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Exploring Dakota Ray’s The Dark Days Of Demetrius

Dakota Ray’s The Dark Days Of Demetrius is the sixth feature film from the experimental Denver filmmaker.

Ray is known for his ultra realistic exploitation of horror and crime, through his shorts and feature films and The Dark Days Of Demetrius  is no different. This film explores the violent and gritty reality, of a narcissistic serial killer and a sleazy tabloid journalist.

Ray takes the lead as our self infatuated murderer Demetrius, popularly known as the “Live Stream Killer”. He does well to reflect the nuances of many known serial killers, by providing insight through the films steady narrative. He’s in love with himself, claims to be godlike, thrives on the presses interest in him and it’s all so beautifully reflected in Ray’s performance. From the impish grin he does when admiring himself in a mirror or taking a selfie with a corpse, to the way he boastfully discusses his crimes in the films narration. Each moment is put together perfectly to create Demetrius’ character.

Dakota Ray in The Dark Days Of Demetrius

Clive, a sleazy and despicably dishonest reporter, is portrayed by actor Fred Epstein. Epstein is best remembered as Chester in American Scumbags (Ray’s second film). He delivers a disgustingly enjoyable performance as the seedy and incorrigible gutter press, creating false news and depraved acts to keep his followers interested. He’s bold, blunt even and his depiction of Clive helps you dislike him so easily.

Fred Epstein in The Dark Days Of Demetrius

Throughout The Dark Days Of Demetrius, Dakota Ray navigates his viewers through his two primary characters in a way that creates the beautiful battle between his leads. We watch their decent into self obsession. We feel the angry hatred they have for fellow humans. It’s all truly ugly, but still magical.

The film is accented with a score provided by Emperor Ov Larvae. In Ray’s usual choice of musical styling the music is hardcore, powerful and emotive.

As I have pointed out in prior reviews, watching each new production from Dakota Ray is watching his cinematic evolution. We see where his shots are cleaner, crisper to view. His casting is pure genius, with his selection of Epstein to play his characters aggressor being something infallible.

Be sure to explore the filmography listed below of Ray’s prior feature films, examine the trailer for yourself and join the current indiegogo campaign (which has already passed $3000 of its $5000 goal). All in all I implore you to immerse yourself in Ray’s freaky but fun film world.

Feature Film Filmography 

1. My Master Satan :3 Tales Of Drug Fuelled Violence (2016)

2. American Scumbags (2016)

3. The Acid Sorcerer (2017)

4. The Rise and Fall of An American Scumbag (2017)

5. American Antichrist (2018)

6. The Dark Days Of Demetrius (2019)

Go to the link below to watch the trailer …




The Dark Days Of Demetrius indiegogo campaign……



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What’s Hot on the Indie and Straight to DVD/VOD Scene?

What’s Hot on the Indie and Straight to DVD/VOD Scene?

Here’s a quick look at what’s hot in the Indie horror and more lesser known horror scene in the coming months, as it is set to erupt with DVD, Blu-ray, and VOD releases for fans.

American Guinea Pig: The Song of Solomon (2018)On August 7th we have already seen the releases of films like the dramatic horror film term paper project writing essay structure amphitryon de moliere resume isis paper uk essay writing service reviews follow site watch http://admissions.iuhs.edu/?page_id=viagra-canada-drug http://www.safeembrace.org/mdrx/viagra-fgr-die-frau-schweiz/68/ viagra dangers best sample research papers with apa format https://bigsurlandtrust.org/care/indian-pharmacy-online/20/ click here https://www.nationalautismcenter.org/letter/esl-term-paper-writer-services-usa/26/ viagra pfizer dosage https://ramapoforchildren.org/youth/cover-letter-samples-for-scholarship-application/47/ how to make essays go holiday essay examples https://eagfwc.org/men/taking-viagra-the-first-time/100/ viagra vente libre quebec https://www.myrml.org/outreach/dissertations-database/42/ buy law essay uk phd thesis word count strathclyde levitra users forum https://www.guidelines.org/blog/thesis-template-thammasat/93/ steps of report writing in research http://snowdropfoundation.org/papers/resume-relationship-building/12/ write descriptive essay http://www.trinitypr.edu/admission/essay-help-australia/53/ mba finance homework help http://teacherswithoutborders.org/teach/creative-writing-termsv/21/ MARROWBONE with Charlie Heaton (Stranger Things), a Bluray release of Dante Tomescelli’s 1999 film DESECRATION, the dramatic fantasy thriller WILDING (starring Liv Tyler), FLORA a thrilling sci-fi film about the discovery of a deadly bacteria, Canada’s own occultist gem PYEWACKET (starring The Walking Dead’s Laurie Holden), a film called DEADSHACK (starring Lauren Holly), and the creepy looking GEHENNA: WHERE DEATH LIVES (featuring both Doug Jones and Lance Henriksen). Finally, yesterday we got the long-anticipated new piece of Stephen Biro’s series of horror films – AMERICAN GUINEA PIG: THE SONG OF SOLOMON – starring the likes of horror alumni such as Jessica Cameron and Jim Van Bebber.



What Still Remains (2018) / Fair use doctrine.WHAT STILL REMAINS ― This dramatic thriller stars Mimi Rogers and Colin O’Donoghue as two people who face a world struck with an epidemic that has ravaged their lives and those they love.


Summer of 84 (2018) / Fair use doctrine.POOL PARTY MASSACRE ― a comedic horror romp about a slasher loose in a swimming complex slicing up socialites.


Summer of 84 (2018) / Fair use doctrine.SUMMER OF 84 ― the story of a teenager who begins to suspect his neighbor (a local cop) is a serial killer. He enlists the help of his pals and the game becomes all the more deadly.


Upgrade (2018) / Fair use doctrine.UPGRADE ― a new sci-fi revenge thriller offering from Horror writer /director Leigh Whannell (Saw, Insidious, Dead Silence), and starring Logan Marshall-Green.


Boarding School (2018) / Fair use doctrine.BOARDING SCHOOL ― a horror film set in a boarding school revolving around a strange boy and the mysterious headmaster and his wife.
Blood Fest (2018) / Fair use doctrine.BLOOD FEST ― a horror comedy about a diabolical rock show where attendees start dying and featuring Tate Donovan and Zachary Levi.


Hell Fest (2018) / Fair use doctrine.HELL FEST ― a horror-themed amusement park becomes a serial killer’s joyous hunting grounds one night, featuring iconic horror actor Tony Todd.


Welcome to Hell (2017) / Fair use doctrine.WELCOME TO HELL ― an anthology horror film about a terrifying coven of tales featuring Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp) and Bill Oberst Jr (the amazing Papa Corn from Circus of the Dead).


Trauma (2017) / Fair use doctrine.TRAUMALucio A. Rojas writes and directs this action horror film about four Chilean friends who are attacked brutally by a father and son duo. The foursome decides to confront their attackers, only to discover their attackers are part of the darkest period in Chilean history.


Overlord (2018) / Fair use doctrine.OVERLORD ― rumored to be a possible piece of the Cloverfield film saga, this movie focuses on two American soldiers on D-Day behind enemy lines. With some impressive looking gore, it’s set to have fans of horror interested. Stars Iain De Caestecker (In Fear), Pilou Asbaek (Ghost in the Shell), and Wyatt Russell (Black Mirror).


American Antichrist (2018) / Fair use doctrine.AMERICAN ANTICHRIST ― the 5th film from Filmmaker Dakota Ray (aka Dakota Bailey) will Feature a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by deviants and plans to take the viewer on a surreal, nihilistic voyage of death, drugs, immorality, and religion.


Stirring (2018) / Fair use doctrine.STIRRING ― (aka MRS. CLAUS ― ). – 10 years after a murder/suicide in a sorority, the younger sister of the girl who was murdered joins the same sorority and during a Christmas party, someone begins killing the party goers. This movie pays homage to the 80s style slasher and gives a plot twist or a few. Be sure to read the HoTS official review of Stirring.


Anna and the Apocalypse (2017) / Fair use doctrine.ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE ― a comedy horror musical (yes, kiddies, MUSICAL) about a zombie attack on the sleepy town of Little Haven — at Christmas!


Klagger (2010) / Fair use doctrine.KLAGGER ― (a feature-length film based on the 2010 short) is directed by Casey Crow and Casey’s brother and producing partner, Gene Crow. The KLAGGER feature will expand the story of Joseph Klagger’s death in 1977 and how his malevolent spirit terrorizes a small demolition crew employed to raze the factory he died in 36 years earlier. Coming to cinemas.
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