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GAME REVIEW: Dead Island

GAME REVIEW: Dead Island

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By : John Roisland

For a while there I was pretty big into video games. But time gets away from ya, kids take over your consoles, etc. Dead Island was one of the last games I picked up for myself during that time frame. This was a title I had been waiting for!

Brought to us by the folks over at Techland and released in September of 2011, Dead Island brought RPG (role playing game) to life using the dead....or in this case, the undead. The basis, well...they're all pretty much the same aren't outbreak.

This time, you're on a beautiful tropical island at a paradise resort. At the beginning of the game, you are given the option to choose your character, all of course having different strengths and weaknesses. I personally always played as Sam B: a gangster wrapper who gave the title track to the game, Who Do Your Voodoo Bitch. At one point I liked the song so much (lyrically) that I used it for my ring tone for a while.

You play through the game, meeting up with other survivors who ask you to complete different missions earning you more personal points. During your missions you will obviously encounter zombies, so you must arm your self with whatever you can find.  I always enjoyed a broken ore, or using a rusty street sign post. You are also given the option during points of play to make and use make-shift weapons.Also, finding enough spare parts, or bartering for items at the black market, you can also get vehicles running. Now, running over these dead beach bums, I will admit, is fun as hell!

The gameplay is okay, movement over all wasn't bad, graphics were pretty good, and the background scenery was actually very impressive! If you're like me, and you take your time, you can loot through almost everything you find: desk drawers, other peoples luggage, finding anything from batteries, to deodorant, to money. You learn quickly what you can use, and what you can't use.

The game is HUGE!!! Honestly, probably the biggest make I've ever seen.  Now I'm sure some 13 year old who flies through GTA (Grand Theft Auto) could finish this game during a pep rally at school... but like I said, I like to take my time and explore, and there were a lot of options to do so in this game!

Zombies do attack you, but in all honesty, it can be a slow moving game at many points. If you're wanting to run a muck and blow the heads off zombies as you would in Left For Dead, you're in for a rude awakening.  The game isn't bad, but I actually put it in for a replay about a month ago after not having played it in over 4 years, and was almost put to sleep twenty minutes into gameplay.

It's not a bad game, and I commend them on their attempt at bringing us the next best thing in zombie/horror games...but it just lacked a certain excitement. Sorry guys.


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WOMEN IN HORROR MONTH : Author Nicolajayne Taylor

WOMEN IN HORROR MONTH : Author Nicolajayne Taylor


By : John Roisland


In celebration of Women In Horror Month, I bring to you a national best selling author, Nicolajayne Taylor. The lovely and talent Taylor resides in  Lancashire, England, where  she brings to the world , dark erotic stories that will surely keep haunting  the back of your mind for some time after reading her work . I had the pleasure of speaking with Author Nicolajayne Taylor, who goes by Enjay, amongst family and friends, and this is what she had to say after being nominated one of our Women In Horror Month recipients ...

HoTS : Enjay , congrats on being selected as one of the "Women In Horror Month"  by House of Tortured Souls, what does something like this mean to you?

Enjay :  Women in Horror month, means a lot to me, being one of them. Carmilla Voiez, my friend, horror author, feminist and editor has educated me in all of these areas since getting into the industry. She is my idol on these subjects too. We are starting to appreciate that not all women want to wear pink, get their hair and nails done or read romance novels. That age, is gone and more women than ever are reading, writing, watching and game playing the genre. This is a great thing, it mean the conversations between the genders has widened and we are more on a level with one another than ever before.

HoTS :  AT what age did you pen your first story, that made you decide that this was your calling?

Enjay : I have been writing stories since I was a child. I didn’t take it seriously until my mother died and I felt at a complete loss as to what to do with myself. I poured my emotions on to the laptop and began writing The Curse of Mary. My friend and co-author Carmilla invited me to sub to an anthology and I did. Again not really taking it seriously, then my story The Fallen Ones was accepted and that was when it hit me, my mother always said I should be a writer and I was writing because of my mother and why shouldn’t I take her advice after death. It was then I subbed the novel, landing me with a three year contract with Vamptasy one of the leading US independent publishing houses. My debut sub was to become a debut success and The Curse of Mary hit bestsellers within the first 24 hours and stayed that way for over six weeks.



HoTS :  Of all topics in the world to write about, why horror?

Enjay : I have a deep set interest in the paranormal side of life, death and of course horror. I also love history and you can’t do history without running into a ghost story. I think it add to the romance of what I write about because you can’t have the hardcore without having the softer elements in the mix. Otherwise the harder to swallow elements lose something.

HoTS :  What is it that inspires you, where does most of your thoughts, your creativity come from?

Enjay : I have already mention history, but most comes from years of reading, watching and playing the genre. I also find humanity can be more horrific than any horror creator can articulate, draw or film.   Look around you and the stories that don’t make the news should keep you awake a night, I write horror to make people think. The Curse of Mary is about greed and selfishness in its most pure form. It is also about having the strength to survive those atrocities too.

HoTS :  So tell us what we can expect in the future of Enjay Taylor?

Enjay : I am back with Vamptasy and three more books are in the process of being signed to the label. These are all horror with a smiting of erotica slid in there because it is the most natural way for me to write. You can’t write about graphic violence or supernatural forces wreaking havoc here and then play shy when it comes to your characters sex lives.

HoTS :  Who is your favorite horror character?

Enjay : Graham Masterton by far, his books, are my horror haven. I will send him the link to this in the hope he will appreciate the shout out.   Carmilla Voiez is another favorite , her books are like the darkest poetic script you will ever read. Starblood, Basement Beauty and her Halloween specials are to die for. Barbra Erskine for the perfect ghost story and history trip is another must read.

HoTS :  Lastly, what is your all time favorite horror story and movie?

Horror story, House of Echos by Barbra Erskine is fantastic but you can only read it once. After you know the ending, it blows you away and doesn’t make the same impact the second time around.

Graham Masterton’s Anthologies are always a pleasure to read. I love the one featuring Tengu, Devils of D day, Mirrors and Night Plague.

Movies, hmm… tough one I am going to say The Haunting, Poltergeist and any of the Freddie Nightmare on Elm Street movies.

Nicolajayne Taylor, Enjay, thank you so much for your time, it has been a true pleasure , and again, on behalf of House of Tortured , congratulations on being a huge part of Women In Horror Month!


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COMING SOON: The Strangers 2

COMING SOON: The Strangers 2

By : John Roisland

Strangers poster


I'm sure most of you remember the 2008 blockbuster smash The Strangers, and the classic line that came with it: 

"Why are you doing this to us?"

"Because you were home. "

The films opening weekend grossed a nice 21 million, keeping it in theaters for some time.

The film stared Liv Tyler (Armageddon , The Lord of the Rings :1,2,3) and Scott Speedman ( Underworld, Underworld :Evolution) as a young couple in a secluded house for the night after a wedding reception, where in the middle of the night, the two are terrorized from a home invasion by three masked killers.

Well ever since its huge success , talks have been flying about a sequel. Well, talk is cheap and Relative Media is running with it! The exact details of who is starring in the film  at this time are unclear. The film has been written by Bryan Bertino ( Mockingbird) and Ben Ketai ( The Forest , 30 Days of Night: Dark Days) and is to be directed by Marcel Langenegger who brought us Deception in 2008.

The plot it self isn't carved in stone either, but is said to  follow a family of four who have been evicted from their home due to the economy, and are paid a visit by the same three strangers from the first film.

It is not known whether the sequel will follow a theatrical release  or possibly do a straight-to-DVD release.  It has been rumored that Liv Tyler will return as Kristen McKay, for a small part,  while the original three masked villains, Gemma Ward(The Great Gatsby), Kip Weeks (Glory Road, 20 Funerals) and Laura Margolis (The Diabolical) are also set to return. 

I for one, loved this film and thought they did an incredible job with it. So while I have high hopes for the sequel, it has a lot to live up to as well! I don't think the intention was to start a trend, but it did seem like shortly after the release of The Strangers, a vast amount of home invasion films seemed to have popped up all over the place!

Be sure to keep an eye out for this to be released December of 2016!

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