Jacob’s Ladder remake

Jacob’s Ladder remake announces cast

Jacob’s Ladder remake announces cast

By Dixielord

The Jacob's Ladder remake that has been simmering for a few years now, appears to be heating up. News from the film is that Nicole Beharie, of Sleepy Hollow has joined the cast along with Jessie Williams from Cabin in the Woods, and star Michael Ealy from The Perfect Guy. Ealey will be reuniting for the film with his director from The Perfect Guy, David Rosenthal who helms the remake. The script is being written by Jeff Buhler and Sarah Thorp and is set to start filming mid May 2016

Tim Robbins from Jacob's Ladder -Jacob's Ladder remake

Tim Robbins from Jacob's Ladder

While there still hasn't a huge amount of info released on the Jacobs Ladder remake, what has sounds nothing like the original. There's no mention so far of the characters the actors will be playing or if there is any real connection between the remake and original other than the name. The remake is being called a “paranoid action thriller about two brothers, which is about as far from the dark, thoughtful as you can get without hiring Mel Brooks to direct.

Nicole Beharie of the Jacob's Ladder remake

Nicole Beharie of the Jacob's Ladder remake

For those who don't know the film is a remake of the 1990 film o f the same name. The original Jacobs Ladder revolved around a Vietnam vet, played by Tim Robbins, who saw ghostly apparitions visible only to him. Were the apparitions real? Were they a supernatural force? Or were they just delusions of Robbins damaged mind. The film was a taut psychological horror film that, while not making a killing at the box office, became a cult hit with horror fans.

This seems to be a common theme with rip offs, excuse me remakes. Take the name and throw away everything else. There also seems to be a desire to turn non action films into action remakes. The same type of treatment was touted for the (hopefully dead ) Videodrome remake. Taking a violent and deep film about our fascination and worship of television and mass media and turning it into a science fiction action thriller. Because obviously American film goers needs fast paced chases and 'splosions and can't be tasked to watch a deep film with substance. At least not without quick MTV edits.

Like it or not though the film is coming. I know I'll end up seeing it so hopefully it will be worth the wait.

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