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Monster Reviews: She Never Died (2019) – Phoenix Fear Con 2019

Monster Reviews: She Never Died (2019) – Phoenix Fear Con 2019

While attending the Phoenix FearCon VIII at Sun Studios of Arizona, I had the chance to check out the 2019 film, She Never Died. It’s a stylish, brooding, edge of your seat thriller that’s sure to be a hit. The film is currently making its way through the festival circuit, already racking up awards along the way. 

She Never Died is a dark fantasy thriller written by Jason Krawczyk and directed by Audrey Cummings. It stars Olunike Adeliyi, Peter MacNeill, Kiana Madeira, Michelle Nolden, Edsson Morales, and Noah Dalton Danby. When a girl goes missing, a woman with a mysterious past tracks down the people responsible.

This is a “sister” film, if you will, to the 2015 fantasy horror He Never Died, starring Henry Rollins. It’s not so much a sequel, but instead, the powerful flip side to the original cult hit. In this film, we see everything from the opposite perspective and follow a woman who suffers the same fate as Jack (Rollins). Not only is there a female lead this time around, but the character’s existence is the complete b-side to the protagonist from the original version.

Olunike Adeliyi is nothing short of magical in the lead role. There’s just something truly remarkable and inspiring about her subtle yet hangry performance. She’s a bit off-kilter, and while the character needs to kill for sustenance, she’s definitely not happy about it. Lacey (Adeliyi) does a tremendous job of displaying her disdain and disapproval of the ritual. 

Although Lacey is a creature with the need to feast, similar to her male counterpart, she gives us everything that was missing in the first film. Instead of trying to suppress urges, she indulges in them by taking down criminals and scum that infest the city. She’s homeless and keeps to herself while doing her best to escape the daily mundane. That is until human traffickers show up and kidnap a young woman she’s grown fond of, causing all hell to break loose.

The directing is excellent and the film is very fluent. There’s never a wasted moment, and every scene and transition is captivating and absorbing. The cinematography is impressive and there’s also some top-notch gore in there for the hounds, as well. She Never Died actually plays more like a horror film, despite being labeled to the contrary.

With strong performances from the entire cast and the perfect anti-hero, it’s hard not to fall in love with this amazing film. The element of human trafficking is a rather simple storyline, however, mixed with Lacey’s shrouded backstory, it’s intriguing enough to keep the film afloat atop all the glorious carnage. It’s a twisted tale that provides further insight into the ongoing war between good and evil in the initial film. 

She Never Died is a brutal, ferocious, gritty thriller that pulls no punches. It’s got heart, humor and without a doubt, will leave you bloodthirsty for more. If you get the chance, I highly urge you to go see this film. You don’t want to miss it.


HELLABRATION DELUXE! Thirty-One Days of SHOCKTOBER: Day Eleven – 10/11/18

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For viewers who are about linear, sensible, relatable storytelling with the whole ‘beginning-middle-and-end’ thing going on, DAVID LYNCH has always been a tough nut to crack. If you cannot accept that it’s about his own unique vision, and just go along for the ride, then it’s best to avoid his body of cinematic work. Even his more accessible films like WILD AT HEART and BLUE VELVET, still never stray far from his strange sense of playing with time, identity and very unreliable narrators and narratives. And nowhere is this more true than in his seemingly undecipherable horror-melodrama, LOST HIGHWAY.

Some critics and Lynch fans have called it a meditation on the creative process itself; others have called it yet another chronicle of dissociative identity disorder, as in Adrian Lyne’s JACOB’S LADDER, or Alexander Aja’s macabre murderfest, HIGH TENSION (a.k.a. SWITCHBLADE ROMANCE). In any case, a film where BILL PULLMAN suddenly morphs into BALTHAZAR GETTY, isn’t going to be something you casually pull up on Netflix for date night.

Fred Madison (PULLMAN) is a musician by trade, specifically a sax player.  He and his wife, Renee (PATRICIA ARQUETTE) have been having problems of late, with Fred convinced that she’s having an affair, while he’s out working. Meanwhile, they experience the kind of random weirdness that any couple in a David Lynch film would – with one of the most startling things being the tapes.

The tapes? Yep – mysterious video tapes in plain brown envelopes that just appear on the Madisons’ doorstep. And each time they play them, it’s a view of their house, with the ‘cameraman’ coming in a bit closer each time. Strange, for sure, and you’d think they’d be more alarmed about it.  But they don’t feel the need to get the cops involved…until one of the tapes turns out to have been shot not just inside the house, but in their bedroom…while they were sleeping.

But things are about to get even more effed up. At a party, Fred meets a “Mystery Man” (probably the strangest and most unsettling role that ROBERT BLAKE ever had in his career), who seems to know Fred…very well. Something this man does during their encounter plays like a party trick…or is it a warning? A way of explaining events that haven’t happened yet?

You won’t have time to think too hard about that, because shortly after that party, Renee Madison is found brutally murdered, and Fred goes up for it immediately.

But wait. If you thought things were strange before, here, hold David’s beer. While Fred is locked up in jail, awaiting arraignment, weird lights flash in the cell, Fred seems to have one hell of a headache, and then suddenly…he’s just not there anymore.  He’s been replaced by a much younger guy, named Pete Dayton (GETTY). Completely flabbergasted, since Fred Madison is their alleged perp and not Pete, the cops have no choice but to let him go.

While Fred played music, Pete’s a mechanic, and he works for a very volatile gangster who goes by the name of Mr. Eddy (the late ROBERT LOGGIA, adding another great role to his already impressive collection.) Eddy has a stunning blonde girlfriend named Alice Wakefield, and isn’t it rich, that except for the platinum blond hair, Alice could be Renee Madison’s twin sister?

Pete is immediately smitten with Alice, of course, and a dangerous affair begins between the two of them. But as if Pete didn’t have enough problems already, there’s the ‘small’ matter of how the hell he managed to wake up in Fred Madison’s cell. Pete’s parents (GARY BUSEY and LUCY BUTLER) seem to know all about how that happened, and it has something to do with a “mysterious man” they met.

Starting to get it now? No? That’s probably intentional, as it seems to be with most Lynch films.  You always seem to be just on the edge of figuring out what the hell is going on, and then the answer is snatched away again by another weird, random event or characters.

The rest of the film is just like that: feeding you clues and hints about how Fred’s and Pete’s lives intersect; their connection to Renee/Alice, and the part that the Mystery Man plays in all of it – someone whom even Mr. Eddy seems to know. And yes, Fred does eventually come back into the picture, but how it happens and what it means, takes a whole lot more time and ink to ponder than what we have here.

If the ambiguities of TWIN PEAKS were a major turn-off for you, and/or you just don’t care for Lynch’s work, anyway, you might want to stay as far away as possible from LOST HIGHWAY. It makes it more than a little difficult to judge the quality of the performances, if you have absolutely no idea what the hell the characters are supposed to be doing in the first place. But the cast – at least to me – seemed to be doing pretty well.  And there’s the usual raft of cameos from a diverse range of actors that goes from HENRY ROLLINS, to GIOVANNI RIBISI and NATASHA GREGSON WAGNER. Hell, even RICHARD PRYOR (in his last screen appearance) turns up for a hot minute!

Technically, as with Lynch’s other films, it’s damn near perfect. DP PETER DEMING, who shot all of the SCREAM sequels after the original, THE CABIN IN THE WOODS, and would shoot MULHOLLAND DRIVE for Lynch after this, does his part to…enhance the weirdness, I guess? And of course, no Lynch film would be complete without the presence of composer ANGELO BADALAMENTI, who does one of his best jobs creeping out viewers since the TWIN PEAKS score, while NINE INCH NAILS’ frontman TRENT REZNOR kicks major ass on putting together the soundtrack, one of the best ever for a Lynch film (it introduced me to RAMMSTEIN, SMASHING PUMPKINS and a LOU REED cover I’d never heard before!)

They say that if something is a piece of art, it’s not going to be a thing that everyone can agree upon, which I guess means that LOST HIGHWAY is definitely art.

Back in my video store clerking days, I issued a challenge about HIGHWAY, to co-workers and customers alike: I would come out of my own pocket to pay $100 to anyone who could sum up the plot of this film, in a way that made complete sense as a straightforward, logical narrative.

Take this as a recommendation, a warning, or whatever you like…I never had to pay up.

Other “HONORABLE MAYHEM” of the cerebral kind released that year included CUBE, EVENT HORIZON, FUNNY GAMES, THE KINGDOM, THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE and SCREAM 2.

Top Five Films to Watch in October (Part 5)

Top Five Films to Watch in October (Part 5)

Part of the House of Tortured Souls
Staff Pick October 2016

By Stephanie Roisland

May I start by saying that this idea and the person behind it (my husband John Roisland) fucking suck. This is way harder than anticipated. I enjoy greatly far too many films and could go on for days about my passion for them. So this gave me a headache and made my anxiety rise while trying to select my top five. I thought about posting the titles based off of my roots and what brought me to love horror - films such as Attack of the killer Tomatoes, The Hills Have Eyes, Halloween, Swamp Thing , and so on. I decided to post my go to movies, the ones I could watch over and over no matter the day. I hope you enjoy demons.

Feast l (2005), Feast ll (2008), and Feast lll (2009)

Fair use doctrine.I know this is kind of a cheat but if you watch one you go straight to the rest. Director John Gulager hit a home run with these beauties. If it was good enough for Jason Mewes, Henry Rollins, Carl Anthony, and Clu Gulager to sign on then you know it is a homerun. Made in 2005, 2008, and 2009, these fantastic B comedy horror films are about patrons of a bar and a local small town that must fight these horrible monsters, eating human flesh and multiplying like rabbits. So if you love sexy suicide girls, hungry monsters, and using a midget wrestlers' Spanish grandmother as monster bait, these movies are totally for you.

The Devils Rejects (2005)


Fair use doctrine.I absolutely love the twisted joy this film brings out in the characters. Rob Zombie hit a home run here with me. This family of demented murderers’ home was attacked by the police, headed by Sheriff Wydell (William Forsythe). You almost feel pity for these murderous, depraved folks as their family is shot down and separated. You soon learn that this group of deranged killers is strong and proud of their slaughtering ways and love to see others suffer. In the end, this is a Police vs. Murderers showdown that forever makes epic history in my mind. Free Bird will never be the same!


Fair use doctrine.

This beautifully directed film by Xavier Gens is set in Paris. A young girl, is trying to get away after she pulls a heist with her ex. Pregnant, scared, and blocked by the police from crossing the border, they find refuge at a small, quaint inn. Little do they know, they should have just took their chances with the cops. As her friends get murdered and start to be used for dinner, she realizes there is no way out. It is a good thing this cult family’s father becomes smitten with her beauty and her baby. She refused to be a breeding, human flesh eating, cult wife and must take them all out in order to survive. Stripped of her hair, the father of her child, her dignity and her emotional virginity, she finds the strength to take them all out in a (rain) of blood and gun fire but what she leaves behind could haunt her forever.

Martyrs (2008)

Fair use doctrine.In this emotionally stunning masterpiece by Pascal Laugier, presented by Richard Grandpierre, this foreign film blows your previous idea of horror right out the damn window. In this chilling tale, an anonymous group uses disposable people to achieve the ever seeking emotional state of a matyr. Never before had a woman let go, giving up all fight to the cause, until now. Two young friends, Hell-bent on finding revenge for the misdoings done to one of them as a child, find themselves in terror of no end. One is killed and the other is chosen to become the one - the one to tell, the one to see, the one to give up all hope in order to know what is on the other side. When you let go of hope, endure all pain beyond all other, give yourself to the end, a martyr you will be. Bloody brilliant and an unforgettable journey.

Trick 'r Treat (2007)

Fair use doctrine.

Any day of the week, I could watch this amazing movie. This exquisite little masterpiece by writer/director Michael Dougherty, sucks in the whole family. The trick’r’treating little demon in a cute burlap mask is just one of the four interwoven tales set on Halloween night. Werewolves, murderers, and tricksters, oh my. There’s a child's story of a bus murder come to life but the good girl becomes the bad girl and wins in the end. The bus driver, now an old man, becomes victim of the demon who wants candy, the heart of Halloween if you will. Another story tells of how the local principal, a mass murderer, passing on his wicked ways to his son becomes prey. And the tale of a beautiful girl who is becoming a woman and is making her first time a time to remember and a time he will wish he could forget. The film brings actors Anna Paquin, Dylan Baker, Brian Cox and so many more to life in this Halloween must have.
Fair use doctrine.

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MOVIE REVIEW: He Never Died (2015)

MOVIE REVIEW: He Never Died (2015)


By Nick Durham

Henry Rollins is one of my all time favorite people ever. The legendary punk vocalist and author is no stranger to the horror genre, having appeared in Feast and Wrong Turn 2 over the years, and now he has the starring role in He Never Died; a very unique film that definitely isn’t how it appears to be on the surface. Mixing elements of pitch black comedy and blood-curdling horror; He Never Died is something surprising and maybe even a little bit special too.

Rollins plays a guy named Jack: an antisocial misanthrope that does little other than sleep, watch TV, and frequent a local diner. The thing about Jack though is that this seemingly middle-aged man is a reclusive immortal, with an occasional taste for human flesh. Jack receives a visit from the teenage daughter (Jordan Todosey) he never knew he had, is gleefully unaware of the waitress (Kate Greenhouse) that has a crush on him, and eventually runs afoul of a crew of local gangsters. Naturally it doesn’t take long for shit to hit the fan, as you can probably imagine.

I have to say this right off the bat: Rollins is wonderful. He’s never really given much of a bad performance in anything I’ve seen him in, but here, good ‘ol Hank is something else. His deadpan delivery makes the comedic scenes laugh out loud funny. His revelations on his origins aren’t loaded with remorse or even emotion; they convey that this is a man with everlasting life that is just so damn tired of going on and on with no end in sight. If there’s no other reason to watch He Never Died, it’s Rollins’ performance.

As for the rest of the film, well, it’s definitely interesting and even somewhat original too. There’s a number of directions that writer/director Jason Krawczyk could have gone with the material, but instead of going full on tongue-in-cheek, he chooses to tell the film in a somewhat serious tone with various sprinkled moments of dark humor. I really can’t imagine the tone of this film being any different, because in all honesty, it wouldn’t have taken much for the whole thing to fly off the rails; great lead performance or not. Story wise, there’s still plenty of questions that don’t get resolved, with the rumor being that Krawczyk and Rollins will return with more adventures of Jack sometime in the future.

So yeah, you’re not going to see many films like He Never Died. It’s startlingly original and features a fantastic performance from Henry Rollins, which is reason enough to check it out. It may be an acquired taste for most however, so proceed with a little bit of caution. It’s currently streaming on Netflix, so now’s your chance to give this a look.

Rating: 3.5/5

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Interview: Lou Avilleira: The Mind Behind FATHER EVIL

By John Roisland


Many of you have come to him as Father Evil, the lone evil priest who wanders the conventions in search of sinners. Now we take a few moments to meet the man behind the character , Lou Avilleria.

For years now, people have been going to movie and comic conventions and dressing up as their favorite character. Many of the cosplay (as its called) artists, often enjoy many different characters. That wasn't the case for Lou, he found and created Father Evil, and the world has quickly come to know his name!

I first met Lou online, and we quickly became good friends. I think it was a little over a year later that I then met Father Evil in person at Monster Mania in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. It was a thrill! What a showman! I look forward to see both Lou and Father Evil soon at upcoming events, ...but I must be honest, of all the celebrities that may be in attendance,...Lou is actually more exciting to meet.

Lou is a loving husband and very proud father. He hails from the Garden State of New Jersey, where he balances his family life, and the life he created as Father Evil. Doing many guest appearances in local events, Lou has also be seen doing the tri-state area conventions. Well he has spread those evil wings and has been seen in conventions as far as Texas and most recently Atlanta, GA.



Lou took a few minutes to give me a short interview to catch us up.


House of Tortured Souls: First, Lou, thank you so much for taking the time out of what must a very hectic schedule you are growing into to spend a few moments with House of Tortured Souls.

LA: You're most welcome!


HoTS: At what point did you realize that you wanted to join in the cosplay world?

LA: It was around 2010. I went to Chiller Theater with a character I made up over 20 years ago through one of my sketches. It was supposed to be a one time thing...a "goof" but as soon as I showed up, people lost their shit and wanted pics. What really floored me was when a featured guest and Italian director (his name escapes me) flipped his shit and wanted pics as well. He actually excused himself from his fans to take pics of me. I figured if I got his attention I may have something here... and the rest is history. (Mind you it was just a $20 costume from Party City when I first appeared.)


HoTS: Upon creating what the world is quickly knowing as Father Evil, how long has it taken you to get to the point of his outfit, look at it, and say "Now, its perfect!"?

LA: Two years. To where I was like okay, this is authentic... But I'm never or will never be done "evolving". It will never be "perfect" in my eyes.


HoTS: What other, if any, other cosplay characters had you tried before deciding on Father Evil ?

LA: Never tried any other...I was going to do a vampire, but by that time people we're too engrossed with Father Evil. I even mentioned about cosplaying another character, but one guy said, "No dude, you can't be anything else. You are Father Evil & Father Evil is you."


HoTS: Father Evil has become what it seems to be an almost over night sensation. I know you've worked hard, put in lots of hours, and done numerous events to support his character. Did you ever think that he would have gotten such a huge following?

LA: No… nowhere near to what he is now, not at least this fast. I mean I knew that, hey, I got something here but never believed it would be this big, this fast. Never.


HoTS: From autographs, to fan photos, to celebrity photos - at their request, what is the one thing that a fan has done that has just put you over the top, to where you can't really believe it just happened?

LA: When a fan got a tattoo of Father Evil. I was like, “I don't even have a movie or comic, yet. Did this really just happen?” I was BLOWN away to be at that status.


HoTS: On the same note of dealing with fans, at the end of the day, when you're out of costume, do you ever just sit and think, "Is this really happening to me?"

LA: Yes, every other day.


HoTS: I've seen people swarm to Father Evil, I've seen them run scared from you, with your outfit being that of an evil priest. My question is have you ever encountered any, let's say, religious fanatics scolding you or, on the flip side, any individuals, from, let's say, the dark church approach you?

LA: No… nothing negative, nasty stares but nothing verbal. Maybe they're too scared. Who knows? I have met three Baptist pastors, and all wanted a pic. One said I was "grotesquely beautiful ".


HoTS: So I hear there is really big news in the work for Father Evil. Care to fill us in?

LA: Graphic novel. That's all I'm going to say... for now.


HoTS: Lou, you are a hard working man. You have a gorgeous family. How do you balance time between Lou and Father Evil?

LA: When I'm on vacation, Father Evil stays home. When I'm not doing something in the convention scene or hosting, I'm just a dad who loves to play with his kid.


HoTS: In closing, Lou, thank you so much for your time. We all wish you the absolute best with Father Evil and hope to see you soon. Is there anything you like to say to the readers of House of Tortured Souls?

LA: If you have an idea for something, do it. No matter how crazy it may sound, do it. I read a quote by Henry Rollins that really spoke to me and basically it speaks for itself here it goes… "There is no such thing as downtime, spare time, or part time all you have is lifetime. GO !!!"

Keep It Evil.

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COMING SOON: Gutterdammerung

COMING SOON: Gutterdammerung

By John Roisland

Yes, I spelled it correctly, so don't sit there and make fun of me. Gutterdammerung is a rock n roll movie about good and evil . Brought to you from the vision of Bjorn Tagemose , a Belgian-Swedish director whose lie of specialties are visual arts , ....and music videos, the combination together in what he has brought us looks FUCKING AMAZING!!!

The film is in black and white and is a "silent film", but it's not. As a matter of fact, it may end up being one of the loudest films to cross this earth! This film you wont see in any regular movie theater, noooooo sir! This is a traveling show, full equipped with live rock band, preforming in front of/under the screen, much like you would see a symphony playing in front of a Broadway play.


The story is one of good and evil. Humanity is a shit storm, and the big guy upstairs is tired of it. He decides to take away the one thing that is pure evil. A guitar. For without the guitar, the people of earth will no longer have (say it with me) ,"sex, drugs, or rock and roll!!" All the things that have corrupted humanity. But between a fallen angel, played by Iggy Pop, and an evil priest, played by Henry Rollins, there's going to be plenty of room for disaster , I'm sure!


The film also stars rock-n-roll god himself Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead, G-n-R's Slash , the one and only Grace Jones, heavy metal fathers, Slayer's Tom Araya, Volbeat, Nina Hagen, Jesse Hughes, Josh Homme, and Mark Lanegan.

Sadly enough there are no tour dates except for one in England that was to go on sale today, October 14th, 2015. The rest of the world will just have to wait...but I think it will be worth the wait! This is going to be what looks like - this generation's musical experience, set to rock-n-roll, and good old heavy metal!

There are also no prices at this time, I can assure you it wont be cheap to start, but with a traveling band and so on...I'm sure it's only going to get more costly and it grows!

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