Happy Birthday Betty White!

Happy Birthday Betty White!

Hey, guys Horrormadam here just wanting to wish Betty White a Happy Birthday! Now I know you are thinking why is Betty White on a horror site? Because I love the movie Lake Placid and even though it had great actors like Bridget Fonda, Bill Pullman, Oliver Platt, and Brendan Gleeson, Betty White stole the movie with her crazy antics and saucy language. So for the nonagenarian, she was born on January 17, 1922, which is impressive on its own, we here at House of Tortured Souls say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BETTY WHITE! May you live another 96 years because you make us smile.

Betty White in Lake Placid feeding the crocodile

Betty White - If I had a dick

Lake Placid

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Happy Birthday Robert Englund

Happy Birthday Robert Englund

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Freddy's Coming for You...

By Tammie Parker

Robert Englund - 01

Well, my first article was going to be an interview with a very talented artist I know via Facebook. However, since our schedules have yet to line up for a Q&A and seeing as how today is Robert Englund's birthday (June 6th 1947 Glendale, CA), I couldn't think of a better way to break the ice! Freddy help nurture my love for horror since I was an impressionable teen in the 80s and first saw A Nightmare on Elm Street. Peer pressure for us was watching the movies all the way through with eyes wide open!

Oh, how I do admire Robert's full commitment to the role - the horrid smirk, the maniacal laugh, the bow-legged stance, the sideways look with that one knife blade up in the air, and even his punctuality! He certainly knows how to creep you out with just a stare down (even without costume and make-up). Robert stayed in that hot sweater and latex for entire days just to get a few scenes completed. Wes Craven may have had a brilliant idea for a horror movie, but Robert brought that idea to life and made it a hit! Englund's Freddy Krueger was such a powerful persona that he seemed to own even the music. And nobody can scratch a knife bladed glove down a rusty pipe quite like Mr. Englund (not that I've tried....nothing to see here, carry on). He fit into that role perfectly and OWNED it - so much so that Jackie Earl Haley didn't stand a chance in the remake. I can't be the only one who wanted to blow up their television as they tried to watch that complete monstrosity. Robert is, was, and always shall be Freddy!

Robert Englund and alterego Freddy Krueger

Of course, Robert Englund has played many roles (anyone remember Willie on V? many appearances on Babylon 5, Mad TV, Sliders, Knight Rider, Charmed, Married with Children, and Chuck - just to name a few) and voiceovers (The Riddler on The Batman and The Vulture on The Spectacular Spider-Man and plays himself in Call of Duty: Black Ops zombie map "Call of the Dead" {OMG, when you combine my childhood horror hero and one of my favorite games... feels explosion and leave me be for at least a week ! I will be very busy}). However, he looks completely out of character without his Freddy attire and no matter what I see him in, I instantly think "That's Freddy!" and not, "OH, there's that incredible actor Robert Englund". I am a complete movie buff and have an impeccable eye for detail, but first impressions are what they are and Freddy scared the living daylights out of me. And I LOVED it!

Here's some OMG for you, a picture of Heather Langenkamp and Robert back at the house on Elm Street.

Robert Englund and Heather Langenkamp

Robert Englund Trivia:

1) Did you know he was considered for the role of Han Solo!? (WHHAAAAAAATTT?) As a matter of fact, after he was rejected for being too young, he returned to his apartment and told his roommate and friend Mark Hamill that he should go audition for Luke Skywalker.

2) Mr. Englund has played Freddy Krueger in 8 movies.

3) Mr. Englund is an avid surfer! (Jaws meet your worse nightmare.)

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