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VIDEO: A Message From Beefcake the Mighty!

A Message From Beefcake the Mighty
For All of You Tortured Souls out There!!

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Beefcake the Mighty at Riot Fest 2014
House of Tortured Souls CEO John Roisland was lucky enough to meet Beefcake the Mighty when he attended the Scares That Care Weekend 2015, and he was nice enough to let John record a greeting for all those who visit our newly launched website! Please enjoy and don't forget to tell all your friends about House of Tortured Souls!

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MOVIE REVIEW: The Human Race (2013)

By Tracy Crockett

The Human Race
I ran across The Human Race one night on Netflix and from what I read over, it seemed fairly interesting so I dove in. The plot to The Human Race plays out as a large group of people are ripped out of their daily lives and all reappear in an undisclosed location. There are all sorts of people. The wealthy, the poor, black, white, all walks of life are present herein.

The rules to the race boom in their heads, in their own voice and language, laying out what will become a horrific race of terror. "If you are lapped twice, you die. If you step off the path, you die. If you touch the grass, you will die. It’s that simple, play along… or die."

That being said, you truly begin to feel for the players and forge ahead. The performances herein are solid enough and some of the relationships fit nicely together, especially between two veterans and a deaf couple. There are also a couple of nice scenes, notably with a pregnant woman and a cyclist and also with an old mariner and a veteran. At a certain point, several people somewhat form alliances and try to live as normal an existence as they can for what little time is left. Yet when one of the players loses his shit and begins to go backwards and crosses over the paths of those resting, thus killing them. The shit hits the fan and the film goes off from there.

The one thing I do have somewhat of a bitch about would be the ending, the reveal. I think it loses a lot of its flair and just kind of makes one wrinkle their brow and move on to the next offering of the evening. Does this have the luster and staying power to be memorable? Yes and no. Playing out much like Battle Royale we are shown how the human race reacts once backed against the wall. There are no more morals and each and every one of us would do whatever it takes to survive and be the victor.

I’m sort of on the fence about the way The Human Race ends but I will say I’d like to see a sequel with this ending as the plot, just to see what happens.

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DOC REVIEW: Doc of the Dead (2014)

Doc of the Dead

The Definitive Zombie Culture Documentary

By Machete Von Kill

Doc of the Dead Poster

Writers: Chad Herschberger and Alexandre O. Philippe

Director: Alexandre O. Philippe

Cast: Bruce Campbell, George A. Romero, Max Brooks, Robert Kirkman, Simon Pegg, Greg Nicotero, Tom Savini, Sid Haig, Howard Sherman, Matt Mogk and more.

Genre: Documentary Runtime: 1 hr 20 min

Rating: NR Release Date: 2014

Zombies are everywhere these days. Television, movies, books, video games, toys and even pornography. You name it and there is a zombie take on it. No matter which way you turn, zombies ARE everywhere. You can't escape. But do you really want to?

Doc of the Dead presents the history of the zombie in film. From it's earliest inception in 1932's White Zombie and the Haitian Voodoo lore, to 1968's Night of the Living Dead and George A. Romero's rewriting of zombie lore, to the modern zombie in films like Shaun of the Dead, World War Z and the highly successful television series The Walking Dead, Philippe covers them all.

Philippe uses film clips, zombie themed music (seriously, the soundtrack alone makes my zombie lovin' soul happy), hilariously cheesy segment introduction scenes and an impressive interview list to give us the history of the flesh eating undead. He also sets out to explain why they have become such a huge part of popular culture and answer some of the biggest questions about the zombie apocalypse: What is a zombie? What causes people to turn into zombies? Slow zombies versus fast zombies, can one survive the zombie apocalypse, and would you even want to survive?

Doc of the Dead is a MUST for anyone who loves the zombie genre. By no means is this the be all, end all Zombie Documentary, but rather a smart, funny, entertaining primer on all things Zombie.

Final Score: 4.5 out of 5 stars. It wasn't perfect, but it was pretty rad!

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