From Hell to Amazon: My interview with Colin Bressler

From Hell to Amazon: My interview with Colin Bressler

A while back on Facebook I stumbled upon this ad for a film premiering here in town called college student homework helper enter site how to write graffiti on paper thesis only phd viagra rosacea follow url esl content editor sites for college top mba annotated bibliography ideas literature review child labour pakistan see fahrenheit 451 essay prompts viagra pfizer india price thesis statement on why college education is important australia is unique essay go to link essay structure with thesis statement great report topics t shirt dog ate my homework off label uses viagra women do my algebra 1 homework markedbyteacher Domestic Hell. I messaged the director about it to see if this is a horror film to review. We talked and he explained It was more of a thriller and drama. Intrigued by our talk I had to check it out. After seeing the movie we talked again and I had to make time to schedule an interview well after some time and our schedules permitting we sat down and talked. Colin is a super nice guy and he was excited that his film was going to stream on Amazon prime! So if you get a chance buy or rent the movie. We’re both from San Antonio and I had to help out a fellow fan of film and good guy!

  • JA: Tell us about your start. How did it all begin for you?


  • CB: I feel in love with film early in my life, my parents love cinema and exposed me and my brother to it early and spoke of the great films all the time.  This created an air of a sort of magic to cinema for me since at that time my imagination was developing so it was a perfect storm and I was hooked. I knew I wanted to make films for a longtime and studied films. Then I went to film school in NYC school of visual arts.  There I actually feel in love with cinematography and began shooting everything I could in film school to learn. I left school and started shooting indie films in NYC. I have for over 20 years worked as a DP in TV, and film. Been a great journey.



  • JA: I saw the film and it was really compelling on the delivery of emotion. Did you have these actors in mind when writing the movie?


  • CB: I had Scotty Walker who plays Jack in mind since I had worked with him before and we had an incredible relationship. Billi Reyes who plays Olivia had also been in my last film and she’s great, so I knew I’d work with her again. The rest of the cast was cast through online websites and word of mouth. I was blown away at the talent level for this film since we had so little budget.  Truly an A plus cast.



  • JA: When watching the movie, I couldn’t help but notice a lot of around our home town of San Antonio. Were a lot of businesses open to your film making or was this in some cases small favors to shoot a quick scene or guerrilla film making?


  • CB: a little of all of that, we were incredibly fortunate in that many places in the film were so open in allowing us to film in their establishment and at other times we had to shoot guerrilla and get shots as they had afforded us. Have to be strategic in when you shoot so you can get a location with ease. all about being flexible.


  • JA: The film is a gritty realistic look at domestic abuse, Not really a horror movie, but more of a thriller or drama with horror elements. Do you think you might venture into different realms of horror?


  • CB: Yes absolutely to date I’ve directed a ghost story called Sleepover, a slasher called Bloody drama and now Domestic Hell a thriller drama. So yes, I want to explore the genre a bit but also for me I’m not the biggest believer in pure genre. I think a film can float a bit around genre themes and still be a coherent piece. I enjoy not being tethered to tropes of genre. I like just dreaming up stories and then allowing them to find those themes.


  • JA: We talked before where you told me you wanted to use real situations in life for this movie did you draw inspiration from any movies by any chance?
  • CB: Yes, Stanley Kubrick’s The Shinning was a huge inspiration in tone and sound design. I wanted to create a real threatening tension, a ticking time bomb of sorts. And we used sound to in an away irritate the viewers sense into enhancing the friction that the characters were living within. In the shinning no matter what’s happening there is a sense of doom over everything. And the shining uses sound and music so well to enhance this feeling of danger and eventually violence. I worked with a brilliant sound designer and composer named Colin Chinchar.


  • JA: The film is going to premiere on Amazon streaming, which by the way, congratulations. Are you hoping this film will not only educate people that domestic abuse is sadly real and still happening today, but also be entertained with an interesting story line?


  • CB: Yes and thanks for this question. The subject matter is very difficult and real, so in developing the story I always kept in mind that many many people. Have experience things that happen in the film, so I wanted to try to make the film also about healing, and hopefully shedding some light on a real issue in our world. We’ve done a few screenings and have partnered with a local women’s shelter to raise money and awareness. For me this is central to the purpose of the film, which of course we want to entertain and leave the view thinking about the horror of living in such a situation.


  • JA: I think it was awesome how you had the premiere in one of the locations where a scene was shot. You donated part of the proceeds to the local women’s shelter, but the other part will be used to fund your next film. Can you give us any details about your next work?


  • CB: Yes so, I recently completed the screenplay for my film Remy’s demons which is about a man’s coming of age story dealing with demons both inside and from the depths of hell. It’s one part satanic possession film, one part odd love story, and one part a story of misunderstandings and inner tension.  I’m so excited to make another one and will be shooting all of it in San Antonio.


  • JA: Finally, is there any actors from Texas or in general you would love to work with in the future?


  • CB: Of course, I’d love to work with the greats from here Mathew McConaughey and others but for now I’ll take anyone with passion for the craft of acting.
Interview with the director of Visceral Felipe Eluti

Interview with the director of Visceral Felipe Eluti

If you haven’t already watched Visceral by Felipe Eluti (check out the trailer :”>HERE) and if you’re a fan of extreme horror I recommend watching it immediately. It’s been a fan favorite in the underground community for a while now. Made in Chile it’s about a boxer who loses the big fight. After the loss and what would appear to be brain damage from multiple concussions he’s unable to cope and loses his grip on reality. He goes into a downward spiral and begins murdering and torturing using many creative bondage scenarios. The main character is played by Eluti himself and today I’m going to ask him a few questions about the film, and his upcoming film called Shadowplay.

  • HoTS: First of all thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with me I’m a big fan of your work. My first question is how did you come up with the idea for the film?
  • Felipe: The idea for Visceral was born thanks to many horror movies and real life psychopaths in general. I felt that a really extreme film was missing, a film that was not afraid to tell such a dark story.
  • HoTS: How did you find it playing a serial killer? It was a really brutal character how did it affect you?
  • Felipe: That’s a very personal question… you always have to know how to distinguish from the role one is playing with the person one is. When one acts, one can inquire into the darkness of the mind, but it’s only to play the character not in my normal life.
  • HoTS: there is a really graphic genital mutilation scene in Visceral that happens to your character is that hard for you to watch?
  • Felipe: I think the character deserved the punishment and the idea that the character never wins is exciting
  • HoTS: There was a lot to do with boxing in the film are you a boxer or just a fan of the sport?
  • Felipe: I practiced boxing only for the role, but personally I don’t enjoy the sport or participate in it. I’m a vegetarian  and a pacifist.
  • HoTS: There was a lot of bondage and rope in the film were you going for a BDSM theme?
  • Felipe: When my friends (Thomas Smith and Cristobal Rivera) and I looked at the film aesthetically and the script we came to the conclusion we needed it to add more perversion. We added it in and it worked.
  • HoTS: I understand you’re working on a new film called Shadowplay, what can you tell us about it?
  • Felipe: It’s different from Visceral, it’s much less violent. It’s more personal and focuses on a couple relationships. However there is still an element of terror, cosmic horror and Lovecraft style.
  • HoTS: How did you get into filmmaking?
  • Felipe: I studied film, it’s my profession. Since I was little I loved movies, music, and comics. When I had to choose a career I decided I wanted to make films.
  • HoTS: How are your films received at home in Chile vs North America?
  • Felipe: Visceral is better known outside of Chile, here I’ve been unable to show it many times because of its level of brutality. I am like Sugar Man, better known in other countries than in my native land.
  • HoTS: How did you get involved with Stephen Biro and Unearthed Films?
  • Felipe: Stephen contacted me after my film went through many festivals and realized that it was definitely for Unearthed.
  • HoTS: Finally just for fun what are your top 10 favorite movies?
  • Felipe: This is difficult since there is always more than 10, but here we go… Haze by Shinya Tsukamoto, Nekromantik  by Jorg Buttgereit, Blue Velvet by David Lynch, A Clockwork Orange by Kubrick, Phase IV by Saul Bass, The Dead Zone by Cronenberg, A Zed and Two Noughts by Greenway, Akira by Otomo, They Live by Carpenter, The Dawn of the Dead by George Romero, Phenomena by Argento, City of the Living Dead by Fulci and I’m already over ten.
  • HoTS: Thank you again for taking the time to answer my questions. I really look forward to seeing your new film Shadowplay and wish you the best on all your future projects.
  • Felipe: Thank you very much for your interest in my films, I send greetings to all my fans and lovers of extreme cinema.
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