Carnival Of Gore (2020) [Review]

Carnival Of Gore (2020) [Review]

Canadian director, Patrick Fortin brings us his first full-length feature movie after making a series of shorts for his movie label, Goriest Production! This was definitely different than I was expecting. I was expecting a movie with all new footage, but what we mostly have is extended, re-edited footage from 2 of his short movies, “Love Me Clowny” and “Gorefest 2” with some newer footage added and some added creepy and bizarre music courtesy of James Bell! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed by that, BUT it does NOT mean I didn’t enjoy this movie!

The first 2 thirds is mostly footage taken from “Love Me Clowny” and it starts out pretty goofy with a male and female clown skipping around and doing goofy things to each other, but once they break into an abandoned house and rip open 2 black garbage bags, things get a little darker and creepier at least for a bit. Not super gory at this point, but still nasty and super bizarre enough to be enjoyed. Definitely enhanced by the added footage and music too! Some nice torture and cannibalism towards the end of this part definitely picked things up too!

The final third of the movie with mostly footage from “Gorefest 2” is where the gore and bizarreness levels really go up! Not much plot here, but that didn’t bother me because the incredibly bizarre atmosphere and overflowing amounts of gore definitely make up for that! Lots of spewing blood, green goop, and blue sludge will definitely quench the gorelust for gorehounds! A psychotic looking female clown goes on a rampage and an extremely gory death is the result.

This was recently released on DVD by Putrid Productions/Vile Video Productions! This is a movie I definitely recommend checking out whether you’ve seen “Love Me Clowny” and “Gorefest 2” or not. Don’t expect a lot of plot in this movie, but if you enjoy extremely bizarre and creepy atmosphere with some REALLY good gore, you’re definitely going to wanna see this one! Looking forward to the next movie of Patrick Fortin!

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[Review] “Nightmare Symphony” is a love letter to Lucio Fulici.

[Review] “Nightmare Symphony” is a love letter to Lucio Fulici.

To be a filmmaker, have passion in your heart for the work you do. Appreciate the layers of a film. Filmmakers study it, live it, breathe it and sometimes become obsessed with their work. Making a movie in any way becomes your life.

Domiziano Cristopharo (House of Flesh Mannequins, Red Krokodil) directs Frank LaLoggia (Lady in White, Fear no evil) who plays The Director, who is determined to get his film completed. With the film editing in the confines of a compact room, Frank looks back only to find his future haunt him.

The ending is a perfect fitting that fans will enjoy and even marvel on the craftsmanship Domiziano does a significant job bringing back the style and feel of 70s horror. Especially with the music by Anthony Coia (Xpiation, The Obsessed) which has a great Giallo feel to it.

As the viewer, you’ll be hooked onto watching multiple screenings to see every detail in the movie. One scene may seem silly where a character gets chased by a car, but the result is perfect. There are countless scenes of death and gore that we as the viewer love with Giallo. Including one cameo with Poison Rouge (American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice, A taste of Phobia) where she meets her demise by the masked killer. They do not reveal the masked killer wearing a peacock mask, which I’m glad.

A movie like this doesn’t need a big reveal for that. Domiziano has gone the extra mile on all his work, but this film is perfect and beautiful. It’s a love letter, it’s a horror film, it’s a look back of the past, present and future filmmakers to learn and love from. The film will premiere at the ISCHIA GLOBAL FEST on July 16th


Paul Hyett’s PERIPHERAL gets UK release

Paul Hyett’s PERIPHERAL gets UK release


Technology has no boundaries in PERIPHERAL, the latest film by renowned visionary director Paul Hyett, set to be digitally released in the UK courtesy of Blue Finch Films on August 3, 2020. The sinister and unsettling sci-fi horror fantasy will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Google, Sky and Virgin.


Bobbi Johnson (Hannah Arterton) is a young literary sensation facing her difficult second novel. Already dealing with a crazed stalker and her junkie ex-boyfriend, Bobbi is convinced by her publisher to use new smart editing software and finds herself going head-to-head with an artificial intelligence determined to write her book for her. As the machine manipulates her work to suit its own nefarious ends, Bobbi begins to realise that she is being controlled in ways far more sinister than she suspected. She may, in fact, be a pawn in a conspiracy of social mind control. Too far down the rabbit hole to turn back, Bobbi must keep writing, fighting her own addictions and hallucinations as she rushes to beat her deadline without selling her soul in the process.

This dark sci-fi horror also stars Jenny Seagrove, Tom Conti, Rosie Day and Elliot James Langridge.

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Mother’s Day (1980) [Review] Mothers Of Horror

Mother’s Day (1980) [Review] Mothers Of Horror

First off, since I’m writing this review on Mother’s Day, I’d like to wish all the moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day! Especially my mother who’s had to put up with a lot from me when I was younger and didn’t disown me for it! I love you Mom!

This movie is one fine example of grimy horror/exploitation! An old woman who seems so sweet and loving when she’s out and about has a severe dark side to her and has total control over her 2 very psychotic sons. 3 college girls go hiking in the woods and are unfortunate enough to stumble across the secluded house of these three maniacs who kidnap them, tie them up and subject them to extremely degrading sexual torment! While all this is going on, the loving mother is not only egging her sons on, but also is giving the orders on how the torture will be carried out! The girls are not only raped and beaten, but are also subjected to very humiliating role-playing games for the enjoyment of Mom and her sons.

Mother’s Day is not made to serious, but is also not comedy either. It actually has quite a sadistic mean streak to it! I really enjoyed this movie and it’s a classic example of early Troma-distributed goodness! Most of the Troma movies I’ve seen are cool, but I especially enjoy the late 70s/early 80s output because of just how incredibly grimy, horrific, controversial, sleazy, and incredibly gory they are! This movie delivers in all of those areas and any politically correct people will definitely hate this! This movie is also very high up on Roger Ebert’s most ALL TIME HATED MOVIES! In the mid 90s, a really sleazy goregrind band called GUT used sound clips from one movie for intros for about two thirds of the songs on their whole first album and all the clips were messed up! I found out years later that those clips came from THIS movie! There’s also some great gore scenes! Nice and slow decapitation right in the beginning plus graphic shootings, crotch stabbing, strangulations, beatings, and more!

Mother’s Day was written and directed by Charles Kaufman who even wrote the screenplay for the remake that was released in 2010! I think the remake is really good with some nice gore, but this grimier, sleazier version is where it’s at for me! This movie will definitely be a Mother’s Day watching tradition for me from now on! Very down and grimy look and atmosphere throughout. It gets a little slow here and there, but not enough to kill any enjoyment. The 2 brothers are pretty goofy characters, but also maniacal animalistic sleazebags when they need to be! The mother character is great in how she shifts from this outwardly sweet and innocent old lady into pure evil that has complete control over her already deranged sons and even forces them to go further through barking orders and guilt trips! Great piece of gory, sleazy, and depraved exploitation/horror! Happy Mother’s Day!

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Friday the 13th: Board Game coming this summer!

Friday the 13th: Board Game coming this summer!

Still bored during this quarantine? Well fear not horror fans, The Friday the 13th Board game is coming to you this summer.

The OP describes this board game as “an anxiety- ridden, press-your-luck horror game. “ In this board game, you’ll take on the role as camp counselors who try to survive five nights at camp with their fate in Jason’s hands.

The game includes:

-6 Player Boards

-1 Cabin Board

– 10 Critical Supply Cards

-6 Backpack Cards

-64 Fear Cards

-88 Blood Spatter Tokens

– 6 Escape Tokens

-6 Player Tokens

-1 Night Tracker

-67 Supply Tokens

-1 Camp bag


You will need to collect different supplies to make combinations for points, and you can use Fear cards to escape certain attacks. The players only have strategies and supplies to keep them alive the whole game.

The odds that the players will return back safely is slim, but there is a plot twist: you can steal supplies from the other players!

While it doesn’t have an exact release date yet, you can preorder it on The app website for $29. Once we find out more we will update all you horror fans!

Preorder here: 



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Detroit Driller Killer (2020) [Review]

Detroit Driller Killer (2020) [Review]


This is an unofficial remake of Driller Killer (1977) directed by Matt Jaissle of The Necro Files and Back From Hell fame and a really impressive one too! This time instead of a starving artist in New York City that snaps and slaughters people with a power drill, a starving screenwriter in Detroit snaps and starts slaughtering people with a power drill! This one might be a little less serious and more tongue-in-cheek (and I don’t mind that style at all), but still super bloody, really grimy, and never boring at all!

As far as the gore goes, there are some nice and bloody as hell drillings! Some are really quick with minimal blood, but most are nice and gruesome with plenty of blood spray! On top of that there’s a bludgeoning of multiple people at once that was nasty and had me laughing my ass off at the same time! Most of the blood-soaked killings reminded me of low-budget German gore and that’s far from an insult because I LOVE German gore movies!

This movie just came out and seems to be getting a decent amount of hate from fans of the original Driller Killer and I don’t understand why. Just because this movie was made for a fraction of the original doesn’t make it a terrible movie! This movie is every bit as bloody and grimy if not more! Great fast pace, super grimy atmosphere, great dialog, and entertaining blood-soaked drilling action! Matt Jaissle and crew did an amazing job with this one! Recently released by SRS Cinemas on very limited blu ray (already sold out) and VHS! Hopefully more releases soon so check the Facebook and Storenvy pages of Matt’s company Videvil Video.

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“I KEEP MY PROMISES!”: The Music of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

“I KEEP MY PROMISES!”: The Music of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

As a child growing up, I was always into the story of Frankenstein. Between the movies and book, it was, and still is, one of my absolute favorite oft-told tales. So on November 4th 1994, during the tenth year of my existence, when Francis Ford Coppola’s production of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was released, I could not have been more excited. 

Made as a companion piece to his earlier film, 1992’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was directed by Kenneth Branagh from a script credited to Steph Lady and Frank Darabont, but was revealed later on to be the product of Branagh, who rewrote it once he came onto the project. Coppola and Darabont have since disowned the final product, as it no longer resembled the original vision they had in mind once Branagh took over, with Darabont going on record to say this about the final version: “the best script I ever wrote and the worst movie I’ve ever seen.”


He added: There’s a weird doppelganger effect when I watch the movie. It’s kind of like the movie I wrote, but not at all like the movie I wrote. It has no patience for subtlety. It has no patience for the quiet moments. It has no patience period. It’s big and loud and blunt and rephrased by the director at every possible turn. Cumulatively, the effect was a totally different movie. I don’t know why Branagh needed to make this big, loud film … the material was subtle. Shelley’s book was way out there in a lot of ways, but it’s also very subtle. I don’t know why it had to be this operatic attempt at filmmaking. Shelley’s book is not operatic, it whispers at you a lot. The movie was a bad one. That was my Waterloo. That’s where I really got my ass kicked most as a screenwriter … [Branagh] really took the brunt of the blame for that film, which was appropriate. That movie was his vision entirely. If you love that movie you can throw all your roses at Ken Branagh’s feet. If you hated it, throw your spears there too, because that was his movie.

Now, I love Frank Darabont. But sorry man, I’m on the side throwing the roses. I love this movie. It has been one of my favorites since I first saw, and continues to be such. The direction, the cast, the effects, the cinematography, all truly phenomenal in my opinion. Just an absolutely sumptuous motion picture that Branagh put together.

And one of its greatest attributes is the spellbinding score by Patrick Doyle. Simply speaking, this is one of my all time favorite scores, and one of the finest  I’ve ever heard in my life. This was the score that taught me just how important music can be to a production. Compositions so beautiful, they give me goosebumps while simultaneously moving me to tears. Dazzling, dashing, rousing in every way. An absolute triumph among soundtracks.

I mean, I can go on and on, but there are not enough words in the English language to help me convey just how amazing this score is. So, I’ll leave you with some of my favorite pieces. I wasn’t able to find a complete version of the soundtrack online for streaming (other than on YouTube) but If you really like what you hear, there are a couple of physical copies on Ebay for decent prices. In the meantime, enjoy these picks!





Morbid Stories (2019) [Review]

Morbid Stories (2019) [Review]


Morbid Stories, this horror anthology brought to you by Phil Herman’s Avail Entertainment starts with the wraparound segment where a woman who’s preparing to start her day hears a radio broadcast warning that full blown chaos has erupted everywhere! Each segment that follows includes the horrific events leading up to this day.


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Gore Grind (2020) [Review]

Gore Grind (2020) [Review]

This gory, fetish-ridden anthology put together by Tony Newton and some other sicko directors is not in your usual anthology format of 2 or more stories with a wraparound segment. There are many short movies bombarding you one after another of various lengths and they are of varying content also.

Gore Grind starts of with a bizarre and gory satanic short with no dialogue, creepy music, and a down pitched voice speaking backwards. Bizarre would be an understatement. Next is a woman with a ski mask on being interviewed by a man wearing a pig mask as his potential bondage sex slave. Other highlights are, a very young masked man torturing and sexually degrading a man in a shed while his friend films it, a murdering Santa Claus with a nice twist via one of his victims, and an old recluse showing a friend his bizarre way of celebrating his birthday!

I won’t get into every single segment, but this anthology definitely has a mix of gore, torture, nasty fetish, and just plain bizarre! I was definitely entertained and never bored with this one. My only complaint would be the music. It’s cool that there are a couple songs by the band VHS, but an anthology like this needed tons of actual gore grind bands in the soundtrack but there wasn’t. That being said, still a great anthology with a very creepy atmosphere that feels like you’re surfing the deep dark web. Highly recommended!

Little Library of Horrors Reviews: A Simple Plan

Little Library of Horrors Reviews: A Simple Plan

A Simple Plan

By Scott Smith

“No man chooses evil because it is evil; he only mistakes it for happiness, the good he seeks.” – Mary Wollstonecraft


Have you ever been watching the news or scrolling through your news feed and come across a story about how a civilian came across a large amount of cash and turned it in? What was your reaction? My guess is that it’s much like the rest of us; “I would have kept that”. Now, I’m sure some of you are going to play the high and mighty card and swear you would turn it in as a good person should. Well, let’s up the amount. Say instead of a couple thousand, you come across four and half million dollars. A duffel bag filled to the seam with envelopes neatly packed, holding bands of ten thousand dollars each. You could move anywhere you want, do anything your heart desires and buy things you only dreamed of. A real life restart button. Would you still turn it in? Surely, someone is looking for an amount this large. But, then again, you haven’t heard of any news stories about a large sum of money disappearing. You can just hold onto it until it gets too hot to hold on to.

What if it was you and two friends who found it? You know you can keep a secret, but how well do you really know your friends? Enough to risk a brand new life? How far are you willing to go to keep that secret? This seemingly impossible situation is one that Hank Mitchell, Jacob Mitchell, and Lou Chambers find themselves in when they come across a downed plane. The pilot is dead, but next to him is more money than any of them could have ever imagined. Two brothers and a friend, all with the glimmer of a new life just out of their reach, only have to wait. Just a few months and they would all be richer than ever. It was all so simple…

Scott Smith wrote one of my absolute favorite horror novels of all time, “The Ruins”, and I read that close to five years ago. “Why wait so long to read more of his work if you have such high praise for that book” I hear you ask? Well, simple. I couldn’t bring myself to finish all of his work because I knew once this was done, there were no others to go to next. Scott Smith has only written two novels, “The Ruins” and “A Simple Plan”. He just sort of fell off the face of the Earth after that. You’re not here for that, though. You’re here to find out about the book.

If you’re going to read this book, I highly suggest getting two copies. One for reading, and one for your shelf that can stay in better condition because chances are you’re going to rip a few pages by accident due turning them too fast to realize. From start to finish, “A Simple Plan” is a thrill ride that will have you staying up way into the wee hours of morning to find out what happens next. The characters, the action, and the plot twists all compliment each other so perfectly that I honestly can’t recall a book in recent memory that had me gripped so tightly like this did.

What really makes this book so good is the realism and the actuality of a situation like this happening. It’s something that while not likely, could very well happen to us. It presents situations that you can put yourself in and really think about how you would act. There’s no magic or super natural influence, just real people in a real situation. Smith manages to pull up every single scenario and thought that a person would have in that situation and it just adds so much more depth and connectivity to the story. I mean, really think about it. We would all love to find a random stack of cash, but what if we really did find it? How would you tell your partner if you had one? How long is long enough before you feel okay spending the money? Can I spend the money without seeming suspicious? Is the money marked? So many questions and they’re all present in the story.

The best thing about the book is easily the pacing. I never felt bored or detached from the story. Every scene felt necessary and added significance to the plot. Oh, and the plot twists? My god, the plot twists. Smith makes his plot twists flow so seamlessly into the story and is unlike any I’ve ever seen. The story is just going along and you’re there enjoying the ride and suddenly one sentence completely throws it into over drive. The thing is, that one sentence is not the reveal of a plot twist, but the one leading up to it. There was one scene in particular that had my jaw not been hinged to my face, it would have hit the ground and cracked a tile from the speed it fell at. I just couldn’t believe it.

If I had to gripe about one thing, it’s that there was something in the book that was made to have some sort of significance through out the story, but it just kind of disappeared without any sort of explanation. I may have missed it with my brain constantly needing to slow down and comprehend the madness I just read, but I’m fairly certain it just never lead to anything. Which is fine, it doesn’t take away from the story, but I hate when authors put so much focus on something in a story and just let it fizzle out later.

“A Simple Plan” is by far one of the best books I’ve ever read. Not just as a suspense novel, but as a story. The characters are grounded and realistic and they pull you in with their realism. The action is never over the top, but it demands your attention and doesn’t let up until that chapter is done. There’s a constant feeling of unease as the characters start to develop and just when you think you’ve got them figured out, they pull the unthinkable. While you unfortunately will not find this book in any top suspense novel lists, I would easily put this up there with books like “The Silence of the Lambs” and “The Da Vinci Code”.

While Scott Smith may have only written two novels, they were two of the best damn books I’ve ever read and I feel that he is one of the literary greats. If you’re looking for a story that will have you forgetting the world around you and second guessing your closest friends, you absolutely need to read Scott Smith’s “A Simple Plan”.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a man I need to see about a one way flight to New Zealand.





Foreign films are usually a hit or miss for me, but, every now and then, I will stumble upon a gem that I can’t seem to shake out of my head.  Last year, it was PARASITE, this year, it’s THE PLATFORM.

The film opens inside of a kitchen, where delicious foods and baked goods are being prepared. Everything from steak and lobster to pasta dishes and a variety of cakes and cookies. We cut to what looks like an ordinary prison cell, but after a few minutes, we learn that this is no ordinary prison.  We meet Goreng and Trimagasi, two inmates sharing the same cell.  Goreng has no idea what is going on, while Trimagasi has more than enough information that hides within these walls.

The prison has over 250 floors and 2 inmates per floor. Right in the middle of the floor is a gaping hole which allows a table filled with food to be transferred to each floor.

Now, here is where the terror begins.

The inmates are given 2 minutes to swallow up as much food as they can. After those 2 minutes are up, the platform then drops to the next level, for other inmates to devour. So, if you’re closer to the top level, your bound to get a good start and eat pretty much anything, but if you’re in the lower portion of the cell, well then you could easily starve.

Wait, there’s more.

The inmates are to remain in their room for one month. After that month, they are gassed and put somewhere else in the prison. So, for instance, they could wake up and be on level 9 for a month, but then after that month, they could awake on 166. Which ironically, it seems only fair to allow everybody to get a piece of the pie. But, for some inmates, cannibalism, murder and even suicide are other options in this dark, vile and twisted nightmare.

From start to finish, I was hooked. The characters are wildly interesting, the cinematography is flawless with a mixture of blue’s, green’s and red’s. It’s a bit claustrophobic, but what do you expect from being locked in a prison cell for 90 mins with some disgusting people? I found myself in awe quite a few times, knowing that for some, it’s not going to end well. The film has it’s fair share of violence and gore, but what stuck out the most was the music. It’s tensely beautifully scored.

I cannot recommend this film enough. My only complaint is the ending. The film comes to a complete stop and I wished the director either extended the ending or gave a better explanation, other than that, it’s a surreal thriller.

Some scenes may be hard to stomach, but overall it’s a film you won’t forget anytime soon.

THE PLATFORM is now streaming on NETFLIX.

The Hunt [Review]

The Hunt [Review]

What a wild unexpected ride this was. Before I get started I want to make clear this is a Suspenseful Satirical Action Comedy with lots of gore and Horror tropes. I class it in with Horror as well because of my genuine fear of political discussions. I kid, but I really didn’t expect the film to have this kind of tone. I remember the first trailer before it was initially canceled, and my only gripe was thinking it showed too much of the movie. Boy was I wrong. The film leans in heavy on the comedy early on. Even though there are literally body parts raining from the sky, I couldn’t help but find myself laughing. I should have known with Ike Barinholtz and Glenn Howerton being part of the cast to expect more humor, but I didn’t expect Tucker & Dale vs Evil levels of funny. 
This movie attacks every political stereotype you can think of. That is not an exaggeration at all. I won’t list them all but just looking at my notes there are at least 45 different topics that get touched on like climate change, gun control, illegal immigration, white privilege, assuming gender, victim blaming, conspiracy and “crisis actors,” big game hunting, and so on for days. The main focus though of course is a group of “Elites” hunting victims they pick and choose for unknown reasons in a staged setting where they are given weapons to defend themselves. 
Like I said before they waste no time getting to the comedy, but also waste no time getting to the action, and there is a lot.
The cast is great and I absolutely love our main character Crystal played by Betty Gilpin. She plays this very awkward southern badass who can be funny and emotional, but remains mostly deadpan until she is kicking ass. She carries this film. Great performance from Hillary Swank as well, but much less screen time. there is actually a pretty big cast and any horror fan knows that means a high body count and this movie delivers. The gore is fantastic. It’s not too extreme and never drawn out, but looks great visually and never overdone. 
Getting past all of that we get to the big question. Is the film actually good? That is tricky. I would just say yes, but this is a movie that will effect different people in different ways and I think it was designed that way. I didn’t know it was going to have as much humor going in, so at first I felt disappointed, but that was my own ignorance i suppose, and the movie does it so well and I enjoy the angle of satire they went with. When I realized what it was, I was on board.
While I do think some of the topics seemed forced, I think it was worth it to show just how big of a problem this all is in reality. These topics consume social media, and one thing they touch on is false information and the influence and consequence it can have. It does a great job making light of a very real issues. 
After watching, I can understand Universals decision to delay the movie, but the gun discussions in the movie are quick and other than that, there are just guns in the movie because…weapons. Nothing too touchy but that is where opinions come in and I feel like this movie will shake up everyone’s in some way. some people will laugh and some people will get offended. Some people will agree and some people will get upset. I walked out with a smile on my face because I looked past everything and just saw an action packed, funny, modern spin on the satirical Horror/Suspense film. I recommend checking this one out for sure. I’ll drop the trailer below. The Hunt is out now starring Betty Gilpin, Hillary Swank, Ike Barinholtz and Wayne Duvall.

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Little Library Of Horrors: Women in Horror Month

Little Library Of Horrors: Women in Horror Month

Women In Horror


When I ask you to think of some iconic authors in the horror genre, who comes to mind first? Stephen King? Edgar Allen Poe? H.P. Lovecraft? Maybe even lesser known authors whom have had made an impact like Jack Ketchum, or Max Brooks. While all of them are important in their own way, I’d like to show some appreciation for the women in the world of horror novels. Like their male counterparts, there are a multitude of female authors that have shaped horror into what it is today.

Ann Rule launched the true crime sub-genre into a frenzy with her intense and very personal novel, “The Stranger Beside Me”, in which she details her friendship with serial killer Ted Bundy and gives us an inside look into his life. Shirley Jackson set the bar for haunted house stories with her terrifying novel, “The Haunting of Hill House”. One of the most influential female authors in not only horror, but literature in general, Mary Shelley, whom created the beloved and often misunderstood Frankenstein’s Monster. Easily one of the most iconic monsters in history. Last, but certainly not least, is an author whom has recently gained a boom in her career after her latest novel gained a lot praise, including a seal of approval from Stephen King. She is an author whom I believe will make an impact in horror not just for women, but for future authors as well. I’m talking of course about Alma Katsu.

Alma Katsu started her writing career back in 2011 when she wrote the first of a three part series called, “The Taker”. It was a huge success and was even named a “Top Ten Debut Novels” that year. Her latest novel, “The Hunger”, has been praised by the horror community and is compared to the earlier works of King. Speaking of which, Stephen King had tweeted that her novel was “deeply, deeply disturbing and hard to put down. Not recommended reading after dark”. I myself have just finished the novel and I couldn’t agree more with King.

“The Hunger” is eerie, terrifying, no holds barred horror at it’s finest. It’s a retelling of the tragic events of The Donner Party with a supernatural twist to it. It does give off an early King feeling because it’s set in a small community like Derry or Jerusalem’s Lot and you get to really know all of the people in the community. Everyone feels unique and real. The pacing is incredibly well done and the sense of paranoia throughout really grips you.

What I love the most though and the reason why I feel like she’ll make such an impact is how real she makes the supernatural in this. Sure, any amount of supernatural takes a little bit of suspension of belief, but isn’t that all of horror? The feeling of unbelieving that something like that is possible and yet, here it is, happening? She has a way of making that suspension so minimal, so minute that it’s hard to even know you’re doing it. Plus the pure fear the characters feel is gut-wrenching. You have to remember that this was an actual event that happened (minus the supernatural, of course). Real people suffered this terror.

I love that Alma took a real life event in our history and gave it her own twist. If you’re into historical fiction with a horror twist, I can’t recommend checking out “The Hunger” enough. She also has a new book coming out on March 10th, 2020 called “The Deep”. She is once again diving into one of the most famous tragedies in human history and cranking up the terror by revisiting the Titanic. I’m excited to see where she goes over the years and I hope you all do yourself a favor and do the same.

Creepshow Creeping On AMC Before Season 2 Launch on Shudder

Creepshow Creeping On AMC Before Season 2 Launch on Shudder

As announced last October, “Creepshow” has been renewed for a second season at AMC’s horror-focused streaming service Shudder.

Executive produced by showrunner and “Walking Dead” EP Greg Nicotero, “Creepshow” is based on the iconic 1982 movie written by Stephen King and directed by George A. Romero.

Now Shudder original Creepshow is set to get a linear debut on AMC ahead of the digital launch of its second season.

The move is the latest example of AMC Networks moving its content “fluidly” between its portfolio of linear channels and digital services. Last year, it aired supernatural horror drama NOS4A2 on AMC before putting it on Shudder for a second run. Creepshow will air on AMC later this year.

“There’s absolute crossover between the brand and the content on some of our linear channels and OTT services,” COO Ed Carroll, speaking on its investor call following its financials, said. “We think that [Creepshow] will be successful on AMC but will also then build audiences for the season two launch back on Shudder.”

“Creepshow” is Shudder’s first hour-long scripted series since launching in 2016, and more than 50% of Shudder members watched at least one episode of the series, according to the streamer.

“’Creepshow’ has met every expectation we had for Shudder’s first original scripted series and then some, with record numbers across the board,” said Shudder general manager Craig Engler. “Greg Nicotero and his team delivered an amazing show that’s unlike anything else on TV and we’re thrilled and delighted to bring it back for another season.”

Season one of Creepshow stars David Arquette, Adrienne Barbeau, Tobin Belk, Big Boi, Jeffrey Combs, Kid Cudi, Bruce Davison, Giancarlo Esposito, Dana Gould, Tricia Helfer and DJ Qualls. It features adaptations of stories by Stephen King, Joe Hill, Joe R. Lansdale, Josh Malerman and others. The season one finale aired Thursday, Oct. 31st, 2019.

“For me, ‘Creepshow’ has been a true labor of love,” said Nicotero in a statement. “To be able to pay tribute to George A. Romero’s visionary project and have the show so embraced by fans everywhere is humbling to this horror kid from Pittsburgh. I couldn’t be more pleased and look forward to continuing the series with more ghoulish delight.”

The series is produced by the Cartel with Monster Agency Productions, Taurus Entertainment, and Striker Entertainment. Stan Spry, Jeff Holland, and Eric Woods are executive producers for the Cartel; Nicotero and Brian Witten executive produce for Monster Agency; Robert Dudelson, James Dudelson and Jordan Kizwani are executive producers for Taurus; Russell Binder is executive producer and Marc Mostman co-executive producer for Striker.

Deadline, Variety

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The dead walk among us in official trailer for ‘A WAKEFIELD PROJECT’

The dead walk among us in official trailer for ‘A WAKEFIELD PROJECT’

The dead walk among us in the first trailer for A WAKEFIELD PROJECT

A Wakefield Project, a unique new entry in the sci-fi horror genre, premieres in North America March 3 on DVD and VOD.

L.A. Lopes directs the film, the story of a group of townsfolk who suddenly start seeing dead people living among them!

Eric (Anthony BewlzTooth Fairy) and Reese (Dennis Andres, Workin’ Moms) invest in a property in the little town of Wakefield. Chloe (Lindsay SeimInsidious: Chapter 2) a medium, who used to live in Wakefield returns to her roots to enlighten the new entrepreneurs on the history of the town. The property was originally owned by Nathan Cross (Rob ArcherLost Girl), who’s post mortem crimes stain the entire town. On a day when unprecedented solar flares target North America, Wakefield becomes the centre of a temporary shift in atmospheric energies. The living are seeing the dead walk among them. As they find themselves in the heart of this nightmare until dawn, they need to face history in the flesh, and survive.

A Wakefield Project premieres on DVD and Digital 3/3 from High Octane Pictures.

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Horror comedy novel MY BFF SATAN by Kyle Rader available now on Kindle and Paperback

Horror comedy novel MY BFF SATAN by Kyle Rader available now on Kindle and Paperback

Horror comedy, MY BFF SATAN by Kyle Rader is availble now on Kindle and Paperback

Something is wrong in Hell.

A mysterious ritual gone awry has bound Satan to the soul of the very ordinary and very confused Mikaela, latching onto her on the day she was born.

The Devil and Mikaela are not the best of friends, he being a fallen angel consumed by never dying flames, her being an awkward lesbian dominatrix unable to maintain a relationship.

His powers greatly diminished and unable to return home, Satan and Mikaela settle into a ceasefire as they try to maintain the semblance of a “normal” life while investigating the magic spell that binds them together.After a chance encounter with a dark sorcerer reveals a possible counter-spell that will separate them and with their future in the balance and a conspiracy of rather irritated demon-bureaucrats and ancient sorcery closing in on them, the unlikely duo must decide to work together to prevent the total destruction of the entire universe.

The book is available to buy on Amazon here:

About Kyle Rader

Kyle Rader is Superman with a gun.

He’s also a writer of all things big and small. Author of 3 novels and over twenty short stories(and counting), most days he trudges along through the monotony of daily life waiting for when he gets to have time to sit down and write. Last he checked, he lives in New England and enjoys playing guitar poorly, yelling at his television, and annoying his long suffering wife and newborn son who is way too awesome to be hanging around with him.

If you like what you read, want to discuss living the Beard lifestyle, the writing life, or ask him if Batman could beat Superman (Nope), head over to the Contacts page and drop him a line.

Check out some of his published Short Stories in the Short Stories Page.
Check out his Author Page on Amazon
Find the author on his website

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Controversial Movie The Hunt Sets New Release Date for Theaters

Controversial Movie The Hunt Sets New Release Date for Theaters

The most controversial film of 2019 was one that nobody actually got to see. The Hunt, Starring Betty Gilpin, Emma Roberts, Hillary Swank, and more is a satirical Action Horror-Thriller film about a group of “Elites” that hunt a group of captured humans called “Deplorables” for sport. The film was pulled last year by Universal in the wake of two separate mass shootings that were only a day apart in August of 2019.
At first the studio was going to set a new date and pull all the footage that had been released. They did but decided to announce they would not be releasing the film at all after a lot of public backlash even from the President of the United States saying  “Liberal Hollywood is Racist at the highest level, and with great Anger and Hate! They like to call themselves ‘Elite,’ but they are not Elite. In fact, it is often the people that they so strongly oppose that are actually the Elite. The movie coming out is made in order … to inflame and cause chaos.”
The film’s Director Craig Zobal said after the film was cancelled Our ambition was to poke at both sides of the aisle equally. We seek to entertain and unify, not enrage and divide. It is up to the viewers to decide what their takeaway will be.”(Source: Variety) While I feel they did the right thing to postpone the film, I thought it was a little silly to pull it completely. That being said, we are currently living in an age of a dedicated “cancel culture” and while it was certainly mainly out of respect, the studio may have been wise to protect their image. 
This is all changing, however, as the film is now set for a new theatrical release on March 13th 2020,(Source: The Hollywood Reporter) and we even got a new trailer that shows the film as being played off as more of a conspiracy type movie with less obvious explanations, and multiple possibilities of what is actually going on.
I remember getting very excited by the original trailer aside from thinking they showed the whole film basically, but in this new trailer we learn that is not the case and there are plenty of fresh plot points, and some mystery to this story. Now I am even more excited. Respect to Universal for waiting for the right time, and hopefully the previous backlash hasn’t tarnished the film enough to affect numbers and people actually check this out before sticking by an early opinion or protesting based on little footage. Let us know what you think of Universal’s decision to release this film in the comments and check out the trailer below!

Resident Evil’s Netflix show names two characters

Resident Evil’s Netflix show names two characters

Great news for Resident Evil fans if there is anything true to new rumors floating around. According to multiple sources now, two main characters have been named, Billie and Jade Wesker, half-sisters and daughters of Albert Wesker. I really don’t know if they are following the games closely or at all, but we meet the son of Wesker in arguably the worst of the games, Resident Evil 6. I wouldn’t blame anyone for forgetting that game all together. Regardless of them keeping true to the games the confirmation of characters means a show might actually be happening this time. Ideas for shows have been off and on since 2014, and the latest legit announcement was last year(2019). 
There have been no announcements about the cast and details have been minimal in general, which makes me wonder if this is actually going to be live action or animated. There have been 4 animated movies already, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they took a shot with an animated series with all the success other animated shows are having on Netflix. A report from Redanian Intelligence says that “production” is planned to start in June and conclude in October, but that is still very vague.
The game series has certainly shifted in a much better direction with RE7 and the RE2 Remake, so I have high hopes for this show and I am very excited to learn more about Billie and Jade and see if they get any cool abilities like their Father or maybe even some wild mutations. Hopefully we will get an official announcement soon, but luckily we will have the Resident Evil 3 Remake in April to hold us over. Let us know in the comments what you think of the Wesker sisters, and keep an eye out here for more news.
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[Review] HALLOWEEN the Game(fan made teaser)

[Review] HALLOWEEN the Game(fan made teaser)


I finally got to sit down and play the new fan made HALLOWEEN survival horror game that has been floating around the web, and boy let me tell you, it’s…not bad. One thing is for sure, fan made video games have come a long way. This game is basically a re-imagining of HALLOWEEN II set in Haddonfield Memorial Hospital where you take control of who I am assuming is Laurie Strode, with the goal of finding a way to kill Michael Myers before he can find and kill you. The assets for Michael were taken straight from the game Dead By Daylight, so you would think they would pull Laurie as well, but the creator decided to go with a more hospital appropriate look and used some lady in just a towel. I guess she just got out of a shower.

You can’t really tell with my screen grabs but this game looks really incredible, and does a good job with jump scares on the first play through when you don’t know what to expect. HALLOWEEN fans will surely be pleased by this as there are plenty of kills by Michael with a pretty fun animation with one kill in particular. There is a quick spurt of possibly unintentional comedy in the form of a soundbite of Michael Scott from The Office. I definitely laughed!

OK let me get the bad out of the way and talk about those awful footsteps. Like seriously, tiptoeing is supposed to be quieter right?! Our girl clearly has the heaviest feet in Haddonfield and no wonder Michael knows exactly where she is at all times. Well that and you are surely not made any more stealthy with your invisible and permanently on flashlight you have hidden somewhere. The look of the walk/run animation in general looks absolutely ridiculous, but I found myself giggling about it more than criticizing it. Michael moves around similar to the way the ghost of Lisa did in P.T. with a kind of teleport technique that can put him right in front of you from out of nowhere. You can hear him coming but if he catches you, get ready for a very loud surprise in your headphones. You have been warned.

Aside from a few bad sound effects, the creator Stefanocagnani90 did a great job.Paying homage to the entire series by using the score from a few of the films and sprinkling in a few fun Easter eggs for the fans. I highly recommend checking out his Gamejolt profile and this fun little fan made bit of survival horror. I’ll post a link here for the download. https://gamejolt.com/games/hallowen/460533 Now I have quite a bit left to say, especially about a wild and unexpected ending, but this next portion WILL contain SPOILERS so read on only if you have checked this out for yourself.
After running around a lot, it turns out the way to stop Michael is to open the valve on a large gas canister in a small room and set him on fire as he walks by. Don’t ask me how it’s ignited, just go with it. It’s nice to see because it gives us a similar visual from the climax of the actual film. 
Now I am really having mixed feelings about this ending and not sure if I love it or hate it. If you don’t know already, afterkilling” Michael, you take control of him with the task of now finding and killing Laurie..or towel girl..whoever the hell she is, but to your surprise you find her already dead, pinned to a wall with a machete. Then after a lovely little sound drop hits, the camera turns and you see none other than the one and only Jason Voorhees. I have no idea what he wants or how the fuck he got to Haddonfield but there is definitely about to be a fight.
While I got super excited by the idea of Michael VS Jason, I think I am more interested in what a full HALLOWEEN game would look like on its own. This game is simple but has so much potential, and if the right developer was interested, this could really be a hit for the Horror genre. What would guys want more? Michael VS Jason, or a full HALLOWEEN game that gives a bigger view of Haddonfield? Lets us know in the comments and stay tuned for more reviews. 
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[Review] Green Hell murder, porn and madness

[Review] Green Hell murder, porn and madness

As one observes the work of directors, you begin to understand their work and create art.  The new film in question is Green Hell from A Baroque House. The film stars Billy Boston, Felicia Fisher, Torture Wolfe The film is what you would expect Porn and Horror. It’s a bit different. Now given this is the second film I see from the collection.  I was impressed and pleased with this movie.

Green Hell follows the story of a girl who gets stalked by a guy with thoughts of perversion towards a girl he doesn’t know, which brings him to the edge of pleasure and pain. It doesn’t focus too much on his mental state, but it’s a good amount to establish the context of the character. He breaks into the girl’s place and waits for her. He then confronts her at a gunpoint where’s she’s forced to partake in oral sex, masturbation to finally the voices command him to commit murder and suicide.

As stated, yes, this is the second film I saw, and I have to say the movie is done well. It starts with a lesbian sex scene with a knife vaginal stimulation scene that could make someone nervous or aroused. Either way, you have to give credit for going to that direction, which we see again in the end. This wasn’t so much done for shock but just introducing a new technique to both porn and horror. I would advise if you try it at home PLEASE BE CAREFUL only because it was done on film quickly. You have to remember there were rehearsals. So please be careful.
The film does a great job being filmed during the day. Along with showing actual penetration of a strap on dildo to real oral sex being performed on a guy

I think if this were shot at night, it would give off a real MANIAC feel or even come off as other ’70s, 80’s horror films. Green Hell maybe seem like your typical horror rape film, but it sets itself apart where it has it doesn’t need to be like other films. Its usage of the color green is played on throughout the film, which I enjoyed. We’re reminded that this is the hell our killer goes through being tormented by a beautiful woman and green for the greed of wanting to satisfy his blood lust. Green Hell is worked on by the same team that’s given us all the greats. Now remember the movie is available to pre-order, but like all the other releases when it’s done, it may be out of print, so if you’re curious on if you like it. If you’re a fan of David Hess’s films, then your probably grown up with a stronger pallet to enjoy this.