Delivered (Into the Dark) Review

Delivered (Into the Dark) Review

The newest Into the Dark episode Delivered gives a whole new meaning and twist on Mother’s Day.

Delivered directed by Emma Tammi (The Wind) follows Valerie (Natalie Paul) a pregnant mother to be who goes to a retreat for expecting mother’s, however things are not all that they seem to be when she awakes in the morning chained to a bed.

Let’s rewind back for a minute. Valerie’s husband Tom (Michael Cassidy) met another expecting mother at a yoga class named Jenny (Tina Majorino). The two seemed to hit it off and he introduces her to his wife Valerie hoping they find a common ground and becoming friends not just based off of sharing their pregnancies. Jenny is over the moon while Valerie seems to focus more about getting back to work and having her morning sickness be over with, it seems like she’s not into having this baby. 

Like most expecting mothers, some are overwhelmed with excitement but also feeling nervous as they aren’t sure if what to expect, especially with their first baby and that is exactly how Valerie feels. With all her added stress, she is now in a nightmare and Tammi is adding more to Valerie’s fear than just the baby that’s growing inside of her. 

You as the audience can see the twist coming not even half way through in this movie with its “Rosemary’s Baby” vibes and Tina Majorino does an amazing job convincing not only Valerie and her husband, but the audience as well with seeming sane.

For this Mother’s Day check out Delivered on Hulu, you’ll appreciate your mothers even more.

Check out the trailer below ⬇️⬇️:



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Midnight Kiss (Into the Dark Review)— House Of Tortured Souls

Midnight Kiss (Into the Dark Review)— House Of Tortured Souls

We are now 16 days into the New Year and even before we entered it, for some it’s all about a clean slate and for the other half it’s about who we were going to spend our night of celebration with, even who we would kiss at midnight.

Midnight Kiss is the first gay horror film in the Into the Dark series directed by Carter Smith (The Ruins).

Midnight Kiss takes us into a group of gay best friends Joel (Scott Evans), Cam (Augustus Prew), Logan (Lukas Gage- Assassination Nation), Ryan (Will Westwater— Max and Me) and their best girl friend a Hannah (Ayden Mayeri— Harder Than It Looks) who bring in their seventh New Year together. On New Years, they play a “midnight kiss” game, in which they hookup with anyone that fits their criteria. But this year the game turns completely ugly and ends in murder.

There ends up being a mysterious leather -clad stalker who targets the group of friends and in the murder process, throws confetti on the bloody body… how fitting with a celebration.

There was potential in this film however it was very, very slow moving and took awhile for the killer to actually appear which I think was more scary to use viewing it than the actual killings.

Even though it had its slow moving moments, I feel that horror fans should check this out. Click the trailer below and decide if this will be for your viewing pleasure. 


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Coming to Netflix : Locke & Key

Coming to Netflix : Locke & Key

After numerous false starts, it seems that Netflix has finally acquired the release of the long anticipated Locke & Key series. On February 7th, 2020, Locke & Key will grace the streaming service with its first ten episodes.
The series focuses on the lives of three children named Tyler, Kinsey and Bode Locke. The children move to their ancestral home in Massachusetts, following the murder of their father. In their new home they find that the house keys give them vast magical powers and abilities, but there is a devious demon who will stop at nothing to attain the keys for himself.

Joe Hill
After several false starts, it’s great to finally see this project being developed and now released. The series is based on the IDW comics written by Joe Hill ( the son of legendary Horror author Stephen King, who has penned such books as Horns, Heart Shaped Box, Nos4R2 and 20th Century Ghosts) and was illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez. So far the comics span 7 runs (totalling 42 issues, so far), and a new issue will arrive in 2020, titled World War Key.

Originally the development of the comics was to be a film project, but this was only rumoured. In 2010 the pilot was filmed and offered to FOX. Although well received at a screening at the San Diego Comic Con International in 2011, the pilot was not picked up and the offer shuffled hands to streaming service Hulu. The Mark Romanek directed pilot again failed to secure a deal and has since become the one that got away from fans.
Trailer for the original pilot of Locke & Key (2011):

Fast forward to 2019, and with a change of Director (well there are now five directing two episodes each now) and cast, and finally Locke & Key has been able to secure a deal with Netflix to release the first season for the long time waiting fans.

Connor JessupJackson Robert ScottEmilia Jones
The Locke Children are played by a young, fresh faced cast. Tyler Locke is portrayed by Connor Jessup, known for his television roles in Falling Skies and American Crime. Emilia Jones steps in to play Kinsey Locke, she has had roles on television with shows like Doctor Who, and in films like Residue (2015) and Ghostland (2018). The youngest of the Locke children, Bode, is played by Jackson Robert Scott. Scott is easily recognisable from his roles as George “Georgie” Denbrough in the recent Andres Muschetti adaptation of Stephen Kings IT (2017/19).
Any fans of Hill’s work will eagerly be counting down the days until February 7th, to finally get a taste of his Locke & Key world.
If you’d like to begin reading the comics ahead of the series arrival, they are available in both comic runs and compilations. The runs are as follows:

Welcome to the Lovecraft (6 issue run)
Head Games (6 issue run)
Crown of Shadows (6 issue run)
Keys to the Kingdom (6 issue run)
Clockworks (6 issue run)
Alpha & Omega (7 issue run that consists of 5 for Omega and 2 for Alpha)
and The Golden Age (5 issue run)


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Into the Dark: A Nasty Piece of Work (Review)— House Of Tortured Souls

Into the Dark: A Nasty Piece of Work (Review)— House Of Tortured Souls

Nasty Piece of Work, the third episode in the second installment of Hulu’s  Into the Dark series, puts a rather dark and humorous twist on this stressful holiday season.

A Nasty Piece of Work follows Ted (Kyle Howard) a decent man and a hard worker who will try anything to go above and beyond to please his boss Steven Essex (Julian Sands). Essex drops a huge bombshell during this Christmas season that no one working hard for the holidays wants to hear—no Christmas bonus. For Steven’s entertainment, he extends an invite to Ted and his wife Tatum (Angela Sarafyan) and to Ted’s work competition Gavin (Dustin Milligan) and his wife Missy (Natalie Hall) for a dinner that both couples will never forget.

Both couples are greeted by Essex and his wife Kiwi (Molly HaganCode of Silence, The Dentist ) where they will lead the men in a “friendly” competition to prove their worth for the ultimate promotion. But how far will not only the men, but their wives as well go to take home the ultimate bonus on which they deserve?

This film has nothing to do with the Christmas spirit but more wholesomely with the greed aspect. It had a perfect twist to it with the appropriate amount of sarcastic humor, bantering, and blood. It’s a bloodthirsty film to which those who “compete” at work can definitely relate to in some twisted way.

So on that note, call into work, steal that bonus and catch this episode along with the rest of the series on Hulu.


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Ten Festive Films to Celebrate Thanksgiving!

Today almost everyone across the U.S.A is either celebrating Thanksgiving, or merely enjoying the break from work. So to celebrate in true horror style, we here at the House of Tortured Souls have compiled a list of Ten Festive Films to Celebrate Thanksgiving!

We encourage all horror fans to enjoy all seasons with horror panache, relax and settle in with some holiday horror. Whilst some of the films listed will be actually set on thanksgiving, there are a few that are merely Turkey or Chicken themed.

Either way, each film is sure to give you joy and blood, in either a horrific or comical manor.
Currently screening on Hulu, our first three films Thankskilling, Pilgrim and Flesh & Blood are each set at Thanksgiving. Both Flesh & Blood and Pilgrim are part of the ‘Into the Dark’ film series.

Thankskilling (2008)

Directed by Jordan Downey, Thankskilling also has a sequel called Thankskilling 3 (yes they skipped 2) which was released in 2013.
This film begins at Thanksgiving many centuries ago, with a topless pilgrim and the story of a Native American Shaman who creates a being called ‘Turkie’, who is sent to slaughter caucasians every 505 years. You can imagine the depths this films will go to and the humour required to enjoy this Troma like romp.

Pilgrim (2019)

This new holiday entry from director Marcus Dunstan features actor Kerr Smith (Final Destination, My Bloody Valentine remake). This story is about a woman who invites a group of  historic re-enactors to produce an authentic first Thanksgiving for her family and friends. However, things take an unexpected turn when the actors refuse to break character.

 Flesh & Blood (2018)

This films stars Dermot Mulroney (The Purge tv series, A.H.S and Insidious Chapter 3), and Diana Silvers (Glass) as a father and daughter duo.
Kimberly is a teen suffering from agoraphobia, that has not left the house since her mother’s unsolved murder. On the eve of thanksgiving, she begins to suspect that the safe harbour of home and her doting father may be a dangerous mirage.

Netflix have our fourth festive film offering Kristy featured in its horror section.

Kristy (2014)

Director Oliver Blackburn features actresses Hayley Bennett (The Haunting of Molly Hartley) and Ashley Greene (The Apparition, Burying the Ex) in his coed thriller.
When a college girl is alone on campus over the Thanksgiving break, she becomes targeted by a group of outcasts and must conquer her deepest fear and fight back.

Also featuring holiday horror in 2006 the world received both Thanksgiving and Thanxgiving.

Thanksgiving (2006)

Thanksgiving is only a ten minute short film but it features what most seek from a simple horror film for Turkey day. Director Scott Ennis focuses on a couple and their friends. The group are preparing for thanksgiving dinner and are suddenly disturbed by the arrival, of a seemingly helpless man.

Thanxgiving (2006)

Director Bobby Ray Akers Jr creates this seasonal slice of the horror pie. He enlists veteran actor Ari Lehman, yes the original Jason Voorhees In Friday the 13th (1980), in his film about a group of film students who travel deep into the woods to make a movie. Thinking they have found the perfect location in the form of an abandoned campground.

In the eighties, horror filmmakers enjoyed celebrating the holidays with fans through such films at Black Christmas, Silent Night Deadly Night, April Fools Day, and this continued through the nineties with films like Critters 3 (which had an Easter scenario) and Leprechaun (St Patrick’s Day) And so much more.
For Thanksgiving there are two more offerings to enjoy this year.

Blood Rage (1987)

Director John Grissmer’s story follows twin boys Todd and Jerry.
The dual roles of Todd and Jerry are played by Mark Super from Graveyard Shift 2.
As kids, Todd is institutionalised for a murder whilst his twin goes free. Ten years late, on Thanksgiving, Todd escapes and a killing spree begins in his neighbourhood.

Home Sweet Home (1981)

Also known as ‘Slasher in the House’ Director Nettie Pena’s  film is actually a former video nasty. Upon release in the UK, Home Sweet Home was seized and confiscated. This Film was also the debut role for actress Vinessa Shaw, who later starred in films such as Hocus Pocus and the remake of The Hills Have Eyes.
The plot features an escaped mental patient who steals a station wagon and makes his way to the Bradley’s thanksgiving celebration. Here he plans to make them a little less thankful.

These last two films will round out our ten, but neither are particularly thanksgiving themed. However both feature interesting takes on poultry creatures.

Blood Freak (1972) 

Director Brad.F.Ginter gives us a story about  biker who comes upon a girl with a flat tire and offers her a ride home. He winds up at a drug party with the girls sister and follows her to a turkey farm owned by their father, a mad scientist. The father turns the biker into a giant turkey monster, who then goes after drug dealers.

Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead (2006) 

From the mind of Lloyd Kaufman and Gabriel Friedman, comes this outrageously Troma offering. Jason Yachanin stars as our lead Arbie in a strange tale of zombified chickens, who attempt to kill the fast food workers that cook them in a restaurant built on an ancient burial ground.

Within these ten films you are bound to find something thrilling, disgusting or downright cheesy awesomeness. Whatever you are doing today the House of Tortured Souls wishes each of you a Happy Thanksgiving!



School Spirit (Into the Dark Review)

School Spirit (Into the Dark Review)

August is here and going quickly which only means one thing when you are a kid… school is coming. In the 11th episode in the Into the Dark series on Hulu appropriately titled School Spirit, a few teenagers are in for a deadly treat with their first detention of the school year. 

In high school, there are the typical cliche labels of all individuals. In this Breakfast Club meets Scream vibe, we have our miss perfect star pupil Erica (Annie Q. — Alex Strangelove, The Leftovers). This Ivy League student is among a treat to the other regular delinquents in detention. 

Just like at any school, there is a myth that an old teacher who died from a prank gone horribly wrong , comes back every year and preys on the students, more recently 2 students are actually missing. 

With the recent events of the two missing students, you have the typical alcoholic principal “showing concern” while he tries his best to lock the delinquents in a room as they do their cleaning. The introductions of the goody two shoe students to the partiers who “have nothing going for them” worked out perfectly in the beginning then it went downhill right to their fate. 

A rotting corpse is responsible for each missing teen, going from rebelling with alcohol and weed to wanting to be the best they can be, they are picked off one by one.

For me it has the perfect amount of cheesy teen drama and rebellion with a I Know What You Did Last Summer vibe. You don’t know what to make of it and it definitely holds your attention while you piece together on who the killer may be. 

If you are looking to find out the do’s and don’ts of what not to do in school then this movie is for you. Check out the trailer below and also catch up with the series on Hulu. 


Culture Shock (Into the Dark Review)

Culture Shock (Into the Dark Review)

Culture Shock is the highly anticipated 10th installment in the Into the Dark series which puts a whole new twist and perspective on the American Dream, focusing on what has been circulating on news stations: immigration crisis. 

Gigi Saul Guerrero (Mexican-Canadian filmmaker) created this horror story by channeling her own Mexican heritage. 

Culture Shock follows Marisol ( Martha Higareda ) a pregnant Mexican woman (that is due at any time) who is trying to cross illegally into the United States to start a fresh life for herself and her baby. With all risks, something unexpected is usually bound to happen. That is exactly what had happened to Marisol and thought she traveled with, border patrol came through and swiped away any potential freedom they yearned. 

Through the mist of the chaos, Marisol wakes up to find herself in an over the top perfect neighborhood. Each day she finds herself waking up in a perfect Stepford Wives scenario with a perfect dress and being greeted by a caretaker named Betty (Barbara Crampton— ReAnimator, You’re Next, Death House). It sounds ideal but Marisol soon catches on with what should have been a fresh start for herself and her baby but soon becomes the “All-American” Nightmare.

  As Marisol sets off for the start of her day, the perfect scene of eating pie and decorating for Independence Day, she starts to recognize Santo (Richard Cabral) one of the other crossers who was on the same bus as her. He went from the rough tattooed-edge look to now having robotic mannerisms and a big smile plastered on his face. It becomes clear not just to Marisol, but for the audience that her people are being stripped of their customs and being brainwashed by “American standards.”

Culture Shock is just a huge wake up call in the midst of how we portray ourselves as a country to what you see plastered on the news. Guerrero’s political twist into the horror genre works out perfectly, it will make you angry, and concerned and just has a major twist to it in the end. If this won’t open your eyes, then how much does it show that we just avoid important issues day to day? After all, lately it’s been one big horror show to some.

Check out the trailer below and then I highly suggest you go watch it on Hulu. And while you’re at it, check out the rest of the anthology because there’s only 2 episodes left before this comes to an end. You won’t regret it. 


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They Come Knocking (Into the Dark Review)

They Come Knocking (Into the Dark Review)

The ninth episode of the Into the Dark series titled They Come Knocking sums up Nathan’s not so typical Father’s Day.

Nathan (Clayne Crawford— The Perfect Host, 24, A Walk to Remember) takes his two daughters Claire (Josephine LangfordWolf Creek) and Maggie (Lia McHughThe Lodge, American Woman) on a road trip to the desert to spread the ashes of his late wife’s (and their mother’s) at their spot for some closure. 

Val (Robyn LivelyTwin Peaks, Chicago Hope, Teen Witch) was suffering with cancer which led Nathan to make a hard decision of taking her off life support. Claire has not forgiven her father for making that decision and you can see a lot of resentment and tension between the two during the movie. 

While starting their first night of camping, unwanted visitors show up. It was a pair of child-like figures at their trailer to be exact. With Nathan refusing to let them in, they begin to taunt the family threatening they will eventually have to leave the trailer at some point. 

The figures weren’t messing around when they destroyed the engine to their only way out from the desert. What becomes a challenge is that they start to see Val in these creatures. It becomes a battle for the family to fight off the illusions. But can they succeed is the question… especially with Maggie chasing after who she thinks is her mother. 

This episode set up the horror because not only do you feel for them for losing the main glue in their family, but you don’t want the creatures to touch them. 

Check out the trailer below, but I highly suggest to just jump right into the movie. 




Into The Dark: All That We Destroy (Review)

How far can a mother’s unconditional love for her child go? Well, this month’s Mother’s Day episode (directed by source go site fastest viagra delivery generic viagra doses buy levitra europe slavery essay buy descriptive essay corporate governance dissertation source site source democratic socialism how to write a mini research paper doing homework with add child thesis statement examples in essays crohns disease help may sale viagra where to buy apa research papers how much does a viagra prescription cost with insurance international law assignment homework construction services llc writing a cover letter for a cvВ cheap dissertation chapter ghostwriter site ca health care system essay write a essay on homework follow url follow url Chelsea Stardust) of the Into the Dark horror anthology shows how far one mother will go to help her son, even as far as helping him with his urges on murder.

All That We Destroy takes us into the life of Victoria (Samantha MathisAmerican Psycho, The Punisher) a geneticist who creates a group of clones for her son Spencer (Israel BroussardThe Bling Ring, Happy Death Day, Happy Death Day 2U) in hopes that it will cure him of his serial killer tendencies. 

The episode starts with a girl named Ashley (Aurora PerrineauTruth or Dare, Passengers) who is unconscious and getting cleaned up and dressed for Spencer’s arrival. She wakes up in a room with Spencer, (we are unaware of the connection between the two) still in a confusing state, she tries to come through when Spencer starts to strangle her and bash her head. That’s okay; I didn’t see that one coming either.

Ashley wakes up, and the process continues over and over again. This is an experiment that was started by Spencer’s mother. As a mother, you want your child to be all that they could be and succeed in life; a serial killer as her son is not what Victoria envisioned.

Victoria isn’t living an ordinary life of a mother; she’s living a nightmare knowing that her son is a serial killer, she is going above and beyond to try to fix it by creating clones to help his “cravings.” 

Spencer comes into contact with his bubbly neighbor Marissa (Dora Madison) and starts doing things like helping her carry boxes in the house for her and showcasing his artistic abilities by drawing her. It seems like he is trying to maintain some “normalcy” in his life, but Victoria doesn’t have it. She tries to hide him and who he is so that no one else around him will see their fate. Marissa will find out soon enough. 

This episode in this series is superb, along with the acting. It was cringe-worthy at times, only because you knew why Victoria went through the lengths she did. Any mother may do the same if given that chance, or some may not.

Check out the trailer below and make sure to watch this with your mother on Mother’s Day. ⬇️⬇️

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The Act: Final Episode (Review)

The Act: Final Episode (Review)

Well, friends, the series has come to an end and it still leaves us with will there be a season 2? This episode ironically titled Free, has Gypsy convincing those around her (Mel, Lacey and her absent father) that she is innocent. With Dee Dee corrupting her from a young age, it is clear that you can tell that even though Gypsy knows right from wrong, she still has a mind like a child.

Gypsy starts to realize the harsh reality of how the world is especially without her mother, and being in prison is the worst way to find out how the world works. In her mind, as she is portrayed, she sees how tragic her situation is but does not grasp that this will not clear up and go back to normal. She is also learning that those she looked up to are now unsure if they can trust what she says. Take Lacey for instance. Gypsy is now relying on her friendship and hopes that she will visit her. Lacey is torn and wants answers, but it is unsure of what to do in this case, as she feels like she is to blame since she showed Gypsy the website to where Gypsy met Nick. Mel (Lacey’s mother) shows up for a visit which Gypsy was expecting to see Lacey. Mel along with the other neighbors was into Gypsy and Nick getting the death penalty. After talking to Gypsy, you can see that Mel is still trying to process if Dee Dee was abusing Gypsy, and if she could walk the whole time, then she should have walked away from the situation.

Gypsy’s lawyer is trying to prove that there was abuse and made up illnesses but will need to gain access to her medical records which only next of kin can obtain for her. She reaches out to her father for the records, and by her surprise, he visits her and explains that he tried being a part of her life. You can see the hurt in her eyes as she does not want to believe it because she wants to believe that everything her mother told her was correct. 

The kind of good news for Gypsy is that they are doing separate trials between her and Nick because she has a case with her medical records alone that will allow them to go into her home life and see how she lived under her mother’s care. Nick, realized that he is in this alone and will be serving a full-time sentence. 


This whole case leaves you torn; you are not sure which side to take and who deserved what, even if they were to it deserve something they cannot take matters into their own hands to end Dee Dee. There has been news circulating that there may be a season 2 which I believe may about Gypsy more, but there has not been any talk if it is going to start filming; hopefully, when news hits, we can update further if there is a follow-up season. For now, I want to hear your thoughts and opinions on how the show portrayed this tragic case.

The Act: Episode 7 Review

The Act: Episode 7 Review

We are coming to an end with this series, and episode 7 titled Bonnie and Clyde put most of the re-enactment into perspective and will leave your heart in your stomach. 

We see the two “love birds” on the bus which left off from episode 6 on their way to Wisconsin where Nicholas lives. His annoyed and no filtered mother (Juliette LewisNatural Born Killers, Whip It) picks them up, and it is clear that Nick did not inform Gypsy that he told his mother she was staying in a homeless shelter and needed somewhere else to go until she gets back on her feet. When asked about her situation with her mother, you can tell Gypsy was starting to feel the guilt as she told her lies. 

Upon arriving at the house, Gypsy takes over the room like she’s Nick’s housewife and more like how her mother would take care of her.  She starts panicking and getting worried that no one will find her mother, but Nick has a plan. They decide to post a status on Facebook to let everyone know that something was going on with Dee Dee. Being subtle, they wrote, “ That bitch is dead.” With a stir of comments flooding, Gypsy is wondering what is taking so long, but she doesn’t have to wonder much longer, she never disabled her location on Facebook.

Gypsy’s neighbor and friend Lacey gets an unsettling feeling after seeing the status and heads over to Dee Dee’s house with her mother to make sure everything was okay. It didn’t take long for the cops to appear and for them to be on the search for Gypsy, her neighbors are worried since her wheelchair is left behind and they know how “sick” she is. 

Nick’s mother has some suspicions on Gypsy’s behavior, you can see it in her facial expressions, but she does nothing more than encouraging her to try to make amends with her mother. The more that gets brought up, the more it sends Gypsy into a panic leading for her and Nick to fight outside. A little while later, police lights can be seen through the window. Amid their fear, they hide in the closet together where Gypsy tells him that they will both tell the truth because they did nothing wrong and that everything will be okay. 

With Gypsy and Nick being in separate interrogation rooms, Nick is very open and honest and starts telling the truth that he was the one who stabbed Dee Dee; he would be diagnosed later on with being on the autism spectrum, also unclear if he has multiple personality disorder. Gypsy, on the other hand, denied all questions and it seemed that she was silently pointing her finger at Nicholas.  

What comes to a complete shock with how this episode ended, was when the whole world saw that Gypsy could walk at the start of her trial. It is like everything went silent and you can hear the gasps from everyone who had no idea that she has been living this lie her whole life.

This all comes to an end this Wednesday May 1st on Hulu. All episodes are still up for those of you that are not caught up yet. 

The Act: Episode 6 Review

The Act: Episode 6 Review

Get ready for everything to go into full circle cause this episode titled A Whole New World will put a lot into perspective for you as I know it did for me. Dee Dee is not only portrayed as a controlling, obsessive woman, but we all grow to dislike her, except for this episode passionately. It puts into the light as to why she is the way she was. The event starts with hearing Dee Dee scream; you already know the killing has begun, and then it takes us back to 1991 where Dee Dee was giving birth to Gypsy, and her mother was present. Being a parent, in general, can be very tough but being a first-time parent is nerve-racking at first, and it’s clear that Dee Dee’s mother Emma (Margo Martindale) oversteps her daughter by taking control of taking care of Gypsy since day 1. 

It seems from day 1 of having Gypsy that Dee Dee has a strict schedule. She goes with what a doctor told her and sticks to it and doesn’t switch it up not even with a mother’s intuition or “mother’s know best” motto. She was deemed to be not capable of being a mother because her mother pointed out her flaws even to go as far as to let the cops take her away in front of Gypsy. (At least that was how it was in the episode, a source says Dee Dee was pulled over and arrested but was not in prison for six months). That’s right; the overprotective “perfect” Dee Dee was arrested for check fraud. Her mother could have helped her but stated that she needs to learn her lesson especially taking ownership as a mother.

Let’s jump back to Gypsy and Nick. They are seen at a motel and decide to pack up, so before they head off, they go to a restaurant where Gypsy is full of anxiety even taking medication that belongs to her now deceased mother. When the police show up, Gypsy panics even more.  There was a small interaction with the officers when her prescription falls off the table, and the one officer picks it up for her, also looking at the name and calling her Claudine (Dee Dee). After the interaction, they hurry from the restaurant to come up with a new back up plan on what and where to go next. 

Dee Dee is now back from prison and is trying to build a bond with Gypsy, but her mother is standing in the way of that. Emma falls ill, and it seems that Dee Dee is purposely not taking care of her for a reason. To get rid of a controlling aspect in her life (sound familiar?). And now we jump back to Bonnie and Clyde. You can see the wheels turning in Gypsy’s head like she knows how big of a mistake she made and that she doesn’t seem too involved with Nick anymore—romantically that is. Like she wishes she could take this back, her feeling free from her mother’s control isn’t what she thought it would be. 

We bounce from Bonnie and Clyde back to a young Dee Dee panicking when Gypsy falls off the trampoline, she’s already a nervous first-time mom primarily when her mother uses to override her and her parenting, so now it’s full throttle. Not letting Gypsy do normal kid activities, kids fall, and they get up, but with her constant panicking and being over worried, it was already a sign that something more would escalate eventually from this. This is how it comes to an end, it all goes full circle in this episode. 

I had constant anxiety, and my heart was outside my chest watching this series, anticipating on what is yet to come, even from closely following this case I still can’t fathom on what Gypsy endured during her whole childhood. So many questions to ask and so many unanswered.

The Act: Episode 5 Review

The Act: Episode 5 Review

We are getting closer and closer to the end of the series and in episode 5 titled “Plan B” things get very heated. We start this episode in 2015 with Gypsy engaging in cybersex with her “boyfriend” for two years, Nick. They create this fantasy where they escape into it, Nick having Gypsy call him ‘Victor ‘ his alter ego who saves Gypsy from her evil mother from all the bad she puts her through. Gypsy interrupts and comes up with a plan, she booked him a bus ticket and will convince her mother to get out of the house so the two can finally meet and that he can make a good impression on her mother. 

It skips to Nick working at his pizza job to start saving up so he can make this visit with Gypsy happen. It shows a quiet and shy Nick learning how to put the pizzas in the oven but dropping them every time. While his boss is patient with him, it seems that Nick lacks the confidence and gets frustrated inside to where he is seen standing outside in costume yelling for customers to visit the shop as if that’s the only simple task he can handle. 

It now pans to a very tired and sick Dee Dee who snaps at an anxious Gypsy who is over talking and begging her to go anywhere rather it be Disney or the zoo. Dee Dee apologizes for the outburst and settles to take Gypsy to the movies to see Cinderella. You can view all the anxiety in Gypsy; all she wants to do in her 20s is be free and have a relationship other than with her overbearing and over-controlling mother. With each argument and any put down that Dee Dee does to Gypsy, you can see it in Gypsy’s eyes, the exhaustion and her willing to do anything to get out of her mother’s wrath. During another video chat with Nick, she informs him to wear the nice shirt that she sent him and where to meet them along with how to make a perfect impression. 

The day is here, and with Gypsy knowing on who she will be finally seeing she wants to look her best. What her mother has in mind, dressing her adult daughter in a Cinderella dress and wig. As much as Gypsy refuses she still puts on the dress, in her mind she’ll look like a princess for her Prince Charming. Once arriving at the theater , Gypsy asks her mother if she can have a treat like sharing a soda to where Dee Dee snaps. As they pick their seats, Gypsy keeps looking her shoulder in anticipation and Dee Dee begins to notice how fidgety she is and even questions her about it. Nick enters and sits behind them, trying to start a polite conversation, however Dee Dee calls him out and moves Gypsy away causing Nick to walk out. Gypsy questions her mother asking why she has to talk to people that way and then excuses herself to the restroom in hopes of finding Nick. 

Once Gypsy heads to the restroom, Nick meets her there. Finally, the two can embrace, get to touch whom they fell in love with the last two years of talking. Taking longer than usual, Dee Dee gets restless and goes to search for her daughter, upon arrival to the locked door, she can hear soft moans and laughter inside. Feeling uncomfortable, Dee Dee heads back to the movie to which Gypsy arrives around the ending of it. Nick attempts again to hold the door for them and to start a conversation to where Dee Dee completely snaps. Both Nick’s and Gypsy’s facial expressions say it all. They grow cold.

With how Gypsy and Nick are beginning to execute their plan, it seems that Gypsy starts to reconsider, especially when Dee starts to apologize, you think the apology would be about her overreacting, but it’s more about how she didn’t give Gypsy a treat at the theater. Symbolism plays a big part at the end of the episode. Especially when it comes to the final scene with Gypsy going to the hunting store in the mall to purchase a knife; she even goes as far as to ask the guy behind the counter to what he would recommend. Red paint was dripping, red handle on the knife.. only leads to one thing — Dee Dee’s fate.  

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The Act: Episode 4 Review—House Of Tortured Souls

The Act: Episode 4 Review—House Of Tortured Souls

This article contains Spoilers so if you have not seen this show yet; I suggest you start catching right up.  In this weeks episode titled Stay Inside, it starts in 2013, two years after the events from episode three. It shows a handsome man mowing the lawn and a curious Gypsy staring out the window. Dee Dee catches her daughter swooning over the man and whisks her away to bath her.

While bathing her 19-year-old daughter, you can see that Gypsy is very tired of being treated like a child. While bathing Gypsy is getting out of the tub to be dried off, she ends up getting her period. You can tell with her smirk that she showed no remorse as it is natural while Dee Dee is upset that she did not have the time it right and has to clean it up. 

After the morning events, Dee Dee goes to the doctors. It turns out that the real sick one in this situation is Dee Dee herself, who has type 2 diabetes and her doctors are very concerned with her high blood sugar which they try to control it with insulin. It seems that Dee Dee had some sick enjoyment in getting Gypsy to do her injections for her and to have her daughter take care of her health as a grown woman. Her deteriorating health still does not stop on how she belittles Gypsy.

Let us jump to the next part—- Gypsy’s “18th” birthday. Gypsy brought up about how she is finally happy that she knew her mom keeps changing the year she was born, her mom keeps sticking to her story and ends it quick by bringing out her present, two guinea pigs. To me, even though there is no age to own any pet, a guinea pig seems like what you would give a small child. As an 18/19-year-old girl, there are plenty of other wants. However, Gypsy being ever so sweet and excited over her new pets, she sneaks out on the porch with one of them where Lacey her neighbor spots her and visits her.

It is tough to shelter a young girl, especially a teenage girl who is hormones are going wild. Moreover, with Lacey befriending Gypsy and including her with typical teenage girl gossip, the main topic that came up that had Dee Dee boiling inside was: boys. Lacey introduced Gypsy to a Christian dating site, Gypsy’s face lit up like the 4th of July when she saw all types of boys looking for “love.” When a weak Dee Dee found out, she confronted Lacey, and in the midst of it she passed out in the road. 

With Dee Dee being sick and not properly caring for herself, she receives a phone call to talk to a Gypsy for her birthday. Dee Dee lies about it explaining Gypsy does not know about her birthday since she may not have many left with a procedure she will need soon. Dee Dee is trying to keep control over Gypsy, and with Gypsy being an adult with rights to decide unless proven otherwise… Dee Dee becomes manic as she realizes she may not be able to get away with this from everThe final scene takes us to the mall; Gypsy convinces a very ill Dee Dee to sit down to rest, in that process is where Gypsy takes herself to the store to buy herself a laptop. The laptop means one thing… internet dating. With Dee Dee not feeling well, she pages Gypsy over an intercom, and they go home. Gypsy creates an online dating account and soon meets Nicholas Godejohn (Calum WorthyDr. Dolittle 3) who helps Gypsy discover her dark sexual side and introduces her into BDSM. Gypsy takes a liking to him as he is charming and accepting of her. One night when Gypsy fell asleep, Dee Dee discovered the laptop and smashed it. Gypsy wakes up in a panic and fights with her mom; in that process, Dee Dee ties Gypsy up to the bed. The amount of verbal, physical, and emotional abuse that she endures will make your stomach turn. 

This show so far has been a wild ride. You feel for Gypsy the entire time, hoping someone out in public would catch on or get some sense that something is not right. Each episode is full of anxiety as you watch it and I cannot get enough. 

The Act: Episode 3 Review— House Of Tortured Souls

The Act: Episode 3 Review— House Of Tortured Souls

It’s Wednesday and that means one thing, a new episode of The Act airing on Hulu. The episode this week is called “Two Wolverines”, written by Robin Veith and directed by Adam Arkin, this episode takes a dressed up Dee Dee and Gypsy to a costume convention. Both Gypsy and her mother stumble across some charming men and it also strains their relationship even more, especially with all the lies Gypsy is told one more specifically would be her true age. 

Gypsy has a few secrets of her own in this episode. Let’s start off with arriving at the costume convention, Dee Dee let the lady know that Gypsy was 14 or 15, and since she was older than the age where you can get in for free, the lady sympathized with Gypsy and let her in for free as their little secret. Gypsy caught on to her mothers mistake of saying she was born in 1995 when she thought 1993. Dee Dee quickly dismisses Gypsy’s questioning and the pair head off where Gyspy is approached by a men dressed as Wolverine.

With how sheltered Gyspy is, it’s not surprising that she develops a crush on Mr. Suave who literally swoops her out of her chair. Thanks to Mr. Wolverine, Gyspy musked up courage in hopes of getting out of her mothers web of lies and creates a secret Facebook account without her mother’s knowledge along with buying a prepaid phone at the gas station. She even did the math to figure out she’s 19 years old, she also puts that in the note she wrote to her mother when she attempts to run away. Her mother is a controlling monster, who is doing everything in her power to control Gyspy more in fear that Gyspy will expose her to the world.

Only three episodes in so far and it’s just incredibly hard to watch. I have so many theories and questions as to how did anyone remotely close to this family allow it to get this far? It’s just baffling to me. So please, check this out on Hulu and catch up in time for the 4th episode which comes out Wednesday April 3rd. I would love to know everyone’s thoughts and theories. 

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The Act (Hulu series) First 2 episode Review—House Of Tortured Souls

The Act (Hulu series) First 2 episode Review—House Of Tortured Souls

I am obsessed with true crime and as soon as I saw that The Act was being made into a series on Hulu, I was all ready to watch it in anticipation. The Act is a true crime anthology series that premiered on March 20th and focuses on the real life of Gyspy Rose Blanchard and the murder of her mother Dee Dee Blanchard

The 8 episode series was created by Michelle Dean and Nick Antosca. It stars Patricia Arquette (Medium, A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, Holes),  Joey King ( Ramona and Beezus, Slender Man), Chloë Sevigny ( Lizzie, American Horror Story, Zodiac), AnnaSophia Robb (Soul Surfer, Race to Witch Mountain, The Reaping), and Calum Worthy ( The Big Year, Bodied).

The first episode of the series focused around Gypsy (Joey King) and her mother Dee Dee (Patricia Arquette) who just moved into a new neighborhood and you can already tell how different they are. Gypsy is a young teenage girl in a wheelchair and has every illness you can imagine, well at least that’s what her mother has said and is telling everybody. They become acquainted with all their new neighbors, especially with Lacey (AnnaSophia Robb) and Mel (Chloë Sevigny). Lacey befriends Gypsy by giving her a makeover and you can tell that for once Gypsy felt “normal” and it’s hard to do with her overbearing and paranoid mother always at her side. At a get-together, neighbors can be nosy and pushy and you can see the nervousness and tension that Dee Dee has as she explains all of Gypsy’s illnesses and allergies. She spends every second of every day at Gypsy’s side and even within the first episode, you can see how it’s deteriorating Gypsy from the inside out as well as the neighbors starting to sense that something doesn’t seem right. 

The second episode focuses on Gyspy receiving the “Child Of The Year” award which makes Dee Dee feel like she’s mother of the year. Before the big award ceremony,  Gypsy has her teeth retracted which causes one doctor to be very skeptical about Gypsy’s condition. Every antic Dee Dee causes like refusing the removal of Gypsy’s feeding tube, sparks the doctor suspicion to where she calls CPS. Without giving more away from this episode, you can already see how intense and odd this case is. Makes you squirm and yell at your TV for the doctors to wake up and see that Gypsy is suffering in an abusive situation from her mothers doing

I highly recommend checking this series out. There are 2 episodes right now on Hulu and the 3rd episode airs on March 27th. Check out the trailer then make sure to tune in every Wednesday. 

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Hulu’s: Interview With A Vampire series to begin filming.

Hulu’s: Interview With A Vampire series to begin filming.

Bryan Fuller (Hannibal, American Gods) departed from Anne Rice’s upcoming TV series The Vampire Chronicles last May, but that has not slowed the series’ momentum one bit as Hulu has put the show in development with an all-new showrunner Dee Johnson. Today, there has been word via Discussing Film over on Twitter that the series will begin filming this September in Budapest.

The Vampire Chronicles began with 1976’s Interview With A Vampire, which was then turned into the 1994 film starring Brad Pitt (Louis), Tom Cruise (Lestat), Christian Slater, Kirsten Dunst, Antonio Banderas, Thandie Newton, and Stephen Rea

Personally for me being an Anne Rice fan, I am looking forward to this new series as I feel that Interview With A Vampire is one far from many of a better vampire movie of all time. 

While we can’t expect the same cast of the film to return for this Hulu series, there’s no doubt here that the show will be able to attract some insane amount of talent both in front and behind the camera. I’m honestly excited to find out of more of which could be the best horror series that we all have been waiting for. 

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New Year, New You Review-House Of Tortured Souls

New Year, New You Review-House Of Tortured Souls

With saying goodbye to 2018 and restarting fresh in 2019 with a brand new attitude and the cliched “New Year, New Me” comes New Year, New You the latest installment to the Into the Dark series on Hulu. Into the Dark is a horror anthology series produced by Jason Blum in  which each episode focuses about a holiday and is released each month. 

The fourth episode in this installment, New Year, New You was directed by Sophia Takal. It focuses on four girls that were friends in high school who reunite in an extravagant home on New Years that result in confessions and reliving trauma. The collective cast stars Suki Waterhouse (The Divergent Series:Insurgent, The Bad Batch), Carly Chaikin (The Last Song, Mr. Robot), Kirby HowellBaptiste (Killing Eve, A Dog’s Purpose), Melissa Bergland (Winners & Losers), and Isabella Acres (Better Off Ted).

The film starts off showing flashbacks to someone falling out of a window in Alexis’ (Suki Waterhouse) home. It then pans to Alexis who now has a very noticeable scar on her face and windows that are more secure. You think you may have made a connection on what could have happened, but you will be surprised my horror friends. 

Now we skip to Kayla ( Kirby HowellBaptiste) and Chloë (Melissa Bergland) who are driving in Kayla’s unreliable car through a downpour on their way to join Alexis. We have seen it all in many horror flicks and you are probably guessing that the car breaks down and they have to walk to the house in the downpour, you are correct. Alexis greets the girls at the door where they set up balloons and talk about their normal boring lives while anticipating in Danielle’s (Carly Chaikin) arrival. The girls had doubt at first, Danielle is very popular and has quite the viewers on her channel about self-improvement and even has the fake cutesy attitude. 

With how famous Danielle is, she arrives pretty late to the party. Upon her arriving you can already sense the tension between her and Alexis. Chloë and Kayla seem to be in awe of Danielle and they all have different personalities which seemed to play off each other in a realistic way when just like how you have a friendship with a good friend. With not reuniting in a while, it seems like their friendship picked up right where in ended. 

The party gets going as the girls settle down and start to play the game ‘Never Have I Ever.’ During that time is when Alexis loses it to which the girls end up targeting Danielle and tying her to a chair. There is clearly unfinished business between Alexis and Danielle. To which Waterhouse and Chaikin steal the rest of the movie. Their chemistry is very believable and you can see the passion that they have to make a ‘mean girls’ vibe. 

The rest of the movie focuses on all sorts of betrayal and heated secrets from the past. It’s a thriller to where you think it’s predictable on how far each girl will go to dismiss the happenings of their pass including blame games to what happened to a girl they knew named Kelsey. It had the perfect amount of betrayal and suspense that will leading you guessing who fell out of the window as you see it happening in the beginning of the film.

Check out the trailer below and if you are into psychological thrillers then check this out on Hulu, you won’t regret it. ⬇️⬇️

Overall Grade: B+


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