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MUSIC REVIEW: The Body and Blood of Ghost

MUSIC REVIEW: The Body and Blood of Ghost

By Amy Mead

When Swedish metal band Ghost first hit the scene, I was a bit behind the times and it took me a while to jump on the Ghost train. But when I finally did, I was legitimately blown away, making me wonder what the hell had taken me so damn long. And why had no one told me how fucking awesome they are?!

Almost immediately, I was hooked. Within a few days of my introduction to their music, I had the EP If You Have Ghost and both albums, Opus Eponymous and Infestissumam, in my ready and eager hands. I have never regretted the purchases, and I am anxiously and impatiently awaiting their latest offering Meliora, which is being released on August 21st.

ghost-bc-dave-grohlThere are very few bands that evoke such a wide range of emotions in me when I listen to them. Ghost is one of those bands. There are two songs in particular on the album Infestissumam, "Monstrance Clock" and "Year Zero", that literally give me goosebumps and the melodies often ring in my head for days after each listen. I listened to these CDs so much that even my family got in on the action, and we are now ALL Ghost fans. Even my ten year old!


Ghost has a variety of different sounds, which is one of the things I love about their music. Even with the heavy Satanic overtones and mockery of the Roman Catholic Church and The Holy Trinity being a constant theme in their music, every song is different from the last. The albums all sound quite different from each other. Their EP If You have Ghost has an amazing cover of Abba's "I'm a Marrionette" that I just love. Yes, I said it. There is no point where it gets repetitive or boring and I can listen to each one without skipping a single track. Often. There aren't many albums I can do that with. Listening to the them from start to finish has never been a problem for me at all. The same cannot be said even for some of my favorite bands.

Opus EponymousThough their music may not be considered very technically challenging by some, there is something about their sound that just does it for me. Sometimes melancholic yet somehow upbeat, the tempos and the pace are always changing. Each of their albums evokes a different response from me at different times. Each listen is a new experience for me and for me, personally, that is the true test of music. If it makes me feel something, I am all about it.

I'm not sure that I could choose a favorite from their body of work because there is plenty to love from each offering. However, I am strangely fond of the EP, which consists of mostly cover songs. I mean, who knew Abba could sound like that? That being said, Infestissumam is the one found in the CD player most often, but they are all equally badass and even the artwork for each album is fantastic! You can tell that Ghost consists of horror fans, which makes me like them even more.


I listen to Ghost, any of it, and I begin to feel cleansed, purified, relaxed and often renewed in the process, which is kind of a nice change of pace for a metal girl such as myself. As someone who often uses squealing guitars, blast beats, and death metal vocals to calm down, it is somewhat refreshing to say the least. Sometimes a girl just needs to relax in a calm sort of manner and not be screamed at while she does it, ya know? Not that there's anything wrong with that, but sometimes a change up can be a good thing.

If you've not given Ghost a chance yet, I urge you to do so immediately. I can't promise you that you'll like them as much as I do, but I would feel somehow remiss if I didn't share the listening pleasure that is Ghost with all of you. I have found their entire body of work thus far incredible and I wish someone had turned me onto them sooner.

Overall I give Ghost a 9/10.

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