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Foreign films are usually a hit or miss for me, but, every now and then, I will stumble upon a gem that I can’t seem to shake out of my head.  Last year, it was PARASITE, this year, it’s THE PLATFORM.

The film opens inside of a kitchen, where delicious foods and baked goods are being prepared. Everything from steak and lobster to pasta dishes and a variety of cakes and cookies. We cut to what looks like an ordinary prison cell, but after a few minutes, we learn that this is no ordinary prison.  We meet Goreng and Trimagasi, two inmates sharing the same cell.  Goreng has no idea what is going on, while Trimagasi has more than enough information that hides within these walls.

The prison has over 250 floors and 2 inmates per floor. Right in the middle of the floor is a gaping hole which allows a table filled with food to be transferred to each floor.

Now, here is where the terror begins.

The inmates are given 2 minutes to swallow up as much food as they can. After those 2 minutes are up, the platform then drops to the next level, for other inmates to devour. So, if you’re closer to the top level, your bound to get a good start and eat pretty much anything, but if you’re in the lower portion of the cell, well then you could easily starve.

Wait, there’s more.

The inmates are to remain in their room for one month. After that month, they are gassed and put somewhere else in the prison. So, for instance, they could wake up and be on level 9 for a month, but then after that month, they could awake on 166. Which ironically, it seems only fair to allow everybody to get a piece of the pie. But, for some inmates, cannibalism, murder and even suicide are other options in this dark, vile and twisted nightmare.

From start to finish, I was hooked. The characters are wildly interesting, the cinematography is flawless with a mixture of blue’s, green’s and red’s. It’s a bit claustrophobic, but what do you expect from being locked in a prison cell for 90 mins with some disgusting people? I found myself in awe quite a few times, knowing that for some, it’s not going to end well. The film has it’s fair share of violence and gore, but what stuck out the most was the music. It’s tensely beautifully scored.

I cannot recommend this film enough. My only complaint is the ending. The film comes to a complete stop and I wished the director either extended the ending or gave a better explanation, other than that, it’s a surreal thriller.

Some scenes may be hard to stomach, but overall it’s a film you won’t forget anytime soon.

THE PLATFORM is now streaming on NETFLIX.

The Hunt [Review]

The Hunt [Review]

What a wild unexpected ride this was. Before I get started I want to make clear this is a Suspenseful Satirical Action Comedy with lots of gore and Horror tropes. I class it in with Horror as well because of my genuine fear of political discussions. I kid, but I really didn’t expect the film to have this kind of tone. I remember the first trailer before it was initially canceled, and my only gripe was thinking it showed too much of the movie. Boy was I wrong. The film leans in heavy on the comedy early on. Even though there are literally body parts raining from the sky, I couldn’t help but find myself laughing. I should have known with Ike Barinholtz and Glenn Howerton being part of the cast to expect more humor, but I didn’t expect Tucker & Dale vs Evil levels of funny. 
This movie attacks every political stereotype you can think of. That is not an exaggeration at all. I won’t list them all but just looking at my notes there are at least 45 different topics that get touched on like climate change, gun control, illegal immigration, white privilege, assuming gender, victim blaming, conspiracy and “crisis actors,” big game hunting, and so on for days. The main focus though of course is a group of “Elites” hunting victims they pick and choose for unknown reasons in a staged setting where they are given weapons to defend themselves. 
Like I said before they waste no time getting to the comedy, but also waste no time getting to the action, and there is a lot.
The cast is great and I absolutely love our main character Crystal played by Betty Gilpin. She plays this very awkward southern badass who can be funny and emotional, but remains mostly deadpan until she is kicking ass. She carries this film. Great performance from Hillary Swank as well, but much less screen time. there is actually a pretty big cast and any horror fan knows that means a high body count and this movie delivers. The gore is fantastic. It’s not too extreme and never drawn out, but looks great visually and never overdone. 
Getting past all of that we get to the big question. Is the film actually good? That is tricky. I would just say yes, but this is a movie that will effect different people in different ways and I think it was designed that way. I didn’t know it was going to have as much humor going in, so at first I felt disappointed, but that was my own ignorance i suppose, and the movie does it so well and I enjoy the angle of satire they went with. When I realized what it was, I was on board.
While I do think some of the topics seemed forced, I think it was worth it to show just how big of a problem this all is in reality. These topics consume social media, and one thing they touch on is false information and the influence and consequence it can have. It does a great job making light of a very real issues. 
After watching, I can understand Universals decision to delay the movie, but the gun discussions in the movie are quick and other than that, there are just guns in the movie because…weapons. Nothing too touchy but that is where opinions come in and I feel like this movie will shake up everyone’s in some way. some people will laugh and some people will get offended. Some people will agree and some people will get upset. I walked out with a smile on my face because I looked past everything and just saw an action packed, funny, modern spin on the satirical Horror/Suspense film. I recommend checking this one out for sure. I’ll drop the trailer below. The Hunt is out now starring Betty Gilpin, Hillary Swank, Ike Barinholtz and Wayne Duvall.

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Kerry Newton—WiHM Interview

Kerry Newton—WiHM Interview

This month keeps getting better on showcasing talented women and I had the opportunity to interview the talented Kerry Newton. Check out below on her upcoming projects and see what advice she offers to women aspiring to pursue careers in acting.  

Sarah Gregory:

  • What inspired you to get into the industry?

Kerry Newton:

  • Five or six years ago I was in teaching, I was also doing a lot of musical theatre and straight plays, comedy plays, a lot of theatre and a friend of mine who is a bit of a professional actor for many many years,  he who is in The Last Kingdom (Netflix series) said he felt that I had something about me that was unique and had this faith in me , the talent, drive and determination and skills and had a good look and had the strength to make it in acting. It was him that inspired me to make a leap from teaching and everything else that I was doing. Because I felt rather stuck, I followed all his advice very quickly cause one I set my mind to something I go got it.  Got myself on spotlight, got myself an agent, did lots and lots of short films and did everything I could to network, got to know a lot of key people quickly with his help and support and it’s not what inspired me it’s who inspired me, it was him. 


  • What does Women in Horror Month mean to you? Who/ what are your inspirations?


  • Horror Month is a great opportunity to showcase new independent horror films, upcoming directors and producers and actor’s work and writer’s work because horror is a very popular genre and it’s great to see new work from new people and see what people out there are creating this unique and different in the horror genre. Also, my inspirations in horror, I like horror films where there’s a strong woman who (like Sigourney Weaver in Aliens) at the center of things, fighting against all evil and seeing it through and going through absolute hell coming  out the other side not being defeated. I like those types of films where there’s a female fighter, a strong woman fighting through all odds in horror. I’m not one for very very sick, gory films like Saw and Hostel and things like that. I like things with a very good meaty story line, I like a gritty character, strong female role. 


  • What challenges do you find yourself facing when accepting roles?


  • If it looks like a challenging part, I love to take on a challenge, so no challenge is too big for me. I find myself facing all sorts of challenges, going through very deep emotional acting, going through absolute hell in some parts, I’ll just accept any challenge and rise to it no challenge is too big. If it’s a character that I’m invested in and it’s got the detailed gritty acting then I’ll take it on.


  • Any advice for someone, women in particular who are getting into acting, especially in the horror scene?


  • My advice would be with horror you will have raw emotion pouring out of you, you have to be real, be absolute real don’t try to just act you have to really feel it. With getting into acting in general, you’ve got to have a great agent, a great headshot, a great show reel, and take every single role you can at first to build up your portfolio.


  • With Everyone Laugh at Leanne, what inspired you to channel her downward spiral?


  • What you don’t see is that she’s had psychological problems for quite awhile, so in the short you might be questioning how could she have this downfall in such a short time and are left guessing as to what she’s been through before this stage, that she’s always had mental health problems and this is just a build up or the last straw in the last few days in her situation. So I considered going in there already having been through a great deal and been suffering and struggling with mental health issues from the trying to lead a normal life, some of these events in the film trigger to what she’s been trying to cover up and hide and it just sets her off.


  • You are a woman of many talents— as a singer, actress, combat artist, etc. With branching out in different directions, what do you prefer more to do?


  • Besides acting I do sing, dance and am a combat artist, what I love to do the most is act. Out of all of those I like to create a roll, living through it, and being on set. Going through the characters emotions, becoming that person and producing a good character, screen acting is the thing I love the most.


  • Do you have any other upcoming projects you are working on that you are allowed to discuss?


  • I’ve got a couple of projects coming up, one is the feature film I’m working on that is something that Netflix could be taking on it’s called Hood: A Legend Reborn.  Its the retelling of the Robin Hood story but its very Games of Thrones esque it’s very dark and grisly. It’s kind of difficult to watch, hard hitting but full of action in stunts and I’m playing Sky she’s the only female in the Merry Men Gang, it’s expanded a bit to include me. I’m very excited about that filming that in the next few months. I also co-written, co-produced, co-directed a TV pilot called Dixies which is set in Doncaster in 1985 , it tells a true story of a night club bar called Dixies and all the goings on, all the nitty gritty drama and I’m starting to film that in late February so that’s my next project.
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Maddie Deering—WiHM Interview

Maddie Deering—WiHM Interview

Women in Horror Month is a great way to showcase our talented badass ladies in horror. I had the privilege to interview Maddie Deering— a talented writer, producer and actress.  Check out her latest film Spirit Animal and see what she has in store for us in the next year! 

Sarah Gregory:

  • What inspired you to get into the industry, mainly in horror?

Maddie Deering: 

  • Ever since I was young, I loved film. I have so many memories of the video store, Video World, which was also my first job. My family used to always go and rent movies on Wacky Wednesday, where rentals were cheap. But it was at a video store, That Tape Place, where I got into weirder horror movies, Troma movies were an inspiration. For a 7th grade birthday party we rented Killer Nerd, and it was shot on video. It was cheap, it was hilarious, and I loved it. And that was the moment I said to my friends, “Hey, we can make movies!” And It was then I learned you didn’t need a lot of money to make a film, just a lot of passion and love for the genre.


  • Who/ what are your inspirations for filmmaking?


  • Wes Craven and Lloyd Kaufman are two of my biggest inspirations. Wes Craven had so many amazing creative ideas, and I love almost everything he did. Like, Freddy Krueger wasn’t just a killer like Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees, he had personality and the way those movies were made was brilliant. And he didn’t just launch one horror franchise, he directed Scream too. I love almost all of his works. And Lloyd Kaufman made all these movies with love and heart for little money, and has been doing it for so long. I get a lot of my humor from movies like The Toxic Avenger, Class of Nuke Em High, and Terror Firmer. I am also heavily inspired by David Lynch and his style.


  • What was your inspiration for Spirit animal?


  • Spirit Animal has been one hell of a journey to come onto screen. About 2 years ago, a friend and I were developing a slasher movie about a half shark/half man Shark God that stalks a group of kids who are camping. We didn’t have the budget to make a cool looking Shark-Man, so I decided to write a short film that tied in, Bathtub Shark Attack. That never happened either, and my actors dropped out except one. So I said, let’s just make a feature and shoot it on VHS (I always wanted to shoot a feature on VHS, I love the look!). So I feel Spirit Animal is a little bit of both those movies, and it holds on it’s own. I think the humor and one liners (as well as the killer’s voice) was influenced by the Nail Gun Massacre. Other inspirations include movies like Sleepaway Camp and Friday the 13th as well as shot on video horror movies like Video Violence and Cannibal Campout. Popcorn was really the movie that made me want to do a gimmick and Smell-o-vision was definitely the best option for this movie. I think that little bit of extra effort and interactive fun brings this movie to a whole new level. Of course, John Waters did it first with Polyester!


  • Do you have any advice for anyone, women in particular who are getting into this business, with the horror genre?


  • Just do it! If you want to make a movie, get some friends together on the weekend and make a movie for fun. The technology to make a movie is everywhere. Even if it’s just a silly short with your friends. It is an amazing feeling to create. Just never stop trying. Spirit Animal is my fist feature and I paid out of pocket for all the props and everything. You can easily make a movie on no money if you have friends to do it with who are dedicated. That’s what we did, I casted my friends, and we went for it. And we are almost finished now which is an amazing feeling. The horror community is full of so many amazing people, and it is an amazing time to be a horror fan. With Facebook, it is so easy to meet other like minded folks. So my advice, if you wanna do it, DO IT!


  • How did your love for this genre come about?


  • For Easter one year when I was young, my parents got me a Nightmare on Elm Street on VHS. I have been in love ever since. Of course, I saw bits and pieces of those movies among others on TV, but that was the start. Horror is an escape from every day life and it is such a fun genre with so much creativity and ideas. There’s so many different sub genres, and so many talented folks behind the scenes. I love everything about horror movies, I always have and I always will. Horror movies helped me through some tough times!


  • What new projects can we expect from you this year?


  • This year you will probably just see Spirit Animal, haha. We have a premiere coming up on March 13th, and a physical release in July *fingers crossed*. I have a script entitled Alan which is a bit of a twisted love story that’s inspired by films like Silent Night, Deadly Night, Taxi Driver, and Psycho. It’s my passion project and I would love to be shooting that a year or so from now. We also are working on finishing some older projects, including the first movie I ever made which is about torturing toys, the other being a film my cinematographer Joseph Russio made titled Beyond Dark Dreams. I hope to put these projects together this year and shoot Alan next year! Here is hoping people enjoy Spirit Animal and that we can make more. I have a idea for a trilogy!

Keep an eye out on Maddie this year and follow the page below for Spirit Animal and get all the latest updates! ⬇️⬇️

Spirit Animal


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Controversial Movie The Hunt Sets New Release Date for Theaters

Controversial Movie The Hunt Sets New Release Date for Theaters

The most controversial film of 2019 was one that nobody actually got to see. The Hunt, Starring Betty Gilpin, Emma Roberts, Hillary Swank, and more is a satirical Action Horror-Thriller film about a group of “Elites” that hunt a group of captured humans called “Deplorables” for sport. The film was pulled last year by Universal in the wake of two separate mass shootings that were only a day apart in August of 2019.
At first the studio was going to set a new date and pull all the footage that had been released. They did but decided to announce they would not be releasing the film at all after a lot of public backlash even from the President of the United States saying  “Liberal Hollywood is Racist at the highest level, and with great Anger and Hate! They like to call themselves ‘Elite,’ but they are not Elite. In fact, it is often the people that they so strongly oppose that are actually the Elite. The movie coming out is made in order … to inflame and cause chaos.”
The film’s Director Craig Zobal said after the film was cancelled Our ambition was to poke at both sides of the aisle equally. We seek to entertain and unify, not enrage and divide. It is up to the viewers to decide what their takeaway will be.”(Source: Variety) While I feel they did the right thing to postpone the film, I thought it was a little silly to pull it completely. That being said, we are currently living in an age of a dedicated “cancel culture” and while it was certainly mainly out of respect, the studio may have been wise to protect their image. 
This is all changing, however, as the film is now set for a new theatrical release on March 13th 2020,(Source: The Hollywood Reporter) and we even got a new trailer that shows the film as being played off as more of a conspiracy type movie with less obvious explanations, and multiple possibilities of what is actually going on.
I remember getting very excited by the original trailer aside from thinking they showed the whole film basically, but in this new trailer we learn that is not the case and there are plenty of fresh plot points, and some mystery to this story. Now I am even more excited. Respect to Universal for waiting for the right time, and hopefully the previous backlash hasn’t tarnished the film enough to affect numbers and people actually check this out before sticking by an early opinion or protesting based on little footage. Let us know what you think of Universal’s decision to release this film in the comments and check out the trailer below!

Jennifer Nangle: WiHM Interview

Jennifer Nangle: WiHM Interview

It’s that glorious time again, celebrating all badass women in horror and I had the opportunity to interview my favorite person again, Jennifer Nangle— also known as Malvolia the Queen of Screams. Jennifer is a very talented woman and is the real deal in the horror genre. She was incredibly sweet for allowing me to ask questions second time around and taking the time to answer them to allow us to see what she has in store for us this year.

Sarah Gregory: What does this Women in horror month mean to you?
Jennifer Nangle:  A celebration of women who hold all different positions in the horror genre. A time where we are not just seen as “final girls” and “scream queens”, but for all the talent we all possess on all different levels.

SG:  Since we last spoke, you had your hands full with 10/31 Part 2 and Paranoia Tapes 5. What can you tell us about your experience with both projects?

With Paranoia Tapes 5, Jack Hunter sent me a script and gave me full control over the script/filming. I immediately rewrote parts of the wrap around story to make it have a killer ending and connect it to the first one. I was lucky enough to bring on and work with some of my really great friends. I played a lot with the mood of the scenes. It’s a no budget feature, but we already got accepted into a film festival. Who knows what’s next for that!

10/31 Part 2 I was brought on as the familiar horror hostess face and intro/outro’d the film. I wish I could have done more, but time was not on my side… I got to work with Red Rabbit Productions, whom I worked with on The Boneyard Effects webseries with. I think that is the best part of indie horror, you get introduced with people, you click, you stay friends for life. I’ve been really fortunate to have so many people not only want to work with me again and again, but they believe in me, my talent, and work.

SGYou also have been hard at work with Inverted, Desert Moon, and Paranormal (Unholy) Attraction. What challenges if any did you face on each set? With having that many projects together, do you find that each one had a different affect on you?

JN: Desert Moon was incredibly up lifting, supportive, and I was able to just be in the moment. All I had to do was act. ThomasHaley really spoiled me with that during production (i.e. no producing, social media, etc). Everyone fulfilled their duties and then some. We were a team. Being on location for eights days in a desert was eye opening. I learned my strengths, weaknesses, and how to keep going at 4AMwhen we are fighting the sun rise. I filmed Desert Moon and ParanormalAttraction within two weeks of one another. Not much of a break, but just enough to memorize lines, get wardrobe together, and change up characters. Paranormal Attraction was a quick 8 hour day shoot for me. 
I took a lot of what I learned from being on Desert Moon to Inverted. I was on location for two weeks! This was a slower paced filming schedule than I was used to and I feel it was a good thing since the July mid-west heat and humidity literally knocked the life out of me for a couple days. Also, I got really sick during that shoot and I was lucky during this process for cast and crew to quickly become family. Everyone cared and loved one another very deeply and we were all supportive of one another. So, yes, each one did have a different effect on me, but I feel every film set is completely different and will get you through one way or another. I was lucky to have my best friend Charles with me during Desert Moon and Paranormal Attraction and Hannah, Kacey, Deryk, and Jeremy during the down times of Inverted, not to mention all the directors on all of these films were supportive and caring. I am really lucky to always been surrounded by amazing people who care about me. Sometimes set life can be incredibly lonely. 
SG: Do you have any new advice that you would give women entering this industry?

JN: Just do it. Don’t make excuses – just pick up the camera and do it. Also, you have your own original voice. Stay true to who you are! Trust your gut! 

SG: With the success of Malvolia, what can we expect to see from her this year?

JN: I’m not really sure, honestly… Season three was a tough one for me creatively and I didn’t receive many shorts to host. Being an indie one-woman show, one really has to rely on the help of the audience sharing and posting… Not much of that happened and I felt that maybe people were sick of her. I had been approached numerous times to tell the origin story of Malvolia and I really want to try and reach a wider audience. I started to write a feature film based on Malvolia’s journey. I can write short films all day long, but features are such a different story. It’s already been a slow process, but I would really like to start filming it by the end of the year. I will always make a Halloween Special, but we’ll see what happens if there is even a complete Season Four. 

SG: What projects do you have up your sleeve for this year? 

I have a lot releasing this year… “Inverted” where I play Woman #1, the right hand woman to a cult leader. This film is super dark, evil, and grungy… I cannot wait to see what Deranged Minds Entertainment does with it. “Paranormal Attraction” is a quick cameo, but you’ll see me in a different light. But my favorite, “Desert Moon” will be released where I play the trophy housewife along side actor/director Thomas Haley and actress Sarah French. Again, you’ll see me in a different light and it is my first lead in a feature I filmed. Such a beautiful location with a lot of hard working people. 

I start filming Dustin Ferguson’sThe Last Roommate” along side Julie Anne Prescott in a couple weeks. This one is definitely out of my comfort zone and I am so excited for this challenge… I have always had an insecurity with my body (I mean, what woman doesn’t?) and I’ve started to work out so I don’t have to think about that and just focus on the work. I’m also gearing up to film with Dustin “The Hell of the Screaming Undead” along side Mike Ferguson, Lynn Lowry, Jasper Cole, and Vida Ghaffari. This cast is pumped to get started and everyone just seems so supportive of one another. Plus, it’ll be my first Zombie flick!!!

I’m also attached to a secret project as Malvolia. I approached one of the producers and he passed along my name to the director  WHO KNEW WHO MALVOLIA WAS! Can you believe that? A man I don’t know knew the character I created. That was so amazing to hear. I’m very excited to get started!
Check out Jennifer’s reel below: ⬇️⬇️

Everyone Laugh at Leanne (Review) — House Of Tortured Souls

Everyone Laugh at Leanne (Review) — House Of Tortured Souls

Everyone Laugh at Leanne is a psychological short horror film written and directed by M W Daniels (House of Lexi). 

The short film takes us through the life of Leanne (Kerry Newton) who at the start of the film, seems to have the life we all dream of having—- the nice house, the dream boyfriend Eddie (Tom Coulston), a job you could hope for, however, that perfect life of hers does not exist.

Leanne’s mental state starts to take a toll. Carrying on about her day, she steps outside where she witnesses her best friends (Josie O’Rourke, Jodie O’Rourke) killing an innocent woman that opens the door and then covers up the evidence. Leanne goes into a whirlwind of hysterics only to have her boyfriend come home to find out that nothing happened. That everything is just fine. Is everything just in Leanne’s head?

What I love the most about this short is that it doesn’t give anything away right off the bat, it allows you time to put together on what is happening in Leanne’s life. Kerry Newton’s performance was on point and carried very strongly. In my opinion, this is a short film that is definitely worth checking out. 



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You (Season 2 Review)— House Of Tortured Souls

You (Season 2 Review)— House Of Tortured Souls

I am sure by now many of you have binge-watched Season 2 of You on Netflix in one day and after seeing the last episode you are now left with a “what the fuck we need season 3 now” reaction, because that was my exact reaction after I watched it in one sitting.

Season 2 of
You dives into where the first season left off. With Candace (Ambyr Childers) making her appearance well known, Joe (Penn Badgley-— Gossip Girl) flees to LA and creates a whole new alter ego named Will. Will now works still as a bookstore employee but it’s a hippie health store called Anavrin. There, Will has a new love interest named Love Quinn (Victoria PedrettiThe Haunting of Hill House).

Victoria Pedretti does an impeccable job portraying Love as a sweet and innocent girl for Will to fascinate and prey on. Will’s lies this season have improved from the last season and the viewers either see it or fall for it with each disguise that Will has. Because no matter what the situation, he will do whatever it takes to get whatever he wants. 

Season 2 shows Joe or Will that no matter who he disguises himself as, his past comes back to haunt him, and in his case it’s Beck and her bestseller. Joe jumps into a relationship with Love, but with any relationship comes challenges and baggage and in Love’s case that’s her drug addicted twin brother Forty (James Scully — Heathers). No matter how stand-offish Joe tries to be in his relationship with Love, she carries this confidence and is persistent to have him in her life.

Unlike the first season moving rather quickly , this season takes its time to build up all the twists and quirks to happen, but when it does happen most of it is pretty predictable and easy to see coming. 

As for Penn Badgley, he portrays Joe/Will in such a creepy believable manner with such a charismatic charm to him. And Victoria Pedretti steals this season as his love interest. They both compliment and play off each other so well that everything they do and say seems like it was that easy to get into character.

Season 1 & 2 are both on Netflix, I suggest you start catching up on this season now. 



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Midnight Kiss (Into the Dark Review)— House Of Tortured Souls

Midnight Kiss (Into the Dark Review)— House Of Tortured Souls

We are now 16 days into the New Year and even before we entered it, for some it’s all about a clean slate and for the other half it’s about who we were going to spend our night of celebration with, even who we would kiss at midnight.

Midnight Kiss is the first gay horror film in the Into the Dark series directed by Carter Smith (The Ruins).

Midnight Kiss takes us into a group of gay best friends Joel (Scott Evans), Cam (Augustus Prew), Logan (Lukas Gage- Assassination Nation), Ryan (Will Westwater— Max and Me) and their best girl friend a Hannah (Ayden Mayeri— Harder Than It Looks) who bring in their seventh New Year together. On New Years, they play a “midnight kiss” game, in which they hookup with anyone that fits their criteria. But this year the game turns completely ugly and ends in murder.

There ends up being a mysterious leather -clad stalker who targets the group of friends and in the murder process, throws confetti on the bloody body… how fitting with a celebration.

There was potential in this film however it was very, very slow moving and took awhile for the killer to actually appear which I think was more scary to use viewing it than the actual killings.

Even though it had its slow moving moments, I feel that horror fans should check this out. Click the trailer below and decide if this will be for your viewing pleasure. 


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Rabid (2019 Review) — House Of Tortured Souls

Rabid (2019 Review) — House Of Tortured Souls

The Soskas pay homage to David Cronenberg’s 1977 cult-classic Rabid with their highly anticipated remake so beautifully with their own twists leaving Easter eggs along this wild ride.

Who else would be perfect to take on the task of remaking such a beautiful classic— no one except for identical Canadian twins Jen and Sylvia Soska (See No Evil 2, American Mary). They made it clear that this remake would not be a shot for shot, but to rather pay homage to David’s film.

Let’s start off with our leading lady Rose (Laura VandervoortJigsaw, Bitten). Rose is an aspiring fashion designer, who like those in that competitive environment is struggling to earn the recognition and respect she deserves from Gunter (Mackenzie Gray), her boss. Rose who was in a car accident many years ago bears some facial scarring and keeps to herself and to her work, but let’s her friend Chelsea (Hanneke TalbotReady or Not) set her up on a date with their coworker. While in the restroom, Rose overheard insults about herself and realized that the date was a set up by her good friend, she then flees the scene only to get involved in an awful motorcycle accident disfiguring her beautiful face.

After having her disfigurement explained to her by the doctor, she’s determined to see the damage and then takes Dr. Burroughs (Ted Atherton) offer time restoring her back to normal using stem cell manipulation.  With nothing to lose, Rose goes under the sketchy operation and it’s very successful, she comes out of it looking fresh and unscathed. But as we all know, a successful surgery with have some some complications down the line and Rose started to experience sexual aggressive episodes in dreamlike states.

Rose discovers how real her dream like tendencies are becoming and her victims are walking zombies craving blood and flesh after being exposed to the rabies she has been spreading.

The remake was a great tribute to the original but played homage to other movies as well. Laura Vandervoort was the perfect candidate to portray Rose and gave a very appealing performance.

Rabid was released to select theatre screenings in the US on December 13th and if you can’t find it at a theater near you, don’t you worry because you can purchase it on Amazon, through Apple, and other sites for your viewing pleasure.

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Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer (Review)

Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer (Review)

For the past week my newsfeed has been flooded by articles and posts from friends talking about the highly anticipated documentary on Netflix : Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer. So I decided to sit down and binge watch the 3 episode series, and was completely blown away by how disturbing yet intriguing this whole case was.

Don’t F**k With Cats takes us into one of Canada’s most infamous murderers of all time, Luka Magnotta. Luka was born Eric Kirk Newman and his first run in with the law began in 2004 when he was convicted of fraud. Trying to turn his life around, he was a big movie buff who wanted to get into acting, when that fell through he started to sell himself as a male escort. Then in 2010, a nightmare on the internet began.

Now this is not for the faint of heart. It’s very disturbing and while a lot of it is not shown in the documentary, it’s left for your own imagination, you know what happens and it’s very apparent as you can hear the cry for help that the cats sound off in the background. 2010 begins with the most disturbing videos ever uploaded by Luka Magnotta. He started uploading videos of himself drowning, suffocating and doing other disturbing things to cats. This then led to a world-wide manhunt to put a stop to Magnotta and his videos before it escalated…. sadly it wasn’t stopped before his next disturbing move in 2012.

Lin Jun was murdered by Luka Magnotta in 2012. It was done in the most gruesome way you could think of. He answered an ad he saw online by Luka and went over to his place not thinking it would be his last day on earth. Luka video taped the whole thing, he killed and abused the corpse and then dismembered Lin’s body and mailed his feet and hands to 2 elementary schools and to the headquarters of Canada’s Conservative and Liberal Parties. He led authorities on a huge cat and mouse chase, carefully crafting clues on purpose to tease them.

Magnotta fled to Europe and was then caught at a Internet cafe in 2014 and sentenced to life in prison. 

Don’t F**k With Cats was probably the best and most disturbing documentary that I have watched thus far on Netflix. It was fascinating to a sense of how Luka schemed and crafted this diabolical tragedy and based it off of a movie. I highly recommend checking this out.


Pop, Rock ‘N New Years Evil Con Review—House Of Tortured Souls

Pop, Rock ‘N New Years Evil Con Review—House Of Tortured Souls

I said goodbye to 2019 and hello to 2020 at the Eisenhower Hotel in Gettysburg, PA with a bunch of friends old and new.

The celebrity guest list included: Beverly Randolph (The Return of the Living Dead), Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), David Howard Thornton (Terrifier), Jennifer Banko (Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, Barb Wire), Tuesday Knight (A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master), and William Butler ( Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood).

This was the most organized and intimate con I have ever attended. Scott Hewitt and his wife Michelle were incredible hosts and did a phenomenal job setting this event up. The hotel was very spacious and was the perfect place to host this con. It was very organized and easy to navigate. The vendors and celebrity guests were all in one big room and then the dinner and party was held in another spacious room with a great layout.

My highlight of my trip was seeing the amazing Felissa Rose, meeting the lovely Jennifer Banko, and just reconnecting with my convention family. The guests were lovely to each of their fans, taking time for each one of them in a personal intimate experience, especially when it came to dinner and ringing in the New Year with us with formal conversations and joining in on the karaoke fun.

I highly recommend to all my fellow con goers out there to check out the next Pop Rock ‘N Horror con at the end of May, you will not regret it. 



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Producer of The Nun confirms a sequel— House Of Tortured Souls

Producer of The Nun confirms a sequel— House Of Tortured Souls

Corin Hardy’s The Nun wasn’t as huge of a a hit in the Conjuring Universe to most fans and critics, but after the money it pulled in, it doesn’t look like they will stop producing more in the future.

As horror fans know, the Nun made her debut from 2016’s The Conjuring 2. Safran has said in the past that originally the Crooked Man was suppose to get the spinoff first, however fans were more curious on the Nun’s backstory.

According to ComingSoon, while it hasn’t been completely confirmed/announced that there will be a follow up to the 2018 film, Producer Peter Safran did tell Entertainment Weekly the following quote:

“I think there is an inevitability to another Nun movie,” Safran said. “We have a really fun storyline for that teed up, so I think that that’s the next one that will be written.”

With that being said, it doesn’t seem like a sequel of The Nun is happening just quite yet, but  with The Crooked Man coming out next year, there’s so much in store for the Conjuring Universe.  

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Malvolia’s Xmas Honor (Review)—House Of Tortured Souls

Malvolia’s Xmas Honor (Review)—House Of Tortured Souls

Merry Killmas…er Christmas from the Queen of Screams herself Malvolia.

In this dark, fun festive 9 minute short, Malvolia (Jennifer Nangle) and her sidekick Charles (Chudabala) are awaiting her top Christmas honor award, however when it doesn’t arrive in a timely fashion, Malvolia takes it into her own hands when she finds herself face to face with Grylo (Sam Mason). And what good is a Christmas special without a visit from the big man in red (Al Burke). 

This holiday special was jam packed full of witty humor with a festive twist. I always look forward to seeing Jenn’s creativity grow with each holiday special. As always, it was carefully crafted with a talented cast of actors.

So on this Christmas Day before dinner and other festivities, if you are confused as to what to watch for Christmas cheer, check out Malvolia’s 9 minute Holiday special below . ⬇️⬇️

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Slice & Dice (2019 Review)— House Of Tortured Souls

Slice & Dice (2019 Review)— House Of Tortured Souls

I had the privilege to view Thomas Haley’s (The Crossing) 9 minute short horror film  Slice & Dice and it left me wanting more of it.

This short film is jammed packed full of talent, it stars Brooklyn Haley (The Crossing), Maria Olsen (Paranormal Activity 3), Elissa Dowling (Tales of Halloween), Jessica Cameron (Truth or Dare) and Charles Chudabala (Ugly Sweater Party). 

Slice & Dice focuses on two women who are playing a card game in which the real-life version emerges from what the card shows, making it a real life nightmare so to speak. For Brenda (Brooklyn Haley) she drew a card which has her living in hell as a nurse in a hospital.

Thomas Haley is a brilliant filmmaker, he packs so much punch in a 9 minute film , the concept was very apparent from start to finish. The entire cast, especially the leading lady Brooklyn Haley, is extremely talented and nailed every emotion in the short 9 minutes.

I highly recommend everyone to check not just this film out but Thomas Haley’s other projects as well. I look forward to see what other projects he brings to us in 2020!


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Into the Dark: A Nasty Piece of Work (Review)— House Of Tortured Souls

Into the Dark: A Nasty Piece of Work (Review)— House Of Tortured Souls

Nasty Piece of Work, the third episode in the second installment of Hulu’s  Into the Dark series, puts a rather dark and humorous twist on this stressful holiday season.

A Nasty Piece of Work follows Ted (Kyle Howard) a decent man and a hard worker who will try anything to go above and beyond to please his boss Steven Essex (Julian Sands). Essex drops a huge bombshell during this Christmas season that no one working hard for the holidays wants to hear—no Christmas bonus. For Steven’s entertainment, he extends an invite to Ted and his wife Tatum (Angela Sarafyan) and to Ted’s work competition Gavin (Dustin Milligan) and his wife Missy (Natalie Hall) for a dinner that both couples will never forget.

Both couples are greeted by Essex and his wife Kiwi (Molly HaganCode of Silence, The Dentist ) where they will lead the men in a “friendly” competition to prove their worth for the ultimate promotion. But how far will not only the men, but their wives as well go to take home the ultimate bonus on which they deserve?

This film has nothing to do with the Christmas spirit but more wholesomely with the greed aspect. It had a perfect twist to it with the appropriate amount of sarcastic humor, bantering, and blood. It’s a bloodthirsty film to which those who “compete” at work can definitely relate to in some twisted way.

So on that note, call into work, steal that bonus and catch this episode along with the rest of the series on Hulu.


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Just in time for the holidays, the Gremlins will be back in theaters to celebrate its 35th anniversary.

The  highly successful Joe Dante/ Chris Columbus film was released June 8th (USA) in 1984 and will be back in theaters for a very limited run this December.  Keep an eye on the listings, Gremlins will be playing in Regal Cinemas from December 5th thru 11th.

For those of you that may have been lucky enough to see this in the theaters when it was originally released with your parent, as I was, I hope you grab your tickets, and this time, your kids and enjoy it the same way we did!

By now, everyone has seen the adorable Gizmo, and the monsterous Stripe run a muck and wreak havoc , but not everyone has been able to watch it on the big screen, the way it should be!

For those of you who might not remember, …or be old enough to know, Gremlins at its time, was almost pulled during its release, claiming it was to violent and disturbing for children.

Keep it evil



Hitting the theaters also will also be National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, just thought I’d add that in for good measure.

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‘Friday the 13th’ Legal decision to be made in June of 2020– House Of Tortured Souls

‘Friday the 13th’ Legal decision to be made in June of 2020– House Of Tortured Souls

Horror fans will remember that this past September, a judge ruled Victor Miller (Friday the 13th-1979) as the sole owner of the original screenplay, the Friday director Sean Cunningham has been working hard to get that ruling reversed. It’s been tiring and a long process to keep up with.

Larry Zerner who not only starred in Friday the 13th Part III but also is also a Copyright lawyer took to Twitter:

 “The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals has proposed oral arguments for the week of February 10th, 2020. This means there will probably be a decision by June 2020.”

According to Bloody Disgusting and Fridaythe13thFranchise
Larry also went on saying that he expects the court to schedule oral arguments in January/February 2020 with a final decision to be made in June of 2020.
One can hope that it will be settled once and for all. 
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Trick ‘r Treat 2 coming soon?!—- House Of Tortured Souls

Trick ‘r Treat 2 coming soon?!—- House Of Tortured Souls

It has been more than 12 years since Michael Dougherty’s 2007 horror anthology Trick ‘r Treat has been released and fans have still been curious as to if a sequel will ever be in the works. 

A sequel has been talked about and in the works since 2013 and there is even an IMDB page set up for it, however according to ScreenGeek and Michael Dougherty it will not happen anytime soon unless the stars align right.

While this anthology was brilliantly put together well, Dougherty did make note that it might be better to just leave this movie alone. He quotes: 

At the same time, I think there’s something to be said about not sequelizing it,” the filmmaker pointed out. “In a business that is obsessed with franchising and spinoffs and prequels and sequels, maybe there’s something to be said about just leaving it alone.”

So for now, it does not look like there is any new news that a sequel is happening. If any sudden changes, we will have the full update here. 

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Halloween: What it Means to me

Halloween: What it Means to me

I remember my first horror film, I was four, and I stumbled upon A Nightmare on Elm Street. I had fear instilled in me but a curiosity that I cannot explain. That’s when my love of horror and all things spooky began. Ever since horror movies and experiencing putting on a Dalmatian costume at the age of 4, Halloween has always been something that I enjoyed. Walking in the cold Buffalo, NY weather leaves crunching as we ran the block to get candy, then sorting it as we watched a horror movie marathon on AMC. Now, as a daycare teacher, it brings out the small child in me when I see young trick-or-treaters in their costumes and engaging in similar traditions that I have done. –Sarah Gregory

‪ Halloween, to me, is watching the Evil Dead on Halloween Eve. Getting cold walking around the streets, because despite the kids turning blue, they want to collect more candy to fill their buckets. If we have a party it is loads of decorations, making a Shrek Punch with all the different spirits we have with a splash of orange juice, and trays of shots. Then watch as the chaos reigns. If we don’t have a party its a horror marathon while eating the sweets that the kids don’t like and whatever the trick or treaters didn’t take.-Phillip Rogers

Halloween 1988 kicked off my love for the holiday. We had moved to Sydney Australia from Birmingham, England, in September, and I was a hugely depressed child. Inside I was crying to go home, but I always tried to help my mum and dad feel I was actually okay. I didn’t fit in at school (I hated my first Aussie school), and I had no friends other than my two Brothers and my only cousin. So when mum surprised us with this little makeshift party in the apartment, I was happy again. I loved spooky stuff as a kid, and this was such a happy memory after a month of upheaval. So from then on, I always felt excited about Halloween. I raised my two now adult kids to love it too, and although my mum passed away on Halloween night in 2014, I know she wants me to treasure the holiday always..-Michelle “Midi” Pfiefer