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CROWDFUNDING PICK: Space Babes From Outer Space

CROWDFUNDING PICK: Space Babes From Outer Space

I don't know about the rest of you, but I miss the old sex comedies of the 80s and 90s. You could argue that their time has come and gone, and a few months ago I probably would have agreed with you. However, the good folks over at Bandit Motion Pictures are trying their best to prove us all wrong with Space Babes From Outer Space.
It's time for Space Babes From Outer Space!
It's time for Space Babes From Outer Space
If you aren't familiar with Bandit Motion Pictures, it is a collaborative effort between Scott Schirmer, Brian K Williams, and Ellie Church. The group’s first films, Harvest Lake and Plank Face were disturbing and transgressive films. So if I had to guess what their next project would be, well I probably wouldn't have guessed a sex comedy. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. If I had any desire to complain, it would have vanished with the trailers.
Space Babes From Outer Space will be directed by Williams (Time to Kill), while Schirmer and Church are on board as producers. Ellie Church (Frankenstein Created Bikers) pulls double duty as the leader of the titular Space Babes, along with Alyss Winkler (Plank Face) and Allison Maier. Seriously, if you need a reason to see this beyond that line up, I can't help ya, friend.
The Space Babes From Outer Space crowdfunding ends soon!
And right now there is a super easy way to make sure you can watch Space Babes From Outer Space. Bandit Motion Pictures is in the midst, actually the closing stretch of an indiegogo. At the time of this writing, there is only a week to go. The perks are unbelievable, there is a limited double disc “stacked” edition, that will only be available to IGG supporters. After the IGG only the single disc version will be available, and it may not be available for long. Their first film Harvest Lake is already out of print. If you made the mistake of not nailing down a copy, don't repeat it. Believe me, you will kick yourself, because the best Space Babes can only be found in Outer Space.
There isn't much time left so hurry up. Space Babes From Outer Space is our crowd funding pick of the month.
Oh, and don’t forget to give the Facebook page a like.
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MOVIE REVIEW: Plank Face (2016)

MOVIE REVIEW: Plank Face (2016)

By Dixielord

Plank Face is the story of Max (Nathan Barrett), a seemingly normal guy with a dark past. While out camping with his girlfriend Stacy (Ellie Church), he kills a rapist and is then captured by a feral family. He is tortured and sexually abused by the clan as they prepare him to be their new leader and provider. Forced to wear the wooden “plank face” of their dying leader, Max is given the choice to abandon his old life or die. And it's a choice that maybe isn't as hard to make as it seems.

Plank Face movie scene fair use doctrine

Plank Face

Bandit Motion Pictures has quickly gained a reputation for putting out original films. They also have the rep of making films that twist the normal horror tropes. That rep won't take a hit with Plank Face. It's a lot bloodier than their previous film Harvest Lake, which wasn't a shocker considering the story. However, I was a bit shocked to find it's a much more sexual film than Harvest Lake. Or at least the sex reaches out and grabs you harder than Harvest Lake.

Director Shirmer has never shied away from non traditional, uncomfortable and even transgressive sex in his films. Plank Face takes it to another plane. In a time and culture where the presence of rape in films is becoming more controversial, he takes rape and twists it, showcasing female on male rape. In doing so he twists the normal horror trope of the female captured for breeding on its head. Max is no damsel in distress, captured to bear young. He's a strong violent man with bloody tendencies, captured to sire a new generation of cannibals. That, in itself, is a fresh twist on the normal inbreed hillbilly horror.

There's very little dialogue in Plank Face other than grunts, and the cannibals’ twisted version of English. We learn whats up with the cannibals in much the same way as Max, by reading their gestures and body language. Not having everything spelled out or explained might seem annoying but it adds to the immersion, and by the end you find yourself understanding more and more of the feral words. Which isn't always comfortable.

I won't spoil the ending, but I will say, it's not what you usually expect. You will probably see the final “confrontation” coming from early on, but it's still shocking and bloody. Plank Face is a film that will please the fans of Bandit Motion Pictures, and it stands as a good example of an American cannibal movie. While it might not have been as good as Bone Tomahawk, I enjoyed it much more than the over hyped and much bigger budgeted The Green Inferno.

It's not a perfect film, but very few, if any, are. There are small things I didn't like, or didn't seem to work as well, but they were small and I think most can be contributed to budget concerns. While the acting of the leads was effective, especially considering the lack of dialogue (and clothes). Some of the extras came off as forced. But those scenes were a momentary distraction and wont hurt Plank Face overall. It's all compensated for by the main cast, performing with little speech, sometimes with their faces covered, really forcing them to act, and Plank Face is a film that forces them to act. With all it's gore, sex, violence and nudity there is still a story to convey.

While Plank Face will please a lot of fans, it's not a movie for everyone. It's got tons of nudity, full frontal, female and male (ripping another common horror gimmick of only having female nudity). There are multiple scenes of rape, male on female and female on male, as well as scenes of consensual sex (not considering it as a result of Stockholm Syndrome, which I think some scenes could be blamed on SS, others not, but I won't go into reasons here. Comment if you want to discuss it). Plank Face also features explicit scenes of violence, gore, and cannibalism. People who can't handle these images should stay far away. Especially those unable to deal with the depiction of sexual violence.

Plank Face / Screenshot / Fair use doctrine.

Plank Face brings home the bacon

Overall, Plank Face is another success for Bandit Motion Pictures. At first watch I wasn't sure if I liked it more than Harvest Lake but it's growing on me with every viewing. It's growing on me between viewings. It's a movie that merits multiple watches. It's an original and visceral take on the cannibal family and the legacy of Sawney Bean. Check it out if you have the balls (that will be funny after you watch it)

Plank Face is directed by Scott Schrimer, written by Schrimer and Brian Williams. It stars Nathan Barrett as Max/Plank Face, Ellie Church as Stacey, Susan Martin as Granny, Brigid McCauley as The Bride, Jason Hignite as Old Daddy, and Alyss Winkler as The Bunny Girl.

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House of Tortured Souls LIVE episode 2

House of Tortured Souls LIVE episode 2

Episode 2 of the House of Tortured Souls LIVE, with your Hosts John and Allen (Lord Dixie). This week they discuss Horror news, what's new on the shelves including Clown produced by Eli Roth and Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 1. There's also a recap of the Scares That Care's weekend. Halloween is coming! And so are interviews, read all about them.Also get filled in on new movie premieres and more!

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COMING SOON: Plank Face (2016)

COMING SOON: Plank Face (2016)

By Dixielord

I will be one of the first people to tell you that the horror genre is littered with far too many sub-par films. So it's really refreshing to see new filmmakers with a commitment to produce new horror films that are original, thought provoking, and dammit, just good, solid films. That's whats up with Bandit Motion Pictures, and they are readying their newest film Plank Face for release later this year.

Plank Face is coming from Bandit Motion Pictures

Plank Face is coming from Bandit Motion Pictures

Bandit Motion Pictures hasn't been around long, but it's quickly developing a great track record. The founders of Bandit, writer/director Scott Schrimer and producer/cinematographer Brian K. Williams, were already making waves before they formed their own production company. Schrimer's controversial Found was one of my favorite films of the last few years - and also one of the most disturbing – having been banned for a while in Australia and is still unavailable uncut in Britain. Williams has also developed a name and a following in Indie horror with films like Found, A Time to Kill (not the Sam Jackson one), Plank Face, and The Legend of Wasco.

The first film from Bandit Motion Pictures was the trippy, erotic Harvest Lake which starred the sexy Tristan Risk of Plank Face and American Mary fame. If you expected the duo to play it safe and release a conventional horror film as a follow up to Harvest Lake, Plank Face lays that fear to rest. There's not a lot out beyond the trailer and a couple of different posters, but that's all you need to know this will be another strange one.

From the official IMDb synopsis, Plank Face is the story of a man trapped by a feral family who are determined to transform him into one of their own. Once again eschewing the horror norm of having a female kidnapped as breeding stock. Still this film looks to be way more than that line reveals. Check out the trailer and judge for yourself. This isn't going to be your average slasher flick.

Found from Plank Face director Scott Schrimer

The creators of Plank Face don't do average horror as Found proved.

Plank Face is due to be released in toward the end of August, so it's not too long of a wait. You can even pre order now from the official pre -release crowd funding for Plank Face. It's the best way to guarantee that it's in your hands as soon as possible. It also helps the filmmakers because it takes money to make films. Seriously, and without big studio backing it can be a challenge. So do yourself a favor, check out Harvest Lake, check out Found or A Time to Kill, and then pre-order a copy of Plank Face.

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By John Roisland


One of the fastest growing names in the horror industry, Brian K. Williams, and his partner in crime, director Scott Schirmer who together are Bandit Motion Pictures who have brought us Harvest Lake, and now the eagerly anticipated Plank Face. In addition to gearing up for the launch of the trailer for Plank Face, Brian has an extremely hectic schedule of film festivals and conventions, but he was gracious enough to sit down with House of Tortured Souls: and (figuratively) spill his guts to us for a few moments!


House of Tortured Souls: Brian K. Williams, first thank you for your to talk with House of Tortured Souls. We are honored to have you with us. We also want to say congrats for all the success and acclaim you guys are getting from Harvest Lake, I know I for am a huge fan of the film. How has this impacted Bandit Motion Pictures?

Brian K. Williams: It's really just started for us. Harvest Lake was our first release, and we are hoping to be able to just keep putting out quality films that people can enjoy, growing the fan base with each one. We are trying to keep the momentum going and to continue to learn and improve with each film.


HoTS: Okay, the new release that everyone is very anxiously awaiting is Plank Face, which is directed by Scott Schirmer. Fill us in, story line, cast, etc.


BKW: Plank Face has recently just went live with our indiegogo pre-order campaign, and I'm excited to say we hit our modest goal of $5,000 in less then fifteen hours. This will allow us to be able to pay some hard working people who worked on the film and get the merchandise needed for our perks manufactured, but that's just the beginning. We hope to raise enough to be able to continue making films, so we will be announcing the first of our stretch goals very soon. The cast is a great mix of new and familiar faces, playing an exciting bunch of characters that I can't wait for everyone to get a peak at.


HoTS: I hate using the term remake, but if you could any film to redo, what would it be?

BKW: I'm really not sure, because I've never wanted to remake anything. I used to say if I ever won the lottery I would make The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy film, but that was back before it got made. I would entertain a remake for sure, I just don't know of anything in particular that calls to me. Remakes don't really bother me at all, and I've never understood the beef fans have with them. There are quite a few I actually like, but if you don't like them, then just don't watch them. The original is always there. That doesn't change. It shouldn't change your views or fandom of the original. Now, If they burned the original negatives, destroyed all copies, and erased the memories from your mind upon release of a remake, that would be different, but they don't.


HoTS: Of your work so far, what stands out the most? What are you most proud of?

BKW: I'm proud most recently of my work on Harvest Lake. I decided to take a break from directing to focus my time and energy on cinematography and editing. I have won multiple cinematography awards and editing awards in just a few short months of Harvest Lake being on the festival circuit, and that makes me really proud. I feel like I specifically set forth a plan, followed it, and achieved what I wanted to achieve, and that makes me proud


HoTS: Through your venture in filmmaking, who do you look up to? Who inspired you?

BKW: Seeing the movie Found was very inspirational to me. I had always been a lover of film, and I had been doing model photography for several years, but didn't think I could actually make a film living in the middle of Indiana. Seeing that Found was made by people right down the road with equipment that I could afford was a life changing event. I am very lucky to be able to work along side Scott every day now. Since then, I am inspired every day by so many people. There are some great people out there who are producing great work, and seeing it just inspires me to try and get better with what I do with every new film.


HoTS: Looking to the future, what can we expect to see from Brian K. Williams?


BKW: More movies! Bandit Motion Pictures is now a full time gig for Scott and me, and we hope to produce two to three feature films per year. Harvest Lake was first this year, we will be releasing Plank Face in just a couple months, and in September we hope to be in production of our third feature of the year, which is a script I am writing and plan on directing as well.


HoTS: Your all time favorite horror film?

BKW: That is a hard fought battle that is always raging on inside my head, but it generally comes down to the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Andrzej Zulawski's Possession. Today I will say The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

HoTS: Brian K. Williams, again, thank you and we wish you and Bandit Motion Pictures all the best. Any closing words for your fans?


BKW: Without our fans, we are nothing. We are doing our best to put out quality material that people can be excited to see, that will make them think but also allow them to slip away into another world and have a good time. Following us on social media, buying our products, telling your friends - all of these things will help us to be able to continue making films.


House of Tortured Souls reminds you that the Plank Face indiegogo campaign is ongoing, so there's still time to show your support and pre-order your copy.

Keep It Evil...indiegogo pre-order campaign

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