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Why The Stanley Hotel Is on Every Horror Fan’s Bucket List

Why The Stanley Hotel Is on Every Horror Fan’s Bucket List

By Tammie Parker

The Stanleys

Freelan Oscar Stanley had a twin brother, Francis Edgar, and together they had a few successful businesses. F.O. went on the invent Stanley Steamer.  By doctor's orders, F.O. and his wife Flora (WHAT THE F IS UP WITH THESE F NAMES???) traveled west to cure him. He had tuberculosis and was losing weight rapidly. The 'great frontier' had clean air, literally, since overcrowded cities had sick just floating around hopping from to victim to victim.

Stanley Hotel -fostanley+wife-automoble

F.O. and Flora Stanley

Birth of the Hotel

F.O. loved the area and healed completely eventually living to be 91 years old. He would return to the area every summer, and it soon dawned on him the potential to create a luxury hotel out in the middle of nowhere where guest could experience the frontier out the window of their post hotel room or from one of Stanley's automobiles. The hotel was a complete success.

Stanley Hotel -old

Freelan and Flora (hey, what happens when you say that 3 times in the mirror?) enjoyed running the hotel so much that they still do 😉

Birth of The Overlook

In the winter of 1973 (That was an awesome winter. I was born that December.), young Stephen King and his wife BEGGED to stay there the night ALONE. They stayed in the famous 217. It took just one night for the hotel to inspire Stephen to write his best seller The Shining.  Stanley (ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? His name is Stanley??) Kubrick would then turn that novel into a silver scene nightmare in 1980.

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The hotel has become tourist attraction for the heebie jeebies!

You can take a ghost tour of the hotel for $25 a person. Call 970-577-4111 or go to for booking information.

Stanley Hotel -room217

Room 217

To stay in one of the haunted rooms call 1-800-976-1377. Although guests have reported experience in every single room, the most popular room being 217.  In 1911 a chambermaid was stuck by lightning in the room. She did not die, and was given a job there for the rest of her life now the room has been a hot spot for activity. During filming of Dumb and Dumber, Jim Carrey was supposed to spend the night in the room Stephen King stayed in, but Carrey ran out after an hour. The famous room even appeared in the video game Life is Strange.

Stanley Hotel -lifeisstrangevideogame

Don't bother unpacking - it's said that is the chambermaid's favorite past-time.

Stanley Hotel -murderbydeathband

Murder By Death Music Festival

In October, they have The Shining Ball. Attendees dorn ball attire, or creative costumes for the ball and costume contest.

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Also in October is the Writers Retreat - a pretty good idea since it worked so well for Mr. King! The hotel is in a nice spot to be guaranteed quiet time (can't promise the ghost will let you enjoy peace for very long, though.)

The Stanley Hotel has become The Place for horror lovers to get married. Can you think of a better hotel?!? OMG I need lots of red(rum) flowers!

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All of the famous ghost seekers have come here to capture their own experiences. Ghost Hunters has investigated 9 times!

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Ghost Adventures has investigated the haunt as well.

Stanley Hotel -ghostadventures-hall

Here's an entire 44 minute episode of a ghost hunt inside the hotel:

The hotel was granted $46 millions back in 2014. It is for film center, gym and wellness center, amphitheater. They plan to open an $8 million Pavilion Events Center with 18,000 square feet of conference space and a 250-seat indoor-outdoor amphitheater in September! Guaranteed to draw in a huge crowd!


Local Haunts: Anchorage Alaska

By Margeaux DeMott

Anchorage, Alaska


Anchorage is Alaska’s largest city. It was first settled in 1914 and was incorporated on November 23rd, 1920. While doing research for this article I noticed that there was four different haunted schools. Two of which are middle schools. What’s going on in your schools Anchorage? (Clark Middle School, Hanshew Middle School, West High School, UAA.)


Historic Anchorage Hotel


Standing in the heart of downtown Anchorage is the only hotel in the city that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places: the Historic Anchorage Hotel. Located on the corner of 3rd Avenue and E Street, the hotel was built in 1936 while Anchorage was still very young. For many years the hotel was the city’s primary meeting place and was the only place you could have a meal served on fine china with linen and silver.  The ghost sightings in the hotel are so frequent that the hotel keeps a ghost log. Guests are encouraged to write their ghostly encounters inside the log book.



The most notorious ghost that haunts the Historic Anchorage Hotel is that of the city’s first police chief. Police Chief John J. Sturgus was murdered on February 20th 1921 at 9:15 p.m. by a gunshot wound to his back. To make the murder more of an awful scoundrel, the bullet had come from Sturgus’ own gun. His body was found merely steps away from the hotel. To this day the murderer is still unknown. He is seen walking around the hotel, possibly searching for his killer.

Another notable ghost is a woman in waiting type. She is seen in her wedding dress while wandering the hall ways. It is said that she is seen in her wedding dress because that is the clothing she was wearing when she hung herself. Her fiancé had hit it rich through the gold rush and left her on their wedding day.

On the second floor hall the ghost of a young girl is often seen wandering the hall. In rooms 214 and 217 the televisions turn on and off seemingly by themselves. The tubs and sinks also have a tendency to run without living intervention. Staff often hears footsteps coming down the stairs and through hall ways when no one else is around. There has also been reports of a male apparition walking past the stairs on occasion. Guests have complained of hearing children playing loudly in the halls, even when no children were in the hotel at the time. Some guests have witnessed pictures flying off the walls and figures or faces appearing in the hallways.


Dimond Center


The Dimond Center is a 728,000 square foot shopping mall. Located on the southwest corner of East Dimond Boulevard and the Old Seward Highway; it boasts over 200 stores and includes a six-story office tower at its southeast corner. There’s also an arcade, bowling alley, health club, ice skating rink, food court, and a nine screen Regal Cinemas theater. The Dimond Center was opened in 1977. It is rumored that when the mall was being built the construction workers dug up bones. These bones are believed to be those of Native Americans from a long time ago. Since bones were very old and there wasn’t a lot of them so construction continued as usual; allegedly. However, there is one confirmed death on the site. On May 20th 1991 a refrigerant leak resulted in the death of the skating rink’s assistant manager, 33 others were injured and six had to be hospitalized.



Many of the ghosts that are seen in the Dimond Center are wearing Native American garb. They often visit people when they are alone in the bathrooms and small hall ways. The three human ghosts that are seen include a tall man, an old woman, and a child. Some people have also seen wolves roaming the halls. There is a store (I couldn’t find which one it is) that is inhabited by a dark shadow. The people who have seen the dark shadow have also noted an intense feeling of fear set on when they saw the shadow. The people who did not immediately flee from the store were met with either a pinch or loud hissing in their ears.


UAA Wendy Williamson Theater


The Wendy Williamson Theater seats 910 guests and is located in the center of the west campus at the University of Alaska Anchorage. The theater gets its name from John Wendell Wendy Williamson, a professional musician and professor of music. The theater hosts a variety of events, as well as a variety of ghosts.



Many ghosts call this stage home. There is a woman wearing white that appears hovering on the stage and people believe that she was once a performer. A shadowy man shows up back stage leaning and seems to be listening to the shows that are hosted there. Some have seen props fly off tables, shadows moving on the stage, and even shattering stage lights. In the woman’s dressing room the bathroom faucets turn on and off, and on three different occasions women trying to come out of the handicap bathroom had the door slammed back in their face. In the lobby there is a ghostly man that plays the piano, some people believe this to be the ghost of Wendy Williamson.

There is a violent ghost that takes up residence here. It is a ghost of a man with a serious grudge against brunette women. He has pushed brunette women down the lobby stairs and has even pulled hair in the lobby itself.


Ship Creek


Ship Creek is an Alaskan river that flows from the Chugach Mountains into the Cook Inlet. It is a favorite local fishing and shorebird viewing area.



There is only one ghost that haunts Ship Creek and that is the ghost of a Native Alaskan woman named Marie. In 1987 Marie was brutally raped and murdered along the creek. She now appears walking along the creek and has been seen anywhere from the old ANS hospital and the old Alaska railroad terminal. Most of the reports come from the local homeless community. They say that she warns them of the dangers of being in the area and urges them to leave immediately.


Courtyard by Marriot


This Courtyard by Marriot is located a little over a mile away from the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport and is roughly three miles away from downtown Anchorage. You might be saying to yourself What? A Marriot can’t be haunted. It’s a new hotel. Well, you’re wrong.



The room 201 is haunted by a man. The man had died in his room and had not been discovered for several days. There is a second male ghost on the property, I am unsure if it is the same man. The second ghost’s name is Ken. It is unclear if this was his name while he was alive or if it is a nickname that staff gave to him. He can be spotted walking around the parking lot as well as the courtyard and gazebo. This hotel even has a ghost cat. This cat can be seen walking around the hotel and usually hangs out in rooms 103 and 107. Here is a TripAdvisor review about their experience.

If you have experienced any hauntings in Anchorage, please feel free to share in the comments. If there is a town you would like to see featured, let us know.



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