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HoTS Exclusive On The Elvira Funko Pop Mess

HoTS Exclusive On The Elvira Funko Pop Mess

Spooky EmpireFor those who attended Spooky Empire Con this past weekend (review of the show itself is coming tomorrow), there are two words that will make your blood curl. Elvira Pop.  By now, there are thousands of versions of what happened.  So what really did happen?  As strange as this sounds from an eye witness, I don’t think any one really knows.  Here is what we do know.  On October 15th, eleven days before the show, Spooky Empire and Elvira made an announcement that there would be an exclusive Halloween variant of her Funko Pop exclusively at the show.

Spooky Empre

I arrived at Noon on Friday and got in to the building at 2:30.  When I got inside, the line for the Elvira Pop looked like the outside of a Best Buy at 3 AM on a Black Friday.  There were fans who had allegedly camped out the night before to ensure their place in line.  The staff and volunteers announced they would begin selling the Pop at 4 PM.  This didn’t make a lot of sense because Elvira was scheduled for a costume photo op at 5:30 and I was told she would not be signing on Friday.  On a side note, the Pop line and the photo op line for Elvira nearly blended into each other and made for a giant mass of people in the hallway.  What happened next is where this gets really strange.

A little after 6 PM (maybe it was closer to 7, the day ran together on me and you will understand why), there was an announcement made by the staff that the Pops had not arrived in the building.  They “might” be there by 11 PM.  The Saturday allotment would also be delayed because they were stuck in Chicago.  From what I gathered from several people in line, they announced they would be selling the pop in the form of a ticket and the ticket would get you the pop.

Please note, this is hearsay, as I was in the photo op line for 80% of Friday night (not kidding).  They also announced that they were only selling X amount for Friday.  That meant several hundred people who had been spending hours (8 plus from several sources) in line would not be able to buy their pop.  This of course angered a LOT of people.   Things got physical allegedly and a mob mentality formed.  Apparently some Pops did arrive and be collected on Friday.  The whole issue was such a mess, Elvira herself (as her alter ego, Cassandra Peterson) addressed the issue on her social media.

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

I did confirm that there are/were several of the Pops signed and unsigned going on eBay for several hundreds.  Is that illegal?  No, not exactly.  These re-sellers were able to find a loophole by buying the limit and then having their children wait in line too so they could buy the limit.  Do I agree with them?  I don’t, but it will happen no matter what.  This is what will always happen when an exclusive anything goes on sale somewhere.

Clint NarramoreQuietly, a final shipment did arrive on Sunday and the fans who were at the show were able to buy them and were limited to two until the shipment ran out.  Elvira did sign these (as included in the price).  The signed pop did not include her personalizing each one (and that is OK, because there were 400 people with one).  It was a giant mess all the way around for this exclusive Pop, limited to 1500.

So, who’s to blame?  That list is longer than the suspect list in 1963 of who killed President Kennedy.  There is so much blame here, I think almost all parties involved can share equal parts.  To her credit, Elvira/Cassandra is the ONLY one who addressed the issue.  To date, Spooky Empire, Funko or the company that failed to get the delivery on time have all been silent and I do not think that will change.

On social media, more than one person put out that Spooky Empire staff members were rude about the incident and told fans, they knew the risk when they came to the show.  Assuming this was in fact said, is there truth to there being a risk?  Of course.  Was that the most diplomatic way to handle this situation?  No.  A lot of people look bad.  There were memes and jokes over the weekend making fun of the situation.

This makes Elvira look bad as well.  But voicing my opinion from what I saw, I think she is the only one who does not need to take blame on this.  Elvira was not in charge of delivery or distribution.  Elvira agreed to have her likeness used and agreed to sign each on as a part of the price tag.  She could not pre-sign what did not arrive.  She was also the only one in this mess to address it instead of waiting for it to go away.

Now I know it is easy for me to sit here and write this after the fact.  Someone asked me how I would have handled this.  Spooky Empire HAD to know that this was going to get ugly.  If not, someone is asleep at the wheel.  I walked in on Friday, saw the line and immediately decided I was not going to wait in it.  I knew there were hundreds of people and most of them were going to take the max.  Here is what I think SHOULD have happened.

Spooky Empire and Funko knew how many Pops were allotted for Friday.  They should have had tickets and given that many tickets when the line formed.  There should have been 1-3 people who’s job it was to hand out tickets.  When the tickets were gone, CAP THE LINE!  That hall was a fire hazard ready to happen.  That line would have not only been capped, but they could have told ticket holders when they could pick up the Pops.  How do I know this would have worked?  Ask any con who has a major celeb come in for signing.

HorrorHound is a perfect example.  They had tickets with times on them for Robert Englund and Bruce Campbell autograph sessions.  When they were out of tickets, the line was capped.  The fan is then responsible for holding his/her ticket(s).  When they get to the front, they turn in their ticket and money for the (in this case) Pop.  Would people have been upset?  Of course.    Would they have avoided the cops being called?  Yes.  Would they have had people stand in line for 8 plus hours, only to receive grief?  No.  Funko could have communicated better with Spooky on the delivery and the delivery could have been made on time.  BUT, had those last two things have happened, you still have a giant mess.  Two fans took to YouTube to explain what they experienced.

All in all, this was a failed experiment.  It was easy for people to blame Elvira, when in the end the blame goes much further.  Her only involvement other than putting her signature on the Pop was using her likeness.  People will argue that she made her money.  Sure, she probably did, but at the same time had nothing to do with the mess that ensued.  The delivery company dropped the ball on making a timely delivery.  But at the end of the day, the execution of getting the Pops to the fans falls on Spooky Empire and for that they have to take their lumps.

Overall Grade on the Elvira Funko Situation: F

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Winner – Funko Pop Leatherface Autographed by John “Grandpa” Dugan

Winner – Funko Pop Leatherface Autographed by John “Grandpa” Dugan

We Have A Winner!

House of Tortured Souls would like to congratulate YouTube subscriber JackChap1, the lucky winner of our contest. Up for grabs was a Leatherface Funko Pop autographed by Grandpa himself, John Dugan, who was kind enough to record this contest announcement for us:

Watch the winning announcement below:

House of Tortured Souls wants to thank all of our subscribers. Keep spreading the good horror word, and keep your eyes out for more fun contests and awesome videos.

JackChap1 - Winner Funko Pop Leatherface Autographed by John "Grandpa" Dugan

Congratulations, JackChap1!

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By John Roisland

Cassandra Peterson as Elvira / Fair use doctrine.

It's hard to believe it has been 35 years since a lovely redheaded woman entered the entertainment world and changed everything as we knew it - especially the horror industry - by introducing to us her character better known as Elvira Mistress of the Dark!
Elvira has been loved, seen, and adored by millions for over three decades now. From low-budget horror flicks to starring in her own films, Elvira's character brings to the world a bubbly bombshell whose quirky one liners and curvaceous body sky rocketed her to instant notoriety in the horror realm and later in the entertainment industry as a whole. She been photographed more times than anyone probably even knows. Day and night, 12 months a year, blood sweat and tears Cassandra worked her character to the point where she became an icon. I think it is safe to say she has graced us with a character who has become the Queen of Horror.

And with that being said, I can't think of any better time of year than the autumn or Halloween season for Funko Pop to announce their Elvira doll. The doll will stand 3-3/4 inches tall and will be displayed in a window box that matches the other Funko Pop vinyl dolls. This is a must for any serious collector of either Elvira or the horror genre. I, for one, am a collector, and I'll definitely be adding this one whether it goes on my shelf, my desk, or even glued to the dashboard of my car... I will have it!!

Funko Pop Elvira / Fair use doctrine.

And the fun doesn't stop there, Elvira is also releasing a photo album containing over 300 pictures, many of which have never even been seen by the public eye yet. Having seen some images that are included in the book, I was very pleased to say that there was actually a picture of Cassandra. A very lovely, beautifully smiled ,sparkling blue eyed Cassandra Peterson. I thought there was a nice touch to include her in Elvira's world... after all, without one where would the other one be. The book, entitled Elvira Mistress of the Dark, was released October 5th. I would definitely say grab it quickly as I have a feeling this one's going to be moving fast.

Cassandra and Elvira, you’ve earned it!

Cassandra Peterson as Elvira / Fair use doctrine.

Having had the opportunity to have met both Cassandra Peterson and Elvira at Spooky Empire Horror Convention in Orlando, FL, some few years ago, I can honestly say that yes, i would be happy to give her my money. Both ladies were a true pleasure to meet, some have said opposite. I say when the lady has worked so hard for so long (and has dealt with certain types because of her appearance), she has the right to a bad day.

Keep It Evil...

My 3 Months with Horror Block

My 3 Months with Horror Block

By Kevin Belyski

Let me first start by saying that this is in no way a sponsored review. I did not receive a free subscription for the purpose of giving a biased opinion on Nerd Block or Horror Block. I was not, and have not been in contact with them in regards to this review, and this and all of my reviews are impartial. I did not contact them in hopes of getting free stuff for a favorable or prejudiced opinion of this service… So this is my honest opinion. With all that being said, if they wanted to send me free stuff in the future (hint hint) they have my info.

Horror Block_Front Page

This is a relatively new concept (launched in 2013), but a lotta companies are doing these subscription boxes, and it was my birthday so I got myself a little something. According to the Nerd Block web site it works like this: "Horror Block contains licensed merchandise, hand-picked by our team of uber-nerds representing all genres from movies, television, video games, Internet, and more! Each item is carefully selected and put through a series of in-house testing based on quality, brand association, collectibility, and most important – fun factor. Working with some of the biggest brands in the business, Horror Block not only delivers on value but also rewards members with exclusive items found nowhere else! At Horror Block we live by our motto: geek tested, nerd approved.."

It’s a great little monthly box of surprises, and they tease you with a hint at what is in next month’s box to add to the anticipation. You can suspend your subscription and reactivate when you want, to skip a month. They send you emails to let you know when it’s on the way. It’s 20 bucks a month plus 5 for shipping, and if you do some looking around you can get coupon codes to save 15 or 20 percent off the total. You get an exclusive t-shirt and some cool collectibles, which they say is a $60 value.


My only real concern was that I’m not the kind of guy who will just wear a shirt with something I don’t know about or like. I was really hoping I wasn’t going to get an It Follows or “Annabelle” t-shirt. Maybe it was luck, but the first month’s shirt was a classic, Bella Lugosi as Dracula. Along with that I got an issue of Rue Morgue magazine, a Twilight Zone mystic seer for the car’s dashboard, and a white cleaning cloth splattered with blood (I use as a burp rag for my baby daughter). Also in the box was an autographed print of Addy Miller from her role as little girl zombie from the first episode of The Walking Dead, and a David Hasselhoff bobble head from Sharknado.

I thought, not bad… I wouldn’t have bought half of this dust collecting crap, but if you consider a shirt for $25, the rest is sorta free crap, and something new to put on my desk at work.

The second month’s box was better than the first, but when I first opened it, I had mixed feelings. I see the shirt, and it’s red (not my favorite, but I’ve been told I do look good in red) and then I realize it’s a Wes Craven tribute shirt. Freddy and Ghostface, Hess from Last House, Serpent and the Rainbow, Shocker and People Under the Stairs all represented… F’n awesome! Another issue of Rue Morgue magazine, a Daryl Dixon Funko Pop keychain, and a zombie hula girl dashboard ornament (on the work desk). And a cute little Freddy Kruger plush doll (it seems my daughter gets something every month too). To top it off there is an awesome print of Godzilla Vs. Cthulhu by artist Paul Hanley. Very cool.


The last of my three month subscription boxes had the hint that it would have merchandise from Stephen King’s classic Carrie. I was hoping it wasn’t the shirt, and it turned out to be a bookmark featuring a film cell of Sissy Spacek covered in blood. The shirt was John Carpenter’s They Live! F’n awesome again! A neat little meat cleaver key chain, a book from Rue Morgue on the history of horror comics, a baby dolls head, and a gravestone phone holder (for the desk).

So, all in all, I think it was worth it and I would highly recommend the Horror Block for anyone with money to burn and who wants more knick knacks taking up space at home. I found it was a good bargain considering I needed some new shirts and each one came with some toys and fun little surprises. Like I said, if I had gotten a M. Night Shyamalan t-shirt I probably would have been less enthused, if not flat out mad. But if you saw my face when I opened that box, unfolded the shirt and read OBEY or laid my eyes on the Craven tribute shirt, you would know the joy of the Horror Block! Yes, some of it is junk I never would have spent money on, but the shirts more than made up for that.

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By John Roisland

Funko, created in 1998 by Mike Becker, was an idea conceived to bring nostalgic themed toys back to an era of never ending electronics! My focus in this review is the Fukno POP line. It seems if you walk into any toy store, book/magazine shop - and especially a comic book store - you are bound to find these little guys! From Disney to Marvel and Dragonball Z to Jay and Silent Bob, Funko POP figures are everywhere! The list is endless - hell, there are characters I've never even heard of!

For our beloved HORROR...I must say it's a pretty impressive display. Ranging from classic horror, such as Nosferatu, The Wolfman and The Munsters just to name a few, to more mainstream horror icons, such as Captain Spaulding, Michael Myers, and (let us not forget my favorite) Leatherface! And again the lists goes on....and on, and they seem to add new ones every time you turn around.

Each character comes in a nice window box that stands about 7 inches tall. The figures alone, stand about 5 inches tall and are adorable! Yes, I said adorable! The reason I say this is because I can picture any young girl playing with any of these little characters at her tea party. They are not scary, nor are the meant to be. The detail of the characters, while they may not be as realistic as a da Vinci, is such that you know exactly who they are as soon as you see them. Without a doubt. They all have short bodies and large heads, and they almost have a cartoonish feel too them.

These figures have been a huge success with fans and toy collectors of all ages and lovers of all genres. Personally speaking, we have 11 in our collection, with about 75 more on our wish list. My personal favorites are The Bride of Frankenstein and Jason Voorhees! And what's on the top of my wish list? The new Pinhead of course! With an average price of $11.99 - $14.99, how can anyone pass it by!?


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