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DOOM ETERNAL: A Look Into the Future

DOOM ETERNAL: A Look Into the Future

Everyone in the gaming industry and gamers across the globe have been awaiting the arrival of the go here theoretical framework paper viagra paxil sources of literature review in research how to write ending short story go site finasteride 5 mg prices thesis binding uwo gre awa essay length scuba diving research papers case study research design methods how to write a paper presentation conclusion essay english how to write a resume for recent college graduate phd thesis chapter headings how much does viagra cost with a prescription dissertation motivation tips viagra echeck accepted search free resume community service essay doral how does cialis help ed solar energy thesis paper viagra for sale perth w a whats in herbal viagra here go site go to site DOOM ETERNAL. This will be the sequel to the award-winning and best selling DOOM (2016). The game sadly isn’t slated for release until 12/31/19. Yet still, how’s that for a New Year’s Eve party?!? Fuck Ryan Seacrest, I’m playin’ DOOM ETERNAL!!

The folks at ID Software are back in with the development with of the upcoming game and will be published by Bethesda Softworks. The game that has influenced so many others over the years promises to pack a punch with new weapons, new creatures and of course new bosses. All of which I’m sure will be and from what I’ve seen, will be all over the top!

Doom Eternal also welcomes back, composer/sound designer, Mick Gordon whose sound effects and soundtrack really help bring the game to life! Mick’s work can also be found on such games as Dead Space 3, Medal of Honor “Warfighter”, a few of the Wolfenstein games, and Need for Speed World just to name a few. It is truly amazing the added touches that Mick Gordon adds to these games. So that alone really is something to look forward to with the release.

I grew up playing the DOOM games from back in the day on my original PlayStation. Of course, back then the graphics were, at best, like playing Minecraft (which I fucking hate). It wasn’t so much the graphics back then. Let’s face it – they all sucked. It was the game itself! What I mean is that when I first saw a burning pentagram in a video game, I knew I was going to be a fan!

As technology advanced through the years, so did the graphics on the game, and from what I’m seeing, they are on top of it because the imagery looks fucking sick!

The creators have said DOOM ETERNAL has got something for everyone. The older fans will appreciate that they’ve kept the gameplay the same (first person shooter), as will the younger generation of gamer, but they’ll also be digging the killer graphics. You play as the Doom Slayer and go through what looks like the future from The Terminator, i.e. the aftermath of an intense war, all around you is laid waste, and your mission is to kill and destroy EVERYTHING!

Have a peek!

DOOM ETERNAL will be released for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One and costs $59.99 retail. DOOM ETERNAL is available for pre-order through GAMESTOP.COM.
Be sure to check back as I’ll keep you updated on any changes and will definitely be publishing a game review once it is released!

Keep it Evil…

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By Nick Durham

As one of the apparently few owners of a Wii-U on the FUCKING PLANET, any time I see a horror title on Nintendo's downloadable e-shop, I end up downloading it. The Letter, Molly Maggot, Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water...I fall for it every fucking time. And you know what? I end up hating myself almost immediately after I play it. Some shit never changes. Chasing Dead really isn't any different either in all honesty, although it winds up being better than all those aforementioned games (except for Fatal Frame) , but it still ends up being a bit of a mess.

Chasing Dead is a first person shooter where you play as a cyborg-ish dude named Jake, and you're tasked with mowing down shitloads of zombies. Along the way you get some help from an assistant named Luna (who is filmed in live action, which kind of makes this feel like a Sega CD game from fucking 1993) and there's a super confusing plot involving multiple earths and other ridiculous shit that really has no place in a zombie FPS, but I digress.

The game itself looks like...well, it's kind of hard to describe. There's moments where Chasing Dead looks pretty good...and then it gets choppier than shit due to its piss-poor frame rate. Sometimes during gameplay things appear to be going pretty smooth, and then if anything gets frantic, forget about it. The frame rate drops and the character models glitch, and it doesn't take long for the whole thing to become a mess. The shooting mechanics aren't too bad, but the controls are slightly delayed, so it doesn't really help matters at all.

While playing through Chasing Dead, I felt as if a decent chunk of this game just comes off as unfinished, and it turns out I wasn't totally wrong on that either. In addition to being released on the Wii-U, the game was also released on Steam for the PC, with it's original price of 25 bucks dropped to 10. This was due to those behind the game admitting that the finished product isn't exactly...well, finished. Apparently they're going to be tinkering with it more down the line, but honestly I can't imagine this game becoming any better. After all, you put as much lipstick on a turd as you want to, but it doesn't change the fact that it's still a turd.

So yeah, you'll definitely play worse games than Chasing Dead, but you'll play far, far better ones too. It's an unfinished and fairly uninteresting and uninspired zombie shooter, and you're better off spending your cash elsewhere. If you're a Wii-U owner looking for a new horror game to sink your teeth into...well, I guess you're still stuck with your copy of ZombiU from 2012.

Rating: 2/5


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By John Roisland

I was in my late teens, maybe even my early 20's when a buddy of mine lends me a game to take home to  play on my playstation, a game that would change my life forever, a game called DOOM!

Growing up, I really wasn't much into RPG games, and platform style games were to boring and kinda cheesy looking. Now, Doom was a first person shoot, my favorite, and were the graphics in it great? Hell no, but none of the games then had good graphics, or not compared to the stuff people are playing today.

Doom was brutal, bloody, dark and I loved it! Where the hell else could you play a game and find bloody pentagrams and 666 written on walls? The game play wasn't bad, and the bosses were pretty damn hard to kill. Upon starting the game, you could choose your difficulty level, and I tell you what, if I choose the hardest setting, I wouldn't last a minute of game play, it was totally insane!  Over the years, a few Doom title games were released, graphics got better, as did the game play.

Well, due out in May of 2016 DOOM is being brought back by id software, the same folks who originally gave us this little ball of joy. 

Now as I've mentioned in other reviews I've done, I don't get to play nearly as much as I would like to anymore. I was never really a gamer, but I knew what I liked. And this looks fucking amazing! The graphics look incredible and from what I have seen, it looks brutal as hell!!! There have only been a few titles over the last few years that I actually have ponied up the cash for, and this might very well be one of them.

In Doom, game play moves fairly fast, I just hope that that wont shorten the game as well. But alas, another first person shooter! To me, there isn't anything better than playing a game where you are looking down the barrel of a gun, and blowing someone's head off....always a good time to me! GTA can suck it, give me a good shooter any day!

Keep your eyes out for this one, coming to us in May. I know I will be! 


Keep It Evil.




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