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That Night (2019 Movie Review)—House Of Tortured Souls

That Night (2019 Movie Review)—House Of Tortured Souls

I have been looking forward on reviewing anything Jenn Nangle has been working on lately and this specific short film That Night that I had the privilege to view early did not disappoint. After watching twice it left me with my jaw dropped open, you can tell every ounce of her being was dedicated to this short.

The cast was amazing, everything about their characters were believable considering the circumstances on what was going on in the film. Jenn Nangle, Garrett Lee, Amanda Cano, and Raymond Williams make up the cast in this short, with a small appearance from Charles Chudabala

Jenn Nangle and Garrett Lee are our main couple and stars of this short film, their chemistry together was very believable and you can tell right off the bat that something was not right in their relationship, like any couples in life experience which is what made it so relatable. They played off each well and it was very balanced. The couple heads over to a friends and you can tell there were some tension in how the night was winding down.

Amanda Cano and Raymond Williams are outstanding as the deranged couple and their whole performance was just brilliant. This short stuck with me and had me in awe with the plot and the amazing cast.

 Jenn is incredible, amazing and a woman full of many talents and I am personally looking forward to what else she has up her sleeve not only for this year but in many more to come. 

Check the trailer out below and make sure to catch the short film on January 31st, you truly do not want to miss it. ⬇️⬇️

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That Night (Trailer Release)— House Of Tortured Souls

That Night (Trailer Release)— House Of Tortured Souls


Los Angeles, CA, January 2019: Here is a first look at “That Night” – a horror short film releasing on January 31, 2019 (Just in time for Women in Horror Month). This story features two couples that meet for the first time and as the night progresses, one set becomes the prey and the other, the predator.

Based on True Events, the film stars: Jennifer Nangle, Amanda Cano, Garrett Lee, and Raymond Vinsik Williams. Featuring performances from Charles Chudabala, Jeffery Potts, Carson Lambing, and Nikki Vizcaino.

The film was directed and edited by Joseph R. Davis and Brian Gerson. Written by Jennifer Nangle and Garrett Lee with story by Jennifer Nangle. The film score was composed by Rocky Gray and Special Effects were done by Chronix EFX. The film was shot by Jason Peguero.

Produced by:Jennifer Nangle.            

Executive Produced by: RobertOldhcdudeCortez, Ryan T. Cusick, Joseph R. Davis, Brian Gerson, Linda Loera, and Patricia J. Dangle

Associated Produced by: Alex T. Hwang, RodShorteVizcaina, and Nikki Vizcaino.

“That Night” is a ProCo Production Company, Queen Scream, and Chronix EFX Production

Check out the trailer here ⬇️⬇️

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