Chuck’s Back and on Syfy !

Chuck’s Back and on Syfy !

Sharknado, Lavalantula, Z Nation and now Chucky! Syfy made the announcement of the straight-to-series order at the Television Critics Association winter press tour on Saturday. Directing the first episode will be Don Mancini, who wrote the film franchise on which the series is based. Mancini will also serve as showrunner and executive producer.

If it’s in the yard it’s for sale. Variety reports, In the series, titled “Chucky,” after a vintage Chucky doll turns up at a suburban yard sale, an idyllic American town is thrown into chaos as a series of horrifying murders begin to expose the town’s hypocrisies and secrets. Meanwhile, the arrival of enemies and allies from Chucky’s past threatens to expose the truth behind the killings, as well as the demon doll’s untold origins as a seemingly ordinary child who somehow became this notorious monster.

“The character Don and David created has terrified audiences for over 30 years,” said Chris McCumber, president of Entertainment Networks USA & Syfy for NBCUniversal. “The longevity and legacy of Chucky speaks to the creative storytelling and the loyal fans the film series has collected over the years. We are excited to once again partner with Nick and UCP on this new Syfy series, and are incredibly proud to bring Chucky to television for the first time with the original creators.”
David Kirschner and Nick Ancosta will also executive produce, with Ancosta producing via his Eat the Cat banner. Harley Peyton will also executive produce. Universal Content Productions (UCP) will serve as the studio. Ancosta is currently under an overall deal at UCP.

The project had been in development at the network for over a year. “I’ve long wanted to bring Chucky to television and Syfy is the perfect network for us,” Mancini said at the time. “The show will be a fresh take on the franchise, allowing us to explore Chucky’s character with a depth that is uniquely afforded by the television series format, while staying true to the original vision that has terrorized audiences for over three decades now.”

Chucky hit the big screen in 1988 with Child’s Play, which was based on a story by Mancini and produced by David Kirschner (who also serves as an executive producer of the new series). Six sequels followed, all which Mancini wrote: 1990’s Child’s Play 2, 1991’s Child’s Play 3, 1998’s Bride of Chucky, 2004’s Seed of Chucky, 2013’s Curse of Chucky, 2017’s Cult of Chucky, and 2019’s Child’s Play remake.



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The 80’s were a great time for many of us. Music, clothing, hair styles and most of all, movies from every genre, especially Horror movies. We have been treated with many classics like, Friday The 13th, My Bloody Valentine, The Prowler, Fright Night and many others.

After so many years of enjoying these such classics, it was only a matter of time before they were being remade for today’s generation. Some are good, some are great, some are worth a viewing or two and some are just god plain awful.

The films in the Child’s Play franchise have been a hit or miss. The original and sequel have always been my personal favorites. Chucky was mean, scary and had memorable one liners to make any fan chuckle. The last two installments, Curse and Cult were fun. It was almost as if the series was headed in the direction of the originals. Then, out of the blue, we got news that a remake was underway without any of the original team, including Brad Dourif who gave Chucky his voice. Needless to say, the idea alone didn’t go so well and it sparked a crucial negative response. Well, the remake is out and it may not be as fun or chilling as the original, but it is a fun little ride.

In the opening of the film, we are introduced to Buddie, an enhanced doll that is practically an ALEXA. The doll itself can operate devices in our homes and can even control automobiles, like an uber, without an actual driver. We are taken to the factory where an assembly of these dolls are being transported to toy stores all over, but not before one of the workers is fired. As revenge, he tampers with the technology of the doll, then commits suicide.

One minute later, we are introduced to a 13 year old boy who appears to be friendless and alone. His mother works at a toy store and is dating a not so nice human being, who actually turns out to be a real scumbag.

While working at the toy store, a customer brings back one of the Buddi dolls, saying it’s defective and Andy’s mother decides to bring it home for him as an early birthday gift. Things seem to be going well between Andy and his new best friend, but that all takes a wide turn when Chucky begins to see the hurt and anger that Andy is going through, making Chucky more menacing, But, Andy is his best friend and best friends protect one another

Child’s Play is not a great film and it’s not a bad film either. It’s a fun 90 minute ride with some moments of laughter and gory kills that are actually quite shocking. My personal favorite deals with a lawnmower, it’s that cool.

Check out Child’s play in theaters now. Don’t expect to be blown away and I think you’ll have fun with this one, like I did.



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[Film Clip] Watch Chucky terrorize Andy in the clip entitled “peek a boo”

[Film Clip] Watch Chucky terrorize Andy in the clip entitled “peek a boo”

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Which will be a true test of the weekend box office. Below is a clip from the new film

“A mother gives her son a toy doll for his birthday, unaware of its more sinister nature.” The film stars Aubrey Plaza and Mark Hamill as the voice of Chucky

Monster Villains: Dr. Death – Child’s Play 1988

Monster Villains: Dr. Death – Child’s Play 1988

When it comes to the horror genre, there are countless evil characters that go unnoticed and never get their full due. As a personal fan and an advocate of the so-called “bad guys,” I felt it was necessary to single out those who are truly worthy and highlight them in my new monthly segment.

In Monster Villains we are going to pick out and pay tribute to a new character every month, breaking down and discussing their individual levels of evil. We are going to talk about what constitutes true evil and why certain characters are more nefarious than others. We are going to cover a wide variety of topics and delve into each personality, in search of their true nature.

There are so many deserving evil figures and monsters to choose from – some more warranted than others. I will be dissecting some the most despicable and vile characters worthy of recognition, and explaining why some that are considered good guys, can also be villains, and vice versa. So, hold on tight and enjoy the ride as we explore some of the genres most interesting and virtually unknown characters.

To kick off our very first edition, I thought we would tackle a villain from the film who personifies everything the word evil has to offer. You might not remember him, but you will know his work. This character is one who is never been held responsible for what he is done and is one of the evilest and vile characters to exist. He has earned his rightful slot in the spotlight.

John Aelsop Bishop, better known as Dr. Death from the original 1987 classic Child’s Play, is responsible for the creation of one of the genres most infamous and iconic slashers. Had it not been for his actions, there would be no serial killer doll – no Chucky. Charles Lee Ray’s murderous region would have died when his human body did, and not have been transferred into the Good Guy doll.

Dr. Death is a forgotten character in horror. However, without him, the infamous serial killer The Lakeshore Strangler would never have been able to do what he did. Instead, Charles Lee Ray would have simply died from the gunshot wound he sustained during his original pursuit. Yet, thanks to Dr. Death, he was able to transfer his soul into the doll and since has continued his dastardly killing spree as Chucky.

Dr. Death did refuse to help Charles escape the doll in the original film, granted it was at his own peril. He is remorseful after learning of Charles’s actions, and is extremely regretful he ever taught the killer the voodoo ritual, to begin with. But that does not mean Dr. Death is any less evil because he was sorry for what he did, nor because he died at the hands of the killer doll. No, he is no less evil due to his remorse or regret. The fact that he was performing voodoo rituals and spells and practicing the dark arts in the first place, makes him actually more evil if you think about it. I mean, Bishop knew who Charles Lee Ray was when he started teaching him and did not care. He continued to teach his student anyway.

You see, we were not privy to the relationship shared between the two men before things ended up the way they did. We were only able to see the ending of the friendship when Chucky the doll kills John Bishop. We did not get to see the master at work, teaching the student. Therefore, we do not truly know his level of evil – beyond what we have seen in their brief interaction. However, we do know that Dr. Death had no good intentions, to begin with.

It has a known fact that voodoo has a bad connotation and is not all bad or evil. Although, with a name like Dr. Death, it has no surprise that John Bishop was up to no good. He was indeed evil. He was consorting with a serial killer and practicing voodoo, therefore he is guilty by association. However, you look at it, the simple facts are still. John Bishop, aka Dr. Death, was a practitioner of voodoo. He taught serial killer Charles Lee Ray how to perform the ritual of transferring his soul into something or someone. Therefore, he is personally responsible for the birth of the killer doll Chucky. He inadvertently caused the ripple that has still to this day, yet to fade out.

So, for the hardcore fans out there, all hail Dr. Death. He is one wicked character and a forgotten and unrecognized villain. I am happy he did what he did because Chucky has always been a personal favorite of mine. I am excited to see what the Legend Don Mancini’s new show has to offer. Oh, and do not get me started on the current rip off about to drop. Without Mancini, there would be no Dr. Death.

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I have a little more faith in the Child’s Play remake.

I have a little more faith in the Child’s Play remake.

So, there’s no way to stop remakes or reboots. Some are great, and some are bad. We all have different feelings about them of course it’s always good to go in with an open mind, give it a shot it regardless. Just know that with any outcome we will always have the original. Remakes are tweaked or updated in some ways to reflect the times or just add more in a time where directors could only do so much. Let’s break down how I’m kind of looking forward to the Child’s Play remake. Ok, I get it. It’s a classic, no Brad Dourif, no voodoo, it’s an AI robot going berserk. Believe me I’m on your side BUT I did hear somethings that made me reconsider the film. MGM owns the rights to Chucky and the Child’s play movie of the FIRST film. Universal Studios pretty much owns the rest. MGM can do so much to make the film however they want let’s say the movie does amazing MGM can now do sequels based on their idea vs a legal dispute with Universal over their sequels. The doll will be still be known as Chucky and we don’t know who the voice will be highly doubtful it’ll be the original doll voice. The name of the toy line is called Buddi which sounds ok at least we still have the look of the original box in it. The only thing at this point that can make me change my mind about the movie is that if it’s pg-13 then we’re looking at jump scares and wasted potential kills that will offer no satisfying reward to the fans. Let’s not add insult to injury here MGM let’s go for a hard R, the movie is going up against ‪Toy Story 4 it’s already has mixed feelings and a lot of people are on the negative side. If they succeed in beating, we can have a new franchise. Which helps because Don Mancini has MANY ideas for HIS franchise. So next year may the best toy win.

How Al Bundy is connected to Child’s Play

How Al Bundy is connected to Child’s Play

The other day I’m watching television eating cereal. Just a normal night off for me when I’m not working. Frankenberry in my bowl as Married with Children is playing. Which in my opinion is one of the best tv shows around! I’m watching a specific episode that comes to mind now this show has had some big amazing stars, Robert Englund, Anthrax, King Kong Bundy, Bubba Smith, but there’s one person who has a huge part in horror movies. I’m not talking about Ed O’Neil or Katey Sagel who in Sons of Anarchy has a scene with Henry Rollins wearing A Michael Myers Mask. No, I’m talking about a character that kind of shares a connection to the Child’s Play movies. I’m talking about the Al Bundy.

Now just hear me out. Basically, in this weird cosmic way the two are connected? Not officially, but it’s a cool way to reference the two. Both the show and Movie take place in Chicago. Ok so let’s talk about this because this isn’t so much click baits or just a bs story. It’s a tribute to one of my favorite Doll/Puppet movies now with controversy of the remake coming out most fans are honestly not for it. Sure, we’ll see it except this isn’t something we’re not looking forward to.

The movie for those who haven’t seen it Child’s Play is about a young boy Andy Barclay played by Alex Vincent who’s been with the series except for Bride and Seed. He gets a good guy who happens to be possessed by known serial killer Charles Lee Ray played by the greatest character actor today Brad Dourif. If you’re not familiar with his work by now, you’ll know him by his voice. The film is amazing with a great storyline directed by Tom Holland who is a master of horror starring and directing in horror it makes you think perhaps it’s the child behind everything only until the big reveal it is the doll and it gets terrifying. To this day I still get creeped out seeing Chucky walk down the hall burnt white milky eyes holding a knife. Now the film boasts a lot of actors. Including Chris Sarandon who was in Fright Night playing the lead character Jerry Danridge and he was also the voice of Jack Skellington in Nightmare Before Christmas.

Speaking of voices that’s the point of this. Watching the episode of Married with Children it was the episode where we see a young Al Bundy the name of the actor was Edan Gross who has starred in a couple of episodes along with a few horror movies and tv shows, but his biggest role would probably be being the voice of the Good Guy dolls. I looked up the name after the movie played to find the name of the actor. I then went to see that his roles on Married with Children ended in 1988 which was the same year Child’s Play came out. So, in the end of the day the iconic voice of the doll from Child’s Play was played by the most iconic tv character I can think of Al Bundy (Young Al Bundy mind you).

MOVIE REVIEW: Cult of Chucky (2017)

MOVIE REVIEW: Cult of Chucky (2017)


Cult of Chucky - on set / Fair use doctrine.1988 was a very awesome year when it came to films, not just horror films, but films in general. Think about it. We were given Beetlejuice, Die Hard, Rain Man, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Big, The Naked Gun, The Great Outdoors, A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 - The Dream Master, Friday The 13th part 7 - The New Blood and, my personal favorite, Halloween 4 - The Return of Michael Myers. 1988 was also the beginning of a new franchise, a new serial killer, and a new beginning to what would be highly welcomed to the circle of favorite slashers. To this day, he is still one of the most notorious, diabolical, 18 inches of serious business to ever hit the silver screen, and his name is Chucky.
Cult of Chucky - Chucky up close / Fair use doctrine.Child's Play may not have been very original when it was first released, but it sure did create some sort of disturbance in the air - especially when Hasbro released the My Buddy doll, which very much resembled the Good Guy doll. The films have been highly enjoyable, some more than others, but that is typical of a franchise that spits out sequels every other year. Don Mancini, the man who created the franchise and has been there for its entirety, brought Chucky back to his original roots with Curse of Chucky in 2013, and it was most definitely one of the better films in the franchise. Curse of Chucky had not only surprises throughout, but it also was a darker throw back to the franchise after that horrible bad taste in the mouth that Mancini threw up with Seed of Chucky. A year after the release of Curse, Mancini tweeted #chucky7 and that was the teaser that surfaced the net stating that he is working on a follow-up to Curse. Well, it's been four years since the last film, and was it worth the wait? Find out below.

Cult of Chucky - The Review

Cult of Chucky ad / Fair use doctrine.It's been four years since Chucky, the notorious killer doll, came back to life in front of our eyes and on our TV screens. and we have all been waiting to see if the sequel would be as good as if not better.
Cult of Chucky - Chucky did it / Fair use doctrine.Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif) has been living in a maximum security facility after being charged with the murders inside her home four years prior. Still believing that she is not crazy and that Chucky did in fact murder her entire family. Dr. Foley (Michael Therriault), who has been treating Nica since she arrived, decides it's time for a fresh start and relocates Nica to a better facility with much more freedom than what she is used to. Moments after her arrival, we are introduced to Michael (Adam Hurtig), Madeleine (Elisabeth Rosen), Claire (Grace Lynn Kung), and Angela (Marina Stephenson Kerr), who tells Nica that Chucky is coming back for her during one of their sessions. Seconds later Dr. Foley introduces a Chucky doll to the circle and shortly thereafter things take a wrong turn, and everyone's favorite foul-mouthed killer doll voiced by (Brad Dourif) again returns and the murders begin in extremely gory ways.
Cult of Chucky - Chucky armed / Fair use doctrine.What makes this film really amazing to watch is that the whole time you're not sure if this is really happening or you're going crazy simply because you're surrounded by padded walls and inmates. Even when the blood flows, and believe me, the blood flows hard, you're still not really sure whether or not you're going crazy or these people are really meeting their horrible demises.
Cult of Chucky - Chucky injured / Fair use doctrine.One of the other high points in this film is the cinematography. It's a gorgeous film from start to finish with amazing camera angles and creative lighting. The whole inside of the institute is pure white, as is the outside, and snow covers the landscapes. Cult of Chucky is one of the best-looking films in the entire franchise. Don Mancini also manages to ante up the surprises, and trust me, there are more than enough to please any die-hard fan of the franchise. Chucky even raises the level of voodoo in a whole new way, and it's not only fun but wild to watch and take in all at the same time.
The film also welcomes back Chucky's very best friend Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent), who has a much bigger role this time around, and let me tell you, it's a warm welcome back. Alex is amazing and also ruthless as hell. Without giving anything away, he has a few tricks up his sleeve, and every time he is seen on screen, it's a treat. The franchise also welcomes back Jennifer Tilly, who is still a piece of violent eye candy with that same voice of a dark angel. Cult of Chucky is fun and a real joy to watch. I can't wait to see where they are going take the franchise next, but I'm sure Mr. Mancini has something great in mind. Congrats to the cult, you've outdone yourself once again!!!
Cult of Chucky arrives on DVD, Blu-ray, and Netflix on October 3, 2017.
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Creeped Out By Dolls, Part 1!

Creeped Out By Dolls, Part 1!

Dolls, Part 1

Creepy Things?
Or the Creepiest Things Ever?

By Tammie Parker

For years now screenplay writers, and producers have been scaring the shit out of us with these wimpy little floppy TERRORS! Yeah, those things made out of porcelain, plastic, wood, or cloth and stuffed with a thousand screams!

Have you heard of Isla de las Munecas - The Island of the Dolls? Such a place actually exists? Oh, yes, and it's just as creepy as you imagine.

Island of Dolls 01

Island of Dolls... Not creepy at all.

The story goes like this:
The caretaker of the floating garden Don Julian Santana Barrera found a little girl drowned. Shortly thereafter, Julian saw a doll floating near the canals. Believing the doll belonged to the little girl, he retrieved it and hung it from a tree as a way of showing respect for and support of the spirit of the girl.

Julian believed he was haunted by the spirit of the girl and started hanging more dolls in an attempt to please her spirit. After 50 years of collecting dolls and hanging them on the island, Julian was found dead, drowned in the same spot where the girl had.

Island of Dolls 02

Island of Dolls - Not even a little creepy.

After Julian’s death in 2001, it has become a tourist attraction where visitors bring more dolls. The island has been featured on many shows now. including one of my favorite shows Ghost Adventures. (Can you hear Zac snapping, "Stop running!" now?)

Ghost Adventures - Island of Dolls

Island of Dolls - Who am I kidding? This is creepy as all get out!

Dolls - Poltergeist - clown doll

Poltergeist - I'm pretty sure the clown doll was behind everything.

Who could forget the freakish clown doll (seriously, why was that even in the house?) in the original Poltergeist! Good Lord, that horrible ear to ear grin on his glass face was enough for me! Then it's going to run and hide under the bed? NOPE! I was done at the point! The whole grabbing him and holding him hostage was completely uncalled for! (LOL) Who else threw out all the dolls in their house at the end of the movie?

While we are on the subject of little boys, did you know there was a boy's doll called My Buddy that's the size of (and dressed similar to) Chucky?

Check out this creepy video!

I remember the doll coming out before the movie, and just finding out  that My Buddy was a partial inspiration for Chucky! Tom Holland told the doll's creator (Kevin Yagher)to make a cross between My Buddy and Raggedy Andy! Here're pictures of all three dolls. What do you think?

Dolls - Raggedy Andy, My Buddy, Good Guy Chucky

How about ventriloquist's dummies, huh? Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! Have you seen the old ones? Have you seen a Howdy Doody? It's very easy to make a horror movie based on those things with their freakish, 'follow you everywhere' eyes. I'd be out of there at the first creak of wood! The movie Dead Silence made my skin crawl, so keep an eye out here. I'm going to do an entire article on that one!

Another freakish doll movie is The Boy (2016) (not to be confused with the 2015 film The Boy). The Boy definitely messes with your head!The boy is actually a doll...or is he? I don't even want to envision the thoughts floating around in writer Stacey Menear's mind.


Dolls - Lorraine Warren and Annabelle

Lorraine Warren and Annabelle

Let's not leave out the girl, though! Which girl? Annabelle, of course! I have to give props to Annabelle for being scary as hell!! The real doll is a Raggedy Ann, but I understand why the producers used a nightmarish porcelain doll for the movie. The porcelain doll's looks alone freak me out just writing about her. HOWEVER, I confess that I was equally as freaked out when I first learned about Annabelle being a Raggedy Ann seeing as how I had a Raggedy Ann and a Raggedy Andy as a child!

The real Annabelle is locked away in Ed and Lorraine Warren's museum -The Warrens' Occult Musuem in Monroe, CT. You may have heard of Ed and Lorraine since they were the first investigators in the Amityville house!! Ed has passed on, but Lorraine still runs the museum and gives tours (certainly on my bucket-list). Getting back to Annabelle, though... If I had her, the first time that doll appeared to be in a different position than I left her, I'd be fully aware from then on out. If the doll was in a different location than where I left her, that would be a wrap, scene, and fin! Her ass would be ripped to shreds and the pieces scattered between every dump and landfill in the tri-statel And if I lived by the sea or a lake, I'd rip her up, burn the pieces, hop in a boat, go 5 miles out if by the sea or the middle of the lake, and dump the ashes.


Which doll do you think is creepiest? Have a doll you'd like to see covered? Let House of Tortured Souls know below!

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