and my fans for the outpouring of support, from fans in my home town to all over the world. I've had people messaging me and making sure things were cool, and, of course, I want to thank them. Like I told them, though, announcements are coming soon. Things are good on my end, and I can't wait to hit the road again!


Keep it Evil.

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