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[Film Review] Escape Room doesn’t let interest escape despite being PG-13

[Film Review] Escape Room doesn’t let interest escape despite being PG-13

When I first saw the trailer for coherent essay custom masters homework topic entrepreneurship pakistan research paper go to link viagra painful professional presentation ghostwriter site gb uq thesis abstract lund university thesis template essay writing tips dissertation title page how to write a concluding paragraph for an essay online essay service go buy custom paper writing cipro jaw pain generic viagra combo don't you have a paper to write free american resume templates digital electronics homework help click here anthropology dissertation levitra discussion forum essay editing how to write in apa formatting essay on memorable moment in my life canyon viagra commercial michigan talent bank resume login Escape Room I was intrigued, excited on the release of the first horror movie of the year. It reminded me of the Cube (1997) but with a bigger budget and over the top fx including the deaths such as the predecessors Saw, Hostel, Battle Royale, Belko Experiment where we need to see all of the above to satisfy our blood thirsty pallet. However, when walking into the theater I saw the kiss of death for a horror movie “PG-13” I was already writing my negative review for the film in my head. The film was actually, great! Hear me out on this because hopefully you’ll give the movie a chance which it deserves despite maybe a few minor things I wish were changed. Like Saw and Cube, Escape room has puzzles that need to be solved or suffer the consequences of death. Escape Room opens up with one of the characters (BEN) played by (LOGAN MILLER) falling through the roof trying to solve a puzzle in what appears to be a study room. The sound of the score shows us that the film is starting off intense and it doesn’t let down with a good storyline to boot. The film starts off by introducing the characters Deborah Ann Woll, Taylor Russell, Logan Miller, Tyler Labine, Adam Robitel, Nik Donai, Jay Ellis, Jessica Sutton, Jamie Lee Money whereas the official plot of the film is as follows: Six strangers find themselves in circumstances beyond their control and must use their wits to survive. The film introduces us a different room representing the person’s personal drama where as the first room “The Hot room” showcasing Deborah’s character about a fear for being burned. Which is interesting because the rooms showcase their greatest fears that helped them escape and now, we have to wonder are they to survive again. What kept me going aside from the story was there was no need for romance or even too much comedy. There is some but not a whole lot in the film to make up for the gore and violence since it’s pg-13, including making any of the female characters as sex appeal. The actors and actresses did a great job portraying real people with severe issues of PTSD that they are reminded in every room. Now don’t get me wrong the movie is violent but not over the top where it comes off silly or even as “torture porn” it showcases great scenes which left me satisfied. Yet, like always let’s discuss the bad. The film does have an interesting ending where we learn the true nature of the beast on why and kind of who is behind this. Which is great and all for some closure, but the big reveal sets up a possible franchise but at the same time deludes the film where it’s kind of loses its charm? Overall, it’s something I can forgive if they keep the momentum of the first film going forward and maybe change the reveal a little more. So, over all the film is very much worth seeing, worth owning or worth renting. It’s the first film of 2019 and it looks like it’s going to be a good year for horror.

Trailer review: Escape Room is the big budget version of Cube

Trailer review: Escape Room is the big budget version of Cube

Well it was bound to happen. A horror movie about Escape rooms. Sure, Saw (2004) and Cube (1997) might be the most legendary horror movies to feature the subject. Spawning sequels and even a Saw theme escape room in Vegas, but there hasn’t been a film quite like this. Escape room is the new film coming soon in January to be. The film plot is simple but will eventually reveal the secrets behind everything shortly: Six strangers find themselves in circumstances beyond their control and must use their wits to survive. Now on paper this doesn’t really sound convincing or even worth a watch. However, while watching the trailer I am more than excited to see a movie that’s not only going to take place in a room or just one death trap, this movie has a wide range of traps, puzzles, clues and environments that would make any horror fan intrigue. There’s no rating for the movie yet, but I’m hoping for a Rated R and not just for language. A movie like this let’s pull all the stops because most likely this could be an interesting franchise. Plus, it has some great stars like Deborah Ann Woll who you’ll remember from True blood (2008-2014) and Tyler Labine Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010) So let’s recap a movie about escape rooms where every item is a clue and every item could lead to their ultimate demise. Six strangers connected, and this is their “Hell” no time limit but no time to waste since the room will kill them with no second thought in a clever way. This is a big deal since next year we are getting a lot of great horror movies and what better way to start the new year than with a horror movie! Jan 2019 get ready to solve the puzzle of Escape Room.


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NOW OPEN – The Official SAW Escape Room, Las Vegas, NV

NOW OPEN – The Official SAW Escape Room, Las Vegas, NV

On January 26, 2018, The Official SAW Escape Room opened in Las Vegas, NV, on the heels of the release of Jigsaw on Blu-ray and DVD on January 23, 2018.

According to the official site,

The Official SAW Escape is an immersive, multi-room (progressive) escape experience that brings to life twisted games inspired by the blockbuster SAW film franchise. Guests enter the historic Egan & Co. Meat Packing plant for an after hours tour, only to find they are players in an elaborate game devised by the infamous Jigsaw killer and his disciples. By working together to combat their fears, venture far out of their comfort zones, and solve intricate puzzles, guests will have the opportunity to win their freedom as they traverse the twists and turns of an entire factory of Jigsaw’s games – one of the largest escape experiences in the world.

For those a bit worried about it all, they go on to point out that safety is a priority:

**Please note: While the Official SAW Escape is designed to be an intense escape experience, it is only a simulation. Safety is a priority for us, and the Official SAW Escape is not intended to cause physical harm.

That sounds like a lot of fun, and I would love to get an opportunity to attend.

About Saw Escape Room

The Official SAW Escape Room

But The Official SAW Escape Room isn’t just for friends heading to Vegas for the weekend, it’s also a great option for birthday parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, and team building exercises. Just take a look:

Have a birthday coming up? We host the most exciting birthday parties in town! Enjoy discounted rates for your whole group and rent out our party room for food and celebrations after your game.
If you’re looking for an experience your bridal party will never forget, you’ve come to the right place! Enjoy discounted rates for your whole group and rent out our party room for food and celebrations after your game.
Escape rooms are exceptional team building activities for employees, students, and volunteers. Bring your team in today to increase productivity, problem solving skills, communication, motivation, and team work in a fun and exciting environment that the whole team will enjoy!

If you have inquiries, you can contact them by phone at 702-333-0770, email, or via the official website below.

Have you been? Let House of Tortured Souls know what you thought of The Official SAW Escape Room in the comments.

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