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Fullmoon is making a Blade (Puppet Master) spinoff movie!

Fullmoon is making a Blade (Puppet Master) spinoff movie!

It was reported this week that Fullmoon is making a Subspecies V film with Radu coming back. But we’re getting a new Puppet master movie, well a spin-off film!  The film plot from Fullmoon is as follows: 

Blade: The Iron Cross, being directed by John Lechago:

“For decades the fans have been clamoring for it, and now Full Moon delivers with the first standalone feature debut of one of its most beloved (and most frightful) characters: the hook-handed maniac puppet, BLADE! Charles Band’s PUPPET MASTER series continues as an unspeakable evil from Blade’s past emerges in the form of a murderous Nazi scientist named Dr. Hauser. As Hauser’s heinous crimes are discovered, the psychic war journalist, Elisa Ivanov, awakens Blade, and together the bloody journey of revenge begins. It’s Herr Hauser’s reanimated undead army versus a possessed doll and a beautiful vengeance-seeking clairvoyant! Who will win, and how will it affect the Full Moon Universe?”

This is very exciting because it seems like Fullmoon is going back to their with some old school classics with the new plan called The Deadly Ten. Ten films all released at once! Including a sequel to Head of the family: Bride of the Head of the family. Expect these an all other films next Valentines day 2020! For more info check out the link below

Exclusive pictures for Harrison Smiths “The Special”

Exclusive pictures for Harrison Smiths “The Special”

Having previously written and directed Zombie Killers, Camp Dread and bringing together the expendables of horror in Death HouseHarris Smith is a filmmaker who has become synonymous with the horror genre. Therefore It comes as no surprise that there is much interest growing following the release of his new teaser trailer for The Special and House of Tortured Souls is excited to give our readers an opportunity to take a look at some exclusive pictures for the film.

The Special will be directed by Harrison Smith, using the script written by Mark Steensland and James Newman, which has been adapted the script from their original novella. It tells the story of Jerry Harford who believes that his wife is having an affair. Taking the advice of his best friend who urges him to fight fire with fire, it ends up with some horrific results. Harford begins a nightmarish trip down a surreal rabbit hole that gives Fatal Attraction a dark spin.

Harrison Smith reunites again with collaborator Felissa Rose as associate producer and stars a talented cast including; Davy Raphaely (Camp Dread, Zombie Killers), Sarah French (Death House, Rootwood) and David Sheridan of Scary Movie” fame. The film also includes special cameos from Howard Stern’s Richard Christy, pro wrestler Chris Jericho and singer, musician Howard Jones. Harrison Smith describes the film as “a great warning to infidelity, and I see it as a “Midnight Horror Chick Flick” and urge any woman who has been cheated on to “see this film with someone they hate.”  For more information check out the trailer link right here.

Rob Zombie gives big update on Three from Hell

Rob Zombie gives big update on Three from Hell

Folks! Rob Zombie himself said that Three from Hell is near completed. He went onto his Instagram saying, that it has to be perfect. Truth be told I think he’ll deliver on his promise. This franchise being his baby (no pun intended). There was a mention of an Oct 31st premiere this year, and Rob Zombie dismissed those rumors quickly. So hopefully we will hear a premiere date and trailer! Listed below is a post-production photo of Rob hard at work!

Monster Reviews: Space Trash Bag – short film

Monster Reviews: Space Trash Bag – short film

Every now and then you find those truly genuine pieces of horror cinema that just blow you away and leave you starving for more. They are usually few and far in between, but every once in awhile you get extremely lucky and hit the jackpot. While it may not be your typical horror film, Space Trash Bag is definitely a prolific piece of celluloid that needs to shared and spread like a disease.

Space Trash Bag is a Spanish splatter film, unlike any other other. It’s essentially a short film made up of a series of fake trailers, pieced together to form one viciously twisted piece of cinema. It’s similar to what Rodriguez and Tarantino did at the beginning of their Grindhouse films. Except this isn’t a combination of trailers of separate films. Instead, it’s a handful of trailers based on one individual film, Space Trash Bag.

Don’t let the complexities, or simplicity, of it fool you though. It delivers on all accords! It gets your blood pumping and raises your excitement, forcing you to crave more. The gore is absolutely phenomenal and stunningly elegant. It’s disgusting as hell, but just so damn beautiful at the same time. It’s seriously inspiring and just a thing of pure beauty.

Space Trash Bag is over the top ridiculous, but that’s the point. It’s meant to be silly and hilarious, while trying to make you vomit. The editing is fantastic and the sound was perfect executed. You find yourself wondering what the hell you’re watching, yet you still can’t peel your eyes away. The acting is great and the makeup and costumes blend together brilliantly and really help the film stand out.

The directing and cinematography are excellent and very accomplished. It’s really such an inspiring piece of work, displaying tons of talent and skill. The Trash Bag monster is pure nightmare fuel and is guaranteed to make any kid wet the bed. It’s without a doubt one of the coolest and scariest monsters to come out in a long time. It’s seriously some utterly brilliant film making.

The only problems this film seems to have, is budget issues. Never before have I wanted to see a feature film so bad, from just a few snippets of content. However, due to those budget constraints, we’re forced to take what we can get. And it’s unlikely we’re going to see a full length film featuring the amazing Space Trash Bag monster anytime soon. Although we’d desperately love to see one.

Unfortunately all we can do is share this film and help spread the word about how freaking awesome it really is. It’s definitely not something you see often and just overall a gracefully beautiful film. It’s exquisite and a real treat for the eyes – a horror/gore lovers delight.

So, if you haven’t checked out this inspiring piece of art yet, do yourself a favor and give it a run. It’s a brilliant piece of work and deserving of a feature production. It surprisingly awesome, and displays tons of talent, passion and intellect. It’s plain and simply just one bad ass piece of film.

An Indie double Feature: Auopssessed and Unplanned Parenthood

An Indie double Feature: Auopssessed and Unplanned Parenthood

Every once in awhile scrolling through your Facebook feed actually pays off. I’ve been friends with Emil (Johansson) Levin for quite some time, but just recently discovered he makes films. Not just any films, but my favourite kind, trashy, gory, indie films! It also turns out he’s a really nice guy and sent me a couple screeners and since they are shorts, I’m going to review them as a sick little double feature.

The first one I watched was called Auopssessed, the title is a combination of the words autopsy and obsessed. It’s pretty much what the title suggests. A young girl visits a “doctor” who basically performs a live autopsy on her and by live I mean she’s alive while he does it. She’s a willing participant and giggles through the entire thing. The doctor removes a bunch of her organs including some super beefy entrails and squishy, squirty mystery organs. The best part is when he pulls a used condom out of her and is assaulted by bodily fluids yelling “I got man splooge all over my scrubs”! His patient just giggles and continues to suck on her lolly seemingly enjoying the whole thing right up to and including the cannibalization of her intestines.

A fun piece of trivia about the film is that it was shot in roughly 2 hours and the budget was only 50$. The cameraman got a parking ticket while shooting and 40 of the 50 dollar budget went into paying the fine.

The second short and my favourite of the two is called Unplanned Parenthood. ***trigger warning*** if you are Christian, pro-life, Republican or easily offended skip the movie and this review.
A Christian missionary knocks on a pregnant “woman’s” door seeking donations. She asks the man what faith he’s in and then proceeds to tell him a wild tale of how crazy Christians are when it comes to planned parenthood and pro-life. She goes into great detail about a backdoor abortion clinic. Complete with coat hangers, Nazi’s, and an Alt right nut job. This film is really over the top, it’s a dick ripping, baby shooting, good time. I laughed a lot during the entire thing. Take a look at the trailer HERE

I hope to see more films from my Swedish friend Emil (Johansson) Levin in the future and hopefully his work becomes more available to viewers here in North America. You can watch some of his work here

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Monster Interviews: Georgie Smibert – CleaverS (WIHM)

Monster Interviews: Georgie Smibert – CleaverS (WIHM)

I recently had the privilege of chating with the up and coming actress Georgie Smibert. We talked Women In Horror Month and her breakout role in the 2019 film CleaverS, which just screened at the Horror-On-Sea Film Festival in January, in the UK. Georgie’s award worthy performance as Sheriff Jody-Ann Howells definitely has people taking and taking the independent horror community by storm. 
Originally from Melbourne, Georgie started her film career as an assistant director and production manager. After a few years behind the camera she switched sides, and although she still enjoys her roles behind the camera, acting is now her main priority. Since turning her focus to acting, she’s had lead roles in many short films and feature films and enjoys playing strong but conflicted characters. 
Georgie moved to live in London in 2015 and knew that if she wanted to act in the UK she would have to be confident with various accents. To date she has played characters with various British and American  accents and has even played a guest role as a French character who only spoke French! 
At the beginning of her career she had a knack for being cast as characters who were killed – so far she has been stabbed multiple times, strangled, beheaded and even played a robot who had their battery removed. Last year, after completing her training in London, she gained her advanced qualification from the British Academy of Dramatic Combat. Though careful not to be misinterpreted as a stunt performer, she now looks for characters who aren’t only strong and conflicted, but whose story-line has an element of action in them. 


  • DS: How did you get your start in film and what originally attracted you to it? What aspect about it drew you in the most and made you decide to pursuit it?


  • GS: I entered the film industry as a 1st AD and Production Manager(PM). I was an event manager at the time and thought that a film was a bit like an event,  so if I could organize one,  I could probably organize the other. I saw an indie feature film looking for a PM – I applied and was successful.  Working on that film also introduced me to a wonderful acting school, The Melbourne Actor’s Lab, and after a couple of years as an AD and PM I switched to acting.


  • DS: How did you end up working with the amazing MJ and Anna Dixon over at Mycho Entertainment, and do you have any fond memories working with them that you’d like to share?


  • GS: It was a simple case of applying to the right casting call. Most of Cleaver was filmed in late 2014, but luckily for me that didn’t include Jody-Ann’s scenes – her role was cast in early 2015, just after I’d moved to live in London.



  • • I have so many fond memories of working with Anna & Mike,most of which are from the middle of the night when we’re all freezing cold, over tired and can’t stop laughing at pointless things


  • DS: In what way has your character changed and progressed from the first film Cleaver in 2015, to the second film CleaverS in 2018? And how have you progressed as an actress during that time?


  • GS: Jody-Ann has matured a lot between the films. When she is introduced in Cleaver she is a new graduate and expects she will be looking after petty crime a serial killer like Cleaver is not on her radar at all! Over the years as her determination to bring Cleaver to justice has developed, she has become increasingly withdrawn and isolated.
  • • Personally, over the years I’ve had more opportunity to experiment with different approaches to roles and spend more time in front of a camera. I’ve also got more comfortable with the idea that I will always get to the first day of shooting and feel under prepared  – no matter how much time or preparation I’ve done.
  • DS: What’s it like for you, going from a sort of sidekick character in Cleaver, to the lead role in CleaverS? How did you tackle the task and did you prepare any differently from one film to the next?
  • GS: The size of the role is mostly irrelevant when it comes to developing a character. I make sure I know my character’s history, relationships and motivations and I learn my lines. If there is an accent involved like for Jody-Ann, then I spend a lot of time with my dialect coach to make sure my pronunciation is correct.
  • • I had a lot less pre-production time for the first Cleaver, and I really had to focus on learning the accent for the first time.  For CleaverS it was nice to already have a good base for my accent and focus on developing more of her history.
  • DS: Your monologues in CleaverS were phenomenal. You really pulled the audience in and made it easy to relate with the character of Sheriff Jody-Ann Howells. How difficult was it and did you find it emotionally draining to deliver such a high powered performance?
  • GS: Firstly, thank you. I never know how my portrayal of a character is going to be received so it’s really great to get that sort of feedback.
  • • Acting is an activity that seems to give me endless energy – I lose all track of time and can happily film for hours without stopping for food or drink.  I’ll always sleep well after a shoot, but I think it’s incredibly important to leave a character and their emotions on set at the end of the day and allow yourself the opportunity to relax as yourself
  • DS: What preparation did you do in order to produce such an award worthy performance in CleaverS? Did you do anything special to submerse yourself into the role, or was it just business as usual?
  • GS: I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary for me. Part of what I love in acting is inventing back stories and filling in what is happening between scenes and between lines.  For CleaverS, I filled in the years between the two films – where Jody-Ann had been,  which friends she had lost and which personal demons she had been fighting.  Answering those unknowns and developing that history is always a part of my preparation that I really enjoy.
  • DS: What are your thoughts on Women In Horror Month, and how relevant and important do you think it is for the genre today?
  • GS: I think Women in Horror Month does a wonderful job at highlighting and celebrating all the amazing things women are doing in the industry today. At a time when the call for diversity is so strong, this sort of publicity plays an incredibly important role in inspiring female filmmakers of tomorrow to follow that dream and get involved too.
  • DS: Being a woman in horror, as an actress, Assistant Director and Producer, what is your favorite role when it comes to film? Which do you prefer more, being in front of the camera, or being behind it?
  • GS: Acting is my main priority and definitely my preferred role, but if I like the script and the crew and there isn’t a role for me then I will happily support the film’s production as crew. As an AD and PM I really enjoy helping the director achieve their vision and tell their story.
  • DS: Who are some of the Women In Horror who inspire you? Is there anyone you really admire or try to emulate when it comes to what you do?
  • GSI grew up watching Buffy on TV and I was inspired by the kick ass characters played by both Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan. I also recently watched ‘A quiet place‘ with Emily Blunt – I admire her as an actress anyway and really enjoyed watching her on screen in this role.  If I could emulate the honesty of her performance and make the audience feel for my character even a fraction of the way she made me feel for hers,  I would be very happy.
  • DS: Having acted now yourself as nearly a dozen different characters, which of those said characters have you enjoyed playing the most? Are there any that stick out or maybe still stick with you?
  • GSJody-Ann definitely sticks out because she is the only character I have played in two films  and playing her introduced my to the whole Mycho family. Another role that sticks out was for a short film called ESC. where I play the sole survivor of a space ship disaster.  I filmed that whole film on a full sized green screen set which was amazing.
  • DS: Do you have any future films or projects you would to let your fans know about? Where can they follow you and stay up to date with your work?
  • GSI have another feature film due for release later this year – it’s a post apocalyptic survival story called ‘The Brink’. There are also some other projects in the early stages of development, including a short film I wrote, which I plan to make this year.

    The Brink

  • • The best place to stay up to date with my work is to follow me on Instagram georgiesmibert. I enjoy taking photos so I always share BTS photos and I’m much more active on that than Twitter.
  • DS: To conclude the interview, we like to ask one final question. If you could name only one, what would you say is your favorite all time horror film?
  • GS: Psycho. It’s the first horror film I saw, and I still think it’s a great film.
Here’s the trailer for Twilight Zone (2019) and the premiere date!

Here’s the trailer for Twilight Zone (2019) and the premiere date!

It’s officially here the trailer for the Twilight Zone remake. This is the Third revival of the hit television show and even though we were told Jordan Peele will be serving as executive producer and will  remaking his favorite episode “Terror at 20,000 feet” we still have to wonder what exactly we’ll be seeing.

The trailer doesn’t give us a whole lot to figure out, but like Jordan’s previous trailers there’s more than meets the eye on what we think we know. The trailer also gives us a slew of stars. Sanaa Lathan, Adam Scott,  Kumail Nanjiani,  John Cho, Allison Tolman, Jacob Tremblay, Erica Tremblay, Steven Yeun, and Greg Kinnear, DeWanda Wise, Jessica Williams, Lucinda Dryzek, Jefferson White, Jonathan Whitesell, Taissa Farmiga, Rhea Seehorn, Luke Kirby, Ike Barinholtz, and Percy Hynes-White, Ginnifer Goodwin, James Frain, and Zabryna Guevara, Tracy Morgan, John Larroquette, Glenn Fleshler and Chris Diamantopoulos. The series will premiere exclusively on the CBS all access streaming services April 1, 2019. I highly doubt this will be a gag but it’s real. Here’s the official trailer for the series

House Of 1,000 Corpses (Broadway Musical)— House Of Tortured Souls

House Of 1,000 Corpses (Broadway Musical)— House Of Tortured Souls

Rob Zombie was seen on Larry King’s interview series LARRY KING NOW (Hulu) discussing how he would like to turn his first film House Of 1000 Corpses into a Broadway musical. One specific question King asked Zombie was “What do you really want to go in life that you have not had the chance to?” To which Zombie responded: 

       As crazy as it sounds, I feel that my first film House Of 1000 Corpses- which is kinda campy in a weird way, which is why at the time I wasn’t that thrilled with it- I think would make a great Broadway musical. Because it’s veru much- when you go to Broadway now it’s like Spider-Man, it’s The Addams Family, it’s Spamalot, you know? So that movie would translate well, I think because it’s just ridiculous.”

For those who may not be familiar with this movie (which I suggest you watch ASAP), House Of 1000 Corpses is a story of a twisted family that two couples stumble upon when their empty fuel tank and a flat tire happens and lead them down the road. This film was written and directed by Zombie and stars his wife Sherri Moon Zombie, Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, Karen Black, Rainn Wilson, Walton Goggins, and Tom Towles

Now before we start to get excited, let’s just keep in mind that this interview was from 2013. For me personally, all I have to say is YES YES YES! If Evil Dead: The Musical got a shot to be made, I don’t see why Rob Zombie’s film can’t have a chance for a Broadway debut, especially with the horror scene coming to arise. But with that just being in the talks, us fans will just have to wait for Zombie’s third Firefly film Three From Hell coming out this year. 

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Creepshow Production Started—House Of Tortured Souls

Creepshow Production Started—House Of Tortured Souls

Shudder has announced that production has begun the reboot of Creepshow. The six-episode season will be produced by The Walking Dead’s Greg Nicotero and the horror series is based off the iconic 1982 film which was written by Stephen King and directed by George A. Romero

The six-episode season will feature an unannounced Stephen King story and for right now they are saying it’s like a “survivor type” of story. 

Nicotero will direct some of this series and the other installments will be done by David Bruckner, Roxanne Benjamin, Rob Schrab, and John Harrison. Bruckner is the director of The Ritual along with Bloody Disgusting segments in V/H/S and SouthboundBenjamin has directed such segments in Bloody Disgusting’s Southbound and XX. Schrab’s directing credits goings to Ghosted and Community, and Harrison who was actually the first assistant director for George Romero on the original Creepshow movie will be directing a story that he co-wrote with Nicotero. Harrison also composed Creepshows film’s theme. 

Additional stories and directors as well as the casting will be announced later this year. Creepshow will premiere on Shudder later on in the year—no specific date as of now. 

Normally for me personally, I tend to like when they leave the classics alone however with Nicotero producing this I am curious to see the route they will go and what amount of gore they will endure. I am curious to see all the effects and Nicoyero’s Oscar and Emmy award-winning company will be handling all of the creature and make-up effects. Definitely will be opened minded and give it a chance when this becomes available on Shudder. 


Ice from the Sun

Ice from the Sun

I had to wait a lot longer than I wanted to for Ice from the Sun. It’s fairly difficult to get in North America, but now that I’ve seen it I’m so glad I persisted. The film was really something special and Eric Stanze is a visionary director. I will be seeking out any and all of his other work.

Ice from the Sun is a gorgeous cosmic horror/arthouse film. Its storyline is ageless and intelligent. The film is independent and artistic in nature so in order to appreciate everything it has to say it requires patience and imagination, I feel that it’s worth it.

The story is an old as time tale of good versus evil. Demons, Angels, wizards, warlocks and human beings all fight for a foothold in this reality. An evil warlock named Aberdine takes ice from the sun to create an icy fortress for himself and his apprentice Abraham. In order to become his apprentice Abraham must perform an ultimate sacrifice to prove his worthiness, he must kill the woman he loves. He does so and remains by his masters side for many years in the fortress. Each year six humans are chosen to be transported to the fortress and killed, their souls trapped within the walls of ice for eternity. One day Aberdine chooses a new human apprentice and has Abraham locked away from reality. Abraham destroys Aberdine and the new apprentice and takes over, becoming the Presence. At the same time a young woman commits suicide but is kept from the afterlife by both angels and demons. She is chosen to destroy Abraham and is sent to his fortress with the next batch of six human sacrifices to end his existence.

Now take this epic fantasy storyline and throw in some gore, bondage, nudity, indie metal and you got yourself Ice from the Sun!

I found it got a bit long towards the end, but it was worth seeing through. It’s definitely more extreme arthouse than a gore film and I recommend it highly to fantasy and sci-fi lovers. There is absolutely nothing else like it. Check it out for a unique experience.

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Monster Reviews: Anniversary of the Leprechaun (1993)

Monster Reviews: Anniversary of the Leprechaun (1993)

Celebrating its anniversary this month, we revisit the original Leprechaun and take a look at the legendary slasher film responsible for spawning multiple sequels and a prequel. Let’s take a step back and look at the film that birthed the legendary horror icon, the one and only, Leprechaun.

Considered one of the ultimate slashers, Leprechaun is a 1993 horror film written and directed by Mark Jones. It stars Jennifer Aniston, Ken Olandt, Robert Hy Gorman, Mark Holton and the legendary Warwick Davis as the Leprechaun. An ancient evil Leprechaun will stop at nothing to get back his pot of gold.

The Leprechaun is easily one of the top ten iconic slashers in the genre. Something about a the tiny, ugly little green monster with buckles on his shoes and hat, is just unsettling. Most of the time Leprechauns are portrayed as gentle fun loving little pranksters. But not in this film. In this one, he’s an evil little bastard who’s only happy with one thing…killing. 

There’s a multitude of aspects that make the original the best in the franchise. It contains some overlooked and forgotten elements, which attributed to its ferocity and appeal. Things such as the Leprechaun eating Lucky Charms cereal, or how the protagonists escape the ugly little monster by throwing shoes, which he can’t help but shine.

The Leprechaun is arguably Warwick Davis’s ultimate character portrayal. A three foot tall green monster who has a pungent for ripping off limbs and other body parts, definitely sets him apart from the other slashers. Everyone always thinks it would be easy to defeat such a small foe, however, the Leprechaun proves extremely difficult to thwart.

The special effects in this are magnificent and really hold the film together. The makeup and use of light and shadows works wonders. It creates a dark atmosphere which looms strongly over the film. The makeup and practical effects make this one of the most memorable classic slasher films in the genre. The crusty, flaky and coarse skin really add a level of fear to the little guy.

There’s also some really strong acting and performances which help the film stand tall. Jennifer Aniston is terrific as the modern, girly girl. A strong female lead is always effective in horror films. It builds a familiarity with the audience and gives them someone to root for. 

Also, there were some stout performances from Ken Olandt as the beefy heartthrob Nathan, and Robert Hy Gorman as the smart, witty and imaginative, Alex. The best performance however, came from Mark Holton as the eccentric, quirky and autistic, Ozzie. He brought some much needed and well placed humor to the dark and fantastical film. 

The sets were graceful and eye catching, especially the quiet little farmhouse. The costumes are some of the best around and still hold strong today. They give it a really creepy vibe. Also, the use of a cell phone, or “mobile”, by Tori (Aniston), always makes me smile. 

Whether you like it or not, Leprechaun is a powerhouse and extremely well crafted. It’s one of the all time iconic slasher films and a standard in any collection. It’s a must see for any slasher or horror fan. So, grab yourself a copy today, but beware any pots of gold. 

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Netflix to bring Resident Evil as a TV series

Netflix to bring Resident Evil as a TV series

Just like zombies Resident Evil refuses to stay dead. Deadline is reporting that NETFLIX will be doing a live action tv series. Per Deadline, “the plan is for the series to expand the Resident Evil universe and deepen the existing mythology. I hear the series will keep the basic premise, which also served as a setup for the movie franchise. The drama series will explore the dark inner workings of the Umbrella Corporation and the new world order caused by the outbreak of the T-virus.”

Let’s face it the movies are great, the video games are great even the cgi cartoons aren’t bad. This is big news where Netflix is getting a lot of buzz with their TV and films. Original or not this will be interesting to see where it goes. No word yet on casting or release date.

The Lost Boys is coming back to the small screen by the CW.

The Lost Boys is coming back to the small screen by the CW.

It appears that the CW is going to take a gamble on a classic horror film. The Lost Boys (1987). The CW has ordered a pilot for the series. With the success of shows like Riverdale which is a surprisingly great show could lighting strike twice? We shall see if this is going to be true or not. There was a time the CW was going to do a TV show about Friday the 13th  which due to legal issues fell through and may not become released, but that’s the business for you. With the not so welcomed reviews of the sequels could the series be the redemption, or just simply fade out? Hard to say at this point since there will mostly be mixed reviews. Deadline has reported the information from their website

Logline: Welcome to sunny seaside Santa Carla, home to a beautiful boardwalk, all the cotton candy you can eat…and a secret underworld of vampires. After the sudden death of their father, two brothers move to Santa Carla with their mother, who hopes to start anew in the town where she grew up. But the brothers find themselves drawn deeper and deeper into the seductive world of Santa Carla’s eternally beautiful and youthful undead. 

There is no word of any cameos or if this will be a continuation or complete retelling.

From Quentin to Robert: We celebrate 23 years of From Dusk till Dawn

From Quentin to Robert: We celebrate 23 years of From Dusk till Dawn

The year was 1992, A young video store clerk was premiering his first film at the Cannes Film Festival, Reservoir Dogs. That same year another young director from Texas was premiering his film El Mariachi. Both films were instant hits and showcased a talent the likes Hollywood wasn’t familiar with. Snappy dialogue, great action sequences, celebrities from the past who are in main roles dominating the screen once again in different lights. It was then that Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez met. The two bonded over the one thing they love: Movies. As time progressed, they wanted to work together but what would the project consist of? Quentin mentioned his love for horror movies and pitched an idea for a script he wrote called From Dusk till dawn. In reference to the drive-in theater days where they would show movies to FROM DUSK TILL DAWN. For those unfamiliar about the plot on the run from a bank robbery that left several police officers dead, Seth Gecko (George Clooney) and his paranoid, loose-cannon brother, Richard (Quentin Tarantino), hightail it to the Mexican border. Kidnapping preacher Jacob Fuller (Harvey Keitel) and his kids, the criminals sneak across the border in the family’s RV and hole up in a topless bar. Unfortunately, the bar also happens to be home base for a gang of vampires, and the brothers and their hostages have to fight their way out. The film boasts an extremely impressive cast of actors in small to big roles. For the moviegoer unfamiliar they may have recognized Tom Savini, George Clooney, Juliette Lewis, Harvey Keitel, Salma Hayek, Cheech Marin and of course Quentin Tarantino himself, but for the movie fanatic, they easily recognized the people that truly inspired Quentin and Robert to not only make this film but all their films. John Saxon, Greg Nicotero, Wayne Toth (who played a vampire in the movie, He’s done the FX for Rob zombie’s films) Marc Lawrence, Robert Kurtzman, Fred Williamson and the legendary Michael Parks. This was honestly the expendables of a horror movie before the film by Kurtzman “Wishmaster” which features a stellar cast itself. The film always holds a special place in my heart from the first time I saw it, I snuck into the theater since I was too young to purchase a ticket quietly sitting in my seat unbeknownst to the theater staff or customers. The movie came on my heart sank, I’m seeing my first Rodriguez/Tarantino film having to go to the video store renting to owning their movies on VHS. Yup, I once owned Reservoir Dogs on VHS along with Four Rooms and Pulp Fiction. The movie started out as a criminal heist film to eventually the horror movie we were waiting for, I studied every line, every scene, I saw so much and remembered pay attention to the movie at least. Here I was just a young teenager rooting for the bad guys, enjoying the violence. Growing up before the internet we just had horror magazines and tv spots MAYBE if we were lucky a tv show would talk about a movie or show behind the scenes even then it was just a snippet. You blink and it was over. So, at times watching the tv spots for horror movies I spent my time studying and breaking down the frames which is what I did for the film. Finally, the film was over. I was awe and couldn’t believe what I saw a great action horror movie with snippets of clever jokes. As stated, there was no internet so when going back to school it was my job to tell everyone what I saw and explain in detail as if I really did witness it all. For years the movie stayed on my mind. I had to own it, the posters, the script ANYTHING related to this film. Luckily, I was able to obtain a VHS copy of the film at Suncoast which back then was my go-to for horror movies. I wore out that tape as I did the box slip from taking it out or lending it to friends for them to see and we talk about. I also read the script which I studied and learned from for future films I wanted to write. As time went by, I eventually studied the many layers of the film. The script had scenes in it that were cut out or dialogue altered or not used. This helped me growing where I would watch films and even to this day go, move this, say this instead, alter this scene more so to reflect this character’s persona. Change this song, use this song. It was as if the teacher was watching me fly from my bird’s nest. Years later I finally met Tom Savini who talked about the film. He kept the machine gun crotch piece and explained that every vampire was modified to where they didn’t look alike, they were all unique designs. Tom joked about how his daughter would hang out with George causing pranks on set by which there were water gun fights with the dancers and Tom, George or whoever fell prey to them. Does the film have some decent sequels that actually aren’t bad? The tv series does a great job piecing everything together and adding new lore to the film. To anyone who worked on the film or the people reading this. If you’re upset, I snuck into the movie for free, don’t worry I have bought the film and posters so many times in my life that the universe is finely balanced.


Still Blowing Minds 38 Years Later – Celebrating Scanners

Still Blowing Minds 38 Years Later – Celebrating Scanners

January 14th, 1981 is one hell of an auspicious occasion in the annals of horror releases. Scanners, a film that successfully combined sci-fi and mystery, laced with potent punches of gore mesmerized audiences and helped American filmgoers become aware of who will be known as the Baron Of Blood, David Cronenberg. A name that none of us would have probably known if the now legendary filmmaker did not decide to change his focus of studies in college from Science to Literature, and end up embracing his inner storyteller.



After terrifying audiences with the parasitic psycho-mania of Shivers in 1975 and the uncommon aggressive outbreak of his Rabid in 1977, Cronenberg went on to create The Brood in 1979. The Director took on a deeply personal tone with this production focusing on mutant offspring.  He admitted in his 1992 book entitled Cronenberg on Cronenberg, that he based the story around the nastiness involving the deterioration of his relationship with his first wife. He went on to say that he found the shooting of the climactic scene involving the strangulation of character Nola Carveth by her husband, to be “very satisfying.” Cronenberg yet again shifted gears in 1981 with the eventual cult classic, Scanners.



“There are 4 billion people on earth. 237 are Scanners. They have the most terrifying powers ever created… and they are winning.”


“10 Seconds: The Pain Begins.  15 Seconds: You Can’t Breathe. 20 Seconds: You Explode.”


The story for Scanners is simple enough: A powerful, renegade Scanner named Darryl Revok (Michael Ironside) has created an underground movement intent on world domination. After what is an aggressive and dangerous display of power, Revok becomes a wanted man by an agency known as ConSec. A doctor at ConSec, Paul Ruth (Patrick McGoohan) finds Cameron Vale (Stephen Lack) who is another Scanner and decides to utilize his psychic abilities as a valuable weapon against Revok.


I remember being a kid and walking through the local video store, searching for my next rental on one occasion. My eyes were darting from the various VHS covers and then, BAM! My gaze became fixated on this simple yet kind of scary image of a man in a shirt and tie, seeming like he was about to explode. I recall becoming excited as I picked the copy up and read both front and back covers, wondering why I had never seen this in the store before. Come to find out, I never saw it on the shelf because it was always checked out. I don’t think I rode my bike home so fast in my life than on this day. I was fucking ready for Scanners.

Unfortunately not everyone was ready for Scanners or the type of graphic horror Cronenberg brought to the screen. After reviewing the film in 1981, famed movie critic Roger Ebert wrote, “Scanners is a new horror film made with enough craft and skill that it could have been very good, if it could find a way to make us care about it.” Thankfully Ebert, who in my opinion, had a penchant for condescending ways, could not have been more wrong. Some films and some filmmakers themselves take time to sink into the hearts and minds of movie goers. David Cronenberg and his film, Scanners is a great example of this. Although the movie did more than his previous to help gain a favorable reputation as a filmmaker for himself, especially in America, it still took some time to earn the kudos deserved. Eventually, the film even gained the coveted Criterion Collection treatment proving Ebert wrong. People did fucking care.



You see, I believe Scanners was just enough far removed from his previous, rather complex  films to help allow a wider audience to enjoy his unique creative energy. Cronenberg plucked strings of dischord and immense cinematic pleasure all at once and became dubbed as The King Of Venereal Horror but the release of Scanners showcased his incredibly eclectic style. His vision coupled with the legendary talents of Makeup Master Dick Smith and Special Effects Supervisor Gary Zeller help spawn a heavily celebrated addition in the history of film. The constant collaboration between composer Howard Shore and himself has proven beneficial and this, only their second endeavor together, is no exception. Scanners is also home to one of the most iconic sequences in horror; the head explosion. It truly is a rare treat, a magnificent blending of horror, sci-fi, intrigue, and hands fucking down phenomenal special effects that are still highly regarded to this day. It is not an easy film to forget, as is any Cronenberg flick, but there is simply something so truly special about it that I feel my words just can’t do it justice. David Cronenberg, a cornerstone of the Body Horror subgenre, master filmmaker and personal hero, has entertained, bewildered and inspired so many with Scanners and it continues to do so 38 years later.



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The Night Comes For Us (Review)- House Of Tortured Souls

The Night Comes For Us (Review)- House Of Tortured Souls

If you are into a very gory, action-packed thriller, then you MUST check out The Night Comes For Us on Netflix. The Night Comes For Us is an Indonesian film that was written and directed by Timo Tjahjanto. The film stars Iko Uwais, Joe Taslim (Fast & Furious 6), Julie Estelle (The Raid 2), Sunny Pang, Zack Lee (Bad Wolves, Headshot) and Shareefa Daanish.

The film focuses on Ito (Joe Taslim) who is known as one out of the six elites for the South East Asian Triad which is also called the Six Seas. Ito decides to turn his back as a killer upon rescuing a young girl named Reina (Asha Kenyeri Bermudez) who saw the massacre of her family happen in her village. He then hides Reina at his ex girlfriend Shinta’s (Salvita Decorte) place. Shinta takes care of Ito’s injuries from which he endured from killing his fellow soldiers. Knowing that there is nothing more for her to do, Shinta calls in a man named Faith (Abimana Aryasatya) who use to be in a gang with Ito. Faith takes Ito and Reina back to his apartment, and also calls in his cousin Wisnu and the last member of the gang Bobby (Zack Lee), who is a drug addict. Bobby tries to help them by getting them passports so they can restart all over. When you think there is hope, it turns in to one whirlwind after another when word gets through from other Tirads and those Ito has turned his back on, to an ultimate man hunt, all for the girl, and betrayal.

This movie was cringe-worthy at its finest jammed pack full of gore, martial arts and epic fight scenes. Things that you were not aware that could be used as weapons were. And as much as I felt my eyes squint and my body squirm, I could not look away as I anticipated more that was yet to come. For me personally, I’m not into a lot of action/martial arts movies but this was a whole different genre. It was a constant whirlwind of blood, guts, and sacrifice. Sacrifice from old members helping Ito out, particularly because in the end, there really is no way out of a gang. You may think you are safe, but anything can happen in a blink of an eye. I absolutely loved the thrill and rush of it all.

Check out the trailer below, and I highly, highly recommend that once you check the trailer out, that you will not make plans on a Friday night and enjoy the gore for yourself!


Overall Grade: A

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We Summoned A Demon (Short Film)-House Of Tortured Souls

We Summoned A Demon (Short Film)-House Of Tortured Souls

Chris McInroy directed another hilarious and very gory short film We Summoned A Demon. This is actually the third installment to 2 to other shorts Death Metal and Bad Guy #2.

We Summoned A Demon shows two friends who had no idea what they were doing and ended up summoning demons. This included a perfect blend of gore and comedy. 

Having the pleasure of messaging Chris McInroy, he stated that it took 2 days to film in a warehouse in Austin, Texas. Chris is also into making practical effects driven from horror-comedies while being heavily influenced by 80s movies. Getting to experience with monster creations will be what wil inspire him to create his first feature to make a werewolf movie.

Chris also lives for the audience’s reactions, bringing happiness to them with gore and comedy in which he gets satisfaction from when viewing his movies. 

I highly recommend checking this out and hope to see more of Chris McInroy’s movies soon. ⬇️⬇️

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Mother Krampus 2: Slay Ride. A movie that slays the indie horror industry

Mother Krampus 2: Slay Ride. A movie that slays the indie horror industry

The best thing about Christmas isn’t the food, the cartoon specials, or even the ugly sweater parties but it’s the holiday theme horror movies. Sometimes we are treated to a lot sometimes a very few amount. One happened to come across my desk called MOTHER KRAMPUS 2: Slay Ride I was expecting a demonic movie based on the cover but was treated to a Slasher movie that was reminiscent of the 80’s, 70’s horror movies. The plot for Mother Krampus is: “It’s Christmas time in Cleveland, Ohio and four young ladies are on the verge of completing their mandatory thirty days of community service. With only one night to go, they are required to make a series of in-home visits to the older and less fortunate. Upon arriving at their final stop for the night, they become introduced to a pleasant older woman who graciously welcomes them into her home for the evening. However, as darkness falls and the cold settles in, they begin to realize that there is far more to their seemingly innocent host than meets the eye.” The film doesn’t waste any time going into full force on what to expect with a great opening sequence kill. Like all 80’s, 70’s horror movies the deaths don’t pick up again until the end, but like all horror movies it also gives you a story where we learn about the characters, see their activities deciding if we’ll like them, feel bad for them as they perish. The film stars KateLynn E. Newberry Tiffani Hilton, Robbie Barnes, Roger Connors and Kris Smith who are co-writers of the film. This does help the film in fact that the actors learn their characters a little more and know what to bring with the direction of the Director Eddie Lengyel who was also penned as a writer for the film. Yes, this film has a nostalgic  feel to it where the plot is very simple, and the deaths are great with the budget of an indie film it does deliver on gore especially the after math of a death including a few great scenes from an ax to the face. The 3rd act of the film does take place in a big house in the city which I couldn’t help but feel of a Black Christmas vibe to it. We know the killer which we find out is a deranged mental patient. No powers, no black magic, nothing demonic. Just pure crazy which we the audience benefit from because we see the “human side” of the killer where we feel bad for their solitary, but when they wear the mask there’s no one liners, no sympathy, no reasoning. Just deaths galore. Which is what should be expected for a horror movie like this. I for one felt this movie has potential to be watched not only one month out of the year, but anytime. I spoke to Roger Conner’s about the film’s title where he said the original title was going to be “Naughty List” but the distributor changed their minds on the name title. Is this a bad thing? Not at all because we still see the same movie just different title. I have to admit the film did a great job keeping my interest all the way where even though an indie still showed mainstream horror this is a movie to watch out for that with a little patience, hard work, and some great actors you can tell a story, have great kills and still be a great film. Given the film is on it’s own and not really a sequel to any other previous Krampus films.  I also enjoyed that Roger played the character Lady Athena Slay a drag queen who also happens to be a final girl or does she? I won’t spoil that part but glad to see that film is now part of the LGTBQ+ library of films including horror films. Which we don’t see a lot of, but this holiday season make this film part of your viewing schedule even after the holidays go out and buy it. As stated, before it does a great job where if it wasn’t set during the holidays would still be a great film. The film can purchased through retailers such as Amazon

[Short Film Review] Homecoming the revenge film from Finland that you NEED to watch

[Short Film Review] Homecoming the revenge film from Finland that you NEED to watch

I had the chance to watch the film “Homecoming” by Esa Jussila which he wrote and directed. The short film’s plot is: “Homecoming is a neo-Noir Story of the former criminals, whose new life is shaken by the ghost of their past” When he talked about the film, he mentioned it’s not a horror movie per say. More of a thriller with gore. I wanted to check out the film to help out the indie community because for most this is their bread and butter. This movie isn’t bread and butter. This movie is steak and lobster. The film opens up with an extremely impressive kill that doesn’t let down with gore throughout the film followed by beautiful cinematography. Almost like watching an art film with graphic violence. To be honest the only complaint I have with this film is that there’s not more to it, Esa said he wanted to cut to the chase and not drag on. Oh, I beg to differ this short film kept me on my toes with my jaw to the floor wanting more the story line flowed so well. Amazing actors who don’t give us a lot of character development to hate them or love, however we can’t feel but be intrigued of the why and how which does explain at the end. Even our anti-hero who’s hunting down his foes doesn’t give any one liner or no dialogue just Michael Myers esc kills: No mercy, no remorse. Esa does a great job at combining drama and horror including an extremely interesting twist of a scene where the hunter catches his prey very easily by going after what their leader cares for the most. Fans will eventually be able to purchase the film on physical formats or watch online in the near future. To be honest this is the film you can watch over and over again not to see anything you might’ve missed but just to enjoy each time bask in its gory scenes, it’s well paced dialogue of characters and still wanting more. If this is just a taste of what he’s capable of I can’t wait to see a feature film. Don’t pass up this film just because it’s short. This is a film to watch out for.

(Spoilers) Film review for The House that Jack built uncut

(Spoilers) Film review for The House that Jack built uncut

I got the chance to see the uncut version of The House that Jack built. Nothing was going to stop me. My Alamo Drafthouse was sold out, luckily, I was able to find an art theater in an almost abandoned mall. Afterwards it was surreal walking out as the mall was closed almost like a lucid dream from what I just saw. So, get to it, right? Tell us what you say! Review the movie! It was a one-time screening and honestly FOR GOOD REASON. The movie is very brutal, humorous, artistic, nihilistic and over all dare I say a work of art? So, sit back and relax and just know in a very rare instance I will actually post spoilers about the film including what deaths to expect. The rated R version will premiere Dec 14th. So, think of this as a guide on what to expect, how much to expect and what may be cut. Now the film is under scrutiny with the map based on the uncut version being released early that could generally confuse the crowd thinking they were going to see the rated r version. However, the audience in attendance KNEW exactly what to expect. So, if you’re still curious still wanting to know let’s break down THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT. As stated, I WILL BE POSTING SPOILERS SO FINAL WARNING. The film did have intros by Matt Dillon and Lars von Tier thanking the audience for attending and knowing that they’ll be seeing the UNCUT version. As the film opens, we see Matt Dillion driving down the road seeing Uma Thurman stranded needing help, the two begin to talk where Uma becomes persistent of needing help not so much begging for help, but making as if it HE HAS TO DO IT. This does continue throughout the opening scene where we begin to be annoyed by her as she picks on Matt profiling him as a serial killer (which he is) After a while he snaps using the car jack to cave in Uma’s face which they do show. This is probably the only time in the film where we don’t feel so bad and actually understand why he did it. We cut away to dark screens where there’s voice overs of Jack speaking to somebody only known as Verge played by Bruno Ganz this happens throughout the movie which will make sense in the end. Jack speaks about the 5 random incidents in his life that stands out the most of his “art” that he’ll refer to now and then throughout the movie. Him killing Uma was the first incident, the second is where we see him early in his life learning to kill, learning to get rid of evidence and feel nervous riddled with OCD. He confronts a widow posing as a cop who later reveals he’s an insurance agent in order to get into her house, tries to kill the older woman only to fail where he tries and tries again.  We’re treated to a display of his ocd where he gets away with the murder, but he just can’t be happy assuming he left blood stains all around. Now being choke doesn’t sound vicious, but he drags the body with his van in order to escape the police who come in reporting a break in. When he gets back to his meat freezer, he purchased previously we see the woman’s hollowed skull like it was a watermelon display set. Perhaps the most cringe worthy scene that I can made 100 people leave the screening at Cannes is his 3rd incident where he talks about, he had a family at one time. It was his, but he was on a date with a woman and her two children. He takes the family hunting explaining the guns and the targets as well as the trophy displays hunters would boast about. We get a glimpse of him as a boy expressing how he would hide in the corn fields hearing the farmers using their scythe that put him at ease. During this flashback he cuts off a baby duck’s leg and throws it back into the water. There’s no cuts, edits or even CGI it looks like the real thing. As we go back to his picnic date, he’s begun hunting the family He goes for the children first shooting one child in the vital organs and shooting his leg off. He shoots the child’s brother point blank in the head. The mother cries as he sets up a picnic forcing her to feed food to her dead children who are positioned as scarecrows, he eventually kills the mother after asking her what’s her favorite number to which she replies 12. The number is then used as a countdown. Jack goes on to discuss that he’s always wanted to be an architect but was never given the chance due to his mother who felt it wouldn’t pay off. He works as an engineer and throughout the film explains his actions as art arguing with Verge about the differences and his actions are right. Verge listens but draws the line at child’s death as if I heard it all but I still don’t care to hear these parts and can’t acknowledge anything like this as art. Which keep in mind this is a drama art film with heavy horror elements. Most of the time we are treated to philosophy, music and the sanity of Jack who ideally just wants to build a home but can’t get the idea of his dream home down. It’s murder and torture that lines the foundation of his new “home” that makes him feel at ease, cures his ocd and engulfs him to where he’s a confident sociopath with the ability to manipulate those around him, even then his friends are loners and people who aren’t very social. The film is well done with excerpts of the mindset of Lars Von Tier who has repeatedly certain taboo and controversial topics. Yet, this review isn’t to bash Lars it’s simply to showcase the film that I saw. He does speak of falling in love once, but it ends in murder where he explains nobody cares and nobody wants to help a person. The end result is Jack slicing off a woman’s breasts which once again no edit no cut away the scene takes place right there. The final incident was just him experimenting on shooting a full metal jacket bullet in the heads of a group of men lined up. Jack has bought the wrong bullet and must correct his mistake where we see the crumbling of him with the ocd coming back. We don’t see the execution with the bullet which is kind of a shame but at this point with the meeting of Verge we realize he wasn’t going to make out of this alive and it could be either his confessions to a priest as he approaches death row or Virgil is simply the embodiment of Death. Answer: The latter. Jack is caught by a friend who tries to reason with him but is brutally stabbed in the mouth with a bowie knife. What are seconds feels like minutes watching him raise his mouth as the knife goes deeper into his skull. The police find what’s going on and hunt Jack down. As the police try to break down the freezer doors Jack decides to go out and build his home from what Verge explains this is how Engineers work. They work with what they have. He ties up the bodies using wire and hooks. The house is creepy since he’s been keeping the bodies frozen (also there is a taxidermy scene with one of the children he kills to always be smiling) Which you will see quite a bit in the film. Verge takes him down a hole inside his house where we figure that he’ll be taken to freedom, but as the epilogue continues, we are treated to the previous conversations we heard in the dark. Verge is death and he’s taking to final destination. Heaven or hell which is by a broken bridge. The bottom is just lava with a screeching metal noise. Verge explains many people have tried to cross the other side but never make it. Jack feels he has a chance and tries only to fall to his death. So that’s the movie an art film with graphic violence, some soul and blues music, dark humor or perhaps the crowd was laughing nervously or just have a twisted sense of humor. I may never know. With this showing nobody walked out but who knows on the other screenings. Should you see this movie? Yes, keep it mind it is an art film but the gore, storyline and acting will keep you interested. I have to say despite Lar’s character he went out and made a great film about raw emotions that escalate to murder to ease the jangled nerves of a man who has to find an outlet. The movie makes American Pyscho (2000) look like a cartoon.