Foreign films are usually a hit or miss for me, but, every now and then, I will stumble upon a gem that I can’t seem to shake out of my head.  Last year, it was content analysis essay write an essay on my favourite meal source site get link writing a paper abstract designer game resume video does viagra do someone does not need thesis typing centre delhi how safe is viagra on men source link see do my homework for me for free custom mba argumentative essay go essay writing services for free study help online gallery report essay what money can t buy essayВ follow online literary essays source go order custom term paper next day delivery generic viagra watch go to link how to write an essay about modern technology levitra without prescription thru paypal problems of plagiarism in academic writing PARASITE, this year, it’s THE PLATFORM.

The film opens inside of a kitchen, where delicious foods and baked goods are being prepared. Everything from steak and lobster to pasta dishes and a variety of cakes and cookies. We cut to what looks like an ordinary prison cell, but after a few minutes, we learn that this is no ordinary prison.  We meet Goreng and Trimagasi, two inmates sharing the same cell.  Goreng has no idea what is going on, while Trimagasi has more than enough information that hides within these walls.

The prison has over 250 floors and 2 inmates per floor. Right in the middle of the floor is a gaping hole which allows a table filled with food to be transferred to each floor.

Now, here is where the terror begins.

The inmates are given 2 minutes to swallow up as much food as they can. After those 2 minutes are up, the platform then drops to the next level, for other inmates to devour. So, if you’re closer to the top level, your bound to get a good start and eat pretty much anything, but if you’re in the lower portion of the cell, well then you could easily starve.

Wait, there’s more.

The inmates are to remain in their room for one month. After that month, they are gassed and put somewhere else in the prison. So, for instance, they could wake up and be on level 9 for a month, but then after that month, they could awake on 166. Which ironically, it seems only fair to allow everybody to get a piece of the pie. But, for some inmates, cannibalism, murder and even suicide are other options in this dark, vile and twisted nightmare.

From start to finish, I was hooked. The characters are wildly interesting, the cinematography is flawless with a mixture of blue’s, green’s and red’s. It’s a bit claustrophobic, but what do you expect from being locked in a prison cell for 90 mins with some disgusting people? I found myself in awe quite a few times, knowing that for some, it’s not going to end well. The film has it’s fair share of violence and gore, but what stuck out the most was the music. It’s tensely beautifully scored.

I cannot recommend this film enough. My only complaint is the ending. The film comes to a complete stop and I wished the director either extended the ending or gave a better explanation, other than that, it’s a surreal thriller.

Some scenes may be hard to stomach, but overall it’s a film you won’t forget anytime soon.

THE PLATFORM is now streaming on NETFLIX.

COMING SOON: Nightmares in the Makeup Chair (2017)

COMING SOON: Nightmares in the Makeup Chair (2017)

Image credit:
In the 1980s, horror took on a whole new world with the advent of the slasher film. Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Psycho predate the movie that truly brought the term slasher to life – the horror classic A Nightmare on Elm Street. Written and directed by legendary filmmaker Wes Craven, A Nightmare on Elm Street brought us the character we all have grown to know and love…and fear – the infamous child killer, the one and only Freddy Krueger, made both famous and infamous by Robert Englund, one hell of an actor.. His role immortalized the Springwood Slasher and introduced a new form of fear to the public and a
franchise that has made history in the nightmares of horror fans all over the world.
Many have gone through the franchise picking apart what they love and don’t love about each of them, and, of course, the remake. (I may be the only person on earth who thought the remake was a solid movie. I have my reasons for this, more scientific than anything else.) However, few can deny the appeal of Robert Englund’s O.G. Freddy Krueger with his quick remarks, creative and personalized kills, and the beautiful way he says “bitch” in every situation possible.
Now, a new documentary titled NIGHTMARES IN THE MAKEUP CHAIR, an exposé featuring Robert Englund donning the Freddy Krueger persona one last time will be happening at the Flashback Weekend in Chicago Aug 6-8, 2017. Mr. Englund will be sharing stories from behind the scenes of A Nightmare on Elm Street, some fun anecdotes of the experiences the cast and crew had on the set. All while having the makeup put on him, along with what looked like a standard Convention style Q&A session while wearing the Krueger gear. This is definitely a neat little concept that I’m sure every horror fan will just love to see. I, for one, being HUGE slasher, horror and especially Freddy Krueger fan will thoroughly enjoy this documentary.
So get ready to walk through memory Elm Street with the man himself in this unique little documentary of our favorite nightmare slasher. Oh, and check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Baskin (2015)

MOVIE REVIEW: Baskin (2015)

By John Roisland

2015 brought us the Turkish horror film Baskin. From first hearing about Baskin - reading what little information was being given out - to finally trailers of the movie when first announced, I knew I had to see this film! Baskin had been talked about as the be-all end-all of all horror films. It was claiming to be as one of the scariest and the goriest films to have been made.

I was beyond thrilled when our little friends over at Netflix decided to actually put something worthwhile and relatively new to their horror section. Baskin begins with five Turkish police men who, after dining at a small, dark, and dismal cafe, drive their police van through what seems to be the darkest and creepiest of back roads. While traveling and singing (yes, I guess Turkish men sing love songs to each other), a call comes across the radio from another police vehicle in distress. The location is right up the road, so they respond and immediately hightail it to the location. While en route, they hit what they thought looked like a naked man who ran into the street causing them to run off the road and into a ravine. No one is seriously injured, so on foot they go back to the road where there's no body and no visible evidence that anything was hit.

They soon run upon a family with a small campfire. The family eventually gives directions to the location that the police seek, but warns them not to go. Before leaving, the officers note that the family had buckets full of frogs... Hundreds of frogs.

The cops walk through the woods and make their way to the location, which is a rather large old decrepit building of some kind. They find the empty police car that had radioed for help, lights still flashing. As they slowly enter the building, friends, THIS is where things start to get good! Until this point, the movie was moving kind of slowly, but it still kept the viewer's interest. The things that the police officers run into and witness inside are visions straight from Hell - tortured bodies, cannibalism, and blood everywhere.

It seems that the building is some sort of portal or or threshold, if you will, through one of the gates of Hell. When our five enforcers enter, things quickly get bloody for our law fighters. Unfortunately, it didn't quite live up to my expectations. I did enjoy the film as it moved fairly quickly, yet I wish the build up had been stretched out a bit longer. It seems they took all that time and built it up, they would have rid it out a bit more.

The scenery/set they used for Hell i thought was perfectly designed, much of a dungeon feel to it. The film is subtitled, and I do not know if there is a dub version. I think dubbing takes away from the film. The special effects were good, the overall story was good, and it was an overall solid horror film. It is a dark and twisted film where the director's vision is projected perfectly, but it falls short because of all the media hype that it got upon its release - particularly reports claiming it was the ultimate horror film. It's not, by far, but it's still an enjoyable flick. I'm always up for a good foreign horror film, so I do recommend you check it out and give it a shot. At least it was fairly original... and that alone to me is worth a watch!

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Top Five Films to Watch in October (Part 5)

Top Five Films to Watch in October (Part 5)

Part of the House of Tortured Souls
Staff Pick October 2016

By Stephanie Roisland

May I start by saying that this idea and the person behind it (my husband John Roisland) fucking suck. This is way harder than anticipated. I enjoy greatly far too many films and could go on for days about my passion for them. So this gave me a headache and made my anxiety rise while trying to select my top five. I thought about posting the titles based off of my roots and what brought me to love horror - films such as Attack of the killer Tomatoes, The Hills Have Eyes, Halloween, Swamp Thing , and so on. I decided to post my go to movies, the ones I could watch over and over no matter the day. I hope you enjoy demons.

Feast l (2005), Feast ll (2008), and Feast lll (2009)

Fair use doctrine.I know this is kind of a cheat but if you watch one you go straight to the rest. Director John Gulager hit a home run with these beauties. If it was good enough for Jason Mewes, Henry Rollins, Carl Anthony, and Clu Gulager to sign on then you know it is a homerun. Made in 2005, 2008, and 2009, these fantastic B comedy horror films are about patrons of a bar and a local small town that must fight these horrible monsters, eating human flesh and multiplying like rabbits. So if you love sexy suicide girls, hungry monsters, and using a midget wrestlers' Spanish grandmother as monster bait, these movies are totally for you.

The Devils Rejects (2005)


Fair use doctrine.I absolutely love the twisted joy this film brings out in the characters. Rob Zombie hit a home run here with me. This family of demented murderers’ home was attacked by the police, headed by Sheriff Wydell (William Forsythe). You almost feel pity for these murderous, depraved folks as their family is shot down and separated. You soon learn that this group of deranged killers is strong and proud of their slaughtering ways and love to see others suffer. In the end, this is a Police vs. Murderers showdown that forever makes epic history in my mind. Free Bird will never be the same!


Fair use doctrine.

This beautifully directed film by Xavier Gens is set in Paris. A young girl, is trying to get away after she pulls a heist with her ex. Pregnant, scared, and blocked by the police from crossing the border, they find refuge at a small, quaint inn. Little do they know, they should have just took their chances with the cops. As her friends get murdered and start to be used for dinner, she realizes there is no way out. It is a good thing this cult family’s father becomes smitten with her beauty and her baby. She refused to be a breeding, human flesh eating, cult wife and must take them all out in order to survive. Stripped of her hair, the father of her child, her dignity and her emotional virginity, she finds the strength to take them all out in a (rain) of blood and gun fire but what she leaves behind could haunt her forever.

Martyrs (2008)

Fair use doctrine.In this emotionally stunning masterpiece by Pascal Laugier, presented by Richard Grandpierre, this foreign film blows your previous idea of horror right out the damn window. In this chilling tale, an anonymous group uses disposable people to achieve the ever seeking emotional state of a matyr. Never before had a woman let go, giving up all fight to the cause, until now. Two young friends, Hell-bent on finding revenge for the misdoings done to one of them as a child, find themselves in terror of no end. One is killed and the other is chosen to become the one - the one to tell, the one to see, the one to give up all hope in order to know what is on the other side. When you let go of hope, endure all pain beyond all other, give yourself to the end, a martyr you will be. Bloody brilliant and an unforgettable journey.

Trick 'r Treat (2007)

Fair use doctrine.

Any day of the week, I could watch this amazing movie. This exquisite little masterpiece by writer/director Michael Dougherty, sucks in the whole family. The trick’r’treating little demon in a cute burlap mask is just one of the four interwoven tales set on Halloween night. Werewolves, murderers, and tricksters, oh my. There’s a child's story of a bus murder come to life but the good girl becomes the bad girl and wins in the end. The bus driver, now an old man, becomes victim of the demon who wants candy, the heart of Halloween if you will. Another story tells of how the local principal, a mass murderer, passing on his wicked ways to his son becomes prey. And the tale of a beautiful girl who is becoming a woman and is making her first time a time to remember and a time he will wish he could forget. The film brings actors Anna Paquin, Dylan Baker, Brian Cox and so many more to life in this Halloween must have.
Fair use doctrine.

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By Dixielord

Crowdsourcing is becoming a more and more popular way to finance films although it was once almost exclusively the territory of low budget and Indie films. Now, however, directors from the likes of Spike Lee to Rob Zombie have used the public to fund the budgets of their films. While there has been some outcry among fans concerning established filmmakers using this avenue, it, nonetheless, remains a lucrative way of funding a film. In addition to freeing filmmakers of studio restrictions, crowdfunding enables them to connect with the fans via special offers for different levels of donations.

With crowdfunding here to stay, House of Tortured Souls has decided to do a “Best of Crowdsourcing” series. It will have an irregular schedule to start, but we hope to grow into a monthly article. HoTS writers will scour the popular sourcing sites, Kickstarter and Indiegogo (and any others that may exist or come to exist), and find horror projects that look interesting to report back on for our followers. We also welcome suggestions from our followers. Just comment on this article as well as the upcoming articles and let us know what hidden gems you’ve found.

I'm going to kickstart this (Heh, heh, heh) with a little movie I found late one recent Friday night. The name of the film is Baphomet, and it drew me in right away. The story concept kept me there. It's still early in the crowdsourcing for Baphomet, so it’s still anybody’s guess on how it will come out. But I'm really hoping this one is successful. After all, I already put my money where my mouth is.

Baphomet the movie

Promotional poster for Baphomet
Art courtesy of Stu Schuckman

According to the Kickstarter page, Baphomet is

THE STORY OF HANNA, a beautiful and cold-blooded murderer, a born sociopath with no concern for societal expectations. While living as a drifter on the highways of the east coast, she meets a sensitive young musician and begins a relationship that will blur the line between victim and accomplice.

Director Alex Sinesi describes it as a Southern Gothic road movie, and he means Gothic in the traditional way, not the Hot Topic way.

The crucial lead role of Hanna will be played by Hannah Elizabeth Smith, an award winning film and theater actress. Apparently Hannah isn't afraid to get bloody with roles like Carrie (Carrie the Musical), and Lady MacBeth in her past. If that ain’t enough, just check out her photo on Kickstarter.

Hannah Elizabeth Smith as Carrie White, in Carrie the Musical from the Baphomet Kickstarter page

Hannah Elizabeth Smith as Carrie White, in Carrie the Musical

Along with Smith, Baphomet will star Nicholas Reed and Christopher Marino. All three members of the cast come from East Coast theater backgrounds.

There's a lot that drew me to Baphomet. While the idea of a female serial killer might not be new, it's far from common, and it's relatively fresh ground. Plus, the idea of a Gothic road movie is appealing. I grew up in the South, on Faulkner, and there was always a darkness in his stories. They always made me feel uncomfortable. I think Baphomet may strike that same chord in me, and that makes me excited.

Baphomet- Never Behave again courtesy Kickstarter

Baphomet- Never Behave Again
Courtesy Kickstarter

The director promises that it will be bloody, but it wont be cheap gore. Sinesi promises that we will see the effect the killing has, even on the killer. I'm trusting he will have the skill to follow through on those promises, and make Baphomet more than a cheap horror film. So give it a look, and if you agree that this is an interesting project consider giving them a hand. There's more information to be found on the movie's Facebook page or on the Kickstarter page If it looks interesting, consider chipping in and helping what could be a great Indie horror film get made. House of Tortured Souls, and I, personally, will be keeping our eye on Baphomet and updating everyone on any major happenings.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Holidays (2016)

MOVIE REVIEW: Holidays (2016)

By John Roisland


Holidays is a 2016 horror film i just checked out. I want to say i liked it, but it’s not one that I think I'd add to my library.

Holidays is another anthology film set much like the ABCs of Death, in that they gathered up a handful of writers and directors, and instead of them pulling letters out of a hat, a calender was thrown in the mix and each was given a holiday to make a short on.


Holidays tackled include:

  • Valentine’s Day (a nerdy swimmer in high school cutting out a team member’s heart to give to their coach)
  • St. Patrick’s Day (a woman giving birth to a snake with a pompadour)
  • Easter (a deformed half Easter bunny and half Jesus)
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Halloween
  • Christmas ( Seth Green puts a smile on your face)
  • New Year’s Eve


The New Year’s Eve segment, directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer, who brought us Some Kind of Hate in 2015, stole the show.
Ending the year and the film was New Years Eve

The big name throwing his hat into the ring is Silent Bob himself, Kevin Smith who brought us Red State in 2011 and Tusk in 2014 and countless non horror films. Smith brings us a rather different event for my personal favorite holiday, Halloween... webcam porn. I'm gonna leave it at that for you to check out, but i will tell you that it IS in Smith style and one other thing, i clinched!

All writers and directors added their own dark twist and flare on not only the holiday, but added a bit of folklore into some of them as well. Some pieces I obviously enjoyed more than others, as I'm sure you will as well. Some were moved along, some tended to drag, others honestly made me wonder just what the HELL did I just watch!?!


I for one am a huge fan of anthologies, maybe because if one sucks, you know its not going to be much more than 10-15 minutes long, or maybe its because my brain can only comprehend for that amount of time. Regardless, i enjoy and welcome them.

Holidays is worth a watch and is currently on Netflix. Run time is about 1 hour and 45 minutes, and the film actually is not rated. But, no, this is not one for the kiddies!

I give Holidays a 6/10


Keep It Evil..

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COMING SOON: The Night Watchmen

COMING SOON: The Night Watchmen

By John Roisland

Winter of 2015, actually for my birthday, I was fortunate enough to spend the day on the set of the highly awaited film The Night Watchmen.

The story follows the eponymous night watchmen who, during their shift one night, receive a package that was delivered to the wrong location. This wasn’t just your usual parcel – no gift to little Bobby from Grandma, no special free shipping on a DVD copy of The Hamiltons from… This was a coffin holding a supreme vampire brought back take over the world! And who’s there to defend us all from this demonic take over from the undead? The Night Watchmen.

(Warning: Video contains nudity.)

The film is a horror comedy that even while on the set had the crew cracking up during many lines. The film is totally unique but has the feel of The Evil Dead meets John Carpenter. It has dark, gory horror with just the right amount of tongue in cheek comedy to make this a perfect fit. The film is packed with action, blood, vampires, dead people … and clowns? Yes, even clowns.

As I mentioned, I was fortunate enough to spend the day with the cast and crew and was taken in by our three fearless watchmen themselves and stars of the film – Ken Arnold, Dan Deluca, and Kevin Jiggetts. Everyone was awesome, and I was in awe of everything I was being allowed to observe.  The film was partially filmed in Annapolis, Maryland, at an old newspaper press factory, and it was the perfect setting! Guys, thank you for taking the time. That was a birthday that could never be outdone!


The Night Watchmen and yours truly.

Hanging around with Arnold, Deluca, and Jiggetts is an ear to ear grin experience. The three of them are much like brothers…in a Three Stooges way. Fun loving, but always professional.

The film was written by Ken Arnold and Dan Deluca and has been directed by Mitchell Altieri, who brought us The Hamiltons and The Violent Kind.


The film also costars James Remar (Dexter), Rain Pryor (Rude Awakening), and Tiffany Shepis (Exit to Hell), and features the special f/x make-up artistry of RJ Haddy. There sadly is no release date for the film as of yet, but soon as House of Tortured Souls knows, you’ll know! Until then, support The Night Watchmen by liking their Facebook page, and prepare to hear those magical words: “Let’s go kill some dead people!”

Keep It Evil…

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MOVIE REVIEW: Pieces of Talent (2014)

MOVIE REVIEW: Pieces of Talent (2014)


By: John Roisland

What should've been announced at the 2015 Oscars:

Best Movie: Pieces of Talent
Best Screenplay: David Long and Joe Stauffer
Best Director: Joe Stauffer
Best Actor: David Long
Best Actress: Kristi Ray

It was all there; all they had to do was announce it!

As you can tell, I'm a big fan of every aspect of this film. I first remember seeing a trailer for Pieces of Talent and thinking to myself, "Holy Fuck... I gotta see that!!" A few months later, my big-little brother Travis Love and his always adorable wife Megan got to meet the lovely Kristi Ray, who plays Charlotte in the film. Shortly after, they were nice enough to surprise me with an autographed copy of the DVD. I was ecstatic!

Since owning it, I've watched it repeatedly, and every time I do, it's like the first time all over again.

The story is of David Long, played by none other than, David Long, who is a fun loving, long haired, always smiling, southern hippy - with one small drawback: David is a brutal murderer.  One night, while getting his ass kicked by strip club bouncers for having a video camera on him, up walks Charlotte, one of the cocktail waitress, who rescues our long haired friend.

Charlotte is a free spirit trying her damnedest to become an actress in spite of having been dealt a shitty hand in life. She hates her job, and her worthless, dead beat mom puts her down all the time and steals from her. Still, Charlotte takes care of her.images

David and Charlotte become pretty good friends after he tells her that he's actually directing a movie of his own, and wants her for the lead role. Their relation quickly spirals downward as David becomes obsessed with Charlotte and brutally kills anyone who harms her or gets in her way of pursuing her dream.

This is one of the best independent horror films I've ever had the honor of viewing, and it is also in my top horror films! The quality of the film is beautifully shot, and the special f/x are phenomenal. The writing is superb, and the acting is... WOW!! Top notch jobs by  David Long and Kristi Ray! Both gave riveting performances and even made me want to hang out with them!

Director Joe Stauffer should be very proud, not only for the awesome job he did in his own role, but also for how well his vision came through!

The film grabs you, comforts you, flips you around, and then shakes the shit out of you!

If the follow up, A Missing Piece, is ANYTHING like Pieces of Talent, it will be something to see. It will be beautiful!


 Keep It Evil

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RECAP: TWD, S06E06, Always Accountable

RECAP: TWD, S06E06, Always Accountable

By Nicole Robinson

Daryl Dixon

It might be safe to say we can all start fearing for the safety of Daryl’s immortal soul after Sunday’s episode “Always Accountable”. It appears AMC is weaning us off of Daryl Dixon slowly but surely. The majority of this season has been Daryl light, focused mainly on Rick establishing his authority as leader of Alexandria. Always Accountable was perhaps the most Daryl-centric episode since the Beth story arc. We also learned something really important about everybody’s favorite redneck, he makes mistakes too and this one may get him killed.

This week we caught up with Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham and the attempts to lead what is left of the mega herd from the quarry away from Alexandria. As they put distance between themselves and the herd, a group of car starts chasing and shooting at them. Sasha and Abraham crash out, shoot the people who were shooting at them, and take cover. Daryl heads into the woods.

He quickly loses the ones chasing him in a section of the woods which has clearly been destroyed by flames leaving him without a lot of cover to hide in. Convinced he hears something, he goes into creeper mode and finds two woman begging for leniency before being knocked out by their male companion and being left in and out of consciousness until the next day.

The group explains that they are actually from this area and they are responsible for burning the woods to the ground while trying to combat the walkers who appeared just after this outbreak first started. They fled but now they’ve come back to find a woman they call Patty. Unfortunately, when they arrive at the fuel company where Patty apparently worked, the place has been overrun with zombies and then one of the girls passes out, which give Daryl the perfect opening to grab a duffel bag the group had been carrying as he ran into the woods.

Daryl arrives at a safe spot and retrieves his crossbow from the duffle bag only to find a cooler of insulin explaining why the girl passed out. This is the moment that he makes his biggest mistake and his good intentions take over. He decides to return the insulin. He returns and demands the man’s weapon and a wood carved statue in return for the cooler based on “the principle of the situation”. Daryl is ready to walk away when a truck pulls into the woods. The man and his companions have obvious worry on their faces making it clear this is threat.

Good intentions leads Daryl to helping them escape while handing the gun back over to the guy. The trio explains to Daryl that the place they just came from is a camp built on the code of giving whatever you have in exchange for protection. Deciding to escape this lifestyle, they decided to hit the road with the insulin and this group is looking for them.

Daryl helps them avoid the people as they begin to walk back across the woods when the diabetic girl happens upon a house she once recognized. It seems these were some neighbors she used to babysit for before the world went to hell. The glass roof melted and cooked them alive but the girl makes the cardinal mistake of getting too close without actually checking if the people were dead or really dead and they both rise up and take a bite out of her throat. While digging a grave for her body, Daryl decides to ask Rick’s ‘three questions’ to see if these people are worthy to return with him to Alexandria. In return for his hospitality, they steal his crossbow and motorcycle at while holding the gun he returned to them in his face.

 Thinking he was making new friends to bring back to his clubhouse, Daryl offered up more than enough information for this to catch up with him in the future, leading us to believe that our Bonnie and Clyde-like burglars will be back. We can be sure taking his crossbow and his motorcycle is the most obvious clue that we will see these faces again. Considering that they were shooting at him at first, there is no surprise at the double crossing.

Did the Walking Dead just introduce the Saviors?

***Warning, Comic Spoilers ahead.***

Always Accountable has the feel of a filler episode and the dry atmosphere could lead one to mistake it as nothing important. I have avoided discussing the upcoming events from the comic book in avoiding the possibility of ruining it for the non-readers of the graphic novels. With the introduction of Bonnie and Clyde this week it is almost unavoidable to point out that the man is likely going to be very important down the road.

The introduction of the yet to be named robbers and the stealing of the crossbow making it obvious they will be back brings me to believe there is another threat coming. The herd story arc will not last forever. Around this time in the comic we begin to discover that Alexandria is not the only community that exists in the area and the Saviors is one of the other ones in the area. Earlier this week it was confirmed that Jeffery Dean Morgan has been casted to the iconic bat wielding leader of the Saviors, Negan so it is becoming clear that he is coming soon and so is Lucille.

Fans of the comic know that it is only a matter of time before Negan knocks at the gates of Alexandria so it is safe to assume that this is the set up leading to the something we really do need to fear. What we saw tonight and the mistake of trusting these two will likely come back to haunt Daryl down the road. This is the bridge that is needed to connect the two communities and singling out Daryl as a recognizable face to this new threat. Negan’s first appearance is one that marks a change to the dynamic of the story and the bloodshed he brings as a result is the most memorable death of the series. He beats Glenn to death with a baseball bat wrapped in barb wire he lovingly has named Lucille while Rick, Maggie, and many other of our group of survivors look on helplessly. Killing Glenn is such a way on the show seems unlikely and predictable. What better death than that of Daryl Dixon for such a huge moment? After all No One Is Safe.

Speaking of fillers, Sasha and Abraham appear to be developing a romantic connection in this episode. Not sure how Rosita will react to new found affections they have for each other but it seems that Abe is ready for a new companion. Guess we are all going to have wait and find out how this subplot plays out in the coming weeks.

The last moment of this week’s episode found Daryl reunited with Sasha and Abe on the road back to Alexandria. On the ride while attempting to contact Rick on the walkie talkie, a voice answered back “Help”. We know this is not Rick because he should be safe and sound back home while all this has gone down. Norman Reedus told Yahoo TV “"Not Glenn. The only thing I'll say is that it's not Glenn". Is he telling the truth or just trying to throw fans off the scent? Another week passes without an answer as to the fate of Glenn…… maybe next week.